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Rebirthing, Breathwork & Rebirther Training Australia
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: December 29, 2005 12:07PM

[b:6caa02a080][u:6caa02a080]REBIRTHING, BREATHWORK & REBIRTHER TRAINING IN AUSTRALIA[/u:6caa02a080][/b:6caa02a080]

After my 'breakdown' in my LGAT, [b:6caa02a080]Excellerated Business School Money & [/b:6caa02a080][b:6caa02a080]You Seminar[/b:6caa02a080], I was steered into a number of New Age therapies to supposedly help 'fix up' the damage caused by my birth trauma and dysfunctional upbringing, however in fact caused by the LGAT. I had several rebirthing sessions.

I decided to do the [b:6caa02a080]Rebirth Training[/b:6caa02a080] with the view of becoming a [b:6caa02a080]'rebirther'[/b:6caa02a080] and earning my own living from home. It fit nicely with the 'brainwashing' I was exposed to, that promoted 'working for oneself' rather than others.

The Rebirth Training ran over several months and cost around $3,000. Each week had a different theme starting with [b:6caa02a080]The Birth Trauma[/b:6caa02a080], [b:6caa02a080]Parental Disapproval Syndrome [/b:6caa02a080] i.e. PDS, [b:6caa02a080]Fear, Trust, Death & [/b:6caa02a080][b:6caa02a080]Immortality, Sex & Relationships, Money and Prosperity, Past Lives[/b:6caa02a080] and the final week our [b:6caa02a080]Graduation.[/b:6caa02a080]

[b:6caa02a080]The Rebirth Training consisted of:-[/b:6caa02a080]

1. [b:6caa02a080]Singing[/b:6caa02a080] in a circle with arms linked, at the start and end of each session.
2. [b:6caa02a080]Processes [/b:6caa02a080]- some written but mostly shared.
3. [b:6caa02a080] Personal [/b:6caa02a080]and [b:6caa02a080]Private Confessions[/b:6caa02a080].
4. Meditation.
5. Chanting.
6. [b:6caa02a080]Regressional Therapy [/b:6caa02a080]& Guided Imagery/Meditation.
7. Group Rebirths, Hot & Cold Water Rebirths and taking turns in rebirthing each other.
8. [b:6caa02a080] Music [/b:6caa02a080]used during 'rebirthing sessions' and 'processes' to illicit the prescribed mood i.e. [b:6caa02a080]feelings and emotions manipulated.[/b:6caa02a080]
9. Fast once a week on fruit.
10. Drink all our beverages from a [b:6caa02a080]'baby's bottle'[/b:6caa02a080] while at the training to bring up our [b:6caa02a080]'birth trauma'[/b:6caa02a080].
11. Each week there would be a process that would challenge our [b:6caa02a080]'comfort zone' [/b:6caa02a080]i.e. FEAR Week we went on a high rope's course. This challenged those afraid of heights.
12. Copious note taking.
13. Rebirthing a person for FREE (10 in total).
14. "[b:6caa02a080]Love Bombing" [/b:6caa02a080]Processes.
15. Lots of [b:6caa02a080]'hugging[/b:6caa02a080] and deep eye contact'.
16. Weekly Affirmations (written & verbal)
17. Written Assignment/Essay.

Overall, I as well as others, found the training had very little content and training on the actual Rebirthing' process. There was [b:6caa02a080]no[/b:6caa02a080] one-on-one tuition from the teacher on 'how one rebirths'. We were told to[b:6caa02a080] RELY [/b:6caa02a080]on our[b:6caa02a080] INTUITION[/b:6caa02a080]. It would be [b:6caa02a080]our guide.[/b:6caa02a080]

After giving many free rebirths during that time, I could not charge for it later, because I felt the training was far from adequate. I was very disillusioned with many of the goings on and with the teachers.

Wiser Aussie

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Rebirthing, Breathwork & Rebirther Training Australia
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: December 30, 2005 12:27PM

[b:d3d363e4ce][u:d3d363e4ce]REBIRTH TRAINING[/u:d3d363e4ce][/b:d3d363e4ce]

[u:d3d363e4ce][b:d3d363e4ce]"Sex & Relationships" [/b:d3d363e4ce][/u:d3d363e4ce]

This particular weekend was very intimidating to the students. There was a process where each of us, including the teacher, took turns to lie down on the floor and the rest of the students stood encircling that person looking down on them and firing many personal and intimate questions at them about their sex life.

