Byron Katie and Josh Baran, director The Work Foundation
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excellent research, that is exactly what people need to see. Facts and evidence, and clear thinking. Its unbelievable people have "donated" so much money to the The Work Foundation of Byron Katie, and yet have been given ZERO information about it. They do not post their 990 non-profit forms, they do not list their board directors, NOTHING. Why?
They have to make that information known to the public, and every reputable non-profit just posts it on their website, so any donors can see EXACTLY what they are doing with their money.
But no, they conceal that too. Why?

A little birdie delivered the Form 990 for 2006 for the Byron Katie, The Work Foundation Inc.
In 2006, Josh Baran was paid $10,000 from The Work Foundation.

As far as Muktananda, Josh Baran, and Sorting It Out that did "transition deprogramming", that needs to be looked into very carefully. As mentioned, there is a group of senior Byron Katie devotees, who came from Muktananda!! Were they directed to Byron Katie by Josh Baran and SIO?

Read Janakis instant-conversion story to Byron Katie, [] and how Byron Katie TRANSFERRED the projections from Muktananda to Byron Katie, like a true master of persuasion. Anyone trained in these methods, can see exactly what Byron Katie did, and its not that hard to do, for anyone with some knowledge in this area. Actually, it often happens automatically to an authority figure, and that is why therapists are trained in how to deal with Transference processes. Search Google for:
To exploit the instant-Guru-transference process for one's own personal gain is truly vile. That is what Byron Katie did in this moment, totally self-consciously, as evidenced by her language that she is some type of reincarnation of Muktananda, etc. BK knows former believers will believe that type of thing, and BK puts all sorts of generic Guru-Transference stuff into her recordings, to hook others as well. She also does many pre-frames for the Love-At-First-Sight concept, which is related to finding your own generic reincarnated Guru incarnated again in Byron Katie, etc. That is achieved through using Ambiguity, and "Artfully Vague" language, that is all well studied.

Also, since Josh Baran know all about cults and Jonestown, and how Jonestown started with mere "talking" about group poisoning, why didn't he tell the public before about what Janaki said about Byron Katie drinking a death cocktail in a public mutual suicide?
"She told me that she and Stephen had made a pact with each other. She said that if ever either one of them would attract a disease that would involve a slow dying process, they would throw a party, invite all their close friends and both drink a death cocktail."

Time and time again, you see Guru-Hopping, sometimes from an old-school Guru, to a modern Anti-Guru Version 5.0, [] who is doing the same thing, but with a different wardrobe, new concepts, and new language patterns.
Old wine in a new bottle.

One needs to look much closer at how and when Josh Baran moved in with Byron Katie, what he brought in his suitcases, and who he brought with him.

Jay Cruise
Here is another story about Josh Baran (director The Work Foundation, worked on some of Katie's books and PR for Byron Katie as mentioned on his site) about being an exit counselor in 1977 for a Muktananda community.

"Over the course of time, our household became a kind of way station for people leaving the community to come and talk it out with us. Josh Baran, the author of the book on "Dark Zen”, was an exit counselor who would frequently come over to our house and talk to the people who were leaving. I came to learn that some people were actually being offered money by the community if they would just quietly disappear. One couple that I know of received $10,000. This was no blackmail, it was voluntarily given and accepted. The community was apparently extremely concerned about bad publicity."

Same Josh Baran authored 'Dark Zen - Zen Holy War?'

He founded "Sorting It Out" a berkeley cult counselling center.

The Mill Valley Record 1985
"Rothbaum, an East Bay social worker, and Josh Baran, a former Zen Buddhist monk and a self-styled public relations consultant, formed Sorting It Out in Berkeley in 1979, with the assumption, said Rothbaum, "that we were interested in spiritual growth."

Rothbaum and Baran say they have seen more than 2,000 clients from more than 250 groups.

"We don't do deprogramming - kidnapping. We do transition deprogramming," Rothbaum emphasized.

Three or four years ago a "rash" of JDC leavetakers sought assistance from the two counselors, Rothbaum said. "The JDC contacted him (Baran) and told him people are saying we're a cult. They asked him to mediate."

