Byron Katie (the Work) and website embedded keywords
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 19, 2009 01:41AM

Here is an interesting tidbit.

One of the main things that happens with anyone associated with Byron Katie, is the use of deception, on various levels.

Recently as mentioned in this thread, a person who has promoted The Work of Byron Katie, had apparently removed all links to the name Byron Katie on their website.
But did they?

For example, if their name is searched for, one can see that "The Work of Byron Katie" still appears in the search listing for the title page of their website.
What does that mean?

It means they deleted the content links on their website to Byron Katie.
But they did NOT delete "The Work of Byron Katie" from their website TITLE PAGE.
They also left "The Work of Byron Katie" in the KEYWORDS section of the website titlepage.

This is so their website will still come up when people search for the keywords Byron Katie.

Pretty sneaky. This person removed the content links about Byron Katie, either on their own, or maybe they were told to do so.
But they sneakily left the invisible title page and keywords to Byron Katie, which only work on the search engines.

One can see a website's KEYWORDS by going to the homepage of a website, and then doing a RIGHT CLICK and then press VIEW SOURCE from the menu. Then you see the raw keywords they have embedded in their website in a text file.

And there is also another embedded name being used in the keywords, related to the ridiculous distortion known as New Wage so-called Kabbalah.

So its not just embedded commands like hypnosis, its also embedded keywords on the website. But its the same principle, if you think about it. Deception.

Many cultish groups do this for internet marketing, they hide and embed keywords on their websites, even using words like "cult", so people can't see them, but the search engines read them.
One will notice the word "cult" being used in a different context on the same webpage too.

Very sneaky.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: helpme2times ()
Date: June 19, 2009 03:38AM


Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and sleep deprivation
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 19, 2009 12:06PM

there was a TV program about Interrogation methods, and its very interesting that one of the main techniques is something very basic.

Sleep deprivation.

no wonder the LGAT's use so much over-scheduling and long-days, and also giving people work to do to keep them up even later at night, and work to do in the early morning to deprive people of time to sleep.

Every LGAT does this method of sleep deprivation, as it works.

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: Meadow ()
Date: June 19, 2009 06:13PM

Since I don't know how to upload pictures to this forum, I will use a description given by a BK follower of a BK poster for an upcoming event called 'Mind Cleanse'. you can view the image at []

It is totally creepy. For as far as they hadn't yet, they really are going way over the top now.


shadowy outline of a figure of a person
hands clasped in a praise or begging position
head raised to the clouds in praise or supplication
literally head raised to the words "MIND CLEANSE with BYRON KATIE" in praise or supplication
lots of black
one color; surreal
not bright enough to be daytime
looks like moonlight
maybe he's worshiping the moon god of the mind cleanse
looks rather cultish to me too

I noticed the event is produced by Jenny McCarthy who is a celebrity. I wonder if she is aware of the RR website, because she should definitely take a look at it before attaching her name to BK. (and for that matter, so should a lot of other people). It seems that she went for a part in a real life sequel to Scary Movie - 3!!! (Where incidentally her persona was named Kate).

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: Meadow ()
Date: June 19, 2009 06:22PM

What's with the 'movie poster' layout? The poster looks more like the anouncement for a circus act or a magician's show, especially when you read the caption:


Experience how people, with Katie’s help, discover their own liberating
truths and transform themselves before your very eyes.
Ojai Theatre Downtown Ojai 145 East Ojai Ave

Once again it becomes clear how they go for the Hollywood approach. If it wasn't so scary I would say that this is becoming very funny...

They are either longing to be ridiculed and not taken seriously, or could it be a turnaround? With marketing like this they don't take their audience seriously and seriously ridicule them and insult their inteligence.

If you are not already deeply brain-washed or hypnotised, who would go for this?

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: Meadow ()
Date: June 19, 2009 06:30PM

And to point out how the BK followers are already deeply brainwashed, here is another comment on this poster on one of their forums:


I think that this is what you get when you have hollywood involved, Big production.... Arty Farty clever people in design and marketing overshadowing the content and the essence.
The cover more important than the content. I loved covers with katie smiling. simple and beautiful and the real deal

So here this person is honest, but then on second thought, immediately follows with another comment:


and I see my mind.. What a trickser... it is. How easly gets involved in, What is clearly 'Not My Business. I trust Katie knows what she is doing, after all she has done very well. I come home to you... you and you and me...hhhmm still some more milage left in my story of me..

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: Meadow ()
Date: June 19, 2009 06:38PM

So here we have it, plain and simple:


I trust Katie knows what she is doing

People from her camp don't criticize her anymore, and when they do, they get no response or the thread gets deleted. They trust that Katie knows what she doing. So all discrimation has gone down the drain, no more thinking for themselves, no more opinions, no more sanity, no more clarity of mind (to use their words), no more independance, no more being able to speak up honestly without immediately having to deflect it with 'Oh it is just my own mind'...