As the process evolved people's egos got the better of them and the nature of the questions became more deviant, warped and explicit. Most people felt 'group pressure' to behave this way and the teacher certainly agreed and encouraged it. Obviously there was 'group/teacher pressure' to answer truthfully, expliciitly and in detail.

It was not a productive experience. The teacher gave disapproving looks to students who had [b:d3d363e4ce]'less sexually promiscuous' [/b:d3d363e4ce]experiences than hers. We got the impression that promiscuity was encouraged.

[b:d3d363e4ce][u:d3d363e4ce]"Death & Immortality"[/u:d3d363e4ce][/b:d3d363e4ce]

Teacher spoke about Babaji who supposedly taught Leonard Orr rebirthing. Rebirthing (also called Breathwork) is basically conscious connected breathing done continuously over 1 1/2 hours. One usually lies on a mattress on the floor and the rebirther sits beside you. The rebirthers main role is to help with the breathing technique, making sure person is still breathing and doesn't fall asleep. A rebirther also throws in positive comments or affirmations in there.

Babaji is supposedly immortal and incarnated on earth as a man i.e. 'not born' like the rest of us. We were told [b:d3d363e4ce]'we too could be immortal' [/b:d3d363e4ce]and basically make a conscious choice on how long we wanted to live. Pick any age - 150, 170, 200, 300, 400 etc Anything goes!

How does one live to such an age? Keep rebirthing of course!!

[u:d3d363e4ce][b:d3d363e4ce]"Money & Prosperity"[/b:d3d363e4ce][/u:d3d363e4ce]

Teacher put all different challenges written on separate pieces of paper in a hat. Each of us had to pick one and[b:d3d363e4ce] 'perform' [/b:d3d363e4ce]what was requested. These were [b:d3d363e4ce]'thought up' [/b:d3d363e4ce]by teacher. The rest of the students had to observe and judge the performance, while sitting in a circle. If they like what they saw money was given to the 'performer'.

[b:d3d363e4ce]Examples I Recall:-[/b:d3d363e4ce]

1. Singing
2. Making someone squeal
3. Strip Tease
4. Simulated oral sex on a banana

The message here was - [b:d3d363e4ce]"How far will you go to make money[/b:d3d363e4ce]?" Eventhough the students and teacher 'performed well' on the day, none that I know of are monetarily prosperous in life.

Wiser Aussie

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Rebirthing, Breathwork & Rebirther Training Australia
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: December 30, 2005 01:15PM

[b:991817c911][u:991817c911]REBIRTHER TRAINING AUSTRALIA[/u:991817c911][/b:991817c911]

I remember alot of students going through turmoil in personal relationships because this training made us think we were privileged to receive this [b:991817c911]'secret knowledge'[/b:991817c911]. Many thought their spouses/partners were 'not good enough' or were 'suppressive personalities'. The only thing that could remedy that was to[b:991817c911] CONVERT THEM[/b:991817c911]. This is when 'all hell broke loose' because most of our spouses/partners 'resisted' as they didn't have the benefits of [b:991817c911]intense [/b:991817c911][b:991817c911]brainwashing [/b:991817c911]we had. Hence they rebelled with logic, which drove us all mad and stubborn with 'conviction'. The next train of thought was - "I've got to leave!"

Many thought they had to leave their relationships. This is still going on today. Occasionally I still receive some feedback from current Rebirth Trainings and the result is the same. This means the teachers are still using the same old methods producing the same old results. [b:991817c911]Students [/b:991817c911][b:991817c911]are torn but they don't give a damn.[/b:991817c911]

Some have actually left their relationships which I'm sure they regret. If they could only look logically at the example of their teacher/s own personal relationship or lack of it. The answer would be simple and clear!

Quite frankly the confusion, anguish and turmoil is not worth it. The certificate I was given [b:991817c911]isn't worth the paper its printed on[/b:991817c911]. Many people do this training thinking they can 'create a business' from home. In reality, of the hundreds and thousands of people who have become rebirthers, only a handful [b:991817c911]i.e. the trainer/teachers[/b:991817c911], are making 'real' money from it.

The cost for rebirthing sessions is equal to a psychologist's fee. At least a psychologist has a 'valid qualification'. These 'teachers' don't!. Rebirthing is difficult to market because its too [b:991817c911]'airy-fairy'[/b:991817c911], just like the training. Unless one is skilled in 'intensive persuasive and manipulative methods', its difficult to sell. Other than calling it a [b:991817c911]'DE-STRESSING [/b:991817c911][b:991817c911]TECHNIQUE'[/b:991817c911], there is no other rational way to promote it.

