Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 26, 2009 12:05AM

Things to Make and Do:

*(Security advisory--if anyone wants to purchase copies of these books, and has reason to be protective of personal privacy, arrange for a third party to buy one of the copies for you. only cash.)

Go to the website

Run price searchers for BK's two earlier books, 'A Cry in the Desert' and 'Losing the Moon'.

What is interesting is that copies of 'Cry in the Desert' are now more plentiful and relatively inexpensive, compared with last year. (However, emphasize 'relative.' Though there are more copies available for purchse, even the lower priced copies are still expensive in relation to the current state of the economy. However, compared with what you are expected to pay if you attend a 9 day School for the Work, even a high priced copy of one of these items is a bargain. And, to paraphrase a title of one of Flannery O'Connor's short stories--

The mind you save will be your own.

As will the money you save.

However, with but one exception, 'Losing the Moon' remains twice as expensive--though more copies seem to have been put out for sale.

(both searches run as of today)

(A Cry in the Desert)


24 copies

(4 copies--49 to 69 dollars)

(3 copies-- 86 to 93 dollars)

( 8 copies-- 104-- 126 dollars)

(6 copies--152 to 199.77 dollars)

(6 copies 224 to 280 plus dollars)

Losing the Moon


15 copies available.

Price range from $54 (first item) to a a range of 101 to $131 for 13 copies and the highest price for the single remaining copy-- $204

((minor miscount possible--you'll still see the range if you go to the URL))

(note--if copies are purchased following today, number of copies and future prices may fluctuate.)

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Re: Byron Katie's banned burned books
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 26, 2009 04:22AM

Its amusing that since the price of that old Byron Katie book A Cry In The Desert was about $150, then someone perhaps had a box of them, and is trying to make some money.
They even jacked some up to $280.

This is a good metaphor for the Byron Katie sales system. They create false "scarcity" and then jack-up the prices to make as much money as possible.

Those books are not worth $1.00. As in ONE dollar.

The books were obviously bought back in the past, and then destroyed, due to the different Story they tell about Byron Katie.
Maybe whoever has put them on the market is hoping that Stephen Mitchell will buy back all those copies?

But seriously, those books are not worth buying for anyone.
There is a lot of information there that shows the Byron Katie Story changing, and the manipulation techniques, but has anyone ever even finished the entire book? Doubtful.

Besides, there are all kinds of copies that appear to be online and as Torrents.
anyone can search for...

"losing the moon" pdf

"a cry in the desert" pdf Byron Katie

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and A Cry In The Desert
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 26, 2009 04:32AM

A wonderful public service would be for people to link to this thread, or to a relevant page in the thread, and post those links on the internet. People have a right to know what is going on.
You just go to any page in this thread, then copy the link at the top of the page. []

some comments about A Cry In The Desert's outrageous price...


Maybe some kind soul will link to this forum, or mention the books are online at Amazon?

No one needs to get ripped off again, buying a junky old book that is worth $1, maybe.
Maybe someone in the BK clan has a closet full of the books from before, and is hoping to make some money?

actually, all the copies are used, which means probably former BK "fans" want to unload the book, and make a few bucks. There is one for $207.67

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) Stever Robbins NLP
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 26, 2009 06:35AM

There are also links and posts by Stever Robbins on Steven Sashen's blog...of course.
All in the family.
These guys like to try to associate themselves with SHAM by Steve Salerno, as it makes them seem like critical thinkers.
Carol Skolnick tried it too. []

And speaking of sneaky, the sneaky text from a website that was mentioned here has now been removed. Subtle.
(website embedded keywords) []

As far as Stever Robbins, he markets himself as all sorts of things, but mainly as a so-called "Coach" and now a Life Coach and Happiness Coach...blah blah.
Wonder how much he charges those folks an hour?
Some of these guys charge $400 an hr, if they can get it.

When it comes to guys like Stever Robbins, who have all the NLP persuasion training, one has to be EXTREMELY careful. You have to carefully analyze what they say, and how they say it. As they don't communicate directly.
The way to do it, is to actively listen to what they say and write, and then analyze it on a meta-level. So if they are speaking to you, "dissociate" as the term is used in NLP, which means you observe him speaking to you, from a 3rd person view, like a fly on the wall. This is so you can observe the techniques he is using on you. And when these guys sound like they are just chit-chatting, THEY ARE NOT. The more "rapport" you feel, that is because they are Pacing and Leading you, and mirroring you, both physically, but also verbally, and even in your representation systems.