When contacted in Los Angeles, where he also has an office, Baran said "The JDC asked me to help resolve some of the problems. I talked to both sides of how they could right the wrongs."

Baran said his efforts did not meet either side's expectations. "Some leave-takers still felt they were not heard. Essentially, they felt they could not communicate with the leader clearly.

"It's a system of a perfect master at the top, incapable of human error," Baran said.

Since that incident, Baran said the church has contacted him "from time to time". Six weeks ago, a church representative called to ask him for his mediation services again because a number of people had left."

Pachelbel 1979ish
My newfound skepticism, which I hid from everyone, including my wife, advanced quickly in the following months, fed by a couple of critical events in my life. The first was my meeting with Joshua Baran, one of the producers of the movie “The Day After” and, at that time, a founder of a Berkeley organization called “Sorting It Out.” Josh, a former ordained Buddhist monk, had founded SIO to facilitate healing for, at the time (during the Jonestown era), hundreds and eventually thousands of disenfranchised devotees of various cult leaders in the Bay Area. He had worked with devotees of Jim Jones as well as Scientology, the Krishnas, and the Moonies (devotees of Sung Myung Moon) and most if not all the major cults so popular in the Bay Area throughout the late 60s and 70s. I met Josh at a major public event I put together for my graduate school, which he attended as an extended education student. When he discovered that I was an active member of BFJ’s community he became wide-eyed and took me aside privately for a lengthy discussion. He told me that SIO was seeing more of Bubba’s devotees than any other cult of that time and that, surprisingly to him, they were by far the “MOST DAMAGED” former cult members of any group in the Bay Area.

While I was still a dedicated member, in spite of the recent Krenz manuscript, I argued my case to him as fervently as I could. But in the end, Josh had me: The fish always stinks from the head down. In the end, given my background in politics, I found it difficult to argue his point. If there was a tight-lipped, highly authoritarian cult around BFJ – his so-called “intimates” – perhaps, as Josh suggested, Bubba held some degree of responsibility for that fact. Perhaps, as allegedly omniscient Supreme Divine Maha-Siddha and Savior of the Universe, this responsibility was even more than a little.

Byron Katie (the Work) The Work Foundation Inc, EIN 87-0559189
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well, a little birdie delivered the Form 990 for 2006, for the Byron Katie, The Work Foundation Inc, EIN 87-0559189.

Its interesting,that if one asks someone who is a promoter of Byron Katie, why it costs so much money, they reply that the money is going to help save prisoners in jails, to save the planet, to the foundation, etc.
And from the amount that Byron Katie and BKI talk and promote, about how the Work Foundation is being used in..

"prisons, hospices, veterans' hospitals, school systems, universities, for the distribution of free books, booklets, CDs and DVDs, and for scholarships for teachers and therapists to attend the School for The Work...The Foundation has also begun to sponsor research on the effectiveness of The Work."

Holy shit! They must be pouring the millions made into helping all these people! After all, one single Byron Katie School with 200 people earns at least $1,000,000 (1 million) just from ticket sales. If there is 400, that is 2 million. On top of that, they sell lots of other products, other seminars, coaching, and dozens of other things. So millions of dollars are being made.
So wow, lets look at where all those millions are going, to help the prisons, hospices, and veterans...

This is from 2006 990 form for The Work Foundation, and the numbers are rounded-off for convenience of general analysis. (please see the actual form 990 for the exact numbers.)

Contributions: about $250,000 (Cash $130,000).

Josh Baran was paid $10,000

Scholarships for Growth Seminars and Research Study: $33,500
Inspirational self-help books to prison inmates, personal training: $39,000
Donation to prison insight program: $7,000

Excess (contributions not spent) $145,000
Cash: $160,00
Cash savings $110,00
Investments: $145,000
TOTAL ASSETS: $435,000

They owed about $5,000 on a credit card.
Copyrights $9,000

OK, so lets look at it.