I feel financially and spiritually [b:991817c911]ripped off!![/b:991817c911] I would [b:991817c911]not [/b:991817c911]recommend it to anyone. The[b:991817c911] Rebirther Training[/b:991817c911] feeds the elite teachers whom otherwise would be on the welfare system or worst of all for them - working for someone else. It's usually the[b:991817c911] freshly brainwashed [/b:991817c911][b:991817c911]rebirthers[/b:991817c911] who bring new clients to the teachers anyway.

Wiser Aussie

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Rebirthing, Breathwork & Rebirther Training Australia
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: December 30, 2005 01:17PM

[b:1756dc2019][u:1756dc2019]REBIRTHING "FALSE MEMORIES"[/u:1756dc2019][/b:1756dc2019]

There's an important factor to be mentioned about 'rebirthing'. When one is rebirthed they are in a [b:1756dc2019]highly suggestible state[/b:1756dc2019]. If music chosen by the rebirther has, for example, a church bell ringing, then it makes sense the person thinks they're [b:1756dc2019]recalling a past life [/b:1756dc2019]as a [b:1756dc2019]holy monk [/b:1756dc2019][b:1756dc2019]living in a monastery[/b:1756dc2019].

[b:1756dc2019][u:1756dc2019]GROUP REBIRTH[/u:1756dc2019][/b:1756dc2019]

Again one is in a [b:1756dc2019]super suggestive state [/b:1756dc2019]and [b:1756dc2019]highly influenced [/b:1756dc2019]by the goings on around them, including other people's experiences. If someone in the room is screaming,

"No! No! Leave me alone. Don't touch me!"

Is it any wonder that other people rebirthing in the room, think that they are uncovering a suppressed memory of rape or abuse?

Not every memory is true. [b:1756dc2019]Some are false![/b:1756dc2019] Can you imagine the distress these people were put through? Some still don't know if their memories are true or fabricated by a highly suggestible state and/or an active imagination.

The answer offered by teachers -

"It could have happened in a past life!"

This is nonsense. Utter rubbish. Nothing intelligent. The real answer is -
[b:1756dc2019]they don't have a clue! [/b:1756dc2019] Making money is the bottom line. More rebirthing is prescribed and encouraged resulting in more confusion. Rebirth Teachers do not take any responsibility for the utter turmoil and devastation they have a definate hand in. People's lives have been ruined by untrained and unqualified rebirthers!

There seems to be an[b:1756dc2019] epidemic[/b:1756dc2019] of these [b:1756dc2019]false memories[/b:1756dc2019] in the Rebirthing Circles and it is [b:1756dc2019]not[/b:1756dc2019] coincidental.

[b:1756dc2019][u:1756dc2019]PAST LIFE REGRESSION[/u:1756dc2019][/b:1756dc2019]

Past Life Regression was part of the Rebirther Training. It didn't involve all that breathing but certainly 'a paced and guided procedure' by the facilitator i.e. Hypnosis.

It was very common for students to think they were Napoleon, Jesus Christ, a Holy Monk, Chief of a Native American Indian Tribe or some other figure that held prestige, importance and notariety to the individual. What we didn't realise then is that its so easy for the 'imagination and fantasies' to run wild and APPEAR REAL!

Wiser Aussie

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Rebirthing, Breathwork & Rebirther Training Australia
Posted by: SarahL ()
Date: January 01, 2006 10:32AM

I also got caught up with the Rebirthing movement. You have detailed it quite well. I lived for a time at Campbell Hot Springs in California when Leonard Orr ran the place and have quite a few stories about the horror that is Leonard and his followers.

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Rebirthing, Breathwork & Rebirther Training Australia
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: January 04, 2006 09:20AM

Hi there,

Would like to hear about some of your 'horror' stories concerning Leonard Orr! I have read your other posts about your experience with rebirthing.

Did he 'over step boundaries' with students?

I've heard stories about other 'gurus' having sexual relationships with students, which have really messed them up.

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Rebirthing, Breathwork & Rebirther Training Australia
Posted by: SarahL ()
Date: January 13, 2006 03:53AM

He claimed to have mystical powers and would excuse anything based on him being a guru. He definitely overstepped boundaries with this, he preyed on people for their money and resources, he was highly manipulative.
At least in my experience, he wasn't a touchy feely guy at all. He had just married a very young woman from Poland, he had brought her and her mother back from his travels. He had a child with the young woman. He promoted the idea that this family was especially elite and special.