These people are some of the more sneaky critters you will ever meet in your life. They can make you feel they are your best buddy or Soulmate in minutes.

That is the best way to handle the sneaky persuaders in person, by the way. When you see them doing a technique, you make a note of it, even on a notepad as they are speaking. Then right when they are done, or as they are doing it, you explain their technique back to them.
Some of them will go red in the face, and look like they are wearing soiled diapers.
Some will get extremely angry. Some will laugh and think you are a fellow persuader.
Then they will give-up and move onto an easier target.

But guys like Stever Robbins know all about the "nested loops" and storytelling, and images/metaphors, and using language patterns.
Watch out...
But they also know that NLP advanced persuasion is a dirtyword, so now they are trying to conceal it inside other wrapping paper.
Its all really like a Trojan Horse, you think you are getting one thing, like NonDual-Advaita-blah-blah, or Happiness Coaching, but that is just the Trojan Horse, what is hidden inside the Horse is what matters. that is the persuasion engineering that is concealed inside, what they are doing to you during the "coaching" which you are not aware of.

Notice he also says he is into "acting" and "comedy", which are also wonderful ways to distract.

Someone needs to ask Stever specific questions about Byron Katie, and they you will see tap-dancing. He cannot admit what she does, and he cannot deny it as its plain as day. He would just give vague ambiguous responses at best.

He also slips he is into Ericksonian Hypnosis at the bottom of his bio in his hobbies. What a joke. That is what most of what the Bandler style advanced NLP, and post-NLP is, adapted Ericksonian hypnotherapy connected with Persuasion Engineering.
But he slips it in at the bottom, inside his "hobbies". []
Literally, like a Trojan Horse.

That is a very very bad sign.

"I'm a Certified Master Trainer Elite with over (urp) 27 years of experience with NLP, having trained with almost all of the NLP originators and original Society: Bandler, Grinder, Dilts, Epstein, Yeager, Sommers, Chris Hall, etc. ...I work as an executive and life coach, professional speaker, and leadership consultant. Personal productivity and Happiness/Success career coaching is an increasing part of my business. The NLP trainings I offer include mastering metaphors, modeling, and enhancing learning ability. I am also a former board member of the International Coach Federation, New England chapter, and a graduate of Coach U, one of the first coaching schools. Hobbies include comedy improv, acting, TV, podcasting, etc. I'm the original creator of (formerly NLP.COM) ...

NLP Qualifications:
- NLP Practitioner
- NLP Master Practitioner
- Advanced Master Practitioner
- NLP Trainer
- NLP Master Trainer

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) Stever Robbins NLP
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 26, 2009 07:06AM

yikes, Stever Robbins appears to have made 123 postings on the SHAMblog.
What is going on there?

search [] for "Stever Robbins"

or search google for this. "stever robbins"

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) Stever Robbins NLP
Posted by: helpme2times ()
Date: June 26, 2009 07:17AM

Jeezus, what would we do without you?!

Great information, yet again.

Thank you Anticult. :-)

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: helpme2times ()
Date: June 26, 2009 08:37PM

Just popping in to say... people may have blocked access to formerly viewable web pages, but some of us have kept printouts of said pages, as well as screen snapshots.

Byron Katie (the Work) and Stever Robbins, Shamblog, Steve Salerno
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 27, 2009 01:59AM

check this one out.
As shown above, Stever Robbins appears to have made over 100 comments at the Steve Salerno SHAMblog.
(search google for) "stever robbins"

The SHAMblog made some initial critical comments about Byron Katie about a future article, but it appears perhaps Steve Salerno is saving that for a feature article, or book to be published? Its not a simple story, as anyone with training in these areas can see.

But Stever Robbins is a big Byron Katie supporter, and promotes her all over the internet and on his website.
But it does not appear he has made ANY comments about Byron Katie on the SHAMblog site.
(search google for) "byron katie" "stever robbins"

Why not?
When did Stever Robbins start posting on the SHAMblog, was it after Byron Katie was mentioned, or before?
Why hasn't Stever Robbins commented on the Byron Katie criticisms on SHAMblog?

