Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: January 25, 2016 08:24AM

I believe this group led by Trinity de Guzman is a high demand cultic group in the making.

Trinity de Guzman / Christopher de Guzman/ Trinity de la Cruz is an online marketer. In the past he has participated in large group awareness traings (lgats) such as Peak Potentials. He can be followed around online through his name, persona, and theme changes over time. He used to be a business marketing you-can-make-millions-like-me guy, now he is a love bombing guru guy who sells ayahuasca events.

Trinity, in fine online marketing fashion, went big with public claims that his group can sell ayahuasca legally. This is false. He has been told this repeatedly, but is not listening, or does not care. Perhaps he is taking pages from the lgats he attended and promoted, lgats that state lying is an okay thing to do.

Trinity cannot legally provide ayahuasca. He now is a branch of a fraudulent national group, but that does not make him legal either.

Details on legality: []

Trinity has a wordy, confusing, hyped up, love bombing style of persuasion. He has gathered young followers who are doing volunteer hard labor out on remote, rural property near Elbe, Washington. Near the Cascade mountains, in the winter when ground is frozen. Their community videos are all feel-good love bombing style, while we watch them do intense physical labor in the cold, without proper gear on. They look to also be on a heavily restricted diet.

The volunteers are putting up unheated tipis. Where paying guests will come out to take ayahuasca and other drugs for supposed spiritual reasons. But this is all very unsafe. And because ayahuasca is illegal for them to use, and this illegal practice is announced so publically, there is a good chance that the place will be raided by local or federal authorities eventually.

Trinity claims he can manifest things with his mind. He is lying, love bombing, hustling people, and giving them illegal drugs for money. I believe he is someone to stay clear of. I don't trust his manic talk of lovelovelove, and I wonder how his unpaid workers are actually being treated.

Ayahuasca - avoid tyramines and MAOI's
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 25, 2016 10:47PM

Many persons have health conditions (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, eye conditions, fragile blood vessels) which would put them at risk if they consume a substance that triggers heavy vomiting.

Many persons these days take medications that are classified as monoamine oxidase inhibitors and thus likely to interact hazardously with ayahuasca. They would risk trouble if they stopped taking those medications for two weeks prior to the ayahuasca 'experience'.

This is similar to the type of diet advised persons who certain types of headaches such as tyramine triggered migraines.


If someone who operates an ayahuasca business excluded all persons at risk of adverse reactions, he or she would lose a substantial percentage of potential customers and take in a much lower profit.

Ayahuaca should not be combined with foods containing tyramine. A lot of fermented foods, ripe bananas figs and walnuts contain tyramine.


Ayahuasca interacts with a class of drugs known as "monoamine inhibitors" (MAOI/MAO) and also should not be combined with substances containing tyramine.


Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: January 26, 2016 05:07AM

My guess is that many customers will not have conferred properly with their physicians prior to attending drug events like this. And they might not divulge all their health history to Trinity's group. Even if they did, Trinity and the others do not have medical training.

So customers will be taking a drug mix that is unsafe, in unsafe circumstances. Where is the plant material from, how was it harvested, and transported? The transportation process will be illegal too.

Once the plant material is at the location, who prepares it? A white guy who calls himself a "shaman". Why would we trust him?

If a customer has an adverse effect, will this group notice it in time? They don't have full medical training, they will need to call for emergency help. This is a remote rural location, how long will it take for medics to arrive? The nearest hospital is a distance away, small and basic, most likely folks would need to go to a larger hospital, for instance the one 62 miles away by car.

This really is all about the money.


Would you really rather people keep their money and spend it on meaningless things that they really don’t need? Feeding and fueling unconsciousness? Or would you rather that those of us who have seen the light, and know where our world has to go, has the money, so we can redirect it in all the ways it needs to be used, for the service of humanity?

Waking up the world will only happen when a massive amount of energy is funneled in that direction. That means, a massive amount of people need to be 100% committed towards that vision for our humanity. That means, they can not have one foot in for the awakening of our world, and another foot still in The System, The Beast, struggling to make money in a job, feeding all that no longer serves.

In order for us to wake up the world, we have to have as many people serving this movement, and that means they need to be 100% committed, and not be energetically split between wanting to be of service, but still needing to be in The System because they need money.

