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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: The Royal Line ()
Date: August 31, 2013 04:10AM

Regarding Ron Fried (Hridaya) and Sharon (Ganga)

Apparently, Sharon and Ron feel that they are justified in posting the names and personal info of certain ex-students.
Yes these students did start things by posting personal on her.
But if they think their response was anything other than a nasty personal retaliation, they have clearly not learned very much spiritually.
Both should contemplate any of the respected teachers they have cited in various posts and videos, and think carefully on whether
they ever would have done something like this.
Ramana, Nisargadatta, Ramakrishna, Gangaji, Jesus, go down the list.
And of course, the answer is no.
They know it, but I doubt would admit it. And anyone with any knowledge of these traditions, these teachings, these teachers, I'm sure would agree.
And contrary to what both have said, she did in fact breach her agreement with them as far as I understand.
She agreed that the recordings would only be used for review and learning purposes for her sannyasis; I assume so they could also do "counselling" and learn from her brilliant example?
If that is the case, and it appears to be, than she in fact did breach her agreement with them, and I wonder if there would be grounds for a suit, or at least to force her to pull any posts or videos based on those recordings.
In their deluded minds, they probably feel they were justified in doing so. That in the spirit of her beloved honesty, transparency, integrity, that it was not only allowed, but their responsibility, to balance the picture.
But anyone outside of their little bubble, can see that is bull.

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: The Royal Line ()
Date: September 03, 2013 03:02AM

Just to clarify, here's an exchange from the comments section of a recent video of hers on the subject of sannyas, celibacy, and Realisation.


From this video, it sounds like only celibate sannyasis can "go all the way" and attain Realisation.
Is this your opinion?
Guru G:

Namaste - No anything is possible but it's hard enough
as it is that way. There are no guarantees in any methodology
but this way is a much better shot at it. Much easier to develop
Vairagya and keep the focus internalized.

Ok. I figured as much. Because as I'm sure you are well aware, there have been householders (past and present) that are considered Realized. Including Nisargaddata, Robert Adams, and your Guru Rajivji I believe. (pls correct me if I'm wrong on these)
Ramana also says the householder can attain it.
And the tantric tradition too.

Guru G:

Indeed the tantric tradition can obtain it, much of what is taught
though now as tantric bears little resemblance to genuine tantra.

So in a nutshell......
She doesn't say sannyas and celibacy are required to attain Realisation.
Only that she feels they are helpful.
This is only meant to clarify one aspect of the discussion, not to take away from the bigger picture which is that she has clearly proven to be an abusive, manipulative, unpleansant woman.

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: The Royal Line ()
Date: September 03, 2013 03:12AM

With the moderator's permission, I'd like to comment on her recent video:
"Ramana Kundalini Meat Eating This Guru This Path"
to illustrate inconsistencies and issues with things that she says.
There is a difference between saying that Ramana allowed for meat eating, and her insisting that students eat meat.
He takes a mostly neutral position on the subject, if not leaning towards vegetarian on the whole.
She does not.
There is also a difference between his acknowledging the role of kundalini, and that one must follow a kundalini
path in order to attain Enlightenment.
He never taught a kundalini path, nor did he feel it was necessary to pay much of any attention to it.
He didn't advise those with active kundalini, which according to you, is everyone with a genuine awakening, to eat meat and follow a kundalini path.
And he didn't eat meat.
So I'm not sure why you rely on him and identify with him so heavily.

You also mention Nisargadatta.
He was a respected Guru that ate some meat and also smoked like a chimney.
He may have been Enlightened, but it doesn't change the fact that the meat he ate was killed so he could indulge in this "habit".
It doesn't change the fact that his smoking was really bad for his health and more importantly for those around him.
I'm not saying eating meat, smoking and spirituality are incompatible, but at least OWN IT.
YOU insist YOUR students eat meat.
Not Ramana, not Nisarga, not anyone else.
If it's no big deal, I suggest again, you and your students should try killing the meat you consume.
Would you or your students maintain the same position I wonder?
You say plants are living things too, and where does one draw the line.
Here's a simple little test for you.
If your house is burning, do you grab your plant or your dog?

But the main point here is that she accuses others of cherry picking quotes, pov's, parts of texts etc ~ taking things out of context, using them to support their agendas.
Well she does the exact same thing, only she believes her viewpoint is the right one, because it is informed by her Realisation, while others are deluded due to their ignorance.
Same when she weighs in on politics, new age, other teachers, etc;

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: September 03, 2013 10:16PM

Please avoid theological arguments with other members of this message board, which would take this thread off topic.

Every post must be focused on topic.

This is not a message board for people to debate their personal religious beliefs or philosophies.