You see how tricky and sneaky these guys are. They know if they did, then they would be held accountable for what they say, as most of the people who post on that site are not New Age sheeple, and will call you out on your bullshit. Its almost impossible to dupe people trained in critical thinking.
So instead, they seemingly just try to befriend Steve Salerno, perhaps hoping he will leave Byron Katie and them alone, and not mention them in his next book?
Have they "called him on the phone" which is their standard method?
And/or, they hope by posting on his SHAMblog site, by association with SHAMblog, that they are not associated with a SHAM of their own?

Maybe someone could cross-post this info onto the SHAMblog comments?
Are these guys trying to "play" Steve Salerno?

Why did they avoid commenting on Byron Katie? That is not an accident.

It also appears to say that Steven Sashen has made over 100 comments at the SHAMblog, but that would have to be checked manually. He also appears to have not made any comments about Byron Katie there.
(search google for this) "steven sashen"

and Carol Skolnick even wrote a blog post about the same book SHAM, as mentioned here in the comments. []

Who from the Byron Katie camp, became aware of the book SHAM, and then tried actively to show that Byron Katie was not a SHAM?
Stever Robbins wrote a highly critical one-star review of SHAM at Amazon in 2007 []

Stever Robbins loves various other new wage gurus, including a 5 star review of Byron Katie.

Watch out for Stever Robbins.
A guy that is a PR promoter for Byron Katie, trying to play mind-games with everyone else about almost everything under the sun.
These highly trained NLP guys know how to play with how "reality" is represented in your mind, and do so in everyday conversation and even text.
You have to be 100% alert at all times, and highly analytical of their methods, when dealing with them, or you will pay the price.

Never go near any "personal coaching" with people with such extensive training these methods, as they can run circles around untrained people in these areas, and are experts in Persuasion Engineering, which Stever Robbins would have learned from Richard Bandler, who he says he works with.

Who thought up the Byron Katie mantra..."Its All Voluntary"?
That is literally coming out of the decades of study in "engineering consent" from the NLP persuasion world.
They just hope that those in the new agey area know NOTHING about it, and most don't.
And those who do know how to do it, use it to run their coaching business, and won't say anything.

The warning signs are there in bright red, and black and white.
Especially if they represent themselves using "comedy" and a goofy non-threatening "image".
They become so detached from how normal people think and behave, they literally become sociopathic, as everything is about engineering manipulation and engineering consent in groups of people.

This clearly is where a huge chunk of the more advanced and technical Byron Katie persuasion methods came from.

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Byron Katie (the Work) Stever Robbins, Steven Sashen, Self-Deception
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 28, 2009 02:35AM

Byron Katie's good friend Stever Robbins is an extremely complicated and sophisticated persuader, and would have to be disassembled piece by piece.
He is all over the place. For people who have been familiar with the advanced NLP world for many years, this guy sets every alarm bell ringing at once, and not in a good way.

The most healthy response when you see someone running these kinds of patterns, is to completely shut the doors of your mind to him/her permanently.
You cannot take anything at face value, as these guys use "Stories" and image metaphors in conversational language, and use Open Loops, and Nested Loops to do unconscious communication you will never be aware of without extensive training. 99% of the people would have no idea of what is being done to them, probably 99.999%. You might just have a feeling of being "played" though, so that is when you trust your gut instincts, and get away fast.
For someone without the training, the only solution is draconian, that is to complete avoid them. One is asking for serious trouble if they do "personal coaching" with people with these abilities, you will have no idea of what is being done to you.

But it does make perfect sense why Stever Robbins promotes Byron Katie, they are in the same business, just with a different personal style.