PRISONS: $39,000 in books and DVD's etc and "personal training"? So is that "coaching"? So the coaches in the prisons are paid? How much? So their prison program amounts to buying hundreds of their own Byron Katie books and DVD's from themselves? And then paying one of their own coaches?
That is more than a little self-serving, isn't it? That means all of the "prison" money goes back into the Byron Katie companies! They are buying their own books, right?!

SCHOLARSHIPS and "research":
Scholarship critera? It says in the 990 form, WILLING TO SPREAD INFORMATON ABOUT "THE WORK" as a volunteer or at their workplace, or earn under $12,000 a year.
Notice they do not say that online about the 12K cut-off. []
So they gave $33,500 for people who are willing to "move the work", or who make under $12K?
So the $33,500 spent, all went back to the BKI for-profit company too!
And the people they gave it to, are a type of volunteer salesperson for BKI.
Also note, the above application will tell BKI your income bracket...very valuable information indeed.

And $33,500, if the School costs $4,500, then that means about 7 people could have given full "scholarships" in 2006. So that is 1 or 2 people per event? (if money goes into "research", it could be only 1 full scholarship per event, or even less).
So it seems these "scholarships" are "given" to people who are going to promote The Work? So are Bloggers with a track record of promoting the work, given "scholarships"? ya think?
So its using the money, to get free volunteer BK promoters, and the money goes back to BKI.
very clever.
"RESEARCH": And some of that could also go into so-called "research". So if half of that money went into "research" that would also go to one of their own people, asking their own people how wonderful The Work is!
even more clever.

In 2002 they received about $840,000 in donations.
2003: $93,000
2004: $125,000
2005: $160,000
Why did it jump from about $840,000 in 2002, to $93,000 in 2003?
One would have to look that the earlier 990 forms 2002-2005, to see where that $800,000 went.
Where was that spent?

ok, so lets look at it.
about $40,000 to prisons, to buy their own books/DVD from themselves.
about $33,000 for the School, that goes right back into BKI for-profit, and gets free salespeople.

In 2006, they collected about $250,000, and only spent about $100,000 total.
All the rest appears to have gone into the bank, and into investments!!!
They appear to have spent about $75,000 total on prison and scholarships, all of which goes back into BKI buying their own books, and seminar tickets to get free salespeople to promote BKI.

You know, those who research these types of groups for a long time, can get a little cynical.
But sometimes its just outright comedy. Only in America.
The Work Foundation, is going to save the world?
Josh Baran was paid $10,000, about 1/3 as much as went to all of the inmates in the USA!

So what is going on?
They know that a non-profit has to file these 990 forms, and everyone can look at them.
But if the millions of dollars, goes into private for-profit companies, then its all secret from the public.
So they keep the amount of money in the non-profit at a minimum.
And when possible, they even use those pennies to buy their own products, just to be clever.

Isn't that a gross conflict of interest? Only in America.
But that's why they keep it small.

So don't ever ever ever ever, give Byron Katie, or any other group cash, or cash equivalents. NEVER.
You don't know where that money is going, without a proper tax-receipt. It could buy someone a sportscar.
If at any late-night seminar anywhere in the world, they are trying to get you to donate CASH, with no official tax-receipt, PLEASE DON'T GIVE THEM THAT DONATION. Its not going to the non-profit, without an official receipt. They could hand it to a family member, or another friends non-profit, to be cycled through other companies...who knows?!

And demand the form 990 for any non-profit, and read it. If they are using YOUR money, to BUY THEIR OWN PRODUCTS, you are getting duped.

As far as all the millions, they are obviously going into for-profit private companies, there could be a string of companies all over the place.
The millions are certainly not going into The Work Foundation to save the world.

Only in America.
One can't help but to almost break into ludicrous laughter, when one compares the facts of reality, to the outrageous over-promotion of The Work Foundation saving the world.
Its a tax-free fig-leaf marketing tool for the private, secret, for-profit companies, and the donations get funneled right back into the mother-corporation, clean as a babies bottom.

Of course, like Scientology, buying tons of your own books certainly helps with the bestseller lists.
Exactly how many of their own books is BKI buying each year?