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: Saralata ()
Date: September 04, 2013 02:28AM

The Royal Line
So in a nutshell......
She doesn't say sannyas and celibacy are required to attain Realisation.
Only that she feels they are helpful.

It may be helpful for you and those reading the Guru Swami G thread on this forum to learn more about the characteristics of a cult, the behaviors of a cult leader and the processes whereby persons involved in these groups and with these leaders undergo thought reform.

Following are the eight methods that Robert Jay Lifton, a psychologist who studied brainwashing and mind control, identified as being used in thought reform. Brief examples for Guru Swami G will be added after each method.

Milieu control
All communication with outside world is limited, either being strictly filtered or completely cut off. Whether it is a monastery or a behind-closed-doors cult, isolation from the ideas, examples and distractions of the outside world turns the individuals attention to the only remaining form of stimulation, which is the ideology that is being inculcated in them. This even works at the intrapersonal level, and individuals are discouraged from thinking incorrect thoughts, which may be termed evil selfish, immoral and so on.
[Guru Swami G has been accused of restricting her students to reading only certain books, as well as publicly condemning those that speak against her, the group or leave her group with criticisms. This can set up a situation where her students may feel guilty for speaking with anyone that does not support, believe in or agree with Guru Swami G or her group, not to mention reading material that may go against the core of her doctrine.]

Mystical manipulation
A part of the teaching is that the group has a higher purpose than others outside the group. This may be altruistic, such as saving the world or helping people in need. It may also be selfish, for example that group members will be saved when others outside the group will perish. All things are then attributed and linked to this higher purpose. Coincidences (which actually may be deliberately engineered) are portrayed as symbolic events. Attention is given to the problems of out-of-group people and attributed to their not being in the group. Revelations are attributed to spiritual causes. This association of events is used as evidence that the group truly is special and exclusive.
[The guru-disciple relationship is such that mystical manipulation not only can happen, but often does. The student is told they are ignorant or unable to reach a higher level of understanding without the aid of the guru. If that guru has selfish intentions then this type of relationship is ripe for all manner of abuses. Guru Swami G is of the belief system that "realization" or "enlightenment" is a viable happening, but only by the aid of her presence. In order to reach the higher state, the student must accept and follow the directions of the guru who is presumed to be in a higher state (which Guru Swami G does claim). By her own admission, Guru Swami G has many rules that her students must follow which include diet, intimacy rules, confession, practices, etc. If a person does not follow these rules, they are declared to "not want realization", as she declared in a recent statement in her video regarding celibacy being only for those "that want to go the whole way to realization". This can instill the belief in the student that if they do not follow certain requirements enforced by Guru Swami G that they are not worthy of the higher level of understanding or are being dishonest. Guru Swami G also claims that those not familiar with her beliefs or teachings are not able to understand her behaviors and is thus implying that her actions are higher, more spiritual or more mystical than the average person has the capacity to comprehend.]

Individuals are encouraged to confess past 'sins' (as defined by the group). This creates a tension between the person's actions and their stated belief that the action is bad, particularly if the statement is made publicly. The consistency principle thus leads the person to fully adopt the belief that the sin is bad and to distance themselves from repeating it. Discussion of inner fears and anxieties, as well as confessing sins is exposing vulnerabilities and requires the person to place trust in the group and hence bond with them. When we bond with others, they become our friends, and we will tend to adopt their beliefs more easily. This effect may be exaggerated with intense sessions where deep thoughts and feelings are regularly surfaced. This also has the effect of exhausting people, making them more open to suggestion.
[Guru Swami G not only encourages full disclosure by her students, but has proven to share those disclosures as a means to shame, in retaliation for criticisms, or to send a message of fear in order to suppress the students ability to voice complaints or concerns.]

Self-sanctification through purity
Individuals are encouraged to constantly push towards an ultimate and unattainable perfection. This may be rewarded with promotion within the group to higher levels, for example by giving them a new status name (acolyte, traveller, master, etc.) or by giving them new authority within the group. The unattainability of the ultimate perfection is used to induce guilt and show the person to be sinful and hence sustain the requirement for confession and obedience to those higher than them in the groups order of perfection. Not being perfect may be seen as deserving of punishment, which may be meted out by the higher members of the group or even by the person themselves, who are taught that such atonement and self-flagellation is a valuable method of reaching higher levels of perfection.
[It has been claimed that Guru Swami G has often changed the rules of her group, which included the rules of celibacy. This is a prime example of creating an environment where the stakes are always raised and the students may feel as if they are never giving enough, doing enough or showing their dedication to the leader, Guru Swami G, enough. It is a process whereby the leader, Guru Swami G, demands higher and higher stakes be placed in order to prove one's devotion and purity.]

