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Re: Ching Hai cult
Posted by: viettrungt ()
Date: April 10, 2017 09:59AM


1. Ching Hai is a disciple of Thakar Singh (Sikhism – not Buddhism). Ching Hai now claims to have a religious standing that is a trillion times higher than those of Buddha and Christ???
Ching Hai has learnt and applied the meditation method of Thakar Singh, a man without any attainment. For that reason, all individuals in the Quan Yin association are misconducting as religious practitioners.

2. Religious practice requires honesty, transparency, mercy, and love. It should not deceive others or take advantage of power to commit fraud, exercise repressions, commit slander or heartlessly expel disciples who dared to tell the truth (in order to muzzle them), etc.
An immediate emancipation method is not a method bound to a meditation centre without democracy or without the right to voice opinions, not one where only compliance with directions counts. This sometimes makes people concerned and anxious, and they no longer trust their wisdom.

3. Ching Hai claims to become a Buddha to give initiation to her disciples (but she secretly entered into a fake marriage with a royal member in Cambodia on May 28th, 1997, under the name Chan (Ching) Navy (Hai))???
It is called emancipation method – but why did she force all of her disciples to follow the Liaison election (January 11th, 2015) in Sydney, Australia! It is so unfair and unreasonable that anyone telling the truth will be dismissed from the Quan Yin association??? On August 10th, 2015, in Menton, France, Ching Hai told her disciples, who had been unreasonably and forcibly banned by the Foreign Group (FG), that the FG could do anything. The FG has the objective of receiving and announcing the direct will of Ching Hai in the Quan Yin Association, so why can it do anything?
At present, Ching Hai claims to be a Leader - Tim Qo Tu at a spiritual level that is trillion times higher than Buddha and Christ??? Yet she secretly asked Bien Trong, the administrator of the Supreme Master Ching Hai Facebook page, allowing this person to declare not to take charge as a representative for Supreme Master Ching Hai and Quan Yin Association and to release information and advertisements, and defend Ching Hai – that is such a dubious thing to do???
Ching Hai teaches her disciples to focus on inner values and meditate to search for True Self and spiritual uplifting as well as truth, goodness, and beauty that are not in line with the principles of the main practising method. Or all of these are just a deceitful doctrine of a spiritual practitioner aiming outer values, ambition of becoming a spiritual leader in this impermanent world.

Former disciple Nhu Hue.

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Cult Education message board has another Ching Hai thread
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 11, 2017 03:27AM

Here is a link to another, older Ching Hai discussion thread here on CEI -- it is SIXTY pages long.


cultleak Otto Wagner and Lauren Rose gave some recent information on a shorter discussion two years ago


David Christopher Lane is a sociologist and scholar of the Sant Mat movement. Sant Mat has divided into a multitude of sects; Thakar Singh was leader of one of those sects.

Thakar Singh Wants To Blindfold Children


Chapter Five


The Logic of Marginality


Thakar Singh's place in one of the Sant Mat lineages.



(excerpt from a lengthy article - Sant Mat politics are intricate.)

he Administrative Imperative:

Guru as Legal Function

Since Madam Hardevi could not serve as the Satguru of Ruhani Satsang (reports differ on whether she ever wanted to or not), she needed to have someone serve as a guru to

1) continue on the spiritual practices emphasized by Kirpal Singh;


2) retain legal control of the ashram.

Initially she was supported in her efforts to remain as Chairperson and controller of Sawan Ashram by the Ruhani Satsang organization in North America. Reno Sirrine and Russell Perkins, in particular, rallied around her in opposition of Darshan Singh's candidacy. Yet during this time period (late 1974 to late 1975), Hardevi had not installed a bona fide successor. Indeed, the official word was that no genuine successor of Sant Kirpal Singh had emerged. With tensions mounting, and an intense political and legal battle being waged within the corridors of Sawan Ashram, three camps solidified:

1) Darshan Singh as successor;

2) No successor; and

3) Potential future successor.

In the first camp (Darshan Singh's), which later became known as Sawan-Kirpal Mission, the succession choice was clear and thus most of the Indian sangat followed suit.

In the second camp (no official successor), there were two major opinions, ranging from the idea that no new master was needed since Kirpal Singh was the Almighty Himself (and that future initiations should be conducted by listening to old tape recordings of Kirpal Singh conducting Nam Dan) to the notion that Soamiji Maharaj's line was meant to be finished with Kirpal Singh (and that seekers must look for a new master somewhere else).

And in the third camp (potential future successor), there were a wide range of views, including the notion of a "hidden" successor, someone who will manifest only after all the political in-fighting ceases or calms down.