There certainly are some very clever people in the old USA.

Jay Cruise
So we now know why Katie uses her accountant as a contact. Stephen Ridgeway is a director of "The Work Foundation, Inc".

Byron Katie Mitchell (President - Ojai)
Stephen Mitchell (Secretary - Ojai)

Directors from 2005 to 2007:
Josh Baran (New York)
Jeff Gold (Venice CA)
Melony Malouf (Aspen)
Virginia Thorson (Same address as Katie and Mitchell)
Stephen K Ridgeway (Santa Barbara)


Josh Baran: Practicing zen buddhist, former Zen priest and author of books on the Tao.

Baran is a Communications and Public Relations professional who has had clients such as Bill Gates and the Governator.

"manages media relations for His Holiness the Dalai Lama's visits to the Eastern United States."

In a post from Corboy mentions a Josh Baran exit councillor (in 1996):
Interesting. Same person do you think?


Jeff Gold: Former Warner Bros. Records executive.


Virginia Thorson. Media contact for Byron Katie.


Melony Malouf: Facilitator for BK.

By law non-profit companies are required to make the last three 990 tax forms available to the public. Most do put them on their websites for disclosure purposes.

Where is The Work Foundation Inc registered?

There is not much money going into Work Foundation. A quarter of a million dollars from public support (i.e. contributions from individuals and foundations) half is going to prisons in the form of book distribution. You are correct Anticult, The books would be purchased from BKI (or whichever company distributes her books) for a profit where the money is going directly back to BK. Note: BKI does not donate money to its own charity.

The other half goes to research grants and scholarships. The money for scholarships would also be put back into BKI.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
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Date: March 24, 2009 10:13AM

You can get the 990 forms yourself Anticult or anyone else. Just register at On the 2007 form and around $120000 went to their prison program. Book distribution and 'training' to prison inmates.

Josh Baran references so far suggests he was an exit counsellor from 1977 to 1996. I don't think Sorting It Out exists any longer and he is now a New York resident But the fact her public relations man and collaborator was a counsellor to cult members for many years is very disturbing.

Byron Katie, Michael Katz, Stephen Mitchell, Bateson, Erickson, NLP,
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Date: March 24, 2009 01:23PM

ok, Game-Over,

(more links to come)

Those who have read this thread, will notice that it clearly shows that part of what Byron Katie is doing is an abusive form of Ericksonian hypnotherapy. That is, Erickonian conversational hypnosis, coming from Dr. Milton Erickson.
Also, there are many links and connections with NLP and its techniques.

The founders of NLP, Richard Bander and Grinder, were introduced to Dr. Milton Erickson, by Gregory Bateson.
Bateson was close with Bandler and Grinder when NLP was being founded, and Bateson was also close to Milton Erickson, and even filmed him. I've seen the films myself!
QUOTE: "Neuro-linguistic programming was developed jointly by Richard Bandler and John Grinder under the tutelage of anthropologist, social scientist, linguist and cyberneticist Gregory Bateson". []

Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell have a mutual close friend, named Michael Katz.
Michael Katz.
As a matter of fact, Michael Katz hooked Byron Katie up with Stephen Mitchell.
(of course, they have a well-rehearsed public "story" of how that happened, but that sounds like the cockroach myth, and needs to be fact-checked carefully).
Byron Katie and Michael Katz are even writing books together.

Guess what?
Michael Katz was a direct student of Gregory Bateson.
The name Michael Katz comes up a lot with links with NLP, and Richard Bandler. This needs to be checked into.
So there is the direct personal connection with to Michael Katz to Gregory Bateson, to Milton Erickson Ericksonian hypnosis, to NLP techniques.

A large part of what Byron Katie does in her "stories" is a direct copy of (a perversion) of Ericksonian hypnotherapy, []
Gregory Bateson was deeply involved with Milton Erickson, and also the creation of NLP.

So Michael Katz knows all about Ericksonsian hypnotherapy, and NLP. Also, Stephen Mitchell is "old friends" with Michael Katz. So its a veritable threesome.

