Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: dabcult ()
Date: April 13, 2016 04:05AM


Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: April 13, 2016 04:50AM

Dabcult, I agree with you, this is very dangerous. Christopher "Trinity" de Guzman, Dylan Guss, Mark Roland Shackman a.k.a Kumooja Banyan Tree are proven to be not trustworthy.

To go to an isolated location with them amplifies the possible danger.

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: dabcult ()
Date: April 13, 2016 08:04AM

It's actually true that the expenses exceeded the contributions we've received - both Marc and Trinity, the founders of the church, have invested and lost money from their own savings. Although the contributions we've received were not an exchange for services, out of good faith we will be sending everyone their money back if they're not happy with a retreat in Peru .
So first if you have been screwed by TNT and is "AMAZING AMAZING CREW "
you simply have to spend another $1,000 to fly to the jungle of Peru ....and if you feel you have been re-screwed by taking part in a phoney ceremony than deep in the jungle after your in the after glow of AYAHUASKA you can ask TNT for you money back ...well ladies and gentlemen that sound like an ironclad guarantee.
Your cell phone will be useless wont be able to communicate with the outside world ...GOOD LUCK

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: gayle ()
Date: April 14, 2016 02:05AM

Latest from Trinity:

Many of you are wondering how to attend
our Ayahuasca Ceremonies in America.

Before going into that, it's important
that you first understand the "backstory".Behind exactly what is unfolding in
our Church - right now.

On January 22, 2016, we held our first
weekend service at our Church in Elbe,
Washington.Here, we shared the sacrament Ayahuasca
with our Members, and it was a pivotal
moment, so life-changing for the blessed
people who came.(click the video above to hear these
Members' heart-opening stories)It was history in the making.Being able to share Ayahuasca in
America, as publicly as we are.Just like we were guided to by
Madre herself.

***BTW - I'm excited to tell you about
how this whole "Ayahuasca in America"
movement started...A beautiful story, with visions that
came so unexpectedly, while I was living
in Mexico.I learned so much about how to follow
my truth, to trust my heart, and to not
care about what others think of or expect
from me...Excited to share it with you!

***Soon enough, after serving medicine
for a month in Washington, we got a
letter from the DEA. (February, 2016)It was friendly.They simply requested that we file a
petition for exemption under the RFRA,
before continuing to share Ayahuasca.( RFRA: Religious Freedom Restoration Act,
a United States federal law that "ensures that
interests in religious freedom are protected.")Fortunately, they mentioned the UDV vs
Gonzales Court Case, where a legal
precedent was set in favor of Ayahuasca.Basically:In 2006, the UDV Church fought a court
case against the US Supreme Court, to
use Ayahuasca religiously, and won.The US Supreme Court ruled that due to
the RFRA, they are allowed to use
Ayahuasca in America, legally.And based on this court ruling, and
our Constitutional Right to exercise
our Religious Freedom...We are sharing Ayahuasca in America,
openly and publicly.To bring this medicine to you - our
brothers and sisters who we know are
called to this medicine for a powerful
reason...( What is that reason? That's what I
deeply feel I'm here to help you with. )Now here's the part that matters most

-The DEA recommended[sic] we pause any retreats,
and stop sharing Ayahuasca, during the
process of filing for the exemption.This is why in March, 2016, we made
the decision to put a hold on leading
any future Church Services where
Ayahuasca Ceremonies would be involved.

For a month, we worked so hard with
our lawyer.And by April, 2016, after a very intense
process of preparing everything the DEA
asked for from us -The amazing petition was completed,
and sent off to the DEA!( Woohoo!!! )

And this is where we ask you for your help.Please pray.The power of prayer, of positive intention,
is beyond words.Please: see, and hold with excitement and
gratitude in your heart...Us - all of us - America, and the people
who need this medicine most...See that we receive this DEA Exemption.To share this life-changing medicine,
Mother Ayahuasca, inside America.To help us in our global awakening. Through
these powerful and challenging times.

Now, if you're still wondering how to
attend any of our future Ayahuasca
Ceremonies -
First thing to do, would be a member
of our Church.

But until we receive the DEA Exemption,
we have taken down our membership page
from our website.You can still join, but I would honestly
recommend you wait.Until we have this DEA Exemption for sure.Then we'll let you know more about the
benefits of joining, and the beautiful
community coming together.It's amazing watching us grow.
From all over the world, with the same
unifying intention - wanting to discover
and live our purpose, to be in service
to those around us...To open our hearts, find the freedom our
soul seeks, and experience the deepest
fulfillment we came here to live.I'm so excited to share more. I just
wanted to let you know exactly what
was happening.