Surprisingly, Thakar Singh did not really emerge out the third camp, which would be logical, but out of the second camp which, as we've noted, was spearheaded originally by Madam Hardevi. In fact, Thakar Singh was one of the original progenitors of the infamous "tape-recorded" initiations conducted on behalf of the "Almighty Kirpal."

As David Helion notes:

On June 17th [1975] I went once again to Sawan Ashram as a sister from the West wanted to see it for the first time. I could see Tai Ji [Madam Hardevi] inside talking to other people. As we were leaving some one followed us and said, "Why dont [sic] you stay for the initiation tomorrow?" I asked, "What initiation?" He replied, "Maharaj Ji is going to give initiation by tape recorder tommorow." . . . The following morning about twenty five persons came at 6 a.m. and Master Kirpal Singh Ji's oral instructions were played to them in Master's rooms. Tai Ji was present but additional instructions were given by someone called Thakar Singh from Chandigarh. . . [*NOTE: The Emergence of the New Master Darshan Singh , op. cit., page 114. *]

It is not clear, outside of purely political and economic reasons, why Thakar Singh was chosen as the best suited candidate to assume the gaddi at Sawan Ashram. One thing is certain, though: having a living human successor to Kirpal Singh alleviates the dubious theological claim that tape-recorded initiations are in line with Sant mat teachings and the legal question of whether a religious ashram can be viably run without a spiritual master. Whatever reasons Madam Hardevi may have held at one time, the fact remains that she switched from "no successor" to "one successor" of Kirpal Singh. Her choice, though temporarily heralded by Reno Sirrine and others on the Ruhani Satsang Board, resulted in a disaster, for Thakar Singh turned out to be the most scandalous guru in the history of Radhasoami.

By the mid-1980's reports circulated throughout the world about how Thakar had embezzled money, indulged in sexual affairs with numerous women, and had resorted to violent interactions with disciples. Madam Hardevi was spared the brunt of the negative publicity, however, since she died from a car accident in 1979, some five years before her chosen ambassador was exposed.

Thakar Singh's appointment raises Weber's idea of the routinization of charisma. What does a spiritual organization, founded by a perceived charismatic leader, do when the succession is in dispute?

Another chapter from David Christopher Lane here:




Thakar Singh's aberrations from the traditional and relatively conservative
path of Sant mat have also had a far reaching effect on the direction of his
organization. In 1989 Thakar Singh assigned several devotees to act as
worldwide missionaries for his movement, initiating almost anybody who
showed even the slightest interest in the path. This is a highly unusual
move, since Sant mat and Radhasoami groups have generally disdained
proselytizing. Moreover, Thakar Singh has instructed his child-bearing
devotees to raise their children under exceptionally severe conditions. For
example, children now born to initiates of Thakar Singh should be
blindfolded up until the age of five, only being allowed to see their mother
at times of feeding and satsang. Furthermore, children should listen to
classical Indian music for two hours daily, as well as meditate for five
hours each day. Such a regime, which to Western cultural norms would be
classified as child abuse, is part of Thakar Singh's plan to alter world
history. [*NOTE: In a circular sent out in 1989, Thakar Singh informed his
worldwide to raise children in the following manner: "The child is only to
have main contact with the mother. Even the father may only visit the child
once a week, after having meditated 12 hours. This is to keep all worldly
radiations away from the child, so it may remain totally pure. . . After the
bird of the child, it is to have a soft, white cotton blindfold put gently
over the eyes, so the the infant will remain naturally inverted inside most
of the 24 hours daily, up to the age of five years. The blindfold may be
taken off when the mother is breastfeeding the child. . . This is the only
eye contact that is allowed to or from the child. . . The mother may also
play Indian Classical music to the child and do this with either placing an
earphone in the right ear of the child (from birth on) or use stereo
headphones. This may be done for four hours daily. The rest of the time, the
child will automatically be in holy meditation, except while being fed and
cared for." Even long-time followers of Thakar Singh were initially shocked
by the severity of his advice for child-rearing. It is not clear, yet, how
many mothers are actually following the guru's admonitions. *]

As I have indicated, how followers support such actions is intimately
connected with how they view themselves in the micro world of Sant mat and
the macro world of secular society. That Thakar Singh's actions are not
viewed as contrary to general Sant mat principles--which they clearly are,
according to all the gurus and groups mentioned so far--graphically reflects
the pliable nature of theology, and how it often bends to the whims of
personal and social forces. This is not to suggest, though, that all of
Thakar Singh's followers blindly accept what their guru says, but only to
point out that charismatic imperatives on the one end and personal/social
needs on the other end can conjoin and transfigure longstanding religious
doctrines in ways much quicker and much stranger than one would suspect. It
is for this very reason that charismatic leadership has often been viewed
with deep suspicion, and why new spiritual movements are seen as
religiously, if not socially, deviant.

another excerpt:


Although there was an initial buzz, so to say, among Ruhani Satsang
initiates about Thakar Singh's initial emergence on the scene in 1976, it
soon died down. First because Thakar Singh was viewed as an administrative
candidate, someone brought in to fill an executive void; second, because the
politics during the interim period (from late 1974 to late 1975) damaged any
possible credibility that Madam Hardevi had as an advanced spiritual
observer, untainted by ashram politics; and third, because Thakar Singh, for
whatever personal reasons, could not fulfill the onerous task set before
him. He was and continues to be an anomaly amongst Radhasoami gurus in the
20th century.