What needs to be researched, is the Michael Katz connection with NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis.
Stever Robbins, who is also big in NLP, is also a close friend of Byron Katie.
Also, the official "story" about Byron Katie and Michael Katz, is very dubious, and sounds staged.

They have gone to great lengths to try and cover up their connections to others material, and pretend that Katie just thought it up, and is a Savant, and never read books, etc. Obviously, the techniques have been carefully copied and studied for many years, and there is a group of people involved.

This is why what she does is so incredibly powerful, with rapid instant conversions. This is why people are following her for decades.
Bateson and Erickson were working with the foundational aspects of human nature itself, right down to the core of the self, they were making real discoveries.

Then later, all of these salesmen came and took some of those insights, many packaged in NLP, and began to run amok with them, using them on people to extract money, literally like psychopaths.
Even later, folks like Byron Katie took these same tools, refined them further, added LGAT techniques, and many other techniques, and are abusing them beyond what anyone could ever have imagined.

There is a core group of people with and around Byron Katie, and they all know EXACTLY what they are doing, and they are getting very wealthy, very quickly. They have used NLP modeling, to copy all of the most effective LGAT techniques, for example, that is where the 9-Day School for the Work came from. Its an LGAT format and structure, with various added parts.

This is the incredible POWER behind what they are doing.
The serious problem is that they are trying to CONCEAL what they are doing from their subjects. Why? Because it makes it far more powerful on them. When you tell people what you are doing, its less powerful, as people see what is happening.
If the leader, Byron Katie, represents herself as a naive savant, it puts people off-balance.
But they are using the most powerful persuasion techniques ever known, created by top experts, and using them all at once on "soccer moms" with no experience in this area, and using it to extract vast amounts of cash from the subjects, free labor, and all the rest of it.
The average person has no clue about what is being done to them.

The problem is the misuse of the techniques, and the astounding dishonesty, and the exploitation of innocent people. Its a bloody crime to see these powerful techniques being used in such a perverse exploitative manner, on people who have no clue of what is happening to them.

But there it is, the direct personal connections. The factual and textual connections have been there all along, and are as plain as day to a professional in the field.
Michael Katz may be the primary teacher of the Ericksonian hypnotherapy techniques, which are being horribly abused and exploited, on innocent people.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
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Date: March 24, 2009 03:13PM

Err.. that should be Dr. Michael Katz. He's a psyhologist. "He has studied Ericksonian hypnotherapy."

Dr. Michael Katz
Michael Katz, editor of Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light and author of The White Dolphin, is a psychologist who regularly lectures and leads workshops across the U.S. on dream yoga and lucidity for personal growth. He has studied Ericksonian hypnotherapy, Reichian therapy, Gestalt, Embodied Dream Imagery, and psychodrama. He has practiced Tibetan Buddhism and Dzogchen meditation since 1974.

"One of the important messages of Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light has been the distinction between the Dzogchen awareness referred to as rigpa, which arises from the practice of natural light, and the more relative but still important experience of lucid dreaming. The lucidity experience, which may arise as a by-product of rigpa awareness or spontaneously due to karmic causes, assists in understanding the unreality of phenomena, which otherwise, during dream or the death experience, might be overwhelming. My teachers have cautioned against seeking experiences of lucid dreaming simply for entertainment."

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
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Date: March 24, 2009 05:51PM

Code of ethics/copyright and trademark agreement as people are required to sign when they do the certification workshop or when they want to log into the institute for the work forum. Guests can however enter the open forum without signing this.

©2009 Byron Katie Inc., All Rights Reserved. 1-800-98-KATIE

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Before using the Institute for The Work Community Center, please read the following and click
the button at the bottom of this page.

Professional Conduct Agreement

1. I agree to conduct myself in a manner that reflects positively upon The Work, and I will
not engage in conduct or make statements that may negatively affect another facilitator
and/or The Work.
2. I will strive to recognize personal issues that may impair, conflict, or interfere with my
facilitation. Should the facts and circumstances necessitate, I will promptly seek staff
assistance to determine any action to be taken, including whether it is appropriate to
suspend or terminate my facilitation relationship(s).