So we are supposed to earn money and bring it to them. Because they know better than we do how to properly spend it. We are unclean, part of The System, The Beast. We should give our money to them because they are pure, free of The System, The Beast (meaning they make a living by hustling the rest of us).

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: January 26, 2016 06:44AM

In the recent past, Trinity was involved in an ayahuasca retreat place in Peru. He no longer is, except he says through his company Your Highest Truth, Inc., which apparently is doing bookings.

Because of all the publicity Trinity has created, the retreat place in Peru has issued a statement on their Facebook page:


El Jardin de la Paz, Ayahuasca & Master Plant Healing Center Peru
December 5, 2015 at 6:29am ·
Hi everyone, after recieving a number of questions we want to make a public statement clarifying the relationship between El Jardin de la Paz, Ayahuasca & Master Plant Healing Center Peru and Trinity De Guzman the founder of the Ayahuasca Church of America. Trinity with much faith and love invested in the founding and initial construction of this centre, we are grateful for this. El Jardin is solely owned and operated by Ashley Avery his partner and team who work with a very experienced Peruvian Maestro Hegner Paredes Melendez administering traditional master plant dietas and ayahuasca ceremonies. Trinity's involvement has been financial, energetic and he sends us guests but has spent little time at the actual center. We the owners and operators of El Jardin are in NO WAY involved with the Ayahuasca Church of USA project nor do we have a formal opinion on the project as we simply do not know enough about it to comment. Please direct any questions about that project to

Trinity does have Peru info up still on his newest website, with a disclaimer:


Please note: ONAC of Ayahuasca Healings does NOT own this Center. The Garden of Peace is related to ONAC of Ayahuasca Healings solely through Trinity s company Your Highest Truth, which serves as their booking agent. Trinity co-founded The Garden of Peace in Nov 2014. In Oct, 2015, Trinity gave his half of the ownership to his partner, Ashley Avery, who is now the sole owner of The Garden of Peave, in order to focus all his time and energy on the Ayahuasca Healings Church in America.

After that transition from Peru to Washington state, this group went through another change. Their website disappeared and then eventually returned, as they sorted out their agreements with the fraudulent Oklevueha Native American Church, Inc. Most people assume that the agreement involved Oklevueha being paid a hefty sum by Trinity's group.

Some of Trinity's business names include:

Your Highest Truth Healings Inc.
ONAC of Soul Quest Inc. DBA Church of Mother Earth
Your Highest Truth Healings Inc. DBA Ayahuasca Healings
Trinity Marketing Solutions, LLC

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: January 28, 2016 11:42AM

A public radio station, KPLU, recently aired a piece on this group, including an interview with the "shaman" Marc Shackman.

I wish folks would stop simply passing on this group's marketing releases and instead do actual investigative reporting. Which has to include talking with county sheriff and D.E.A.

This is frustrating to watch. The marketing of falsehoods is assisted and spread by uncritical media.

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: January 29, 2016 06:59AM

Don’t believe the hype about the “Legal Ayahuasca USA Church” going around Facebook—it’s not legal, it’s dangerous, and here’s why



By glossing over how the religious exemption works and oversimplifying the legal complexities of his position, Trinity lulls potential customers into a dangerous false sense of security. Participants in ceremonies on his property in Washington are not safe from prosecution under U.S. drug laws. In fact, they are in a space made especially unsafe by Ayahuasca USA’s viral popularity from a successful Facebook hype campaign. With all the attention they are attracting, the wrong kind will likely come too.


The bottom line is, Trinity, you and Marc “Kumooja Banyan Tree” Shackman are putting yourselves and your customers in danger of being arrested, charged with drug offenses, and put to trial even if, years down the line, after the case finishes moving through the court system consuming life and financial resources, you win.


Don’t buy the hype. Knowing your rights means knowing their limitations. If you are going to drink ayahuasca, drink ayahuasca responsibly. And find a shaman, not a sham.

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: January 29, 2016 07:35AM

Trinity's mentors in the art of scams:


After graduating from high school, Trinity de Guzman decided to use his college money to put himself through a personal development program called “Quantum Leap” put on by a company called “Peak Potentials.”