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Rebirthing, Breathwork & Rebirther Training Australia
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: January 15, 2006 12:08PM

[u:c11562cfd8][b:c11562cfd8]REBIRTHING CONTRADICTIONS & LIES[/b:c11562cfd8][/u:c11562cfd8]

1. We, the student and rebirther, only needed to be [b:c11562cfd8]half a step [/b:c11562cfd8]ahead of the person we're rebirthing.

2. [b:c11562cfd8]Charge high prices [/b:c11562cfd8]for rebirthing or any other service because it shows you value yourself and skills. Charging low prices meant lack of self worth and self esteem.

3. We were [b:c11562cfd8]special and privileged [/b:c11562cfd8]to receive the knowledge in the training, as it wasn't available to everyone.

4. We [b:c11562cfd8]set her up as our parent/mother. [/b:c11562cfd8] Whenever anyone rebelled or questioned her it meant 'we were at fault' not her, because our PDS (Parental Disapproval Syndrome) came up. It was our stuff, our fault.

5. We [b:c11562cfd8]chose our parents [/b:c11562cfd8]at the time of conception and the [b:c11562cfd8]body[/b:c11562cfd8] we're born in.

6. Physical illness meant something psychological was holding us back, a 'block'. We [b:c11562cfd8]created[/b:c11562cfd8] it, therefore we could uncreate it. If someone was born with a physical disability e.g. Down Syndrome, it meant the spirit of that spirit was young and not evolved. That person basically came to earth to be cared for and perhaps in the next life choose a more evolved existence.

7. We [b:c11562cfd8]attracted everything [/b:c11562cfd8]in our life and the people we met to learn something. This included accidents and anything negative that happened. They were viewed as "Mack Trucks" i.e. Universe giving a message that we're not listening to something. (Mack Truck is a 'loaded language' word coined by [b:c11562cfd8]Robert Kiyosaki [/b:c11562cfd8]'Rich Dad Poor Dad'). Teacher lifted alot of content from the [b:c11562cfd8]"Money & You"[/b:c11562cfd8] Seminar [b:c11562cfd8]Excellerated Business School[/b:c11562cfd8].

8. No such thing as a coincidence. Everything happened for a reason.

9. [b:c11562cfd8]Past Lives [/b:c11562cfd8]and [b:c11562cfd8]Reincarnation[/b:c11562cfd8] are true. We all knew each other before.

10. [b:c11562cfd8] FEAR [/b:c11562cfd8]was False Evidence Appearing Real. No exception to the rule.

11. [b:c11562cfd8]"Love is All there is!", [/b:c11562cfd8]nothing else existed until someone challenged you then you let them have it and drop them out of your life.

12. [b:c11562cfd8]"Surrender to the Universe" [/b:c11562cfd8]- Go with the Flow, means have no boundaries.

13. [b:c11562cfd8]Drop your friends [/b:c11562cfd8]and people that hold you back in life including your spouses/partners.

14. [b:c11562cfd8]"Trust the Universe[/b:c11562cfd8]" its teaching you something and watching every move you make.

At the time I believed all this rubbish and more. Every student believed it. I thought I was evolved and a free thinker back then. Now I realise how dangerously [b:c11562cfd8]'black & white' [/b:c11562cfd8]and [b:c11562cfd8]'totalistic'[/b:c11562cfd8] this thinking in Rebirthing was and is.


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Rebirthing, Breathwork & Rebirther Training Australia
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: January 15, 2006 01:04PM

[u:98cab55cdb][b:98cab55cdb]REBIRTHING "DISILLUSIONED WITH REBIRTH TEACHERS DOUBLE STANDARDS"[/b:98cab55cdb][/u:98cab55cdb]

1. Free thinking and independent thought was encouraged until students challenged and questioned the teacher. In frustration she turned on a student angrily,
[b:98cab55cdb]"You are slappable!"[/b:98cab55cdb]
That put an end to further challenges.

2. Many students who couldn't afford the training fee were still [b:98cab55cdb]pressured [/b:98cab55cdb]to do it anyway and pay in installments. Teacher's standard answer would be,
[b:98cab55cdb]"Trust in the Universe and the money will come![/b:98cab55cdb]
When one of students did not make payments on time after the training ended, our very loving and nice teacher soon turned really nasty demanding her money. Yet she offered 'free trainings' to other people that suited her - the prestigous ones who [u:98cab55cdb]could [/u:98cab55cdb]afford it.