Just naive and intoxicating and very dangerous blind faith...

WOW, they need some serious help.

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: Meadow ()
Date: June 19, 2009 06:49PM

And this is what they are banking on:


hhhmm still some more milage left in my story of me..

This is how they use the work to silence people and to checkmate them. Whenever your mind comes up with something that is honest, clear and sane, you need to question it and turn it around, because it all is always your own fault.

I must give her credit for being extremely clever. She borrowed from various New-Agers, came up with something that looks like it is very simple and easy to follow, offered it for free for several years, and then went for the kill. The system she devised keeps her out of range, and pays off with big bucks.

I wonder if they ever consider that BK might have a lot of milage left in her own story of herself. The figure on the posture is looking up at the heavens and praying. To whom? To God or... Katie? Or perhaps they want people to believe both are one and the same???

In any case, this is very high level subliminal suggesting.

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: quackdave ()
Date: June 19, 2009 09:43PM

Thanks, Meadow, for your postings. Many people are reading these threads right now, and many have already come forward to share their 'escape' stories. A number of the people who have posted on this forum, have mentioned how the information on the forum was the help they needed to break free of the Byron Katie monster. My own story is one of them. I'll share it now.

After finishing reading A Thousand Names For Joy, based on a strong recommendation by Steven Sashen on his website, I was so enthralled with Katie's approach that I signed up for the Work On The Web. After completing my first run-through of the $39 course, I wasn't feeling the release, peace, calm or any of the other things that were promised might happen. Just like a good follower, I proceeded to think it terms of spending yet some MORE money on the BKI materials to fix the problem that I felt was at MY end. (that's what they seem to be counting on) While at the bookstore, I took "Loving What Is" off the shelf and flipped through it to decide if I wanted to spend that much money on another of Katie's books. The reading left me just exhausted. I couldn't understand why her initial materials were so unfulfilling, so I purposed to look for something else regarding 'The Work' that was either free or less expensive.

When I got home, I jumped on the Internet and Googled her name, which gave me quite a number of choices, including some very disturbing videos. I kept looking for keywords that would help in my search and then something negative about Katie caught my eye. I clicked on the link, and the next thing I knew I was totally engrossed in reading the first hundred pages of this thread about Byron Katie, her husband Stephen Mitchell, the BKI organization, Steven Sashen, Tolle and more, which seem to me to be just a bunch of slimey hucksters. I also learned about the many techniques they use to extract money from the uninformed while selling what amounts to some very dangerous "self brain surgery".

Many thanks to Rick Ross for keeping this website alive, and for maintaining it at great cost to him in both money and effort. Thanks also to all those who courageously share their stories and pertinent information on this site. Some of the stories are truly heart-rending. Healing is possible, though; I'm living proof.

In short, this forum saved my bacon.


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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: Meadow ()
Date: June 20, 2009 03:45AM

And here is BK's own response to the comments on her poster by her followers:


Wow, I can see it from your perspective, thanks, Peter. I'll talk to Jenny. It is her company's production from start to finish. We'll see what can be done. She has a heart of gold and getting The Work out is her heart's desire. Thanks to Alanis Morrisette, and others, we have great music included as well. A lot of dear hearts and dollars went into this Peace movement. What title do you suggest? I don't know if it will change what is and this is a really good conversation.

Do you really think the poster itself is "creepy"? Aren't we funny. What do you suggest to replace it? I am laughing so hard as I write this and consider the "human" collective mind, and at the same time I can see your point. After hearing from you I am really hoping that these four innocent questions/turnaround combined with the substance in the film as a whole will overcome all "cult" ideas and mind silliness. Wish you were all here to see the preview. I haven't seen it yet. I realize that it does affect all of us. I love your feedback and wouldn't do anything to ever hurt us/The Work, intentionally. Thank you for guidance.

Those of you that can make it, see you Saturday at 4:30 in Ojai. xoxokt

In her third sentence : "It is her company's production from start to finish..." , she does a classic BK cop out. It was them, not me, I had nothing to do with this. I know from a good friend who used to be high up in the organization that nothing goes by, or is put out without BK's approval. But when it turns out wrong, she will always blame someone else.

Further on in the first paragraph: "A lot of dear hearts and dollars went into this peace movement..." Read: dear hearts = volunteers who work for free.

In the second paragraph: "I am laughing so hard as I write this and consider the 'human' collective mind..." What does it mean when someone says they are considering the collective human mind and thinking it is funny? It means that they have placed themselves above the so called human collective mind, and finding it humorous, specially when a little later on in the paragraph they refer to this as 'mind silliness'.

Talk like this, the casual use of vague concepts like 'the human collective mind', is all geared towards keeping her safe and secure on her spiritual throne from where she observes the 'common' people and is amused...

... and of course they all rush to agree with her...

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