Here is a link to a very very tricky little "article" by Stever Robbins, that is just loaded with linguistic Tech that would take a lot of analysis, even mirroring some Richard Bandler, and to try and sell people that SELF-DECEPTION is wonderful. That is just the tiny first-step, to try and open the door in your get his foot in the door of your mind, then they go from there. Its no accident they use the words SELF-DECEPTION.
DECEPTION and SELF. There it is, in black and white.
This is very similar to Byron Katie where they give your unconscious very clear messages right from day one about what is about to happen to you, like Mind-Cleanse (brain-wash).
Notice even in this tiny paragraph, which is a verbal Induction, he repeats self-deception four times, embedded into 4 commands to do so as you read. Its a Self-Deception Induction, using the same perversion of the Ericksonian conversational hypnotherapy methods.

- "dive right into deep self-deception"
- "indulge in negative self-deception"
- "you're going to do self-deception"
- "Try pleasant, wonderful, fun self-deception"

"Now I know you're supposed to clear your mind and experience reality, but I'm not very good at that. I dive right into deep self-deception. Most people indulge in negative self-deception. "I'm worthless. Nobody likes me. My head is too small." This seems limiting. If you're going to do self-deception, why not do it so you end up having a good time? Try pleasant, wonderful, fun self-deception."

As a special un-bonus, after they collect your email for selling meditation spam to you, (these meditation courses would also be loaded with all sorts of mental Trojan Horses), on the right side of the page there is a link to "Learn Instant Advanced Meditation"...hmm, that sounds familiar.
Oh imagine that, that is run by Steven Sashen!
So Steven and Stever are cross-posting eachothers work, what an amazing co-incidence!!

These guys really think they are clever. And the most clever people admire someone like Byron Katie who is even MORE clever to act like a "crazy" idiot savant, so as to appear non-threatening, as people are suspicious of people who are too-clever. That is one of the marketing problems with NLP.
But not everyone who knows these methods just wants to use them to make a buck off people who don't know them. There are some people who think that its a very serious form of abuse and exploitation.
Its very sad to see so many people having their unconscious chains being jerked around by these operators.

If they had a conscience, they would instead turn from abusing the methods, and instead try to help people. They could still make a good living, writing books, websites and podcasts EXPOSING the precise advanced persuasion methods being used on the public.
Why not use your skills to help soccer moms and soccer dads, instead of delivering them into the hands of the master persuaders who are getting them to turn over their wedding rings? Even you know that is way too far over the line.
Why not use your skills, to write carefully written manuals on exactly how these techniques work, and how they use them? And to NOT embed these manuals with even more stuff, but to explain how it works?
Imagine what it would feel like, to help people without this training to learn the skills of psychological self-defense?

There has to be a few highly-trained NLP rogues on earth, who would use their incredible skills to help regular folks?

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: iwrotesham ()
Date: June 28, 2009 08:55AM

This is Salerno here; I wrote the book, "SHAM," and I now administer the site SHAMblog ( I hope it's clear that the appearance on my blog of some of the folks mentioned in this thread by no means constitutes an endorsement of their diverse activities. SHAMblog is--I like to think--a forum of ideas, and its mandate is far broader that the fairly tight-focus topics I covered in my book. I have often said that if Osama bin Laden wanted to post his thoughts on my blog, even if those thoughts basically reduced to "death to America!" and an explanation of why all those people needed to be incinerated on 9/11, I would not hesitate to approve his comment as long as it complied with the other rules of engagement.

I'm sure everyone realizes that it's unrealistic for me to do a thorough background check on all SHAMblog contributors (just as it's unrealistic for the proprietor of this forum to do a thorough background check on all posters. We bloggers pretty much have to take things at face value. I know for a fact that there are people posting on SHAMblog under assumed identities. I don't "out" them because their ideas are worthy in their own right. Which is really the point: My guiding philosophy is that the ideas stand (or fall) on their own merit (or lack thereof). The people voicing those ideas are just "media." Now, if you have knowledge of some of my contributors that suggests to you that the things they're saying are out of conformity with the way they actually live their lives--i.e. they're being hypocrites, in your judgment--or that they're just "currying favor" with me, well, that's a separate issue, a human issue, if you will. I would only make such a determination myself after an exhaustive process of discovery and journalistic inquiry. Like the one I undertook for my book. That level of investment is generally not possible on a (free) blog.

That's one of the reasons, btw, that I haven't yet dealt with Katie herself on SHAMblog. She and The Work deserve far more that just a light once-over, and I haven't had time to justice to that endeavor.

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