The Way of a Sexually Deviant Guru:

Legitimizing Contradiction

Perhaps the one greatest obstacle confronting Thakar Singh's claim as the
true successor to Kirpal Singh was Thakar himself. Unlike other gurus in his
tradition, Thakar Singh's moral life has been thoroughly scrutinized and
found wanting. Indeed, it has been well documented by a variety of
sources--both within and outside the movement--that Thakar Singh has
embezzled money, engaged in illicit sexual relations with a number of
western female disciples, and conducted violent exorcisms on several
devotees. In an unprecedented move to clear the matter up, Thakar admitted
to some of the charges claiming that "These devils had been working very
strongly on my lower self including body and mind and also had been creating
great disturbances in the Sangat in all parts of the world. The women
problem is also a result of temptation of these devils on my pure Self and
in this respect could succeed to some extend [sic: extent]." But it did not
squelch the criticism which eventually resulted in a large exodus from his
movement, including the resignation of his chief representative, Bernadine
Chard, of northern California.

In wake of the scandal and the lawsuits between Darshan Singh's group and
Madam Hardevi's, Thakar Singh lost the property rights to Sawan Ashram and
had to give up his residence there. He is continuing to act as a guru, but
his original core following has dwindled drastically. W.V. Rohr, a former
devotee in Germany, sent out an international circular against Thakar Singh.
His letter partially outlines the impact of the scandal:

That man [Thakar Singh], to whom I looked up during the past 7 years as
spiritual Master and "Guru", has admitted that he is not above mind and
matter, above "negativity" and mental temptations. I cannot keep quiet the
truth, as others seem they can. . . New facts concerning unholy activities
on the level of sexual contacts as well as disappearances of Manav Kendra
funds and donations by satsangis have come in the meantime. My personal
consequence is:

1. I withdraw totally from any and all Satsang and Sangat
activities whatsoever;

2. will not visit satsangs, where his words are

3. do not look upon him as "spiritual Master" or "Sant Sat Guru"
in the line of Sant Kirpal Singh;

4. have requested [of] him [Thakar Singh]
full report and refund of funds cashed in under use of "catastrophe";

5. will continue sincerely with Light and Sound meditation and also Simran, as
he is a Kirpal initiate and help and guidance is prayed for from
Kirpal--until a truly spiritually and morally clean Master has been found,
who is truly working in Kirpals [sic] name and with His order.

Although the first expose of Thakar Singh occurred publically in 1984, it
was not until 1988 that the media in the United States got wind of Thakar's
sordid past. During this time several women who claimed to have been abused
by the guru came out with personal statements, describing in vivid detail
Thakar's predilection for sexual deviance. In light of Sant mat succession,
what makes Thakar's fall from grace significant is that he did not resign,
nor did the majority of his disciples quit the movement. In fact, a number
of devotees justified Thakar Singh's unusual actions. It is this process of
justification which we will want to examine in depth; however, before we do
that we need to closely examine the ways by which Thakar Singh strayed from
orthodox Sant mat principles.

(More follows)

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Re: Ching Hai cult
Posted by: cultleak ()
Date: April 13, 2017 06:48PM


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Re: Ching Hai cult
Posted by: cultleak ()
Date: April 13, 2017 06:59PM

I presented a large amount of full strong evidence proving Ching Hai isn't what she claims, on the Ching Hai Exposed website and the video channel but you know what it's like trying to convince most brainwashed cult members. I wrote more articles and have many more videos, which I decided to not publish as anyone would have to be so incredibly foolish to think Ching Hai is "enlightened" or "always right" especially with all the evidence there already is online that I've shared and by others.

Separately, they recently removed Ching Hai's second marriage wedding video from YouTube again.

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Re: Ching Hai cult
Posted by: cultleak ()
Date: July 30, 2018 08:31AM

One of Ching Hai's biggest secrets

Ching Hai was asked in a 'lecture' if she has the ability to project outside of her body (etheric/astral projection) of which she said yes.

Another time Ching Hai asked members sitting in front of her if they temporarily leave their physical body to visit other countries and she particularly mentioned that she had visited the pyramids in Egypt that way.