Professional Conduct With Clients
3. I will be responsible for setting clear and appropriate boundaries that will govern any
physical contact that I may have with my clients.
4. I will honor all agreements made with my clients.
5. I will ensure that my client understands the nature of The Work and the nature of
6. I will accurately state my qualifications and experience as a facilitator.
7. I will not make any claims about what my client will receive from The Work or from me
as his or her facilitator.
8. I will not give my clients advice when doing The Work with them.
9. I will not exploit any aspect of the facilitator-client relationship for my personal,
professional, or financial benefit.
10. I will respect the client’s right to terminate our facilitator-client relationship at any point
during the process. I will be alert to indications that the client is no longer committed to
doing The Work or to benefiting from our facilitation relationship.
11. If I believe that another facilitator would better serve the client, I will encourage the
client to make a change.
©2009 Byron Katie Inc., All Rights Reserved. 1-800-98-KATIE

12. I will respect the confidentiality of my client's information, except as otherwise
authorized by my client. I am aware of U.S. federal HIPAA legislation (if I am working
in the U.S.A), which concerns confidentiality of medical information, and I agree to
abide by it if it applies. As a facilitator, I am not required by law to report an illegal act,
and if I am uncomfortable with this, I will talk to Byron Katie or her representative
immediately. If I am under obligation to report certain issues to authorities because of
other licensure or professional obligations, I will disclose these specific issues to my
client before working with them.
13. I will obtain written permission from my clients before releasing their names as clients or
references or before releasing any other client-identifying information.

Conflicts of Interest
14. I will avoid conflicts between my interests and the interests of my clients.
15. Whenever any actual conflict of interest or the potential for a conflict of interest arises, I
will fully discuss with my client how to deal with it in whatever way best serves my

Copyright and Trademark Agreement
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other than Always place a link to on your website and/or
in your printed material to direct people to our free downloadable Worksheets, materials, etc. As
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If you modify a Worksheet, exercise, or create any materials designed to be used in conjunction
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Based on The Work of Byron Katie ©2009 (or current year) Byron Katie, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
If you find The Work presented without legal copyright requirements included, please contact

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As a facilitator for The Work, I agree to honor the above Code of Ethics with my clients and
colleagues, and with the public at large. I also agree to comply with the copyright/trademark
agreement for The Work and to model these ethics and standards in every aspect of moving The
Work in the world.
Print name
Signature Date
Certified Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie

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Byron Katie, Michael Katz, Lindisfarne, Bateson, Erickson, NLP,
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Date: March 24, 2009 07:28PM

There appears to be a few people named Michael Katz out there, so be aware of that.

Michael Katz now appears to function as a literary agent on the west coast, and has been pumping for Stephen Mitchell for a very long time.
It appears that Michael Katz is also the AGENT to Jack Kornfield.

But the (Byron Katie) Michael Katz has been involved in all of these techniques and methods, since they were originated, right from the beginning.

Gregory Bateson introduced the NLP guys to Milton Erickson in the early-1970's, as their first book about Ericksonian Hypnosis came out in 1975. [Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, MD Volume 1: Richard Bandler, John Grinder]

In the Acknowledgements in the 1979 book MIND AND NATURE by Gregory Bateson, Bateson mentions Michael Katz. Bateson says he wrote that book at the Lindisfarne Association, and Michael Katz was a "host" there.
[] ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: "And then I have to thank the Lindisfarne Association, whose scholar in residence I was for six months of the writing of this book. Bill Irwin Thompson, Michael Katz, Nina Hagen, and Chris and Diane Bamford were hosts..."