So you can stop wondering how to
experience Ayahuasca in America -We'll let you know as soon as we have
more information!Thank you for joining me today!I'll talk to you tomorrow![To Be Continued...]With infinite love, committed for us ALL,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS - If you are still called to this
medicine but don't want to wait until
we get an answer from the DEA.We are still holding Ayahuasca retreats
in Peru.I'll let you know more about those in
my next email!There is this incredible 82 year old Master
Shipibo Elder who I am so grateful for
the opportunity to introduce you to...Ahh, beautiful, blessed life!Talk soon!Love!!!
Your Highest Truth Inc.
240 N. Glynde Ave.
Burnaby BC v5b 1g9

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: April 14, 2016 02:57AM

Wow. They were notified in Feb., yet Trinity didn't make this public til nearly mid April.

I wonder if their lawyer told Trinity that they would have an exemption in just a few weeks, or if Trinity continues to simply not listen to any reality.

Apologists for Ayahuasca Healings are attempting to tone police critics on social media, perhaps in an attempt to shut us up. I encourage critics to persist, the substance of what we are saying matters.

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: dabcult ()
Date: April 14, 2016 07:03AM

Yes TNT does sound like a deceiver ...but then he held deposits on ceremonies

He lies ...he deceive and he as the gall to say
"And this is where we ask you for your help.Please pray.The power of prayer, of positive intention is beyond words.Please "

I do not know how many people are on their knees making this prayer



Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: April 14, 2016 07:09AM

At least for the moment, the site is down.

Archives can be found here: []

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: April 16, 2016 01:31AM

The "4-day personal development retreat in the mountains" Trinity talks about here was a large group awareness training run by the scamster T. Harv Eker in Canada.

Info on these manipulative trainings : []


Years ago, when I was 18, I realized that the old-fashioned college thing wasn’t for me. I could see that there was something so much greater waiting for me, even though I had no idea what, and deep down inside, I knew that I had to un-enroll from University. So I did, and that decision was the start of my Awakening.

I sought out my teachers, my mentors, who all helped me become who I am today.

One of them, who’s honestly started me on this path of relentless accountability to myself, with an unshakable, unmovable commitment to the service of the planet, held a 4-day personal development retreat in the mountains, and it was $5000.

Being 18, and having just left high school, I didn’t have that money. But I knew I had to be there so badly, that I did everything I could to raise that money. I asked anybody I could; my mom, my dad, my uncle, my close friends, even my employer, and eventually, I raised that money, and I went to that retreat.

It was, and still is, one of the most pivotal moments of my entire life. And I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing right now, in sharing these words, and bringing Ayahuasca to America, if I didn’t do that for myself.


More on T Harv Eker:


'Financial freedom' guru's secret psychology to money

The irony of how-to-get-rich programs is that they tend to make the promoters rich rather than the students.


Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: April 16, 2016 04:27AM


My credit union is still processing my claim but the assistant manager states that I should have my funds returned ($3500.00) in a few days. I did the math on the 'retreats' and I figure that Trinity et al raked in at least $400,000.00 12 people per retreat at 1500 a piece is $18,000 per retreat. 4 retreats per month is 72,000. Retreats were booked from January through August. 8 months x 72,000 is $576,000. I am saying $400,000 to account for those who did not pay 1500 per person, and to off set any of their expenses (also I think retreats began in mid-January). These guys committed fraud. They did it across state lines. I honestly at this point would like to see Trinity behind bars and Marc also. They scammed a lot of people out of hard earned money. Not only that, they disappointed those who were seeking a healing for such conditions as PTSD and by their dishonest and illegal actions heaped more suffering onto those individuals. Trinity de Guzman is a charlatan, a cheat, a huckster, a liar. He has nothing spiritual to offer anyone.

From the Facebook group Ayahuasca Healings is NOT legal

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: April 16, 2016 09:03AM

Dylan Guss now claims that the Lewis county prosecuter's office "gave their approval". before Ayahuasca Healings operations started up in Washington state. This is not true.

What did happen is the prosecuter expressed his opinion to the media. Dylan is now using that quote and spinning it to claim the prosecuter directly approved AH.

Dylan characterizes he, Trinity, and Marc as beleaguered, misunderstood, well meaning people who have the best of intentions. And he would like us to sign up for their next amazing retreats (in Peru).

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