3. Teacher told us she'd had a sexual relationship with a past student. She seemed to be quite proud of that fact.

4. When one of the students left her husband the teacher exclaimed something to the effect,
[b:98cab55cdb]"Yes! You did the right thing! [/b:98cab55cdb] When I met him I found him to be arrogant and unsupportive. You don't want someone like that holding you back in life."

5. Saw a video taken of teacher after we all left our warm and fuzzy Graduation Ceremony where[b:98cab55cdb] "Love Bombing"[/b:98cab55cdb] was used to the maximum. She looked straight into the camera lense laughing and saying,
[b:98cab55cdb]"And they all believed that stuff? (Ah! Ah! Ah!)"[/b:98cab55cdb]

[u:98cab55cdb]What does Rebirthing do?[/u:98cab55cdb]

[b:98cab55cdb]It turns unsuspecting people into practising Babaji Worshippers without[/b:98cab55cdb] [b:98cab55cdb]their realising it.[/b:98cab55cdb]

[u:98cab55cdb][b:98cab55cdb]REBIRTH TRAINING LECTURES[/b:98cab55cdb][/u:98cab55cdb]

Based on the teachings of Babaji, Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray, Louise Hay, 'A Course in Miracles" and Marianne Williamson.

Can anyone remember any other sources?

If Leonard Orr, all the rebirther teachers and rebirthers are trained by the method described i.e. "intuitive self-teaching method", my recommendation is to [b:98cab55cdb]stay away![/b:98cab55cdb]

1. [b:98cab55cdb] Don't waste your money[/b:98cab55cdb].

2. Don't do the 'rebirther training', it's[b:98cab55cdb] over priced [/b:98cab55cdb]and taught by [b:98cab55cdb]unqualified[/b:98cab55cdb] people.

3. [b:98cab55cdb] "Rebirthers only HALF A STEP ahead of the clients?", [/b:98cab55cdb]means they have to [b:98cab55cdb]improvise[/b:98cab55cdb] the rest and make sure they're [b:98cab55cdb]not found out[/b:98cab55cdb].

What a hell of an existence is that? Constantly lying and covering their tracks! What about the [b:98cab55cdb]disservice to the clients[/b:98cab55cdb]?

I regret every doing the [b:98cab55cdb]Rebirth Training [/b:98cab55cdb]AND[b:98cab55cdb] Excellerated [/b:98cab55cdb][b:98cab55cdb]Schools Money & You Seminar[/b:98cab55cdb] that highly endorsed Rebirthing! It added more salt to the wound.

Knowing what I know now, there is no way I would even barter with these people! They delude themselves, thinking they are above and beyond the Ordinary. If what these people have demonstrated is Extraordinary, then I choose Ordinary anytime!

I'm happy to be out of that scene and living a normal ordinary life. I hope my postings may help someone whose feeling the same so you know you're not alone. I've felt alone with all this garbage for years and it would have meant the world to me to refer to a forum such as this. I've only recently discovered this website and its helped me.

Look forward to hearing from ex-rebirthers. I know you're out there.

Wiser Aussie

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Rebirthing, Breathwork & Rebirther Training Australia
Posted by: nettie ()
Date: January 15, 2006 06:37PM

I was very depressed in the 80s and somehow got involved in Rebirthing, STAR (Hoffman process) and did the so called professional rebirther training.
I did get out of my depression while doing rebirthing so it did something. I'm not sure that it was the wisest way out of this state. Since rebirthing produces a heavy kick in your body you become a breathing junkie.

In the Hoffman process there was a lot of screaming and shouting and hitting cusions etc. So I also became a screaming and hitting junkie.

In the beginning of the 90s I did a few years of therapy but when the leader from the STAR/Hoffman process called me up and said that I really should try this thing; "The Forum" I though that I had found the salvation to all problems. I became a ForumTechjunkie.

Of all the things that I have tried ( I have also done Yoga, TM and of course a lot of affirmations, money seminars, Loving relationships traning) the Forum has been the most devastating to my life. (You can read my post in the LGAT part)

When I was trying to become a professional rebirther I had to have 3 clients and do 3 sessions with them. I had 1 client - he was a really boring guy and he constantly fell asleep - as did I. Sitting there telling him to push through the "resistance" shile rebirthing was really making me sleppy. I don't think I did any mental damage to his mental health and after that I realised that becoming a rebirther wasn't my "calling".

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