There were also Lindisfarne Conferences? The Lindisfarne Association appears to have been founded around 1972, similar to Esalen, and still exists. []

There is this book.
Earth's Answer: Explorations Of Planetary Culture At The Lindisfarne Conferences (Paperback)
by Michael Katz (Editor) Publisher: Lindisfarne Books/harper and Row; 1st edition (1977)

Suzuki Roshi / Shunryu Suzuki / Shunryu Suzuki Roshi
"In 1976 Michael Katz who had been in charge of AV at the Lindesfarne Institute on Long Island came to San Francisco to archive the Suzuki lecture tapes".
"At that time I got a call from my agent and mentor of sorts, Michael Katz, and he said that over dinner, an old friend and Zennie, Karin Gjording ...and Karin said something that Michael wanted to convey to me. She said I should go get permission from Okusan (Mrs. Suzuki) to do the book, that she was by far the ultimate key person to talk to."

Re: Byron Katie, Michael Katz, Lindisfarne, Bateson, Erickson, NLP,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 24, 2009 08:16PM

...regarding people handing over cash-money as "donations"...and not demanding an official tax-receipt, and thus not knowing where the money it can't be tracked through the public 990 IRS forms...

There are some tweets, that there is an in-joke about Byron Katie’s private estate being nicknamed "Lodona Lane"...the in-joke being that "Lodona" stands for ‘loving donations’.
(The estate is apparently located on Longhorn Ln, Ojai CA. There appears to be an estimate of $1,759,500 for the estate)

On a public records elections site..
there is a Katie Mitchell, a self-employed writer, who lives on Longhorn Lane Ojai CA, who gave $2300 to Presidential elections 2008, reported at this election website.
A certain Stephen Mitchell is listed too..

Weirdly, there is also a Byron Mitchell, listed at the same address, also the same amount in a different quarter of the year?

Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Michael Katz
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 24, 2009 09:10PM

that would appear to be a different Michael Katz, who also is linked in with the Ericksonian hypnotherapy! Unless someone can clarify that.
Ericksonian hypnotherapy can be very helpful, but it has to be done with full disclosure, and from a registered qualified person, and not be abused to extract huge sums of money off people who have no clue of what is being done to them.

Jay Cruise
Err.. that should be Dr. Michael Katz. He's a psyhologist. "He has studied Ericksonian hypnotherapy."


Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 24, 2009 09:51PM

See if Esalen could also have been a point of contact. I think Michael Murphy was deeply involved with that.

Gestalt was taught there by Perls. People from Zen Center were there--including quite honorable teachers, such as Kobun Chino.

A lot of people networked with each other via Esalen in the 1970s.

I think Bateson was on faculty or in residence at UC-Santa Cruz.

And he died from his final illness at San Francisco Zen Center.

Here are some goodies for further reading

A long and good article on an NLP blog about the history of NLP



History and development
Main article: History of neuro-linguistic programming

1970s: Founding and early development

NLP was co-founded and developed jointly by Richard Bandler and UCSC* (University of California, Santa Cruz) assistant professor of linguistics John Grinder under the tutelage of noted anthropologist Gregory Bateson, at the University of California, Santa Cruz, during the 1960s and 1970s. At that time the Californian human potential seminars were developing into a viable industry.

Gregory Bateson (see Esalen Institute) was influenced by Alfred Korzybski particularly his ideas about human modeling and that ‘the map is not the territory’. These ideas were adopted by Bandler and Grinder[7].

From 1972, the co-founders of NLP had an interest in the exceptional communications skills of gestalt therapist Fritz Perls, family therapist Virginia Satir and founding president of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis, Milton H. Erickson. Subsequently Structure of Magic Series (1975) and Patterns of Milton H. Erickson (1976, 1977) were published using those therapists as models. In the late 1970s, Leslie Cameron-Bandler, Judith DeLozier, Robert Dilts, and David Gordon worked with the co-founders and separately to contribute to the development of NLP.

1980s: New developments and scientific assessment

In the 1980s, shortly after publishing Neuro-linguistic Programming Volume 1 [8] with Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier, Grinder and Bandler fell out. Amidst acrimony and intellectual property lawsuits, NLP started to be developed haphazardly by many individuals.

During the 1980s John Grinder and Judith Delozier collaborated to develop a form of NLP called the New Code of NLP which attempted to restore a whole mind-body systemic approach to NLP. Richard Bandler also published new processes with submodalities and Ericksonian hypnosis as in Using Your Brain: For a Change (1984). Meanwhile Anthony Robbins who taught NLP in the late 1970s, began mass marketing products incorporating aspects of NLP (renamed as Neuro Associative Conditioning). Other practitioners and trainers modified, renamed and developed their own variations of NLP.

