Sanctuary of the On - Bill Torvund
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Date: February 24, 2016 06:19AM


Bill first came into this realm of universal existence over four hundred million years ago from a realm of primordial light not yet discovered by cosmological astroscience.

As an inter-dimensional being, he saw the formation of the Earth and observed the divine beings that were migrating to this region of the universe, and saw the opportunity to assist in the revealment and manifestation of the Divine Plan that has existed for literally billions of years.

Bill did not actually take on an incarnate existence until about twenty million years ago when he migrated here from the star-system of Sirius and took up residence in the region of Shambhala, where he assisted the masters of the spiritual traditions now known of as the Shiva mahatamas, to bring forth the Vedic traditions that were formed into the earliest sacred texts called the "Puranas."

From his residence in the region of Shambhala, Bill gave instruction to the initiates of that time and up to the present time about the mastery of inter-dimensional travel and attunement to Source-consciousness. It was during his lifetime in Shambhala millions of years ago that he made contact with the great Mahatma that would later call himself Babaji, and forged a spiritual alliance with him that lasts to this day.

From Shambhala, Bill incarnated into the spiritual communities of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, India, and Tibet. He was also in Palestine during the lifetime of the Master Christ-Sananda and went with him on his pilgrimages into India, Nepal and Tibet.

This is from a past version of his web site [] Bill Torvund's claimed biography evolved over time, his streamlined version here: []

His numerous claims include:


It was also in Pocatello, Idaho that Abbot Torvund established an affiliation with the Greek Orthodox Church, becoming a cantor and assisting the priest in the realization of the Divine Liturgy.


I contacted that Greek Orthodox Church, they had never heard of Torvund.

Torvund was born in 1951, in Montana, his birth name Vilhelm Vlund Torvund-Hochmuth. He sometimes uses his birth name, otherwise usually seen as Bill Torvund.

Sanctuary of the On has been exempt since 1980 as a church, corporation, 501(c)(3) - A religious, educational, charitable, scientific or literary organization.Tax I.D. Number 911116967 He has incorporated in several states, I don't know what is active or inactive at this time.

Bill continues to do public events on themes such as:


The trans-sentient attunement of consciousness to what is referred to in the secular world as “energy” with relationship to trans-Einsteinian meta-scientific models of psychoholographic cosmological paradigms of a “conscious universal continuum.”

Bill Torvund calls himself Bishop Bill Torvund. Several people state that they are ministers of this "church".

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Re: Sanctuary of the On - Bill Torvund
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: February 24, 2016 06:32AM

I knew Bill Torvund several decades ago in Seattle, Washington. I attended his classes and then worked as an apprentice in his "healing" practice. I was young and naive at the time.

Bill had many paying clients from Canada and elsewhere. They paid him well for his supposed healing treatments. Treatments consisted of laying down on a massage table, a large amethyst crystal on the floor underneath, listening to New Age music, and having our hands waved in the air over them.

Bill was a business man, in between sessions he talked of how he was investing his profits, investment included in silver or gold. He was also having some difficulty with the IRS. Also with some neighbors, they wondered if he was running a bordello, since he had hourly customers. And his active business caused parking difficulties in the neighborhood.

I considered myself a pagan at the time. At one point Bill told me that if I ever wanted to be successful in this business, I needed to publicly present myself as a Christian. Many of his clients were older, conservative monied people who felt most comfortable with theosophical and spiritualist type messages.

I don't know how actively he keeps in touch with his ministers. I don't know that there is any actual church congregation activity.

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Re: Sanctuary of the On - Bill Torvund
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Date: February 24, 2016 10:24AM

"becoming a cantor and assisting the priest in the realization of the Divine Liturgy."

This terminology is inaccurate. Orthodox Christians, both laity and clergy, celebrate the Divine Liturgy. They do not 'realize' it.

Likewise, no Catholic, whether ordained or of the laity would speak of 'realizing Mass' - they would say they 'celebrated Mass' (clergy) or 'attended Mass'/heard Mass'

In both Western Catholic and Orthodox Christianity, worship includes both body and spirit. There are no levels of spiritual attainment or realization in Orthodox Christianity, whether Catholic or non Catholic.


" spiritual communities of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, India, and Tibet'

"Shambhala, where he assisted the masters of the spiritual traditions now known of as the Shiva mahatama"

These terms are derived from Blavatsky's Theosophy or some derivative version of it.