Aura of sacred science
The beliefs and regulations of the group are framed as perfect, absolute and non-negotiable. The dogma of the group is presented as scientifically correct or otherwise unquestionable. Rules and processes are therefore to be followed without question, and any transgression is a sin and hence requires atonement or other forms of punishment, as does consideration of any alternative viewpoints.
[Guru Swami G not only does not permit any questioning of her beliefs or teachings (as evidenced by her videos), but publicly condemns those (either students or the general public) for attempting to do so. Guru Swami G claims to be a perfect state of "realization" and, by this claim, is untouchable or unaccountable for any behavior because the silent message being sent is that all she does is "divinely inspired". This can create and sustain a false image of the leader held by the students whereby nothing the leader does can be seen as incorrect, harmful or unwanted. The student is forced to accept that the leader, Guru Swami G, is doing all for them and all is in their best interest, regardless of how that may appear.]

Loaded language
New words and language are created to explain the new and profound meanings that have been discovered. Existing words are also hijacked and given new and different meaning. This is particularly effective due to the way we think a lot though language. The consequence of this is that the person who controls the meaning of words also controls how people think. In this way, black-and-white thinking is embedded in the language, such that wrong-doers are framed as terrible and evil, whilst those who do right (as defined by the group) are perfect and marvellous. The meaning of words are kept hidden both from the outside world, giving a sense of exclusivity. The meaning of special words may also be revealed in careful illuminatory rituals, where people who are being elevated within the order are given the power of understanding this new language.
[Guru Swami G seems to have created much of her own vocabulary, as well as using a variety of different words found in many different spiritual ideologies but which do not always match the definitions that she applies to them. Another phenomena is noted in the comments on her videos, in her videos or in various places given by her students which also share not only the same vocabulary, but the manner of speaking, their approach to dialogue and their lack of individuality and original ideas or thoughts outside of the group's tightly contained process of interaction.]

Doctrine over person
The importance of the group is elevated over the importance of the individual in all ways. Along with this comes the importance of the the group's ideas and rules over personal beliefs and values. Past experiences, beliefs and values can all thus be cast as being invalid if they conflict with group rules. In fact this conflict can be used as a reason for confession of sins. Likewise, the beliefs, values and words of those outside the group are equally invalid.
[The fact that diet, intimate relationships, ability to study alternate ways of thinking, and others are enforced in Guru Swami G's group sends the message to the student that their personal ideas, beliefs, values or autonomy are to be replaced with the groups ideals, beliefs, values and identity.]

Dispensed existence
There is a very sharp line between the group and the outside world. Insiders are to be saved and elevated, whilst outsiders are doomed to failure and loss (which may be eternal). Who is an outsider or insider is chosen by the group. Thus, any person within the group may be damned at any time. There are no rights of membership except, perhaps, for the leader. People who leave the group are singled out as particularly evil, weak, lost or otherwise to be despised or pitied. Rather than being ignored or hidden, they are used as examples of how anyone who leaves will be looked down upon and publicly denigrated. People thus have a constant fear of being cast out, and consequently work hard to be accepted and not be ejected from the group. Outsiders who try to persuade the person to leave are doubly feared. Dispensation also goes into all aspects of living within the group. Any and all aspects of existence within the group is subject to scrutiny and control. There is no privacy and, ultimately, no free will.
[Those that have left Guru Swami G or have spoken out against her are cast in a light of evil, insane or dishonest. This is a multi-layered message which instills fear in the students that remain that they must not repeat the mistakes of the former students or general public (by speaking out), must not speak or interact with these former students or general public, and must enmesh themselves even further in group life in an effort to avoid being cast aside or cast out in similar vein.]

There are many great books available on the subject of though reform, brain washing and the common characteristics of a cult and cult leader. There are also many great books available on the study of the guru-disciple relationship and how these relationships are inherently open to abuses by leaders with ulterior motives, known or unknown by them.

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: yasmin ()
Date: September 04, 2013 11:45PM

nice summary Saralata.
Most gurus of the Indian tradition at least imo pay some lip service at least to the ide that there are other ways to get enlightened, but in some cases it also comes with a subtle (or not so subtle) suggestion that following what this particular Guru says is best is of course/the best/easiest/right way to get enlightened.

And in some cases, it is considered the only way that a serious student should take.

Allegedly, discussing information about an individuals sex life was at least in one case part of swami G's spiritual counseling per a previous member; and in enough detail that this information was released to the general public, allegedly with swami G's approval.....(Did she put out personal info about ex students herself in her videos too?)
If you are trying to suggest that Swami G stays out of her students sex lives, Royal line, that seems unlikely.