After traveling around Central America and enjoying his freedom a bit more, Trinity de Guzman decided to head up to San Diego. A 7-figure Internet marketer, Jonathan Budd, was launching his live event, Unstoppable Entrepreneur, which Trinity had promoted for and was one of the top 20 affiliates out of over 10,000.


Not long after moving to San Diego, Trinity met his first mentor and multimillion-dollar business owner, Raven Starre. Raven is one of the top 10 female network marketers in the world, has interned for several billionaires and even had one of her own products featured on Oprah.


During his time with Raven, Trinity de Guzman was introduced to many well-known names in the Internet marketing and business world. One of which was his next mentor; Ted McGrath.


During his mentorship with Ted, Trinity was a head coach and director of Internet marketing for his company, Rize Global


"At the age of 18, I attended my first Millionaire Mind Intensive. Now, 19 months later, I'm 20, financially free, and make over 5 figures a month in passive income. Your courses have helped me manifest my dream life!"
Trinity de la Cruz


Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Matrix Mobile Marketing

With 6 years of experience in online marketing, I have stepped into the mobile marketing industry with an impressive history in the advertising world.

One person's description of Ayahuasca
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 31, 2016 09:14AM


There was plenty of vomiting.


Ayahuasca is comparable to other drugs but only in a way that walking briskly with your arms outstretched is comparable to flying.

The 'good part' of the trip was amazing. Go to the text and read the author's descriptions.

What happened during the "bad part" of the author's trip.


For most of this part, the good part, I just lay on my back with my eyes closed in a little euphoric bubble. And if only that could have lasted—because, pretty soon, the bad part kicked in. In one incident after the next, I revisited traumatic chapters of my childhood. It played out like some celebrity retrospective—only instead of showing the best clips from my long career, I was forced to witness the moments that had bruised me most. I was in the womb feeling my family's stress, in school running from bullies, and in my teenage bedroom listening to Smashing Pumpkins while writing poetry with rhymes like "blunt knives" and "short lives."

The driver was tripping on the stuff while transporting people home. Earlier, they'd been standing on a balcony. Safety issues, anyone?

When it was all over, the author reported feeling amazing.

What perturbs me is that during the drug trip, no one was there to keep people away from balconies, and someone stoned was permitted to operate an automobile.

Sounds like the author had a great experience. But, IMO, there should have been more trip guides available.

Not everyone is as fortunate as the author.

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: dabcult ()
Date: January 31, 2016 10:27PM

I just listen to Trinity de Guzman video on YOUTUBE ...
what a laud of shit ...this guy propaganda about Ayawaska
like taking a brew will be a direct way to enlightenment ...Many have gone crasy
and if you make a search on the internet ...a few have committed suicides
after the Ayawaska experiences ..
Ayawaska is legal in the state of Oregon ...with a big church in Portland and Ashland ..of the Santo Daime ...and it is legal in Brasil and in Equador and Peru for spiritual ceremonies ...I have taken Ayawaska possibly 50 times
all I can tell you is that I had many nice visions ...lots of vomiting and crying
and ended up absolutely NON ENLIGHTEN ...according to the Buddhist way
or the Advaita hindu way ...those visions might be even more confusing for someone who is psychologically imbalance ...BI POLAR ...or suffering already from some sort of mental imbalance ...THIS TRINITY IS DANGEROUS IN HIS PROPAGANDA OF A BREW MADE OF VINES AND LEAFS...and he refer to Mr Mc Kenna as if he was a sage of the psychadelique plants ...I knew David Mc Kenna ..he died young of brain cancer (many tumors ) was it cause by the enourmous quantity he took in his life ...Go ask his wife ..!!

Re: Trinity de Guzman - Ayahuasca Healings (WA, USA)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: February 01, 2016 01:54AM


Dhamma Huasca • 10 hours ago
Ayahuaca Healings is NOT legal. Nor are they a Native American Church. They simply bought a membership in an online church and they are making totally baseless claims about being legal. They have more experience in marketing then ayahuasca.

Don't believe their hype.

(Comment on this story

Includes link to this video made by a former member [] Scott Montgomery says in this video that the group is young in their work, they have been misled, and that they need to stop immediately. They need to stop making false claims. They need to call everyone who has signed up for ayahuasca events and tell them this is not legally provided. Scott says "you are putting yourself at risk of being arrested and prosecuted".

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