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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: SeePony ()
Date: May 04, 2016 02:29AM

Dialogue works equally well, if not better for manipulation, but the technique employed is certainly different. And of course, the feedback is an essential manipulation tool.

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Here is how people become celebrity gurus - inside dope
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 27, 2017 11:56PM

Someone who tried to break big in the Self Help industry found she could not
cope with the stress.

Her mistake was: she didn't have the nerve to acquire an entourage of helpers.

Read here


and you will get the inside scoop on the real "Secret" behind Tolle, Byron Katie, Gangaji, Mooji and -- yes. Deepak Chopra.

He worries about looking fat when he makes public appearances.

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Writing out our stories may be healing
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 03, 2017 08:24AM

BK asks, rhetorically, where would we be without our stories.

Some research suggests that getting into our stories by writing them may enhance our capacity to heal.

The Puzzling Way That Writing About Pain Makes You Heal Faster


(Small excerpt)


What does the act of committing words to paper do? Initially it was assumed this simply happened through catharsis, that people felt better because they’d let out their pent-up feelings. But then Pennebaker began looking in detail at the language people used in their writing.


He found that the types of words people used changed over the course of the four sessions. Those whose wounds healed the fastest began by using the word “I” a lot, but in later sessions moved on to saying “he” or “she” more often, suggesting they were looking at the event from other perspectives. They also used words like “because”, implying they were making sense of the events and putting them into a narrative. So Pennebaker believes that the simple act of labelling your feelings and putting them into a story is somehow affecting the immune system.
But there is a curious finding which suggests something else might be going on. Simply imagining a traumatic event and writing a story about it also makes wounds heal faster, so perhaps it’s less to do with resolving past issues and more to do with finding a way of regulating your own emotions that makes a difference.


But now new research from New Zealand suggests it’s not essential to do the writing before you are wounded. It can work just as well if you do the writing afterwards. This opens up the possibility of using expressive writing not just when surgery is planned, but for real-life injuries which of course we can’t predict. Kavita Vedhara from the University of Nottingham and her team in New Zealand took 120 healthy volunteers, and made them write about either a distressing event or how they spent the previous day. They did this either before or after a punch biopsy on their upper arm. The people from the expressive writing group were six times more likely to have a wound that had healed within 10 days than the people in the control group.

We’d need to have more studies conducted with real life patients, but maybe one day when we’ve had an operation, we might be told to go home with instructions on expressive writing. As Kavita Vedhara told me in the BBC’s Health Check, the effect is “short-lived, but powerful”.

The researchers do not say so, but it is possible that people who
have difficulty writing might get similar benefits from expressing
their stories via visual arts and music.

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Hey, Eckhart Tolle is mentioned on pick up artist (PUA)forums
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: October 26, 2017 05:31AM


If Eckhart Tolle's material actually freed us from ego, we'd *lose* interest
in "playing the game" and not want to be pick up artists.


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Re: For Byron Katie to "manifest what she wants"
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: October 27, 2017 11:42PM

A BBC News article -- Charisma can be learned by mastering a specific set of skills.

The Art and Science of Charisma



Charm involves making eye contact with individuals and flashing them a smile, getting people to talk about themselves, asking personal questions and making empathic statements, whereas charismatic leaders don’t necessarily have to interact directly with the people they influence at all – they can do it from afar. So, while charmers are popular, charismatic people don’t have to be.

“You can be charismatic without being likeable,” says Olivia Fox Cabane, an executive coach and author of The Charisma Myth. She uses Steve Jobs as an example, someone who was deeply disliked by some of his employees but still considered to be incredibly charismatic.

" it from afar".


That, friends, is how a guru can still pull people in using Skype messages and can increase the number of workshops given by substituting Skype
presentations for being present in person.



or those wanting to be more charismatic, there is evidence that it is not such a magical, or imperceptible quality as it might first seem.
Most of it stems from the way we use words and how points are conveyed. For example, in one set of studies


Antonakis trained middle managers at a German company and MBA students to be perceived as more charismatic by using what he calls charismatic leadership tactics.

Thatcher's speech was packed with metaphors, rhetorical questions, stories, contrasts, lists, and references to ambitious goals

These are made up of nine core verbal tactics including


*stories and anecdotes


*lists and

*rhetorical questions

Speakers should demonstrate moral conviction, share the sentiments of the audience they are targeting, set high expectations for themselves, and communicate confidence.

Managers trained to use these tactics were rated as more competent, more trusted and able to influence others. MBA students who analysed recordings of themselves giving speeches, with these tactics in mind, ultimately gave new speeches that were rated as more charismatic.


Authority charisma is useful when the house is on fire and you need to get everyone out,” says Fox Cabane. “While you don’t care much about how much people like you, you do care about being obeyed.”

She says the best way to improve authority charisma is to improve your self-confidence. She often sends clients to martial arts classes and emphasises the benefits of taking up physical space, pointing to Amy Cuddy’s research on power poses.


