Paul Washer, Puritans in America
Posted by: SparkleInTheDark ()
Date: April 22, 2014 04:22AM

I'm a survivor of a destructive cult, out for many years. Recently, all the red flags popped up for me when close relatives got involved in a church, not sure where it's located, but they "witness" to other Christians they consider to be UN-saved, fear for their own salvation daily, are aggressive in "witnessing", cut off people who don't conform to their religion unless they can barrage them with their religion, listen to tapes and cds constantly, got rid of tv's, home school, go to church and conferences constantly, speak constantly of "the Lord", basically robotic and extremely rigid. Anyone else familiar with this? By the way, after my cult experience I have no religion and want NO RELIGION, but even if I considered myself to be a Christian, I would be considered to be a heathen, unsaved if not accepting their definition of Christianity. It's very painful to experience this side of the cult experience, too.
Not sure the specific name of the church, but Paul Washer is one of the pastors or leaders they listen to a lot.

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