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Re: Sanctuary of the On - Bill Torvund
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: February 24, 2016 12:00PM

He often lectures at theosophical societies. He does seminars and also private sessions. I see $200 quoted recently as the cost of a private session, and he requires newbies to have two sessions with him.

Back in the day he was talking theosophical, "spiritual healing", secret knowledge from the east etc. He bought a radionics machine and showed us that. He taught classes in a private home, his students mostly female.

Bill was manipulative, he encouraged class members to sometimes feel uniquely special and then to feel that other students were out to get them. We could end up feeling special, and paranoid.

He told us that there were robotic cyborg people out and about in the world. That he'd caught a glimpse of a man on a bus, whose pant leg had ridden up and exposed an actual cyborg leg, not an artifical limb, but something from a stealth military project. Most likely he was reading lots of sci-fi and just trying the idea out on us, to see if it would help keep our interest.

Bill was business like, workman like at his craft. His performance seemed relatively effortless, he had lots of experience, and he knew he did not have to over exert himself to be good enough to persuade and trick us.

Since he has a church, I wonder if he has people tithe to it /him.

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Research resource
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 24, 2016 10:30PM

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Re: Sanctuary of the On - Bill Torvund
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: March 11, 2016 02:55AM

Sanctuary of the On has been incorporated since at least 1984 in Oregon, as a nonprofit "religious with members". This is still active, he has kept up with the paperwork.

Sanctuary of the On is also a Nonprofit Corporation (Foreign) in good standing in Minnesota.

Employment Identification Number 91-1116967

Since Sanctuary of the On is recognized as a church by the IRS, he is not required to file an annual return with IRS.

Archives of his web page are interesting [] - his story of his supposed mystical origins have changed over time.

Torvund's FAQs otherwise look to be the same from the 1980s, with a little updating to include modern technology.

Does he claim that he can cure cancer? Torvund uses a lot of spiritual mumbo jumbo weasel words, he might know to sidestep such a direct claim.


The power of Divine intermediation can occur under any and all circumstances, but if someone is using strong pharmaceutical medications, especially chemotherapy, this must be assessed with respect to the balance of the physiological shifts and "side-effects" of such agents in the overall healing strategy.


For instance, while seeing Bill you can also see a homeopath, a naturopath, a massage therapist, or a structural therapist because they are not using physically invasive techniques.

So chemotherapy is positioned as a possible impediment to Torvund's supposed divine powers as are "physically invasive techniques" a.k.a surgery etc..

As far as I can see, this CEI forum is the only source of critical discussion of Torvund online. He has operated relatively under the radar.

Bill Torvund has a charismatic style, at times he was exhausting to be around. I saw glimpses of a possible inner circle, but could not tell if they were devotees or fellow New Age business types. I don't know what kind of following he has now. Torvund does look to have funded himself all these decades by this healer performance act.

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Re: Sanctuary of the On - Bill Torvund
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: March 11, 2016 03:19AM

Bill Torvund: Teaching Ministry 2012

My purpose in presenting this course is for students to learn the dynamics of attunement. To learn to ‘attune’ means to become conscious of the various spectrums of cosmic and universal light that are being made available to us. Through this ministry, students will also learn some of the tenets of healing, as healing is one of the highest and most sacred acts of creation.

There are specific reasons why we have lost our ability to attune in this way. On earth the human body is so dense that we do not naturally have the genetic ability to be conscious of the various spectrums of cosmic light. We have also looked externally to the nature of the divine creator and the sacred is generally perceived as being external to us. As a result, we have lost our receptive ability to become aware of our cosmic connection or attunement to the divine and we have also lost our ability to empower ourselves as true creator beings. We on earth, in my experience, are unique because elsewhere in the universe the beings that I have encountered take primary responsible for their ability to be creators.

An excellent and tragic example of losing attunement was the destruction of the Atlantean civilization over 10,000 years ago. The people of Atlantis became so distorted and out of touch with source consciousness that they did not maintain attunement to the forces of creation and they allowed themselves to be destroyed.
Through my teaching ministry it is my intention to prevent this tragedy from happening again. During the course I plan to explain the history and mechanics of the universe, how this information relates to the earth and to our own anatomy, and guide students through meditations and exercises to assist them in returning to a proper state of attunement with source consciousness and to awaken the divine principle within. For each student, this will begin and move forward the process of remaining cosmically connected to universal creation and universal conscious transformation.

