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Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and Humanity in Unity
Posted by: fioraval ()
Date: October 03, 2006 01:00PM

Someone suggested that I address the original criticisms of Sai Maa on a point by point basis, so I will attempt to do so.

The text in quotes is from the original posting from “thesnarkyanimist”.

Quote:“For example, she preaches that she is Divine Shakti (female energy incarnate) and that hers is the only path to true Love.”
Reply: I have never heard Sai Maa say that her way is the only way. In fact, she continually stresses that there are many paths to God.

Quote: “She tells people that all proceeds go to charity, while she walks around with gold jewelry.”
Reply: Any jewelry that Sai Maa wears has been gifted to her or acquired by her own means. None of the proceeds that are donated to charity are given to Sai Maa for personal use. Absolutely none.

Quote: “Firstly, she chooses people that feel lesser, unfulfilled and alone. Or people with addictions.”
Reply: I do not feel lesser, unfulfilled or alone. In fact, many of the people who express an interest in the teachings of Sai Maa are highly successful, confident and vibrant individuals. The reality is that the people who come to see Sai Maa are a microcosm of the general populace with varying degrees of self confidence.

Quote: “she recommends drinking 2 quarts a day..”
Reply: This quote is in reference to the Blessed water. Actually, the instructions are to put a capful or two of the Blessed water into a gallon of tap water. If you do the math, it is less expensive than the bottled water you buy at the super market.

If my original response was ungracious, then I can own the fact that I was put off by the judgmental tone of the original piece. I saw little objective fact and a lot of slanted judgment. For example:
“she does a good job of leading her sheep to slaughter.”
“But like many cult leaders, it is not her message that is dangerous, it’s the way she presents it.”
“She brainwashes people for all intents and purposes.”
Does any of this sound like objective criticism? My point about the original posting is that it was anything but objective commentary. It comes across more as an angry, judgmental diatribe than an objective opinion piece.

In closing, I can only speak for myself when it comes to Sai Maa. I have been joyously transformed for the better since I have known Sai Maa. My life has improved in every way imaginable. I have known many teachers, and have been engaged in personal growth for many years; and, I am successful, educated, and not given to being duped by charlatans. In my opinion, Sai Maa is one of those rare, divine, inspired people who walk the Earth among us. There is not a malicious molecule in her body, and it troubles me to see her maligned. We are truly blessed to have her with us during these times of upheaval on planet Earth.

The reader should make up their own mind about Sai Maa. If the opportunity arises, then please see Sai Maa for yourself, then post your comments here or on any other venue you choose. Ultimately, we are talking about matters of Faith, and every person has their own spiritual path.

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Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and Humanity in Unity
Posted by: kevinleason ()
Date: November 10, 2006 11:19AM

i had a friend whos friend was her secretary
i hear shes a bitch
and maybe has psychic powers

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Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and Humanity in Unity
Posted by: saphyrGypsi ()
Date: November 12, 2006 03:21PM

kevinleason... that was very disrespectful. I indeed sense you were trying to be humorous. But your humor is poisonous, slanderous, and just not funny.

We all have psychic powers. It comes natural. We have been conditioned to believe that we are not made of the most High. We are conditioned to believe that we are not divine children forever at play.

Please... spreading rumors about other, started by friends, is to circulate a lie. From the time I spent with Maa, I saw only love and a reflection of myself from her. A true reflection of myself.

She is a saint. To slander a saint is completely uncalled for. But you probably haven't met her, and your foundation is built upon what you heard from a friend. Please, before you spread such things, go investigate. God shines through the embodiment of Sai Maa.

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Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and Humanity in Unity
Posted by: pauliztarza ()
Date: September 03, 2007 02:46AM

How does one report the new cult to rickross for official listing ?

I haven't seen Sai Ma on it. She has large number of followers.

Deserved the spot.



Ha Ha Ha !
This is hilarious.
There are BEFORE and AFTER photos of miracle water !
I can understand Maa Sai wants to dupe as many people as possible
and make the most amount of money.
But will you please ask her to be a little subtle?

By the way she is a disciple of Sathya Sai Baba
( gold locket fame)

Consumer warning : stay away !

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Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and Humanity in Unity
Posted by: pauliztarza ()
Date: September 03, 2007 02:52AM

Here you can ascend doing this excercise :


If Michael Jordan knew this, he wouldn't had to sweat that much and chew the gum for physical effort.