Another time a member of the cult said they saw a ghost or form of Ching Hai of which Ching Hai responded that sometimes her Etheric body goes out and wanders by itself.

(the Etheric body is a spiritual body which looks exactly the same as one's physical body and exists in the Etheric plane or dimension that is one level above the physical. In the Etheric dimension people who have the ability to temporarily leave their body while still living, can see and hear everything in the physical, they can go through walls and can even go to another city in a second)

Ching Hai has the ability to Etheric project and uses it to spy on the cult's members including in their own private homes. All members of the group have to give their address in a registration form they fill and sign to join. While in the Etheric dimension some or many people also can read people's thoughts which Ching Hai is able to do and does. Also, one can suggest, things to people while spying on them in the Etheric and the victim would be unaware they were spoken to.

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Re: Ching Hai cult
Posted by: thuy_anh ()
Date: June 15, 2019 09:38PM

Hey, disguised Tien Van or female ghost Thanh Hai! You proclaimed yourself as a Living Buddha at the initial realm, and in 1997 you got married with a young man and kissed each other - what kind of realm do you call? Now you proclaim yourself as a GOD TIM QO TU or SUPREME GAUTAMA BUDDHA OF ALL BUDDHAS whom you did not assume as such in the past. And at that time, you had never said that even Buddha could not know whatever you did, but Buddha only understood a bit? Deceiving such bloody things, what realm are you in, sister Hai? or your marriage in Kampuchea at that time was sent to the Original Universe by Queen of Màras Tim Qo Tu Thanh Hai and so far Buddha and Jesus Christ are still in the Shadow Universe – is that your says? Hey disguised Tien Van or Mrs Thanh Hai !, you fabricated a story, only deceived your disciples and everyone at the initial stage and now everything has been exposed! At the initial stage, you lied to everyone that you passed from mind to mind (initiated) - called Quan-Jin method applicable to all Buddhas who have practiced this method in order to become Buddha; you never said this was a meditation of Sikh religion. Now the meditation of Sikh religion has been exposed so you had to make up a further story about this method being a branch of Sikh religion? Evil master Thanh Hai is a professional liar because in the past she did not accept to be a disciple of the Sikh religion of Mr Thakar Singh. Now everything has been exposed precisely so she had to accept it. However, again, she made up another story that she was transmitted from mind to mind (initiated) by Master KHUDA JI who had lived 450 years in Himalaya Mountain before passing away and the mind to mind transmission (initiation) was applied to her only? (for her only, because if there is another person, her lies will be exposed). She also said the mind transmission (initiation) of Sikh religion has been transmitted to her current life by Mr Thakar Singh, but in her past life, she was his great master and she was great, great master of Mr Thakar Singh’s disciple who is now he teaching mind transmission method of Sikh religion? (Mrs Thanh Hai is a bloody evil – a professional liar). She declares that any disciples who are faithful to her till death, will be entered the VIP super soul by her? (It must be the VIP super lie instead!!!). She also made up a story to cheat her disciples and said that after she was born, two Buddhas entered into the body and did a well clean and that her soul entered into the child’s body? (Female ghost Thanh Hai is a horrible liar!). Therefore all disciples of Thanh Hai religious sect have been brainwashed by the heterodoxy of a nefarious lady and they have believed in her very dull-witted and fanatic without reasonableness of normal people. Her crime, cheating and lying are so many, I only summarise and wish everyone should keep away from her. Namo Shakamuni Buddha.

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Re: Ching Hai cult
Posted by: cultleak ()
Date: December 19, 2020 03:29PM

Another contributer had stated that Ching Hai uses language in a particular way to essentially hypnotise people, the other contributer is correct. Ching Hai twists language to hypnotise those she's talking to without them realizing and she also uses psychology to help her maintain control of her followers as well as get new ones.

As mentioned before Ching Hai unfortunately has the ability to etheric project (temporarily leave her body) and she uses this ability to tresspass into her followers' private homes and the homes of others. She tresspasses in their homes, spies on them and hypnotises them.

With etheric projection one can travel to the other side of the planet in less than 10 minutes.

Ching Hai keeps control of her followers by hypnotising them without them knowing, in their own homes as well as through her videos and her demonic television channel.

Ching Hai is a slave user, soul abuser, and a pathological and systematic liar, among so many other also negative things. Her followers think doing things for her for free is a "blessing" and she attacks her followers when they did nothing to deserve to be attacked by her claiming she's 'cleansing their karma'. Ching Hai has no heart, at all. She teaches a meditation anyone can teach in less than 10 minutes and sucks the energy and soul of her followers throughout the whole lives. A less than minutes meditation instruction for a lifetime of slavery and abuse, as well as being worshipped by her followers who think she's God because she said to them she is.

Ching Hai is literally, absolutely pure evil.


My name is Unlimited Power

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