If you are interested in attending this course I ask that you complete the following questionnaire. From the questionnaire responses I want to gain an understanding of students’ intentions and goals in taking the course, to better assess students’ preparedness and ability to make a commitment to the course, and I will use the results to gauge the level at which to teach individual classes. As you complete this questionnaire I ask that you keep in mind that your personal success in this course depends on you. I am here to teach and to guide but you must do the work and have faith in the process. Please know that the information in this questionnaire will be kept confidential.

I look forward to working with you in light, sound, and breath in this year of ascension and beyond.

Yours in light,
Bill Torvund (

The Dynamics of Attunement Course Questionnaire: 2012


Home Address

City State Zip

Place of Employment Job Title

Telephone (Best number(s) to contact you)

E-Mail Address

Birthdate Birthplace Time of Birth

Spiritual and Meditation Background and Journey
1. Have you had instruction in spiritual or other forms of healing such as Reiki, light work, etc. Please briefly describe these teachings and their benefits for you.

2. Do you wish to become a spiritual healer? If so, what are your goals and expectations for participating in this class?

3. Have you studied or practiced any forms of meditation or yoga? If so, what were these practices and briefly describe their benefits?

4. Have you participated in the past, or may still be a member of, any spiritual or religious organizations? Please briefly describe.

5. Have you encountered your spiritual guides, interdimensional teachers, and angelic assistants? If so, please describe your experiences.

6. Do you have an overall positive outlook on life? Please briefly explain below.

Time and Financial Commitment
7. There will be 24 classes occurring twice a month (approximately three hours/class) over a two-year period. Are you able to make a time commitment to the entire duration of the class? I understand that there will be situations that occur that will keep you from attending the class. But, to the best of your
ability, please give me an estimate of your time commitment.

8. Each class will cost $50.00 or $100/month. If you miss a class you will still be responsible for payment. Do you anticipate that you will be able to make a financial commitment to the class over the two-year period?

Supplemental Information
9. Do you know your stellar origin? If so, please share below.

10. Do you know your significant primary ray? If so, please share below.

11. Do you know the number of incarnations you have had on the Earth plane? If so, please share below.

12. Do you know the number of incarnations you have had on the Universal plane? If so, please share below.

13. If you are able, please list your last five most significant lifetimes and briefly describe your soul’s journey in each.

14. If you are able, briefly describe the Karmic pattern of this lifetime and your progress in realizing your goals.

15. Please feel free to add any comments that may help me to better understand your journey. (Brevity is appreciated!)

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Re: Sanctuary of the On - Bill Torvund
Posted by: Bob-Tim ()
Date: November 04, 2016 09:29AM

I am Bill Torvund's brother. I have a few comments on this thread that others might find interesting. I note that previous versions of his Website are linked to one of these messages, and I shall comment on some of his claims:

"Bill Torvund began his healing ministry as a very young child, and had the grace of encountering his spiritual master, Babaji Mahamuni Nagaraj, when he was four years old."

Bill spent his early years in rural Kentucky (Corbin), and, like most four-year-olds, was always under the supervision of older relatives, including me. (I was seven at the time.) I really believe that if a spiritual master had paid him such a visit, his presence would have been noted.

After graduating from high school, Bill entered training to become a diesel mechanic. He was also employed as a security guard and a service-station attendant prior to entering his ministry. I did not get the impression of intense spiritual reflection in making such decisions.

Even without any acquaintance with Bill, this claim can be evaluated:

"Since then, he has performed over a million healings on thousands of people from all over the world, and has travelled extensively and lectured on all aspects of spiritual tradition."

If a "healing" takes 20 minutes (just a guess), and he has been involved in it for 40 years (the last time I was in touch with him regularly), a million sessions would require that all his waking hours were spent in performing them. Yet there were only "thousands" of different people involved. This would imply that on the average each patient had something like hundreds of sessions.

As to the Greek Orthodox Church in Pocatello, Bill did attend that church (at least for a time, in 1974), but did not take an identifiable part in the worship. I think that only priests ordained in that faith are allowed to officiate in its Eucharist.

I would not encourage anyone who was seriously ill to depend upon Bill for healing. I think the delay occasioned by such reliance could have a detrimental effect on the patient's health in many cases.

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Re: Sanctuary of the On - Bill Torvund
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: November 10, 2016 08:10AM

Thank you Bob-Tim.

Your information helps me make more sense of my observations of Bill.

Hopefully people challenged by serious illness are not listening to Bill. Hopefully they are not giving him time and money.

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