Michael Hall offered NLP with a focus on what he termed meta-states (mentally stepping back and viewing the self from a larger perspective). Tad James developed a timeline therapy consulting technique [citation needed] where clients were encouraged to visualise, and perhaps also physically create the timeline of their life (or facets of it) and then alter and improve that timeline. NLP contributors Judith DeLozier, and Connirae and Steve Andreas also emerged during this time.

Given the multiplicity of developers and trainers, there was to be no single definitive system of NLP.[2]

In the late 1980s, Sharpley’s (1984, 1987) research reviews in experimental counseling psychology and by the United States National Research Council gave NLP an overall negative assessment.

Thereafter, except for sporadic articles on NLP in different fields, there was a marked decrease in NLP research.

1990s: Controversy, division, and marketing

In July of 1996 after many years of legal controversy, Bandler filed a lawsuit against John Grinder et al, claiming retrospective sole ownership of NLP, and the sole right to use the term under trademark.[24][25] Contemporaneous with Bandler’s suits in the Supreme Court of the United States[citation needed], Tony Clarkson (a UK practitioner) successfully asked the UK High Court to revoke Bandler’s UK registered trademark of “NLP”, in order to clarify legally that ‘NLP’ was a generic term rather than intellectual property. [26] Due to the fragmentation of NLP practice and the lack of a defining and regulating structure to oversee the rapidly growing field, it seemed for a time that NLP could be (and was) promoted as the “latest thing”, a panacea, or universal miracle solution.[27][28] Dubious models and practices burgeoned, in parallel with bona fide.

For a number of these new practices, profit, marketability or New Age appeal proved a stronger motive than realism or ethics.[citation needed]Despite the NLP community being splintered, most NLP material acknowledges the early work of the co-founders, Bandler and Grinder, and the development group that surrounded them in the 1970s
2000s: Legal settlement and government regulation

In 2001, the law suits were settled with Bandler and Grinder agreeing to be known as co-founders of NLP. Since 1978, a 20 day NLP practitioner certification program had been in existence for training therapists to apply NLP as an adjunct to their professional qualifications. In the 1990’s, following attempts to put NLP on a more formally regulated footing in the UK, other governments began certifying NLP courses and providers, such as in Australia for example, where a graduate certificate in Neuro-linguistic programming is accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).[29]. NLP continues to be an open field of training with no ‘official’ best practice. With different authors, individual trainers and practitioners having developed their own methods, concepts and labels, often branding them as “NLP”:[30], the training standards and quality differ greatly.[31] In Europe, the European NLP therapy association has been promoting their training in line with European therapy standards. The multiplicity and general lack of controls has led to difficulty discerning the comparative level competence, skill and attitude in different NLP trainings. According to Peter Schütz the length of training in Europe varies from 2-3 days, for the hobbyist, to 35-40 days over at least nine months to achieve a professional level of competence.

URL for an article on PDF in which the author contends that Bandler and Grinder did not do nearly enough to acknowledge the importance of Abraham Maslow's work on actualization as one of their key sources...Dr Hall contends that much of the important source material for NLP was concealed.


Reflections on Esalen by Michael Murphy (NYT article)


In its early days, it was Mr. Murphy who brought to Esalen intellectual luminaries like Gregory Bateson and innovative psychotherapists like Fritz Perls, the founder of gestalt therapy. The institute became a magnet for those drawn to the ''human potential movement'' that flourished a decade or two ago. At the movement's peak there were more than a hundred centers modeled on Esalen; today there are just a handful.

Looking back, Mr. Murphy concedes there were excesses. ''We had naively utopian dreams in the 60's,'' he said. ''Some of the programs we had then I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole now. I remember one particularly horrendous marathon encounter, called ''psychological karate'' or something like that. Some of those old groups didn't do anyone any good.''

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