“Standing as if you are a big gorilla intimating a rival off the territory really does work,” she says.

*metaphors Katie uses metaphors, uses them powerfully. Remember the cockroach

*stories and anecdotes BK uses stories constantly and in a way most charismatic leaders don't do.

Unlike 'normal' charismatic person story telling, the trance induction misuse of story telling entails use of stories that are 'strange'. Stories that are packed with logical inconsistencies, grammatical errors and that are weirdly complex.

One CEI member, The Anticult put it this way:


whenever you hear someone like Katie constantly telling little weird "Stories", that is generally this brand of hypnotic symbolic persuasion. For those who have been exposed to the technical literature, it just LEAPS out instantly. Its totally blatant.

No different than for someone who knows a little about music, Mozart and Bach can be distinguished in a few seconds, but for a non-musical person...all classical music sounds the same...

the way Katie contructs those sentences shown above, betrays exactly what she is doing. Even though some of the Stories are strange and ambiguous, the sentence construction of double-binds, false-choices, embedded commands, and leading questions is hard evidence. That is being done very technically by the book, and at a very high level of skill, by Byron Katie.

and as noticed, Katie is constantly telling sad-sack Stories about her various illnesses, they are listed above.

Again, this is done as it impacts on numerous levels, one of them being it builds emotional sympathy and Rapport with her female and loving followers

The cockroach crawling over her is one story.

The BK washing machine story - analysed by The Anticult is another.


(It is actually a dense trance inducing cluster of stories - the technique is called nested loops)


*lists (BK's Four questions which are both a list and a set of rhetorical questions. A set of questions that has you answering yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
is what hypnosis experts call a Yes Set.


*rhetorical questions ("Where would you be without your story?"

Some more analyses by The Anticult


A parting insight from The Anticult


So this type of Laundry Story is classic. It works on the conscious level, it works as a Distraction, it works beautifully on the Unconscious level when you hear her vocal delivery,and the way she ends it, and it also possibly works on a meta-level, as a type of arrogant in-joke.

She also uses certain patterns like saying "I'm baffled by technology". Then her next sentence tells you to go to her website and go "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" your SELF!. (Reboot the Self).
Its a terrific diversion to put people at ease, and make them feel more comfortable.

So these types of Stories sound absurd and crazy to the conscious mind, which is their INTENT, but to the Unconscious they make perfect sense. Its a type of Dream-Language, of symbols and processes.
So it really is diabolical to use it like this, as it appears virtually all people don't have any exposure to that area of hypnotherapy. She trolls the human population, looking for the FEW PERCENT of people out there who are HIGHLY SUGGESTIBLE to her brand of suggestions and hypnosis.
When seen as a hypnotic Sorcerer, which is what she is, Byron Katie is completely logical and pragmatic. Every "story" she tells, is a type of waking Induction, some are just Distraction, some are Suggestion, etc.

Its not hard to see how that kind of Power could go to a person's head very easily. Even normal healthy therapists experience counter-Transference, and can start to believe they are superhuman.
Never mind those who are pathological to begin with, the Power from this type of multi-modal Persuasion would absolutely go to their heads beyond what a regular person could even imagine.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 20, 2017 01:58AM

Someone named Teal Swan has her own following and has garnered
many harm reports.

Teal Swan recommended Byron Katie


Recent article here:


Discussion of Teal Swan here:


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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 23, 2017 11:00PM

Analysis of a Byron Katie Dialogue


Small excerpt


Because Katie is not doing any trained CBT here (which presents itself as a technique, not a pathway to mystical truth brokered by an awakened being), the impact of the scene as a scene must be considered.

Note the benevolent aggression of Katie’s body language. She leans forward, makes intrusive eye contact, smiles in an alpha way that demands a defensive smile – easily confused with relaxation – in response.

Consider the performance pressure on the subject, on a dais in a room filled with a hundred people or more, with whom she must socialize on breaks, to whom she might be looking for relief from social isolation, who might constitute for her the idealized friend group for which she’s longed for years. Imagine the stakes involved in her talking back, refusing the advice, reasserting her original thought, wresting back her agency from Katie.

Note signs of Katie’s somatic control: talking to the subject but really to the crowd, nodding as though she’s heard it all before and nothing could possibly surprise her (grandiosity), the implicit agreement that she can interrupt anyone at any time (because she’s not there to listen but to tell). Even the magical appearance of the subject’s words on the iPad in front of her (keyed in by an invisible assistant?) gives the impression of wizardry in maternal garb.

The basic psychopolitics of the scene are conservative:

Someone is in charge,
you are wrong to worry,
everything is as it should be (and as it was when you were a child), and,
if you agree you will be socially rewarded.

The overt messaging here is that you are happiest when you surrender to rather than resist conditions. Aggression and violation are not as real as your fear of them.

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