Sai Maa and her "group" based primarily in Crestone, CO have been successfully flying under the radar for some time. Although Satya Sai Baba--her Guru to whom she is very close---is monitored by several groups, Sai Maa (his number one pupil) has escaped.

So far.

Indeed, her message seems harmless enough. She preaches that in this world there is only fear and love, one destructive and the other constructive. But like many cult leaders, it is not her message that is dangerous, its the way in which she presents it.

For example, she preaches that she is Divine Shakti (female energy incarnate) and that hers is the only path to true Love. In fact, she IS Divine love and the only valid love is one's love of her. Granted, being as cunning as she is...she rarely says this outright. But I have personally witnessed her harshly chastise someone who came to see her when he questioned her approach.

Speaking of cunning, she does a very good job leading her sheep to the slaughter. Firstly, she chooses people that feel lesser, unfulfilled and alone. Or people with addictions. She targeted someone I know when his home life turned bad, encouraging him to move with her to Colorado. She called him her, "special child" and doted upon him in ways she knew he hadn't experienced before. Preying on weak and vulnerable people is no way for any respectable spiritual leader to operate. I have heard many people utter the words, "I was addicted to [insert substance here] but then I found Sai Maa!". She indoctrinates with percision, too. At one point she told the assembled, "Put your fingers over your eyes and press down on them. You will see bright colors and lights, that is the Divine Light spreading over you."

Clever, no? Of course you see splashes of're PRESSING ON YOUR EYES. This is just one of the many examples of simple ways she misleads her flock in order to further their fervor.

She's also running a brilliant business! By indoctrinating people (especially independently wealthy ones) she gets them to buy her full line of Sai Maa products. Not just books or CDs or DvDs. Oh no. Blessed Water! For $18 per 20 ounce bottle! They apparently have sacred geometry written on the outside or something, and she reccommends drinking 2 quarts a day. Any idea how much water that is? Any idea how much PROFIT that is? Oh but add to this the meditation pillow covers (only $117!) and bottles of supplements (supposedly "concentrated Vacha and Brahmi") with no nutritional or ingrediant information on them! Not only is that rididulous (she reccommends taking these "pills" three times a day) its illegal. I've already started a complaint with the FDA over this, but I'm not sure whats worse: that she charges so much for a whole lot of nothing or that people actually buy and INGEST things, simply trusting that they're okay for them.

She tells people that all proceeds go to charity (can you say fraud?), while she walks around with pounds of gold jewelry. She has people to wash her feet and draw her baths...houses, estates, you name it. She asked for a jacuzzi for her birthday from her followers. Now thats holiness, right there. How, exactly, are you supposed to convince people of your humility while you speed on the Autobon in a Mercedes?

I'm risking a lot in posting this. My boss is deeply embroiled in Sai Maa', and goes for what I like to call "reprogramming" on a semi-regular basis. When he gets back from these "intensive" excursions, his eyes take on a funny look and he loves everyone. He often says, "She taught me to get out of my head and into my heart." That is a scary, scary thing. She brainwashes people, for all intents and purposes. A co-worker of mine overheard someone who had gotten back from one of said intensive sessions saying, "The first day was really hard. She had us up all day and night, chanting in a dark room. There were a lot of times I thought I wouldn't make it through. But then the next day, it was fantastic. I felt euphoric in her love!" Does no one else see what she's doing? That she's breaking them down with sensory isolation so they will bend easier?

She needs to be monitored, and closely. Her methods are atrocious at best, and she is sucking people in to use them for her own purposes.

For a wikipedia article a coworker wrote,


So, has anyone else encountered this group? Does anyone know of ANYWHERE she is being monitored?

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Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and Humanity in Unity
Posted by: Fishbulb ()
Date: September 03, 2007 10:58AM

I noticed that the link posted above, to a Wikipedia entry about Sai Maa, seems to be invalid now. Now the Wiki page just says there is nothing about her.

The above link to "before and after pictures of Miracle Water" is also no longer valid. Maybe too many people were laughing too hard for that group to actually keep it up. :lol:

An MLM group called Nikken also has some kind of "miracle" water claims attached to their "technologies". Their claims about water clusters and such are similar to what the poster above had said.

Quackwatch has a lengthy disclaimer about such waters. Basically water molecules consist of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, period. Due to some level of mild polarity they do develop weak attachments to each other but these last a millisecond and do not form permanent clusters. You can magnetize it, spin it, pray over it, but at the molecular level pure H2O is just that, H2O. Not H2O x 30, not H2O of any other stripe.

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Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and Humanity in Unity
Posted by: jjjbarry ()
Date: September 05, 2007 12:04AM

Ive never been,,,,have no desire to go....a friend knew someone who traveled with her,,,and claimed SAI MA is very money hungry !!!!!!!!

also supposedly she has some powers.....SAI MA...does that tanslate as GOD ? MA ???????

seems to be one more money hungry indian...the woman who warned me about her has been in indian studies since the 70s

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Re: Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and Humanity in Unity
Posted by: alanwatts ()
Date: January 11, 2009 10:19PM

Hi Guys, I have a very good friend who has really gotten into Sai Maa and I'm a bit concerned. There are numerous 'gurus' from India of all sorts. Sai Maa reminds me alot of JZ Knight (Ramtha). There are videos of Sai Maa up on youtube and consciousmedianetwork. If you really listen to what she is saying there is no profound discourse, it's really just common new thought/age stuff. If you try to compare her to Vivekananda or even Alan Watts she does not, at least, display the deep clarity of someone who is, or claims to be, an Avatar or embodiment of the divine mother. And I'm very skeptical of Sai Baba so I don't count Sai Maa's use of his name as her source as anything very positive.

At the least her using the term 'Her Holiness' is too much. If she really stuck to what she is saying then everyone is the holiness, the divine embodiment. I have met people who have been with Sai Maa for over ten years. They are nice people, working professionals, etc. They are respectable and so on. But the messages and abilities they carry (Diksha, etc.) are nothing beyond what you would find in most (alternative) spiritual circles (Reiki, QiGong, etc). So they do carry this air of being very special and having special gifts and a special leader. But I just don't see what is so special about her and their stuff. Sai Maa does kind of bug me because if you really listen to her you get much of the ego coming through, it is not a very pure transmission and the 'truths' are nowhere near that of a solid yogi like Patanjali, Vivekananda, etc.

Whether or not Sai Maa has formed a cult is very hard to say. I know people who have been in cults and the stories are very similar to the experiences or at least attitudes around those who follow Sai Maa. At the least my impression is that someone who is highly spiritual advanced would not want the attention and material show that Sai Maa seems to relish. If anyone thinks that any person is from God and that the only way they can advance in life is just to do what that person says is denying their own spiritual truth.

At this point Sai Maa is on her way to creating another religion. So you have to think is it better for people to follow Sai Maa than just sit in church or do nothing? Maybe. But the Chinese have a proverb that 'the better is the enemy of the best'. Meaning that if you get 'stuck' into anything thinking its the end all be all then you will prevent yourself from really advancing on the spiritual path. I see Sai Maa as having enough content to keep people for decades. But it's not really the best stuff out there.

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Re: Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and Humanity in Unity
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: January 22, 2009 09:23AM

Seems incredible that anyone in this day and age could fall for a guru who claims to be a disciple of Sai Baba. Maybe if it was the 1980s, but since then the internet has brought to light the chicanery of so many fake gurus and spiritual leaders, Sai Baba being one of the foremost, there really is no excuse.


Maybe they are just desperate for some "exotic" Eastern spirituality at any cost. Couple of thousand dollars for a weekend to have someone "recreate your True Destiny" for you?



How do well-educated, professional people fall for that kind of guru-worship? Someone should do a sociological study of the phenomenon regarding what makes such people lose their otherwise rational senses.

It is curious that so many gurus, cults and New Age scams use the idea of "unity" or the "oneness of humanity" and so on to promote their messages.

It smacks of totalitarianism. If everyone was to join a particular spiritual group on the premise that "we are all one" with "one vision", "united" by some grinning guru beaming down on us all, we'd be doomed, if not to genocide, then to eking out some bland existence in a blissed out, corporate-hippy dippy group mind bubble the real world does not impinge upon. Nowheresville.

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Re: Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and Humanity in Unity
Posted by: kirakelly ()
Date: October 20, 2016 07:00AM

Sai Maa's Guru is a child pedophile. Repeat: a child molester. She claims he has done nothing wrong; not that he has done nothing.
The BBC reported on the claims in this full length documentary.

BBC The Secret Swami Satya Sai Baba 2004 full
51 minutes long. []

The US Embassy posted on its website warning of the ashram run by a child pedophile, and it was mentioned on the floor of the British House of Commons to warn citizens.

And she says nothing.

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