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: NotAgain ()
Date: September 07, 2013 11:41AM

I am a former student of Guru Swami G. I have been following this thread for quite some time but have avoided participating for fear of retaliation, as in what has happened to other former students that have posted here. I was a member of her group for many years. I hesitate to go into any kind of detail regarding for how long or when I left. This is for my own protection and not to deceive anyone here, as I do not want to deal with the shit-storm of youtube videos and emails that most surely would happen.

Much of the discussion here has focused around Sharon specifically. I think anyone not actively involved in her groups can see the problems with her behavior on and off line. Instead, I would like to discuss how the group itself perpetuates an unhealthy situation for those involved. We can all agree that there are countless people in the world that can be defined as "seekers". People that are seeking a higher power, god, enlightenment, or even a cheeseburger if they truly believe it will bring them ultimate happiness. It is very easy for a genuine seeker to look past certain faults. When someone wants to believe so badly in something it is very easy for that something or someone to take advantage of them. Regarding Sharon it is easy for those that are truly seeking enlightenment to believe that she is enlightened. I will explain.

1. Students - almost all of her students are NOT born and raised in the Hindu traditions. They are americans or europeans. You would think a genuine proclaimed enlightened Guru would have more acceptance and followers from the traditions she claims to have come from.

2. Teachings - She is able to gather more students because of her teachings. She combines her teachings with those of Jesus Christ, thus luring in those of christian upbringings. She uses the teachings of Hinduism to reinforce the Guru/Student relationship that allows for her control over each student and situation (this also adds a nice mystical flare). She claims a no-nonsense approach to cut through ego. Many seekers buy into this as they are sick of syrupy world Gurus. Her basic "meditations" are really nothing new, but are effective meditations for quieting mind chatter. Meditations while staring at a picture of her creates further attachment from the student.

3. Kundalini - Many have experienced various different phenomena caused by active energies in the human body. We can debate all day about Kundalini but science has proven the existence of the "energetic" or "ethereal" body, or at the very least the existence of a magnetic field around each individual. Through meditation or even breathing exercises any person can experience some pretty interesting states of consciousness, dreams, or even bodily sensations. These sometimes scary experiences are explained by her and make people feel like they have found help, or a safe haven.

4. The Group - Everything is held in place by those who follow her. No followers, no Guru. Very little energy has to be spent by her in way of manipulating. This comes from the group dynamic. No one can speak out, for that is questioning the Guru and is called mind spin or ego. There is the occasional mass group manipulation usually referred to as the "shake up". This consists of booting partially active members, some sort of message of reprimand for how little is given or how few people show up to an event, and the general population being made to feel bad about themselves like they are not doing enough. If anyone reacts negatively to this reprimand it is mind spin or ego flare up and they are told to sit with it or leave. This is all in turn regurgitated by all the students toward anyone not "following" along. Also anyone not on "The Path" is looked down upon. Religious elitism at it's finest.

4. Leaving - Sharon claims anyone is free to leave at any time. This is 100% true. However, you will lose all "grace" and progress. Many times people are told they are going to be back in the hell realm they started in and some people came from some pretty difficult situations and experiences given the active energies in their bodies. The group dynamic reinforces the guilt and/or shame of those that just couldn't hack it. The meditations will no longer benefit you even though many of them are stolen from other traditions. Invariably most that leave either try to sneak out the back door, or leave with saying thanks and how much they benefited etc just to avoid the shit-storm of judgment. Of course these final messages of thanks are always used against the person once they finally speak out.

The reason her manipulation is so effective is because people want to believe SOOOOOOO badly. There devote seeking attitudes mixed with various different experiences through meditation or active kundalini creates a very potent hold on an individual. They feel Sharon helped them find balance. The reality is they found balance by sticking to some specific meditations (no third eye stuff that can cause visions etc) that helped calm their energies. They also feel like they are being helped and in a safe place so any further uncomfortable experiences are dealt with much easier by the individual. That is about the only good thing that has come out of her group.

If Sharon truly is a realized kundalini master she would simply tell those struggling with Kundalini awakening to do a few basic meditations, avoid drugs and alcohol, and avoid any other activities that are energy manipulation based. Instead she creates a group of followers to support her and her lavish lifestyle as a Guru, or rather a small group of the most devoted seekers of all time to support her and a larger group of followers to maintain the illusion. But wait, she didn't ask for that did she...... she was appointed by some guy that was appointed by some guy.

I am willing to answer any questions anyone has to the best of my ability.

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 07, 2013 10:19PM

Dear Notagain, if you get any private messages (aka 'PMs') feel free to send a copy to the owner and moderator of this message board.

Because the PM setting is private, it can be abused for intimidation unless we report abuses of it to the moderator and do so without delay.


RX: If you add rrmoderator to your private message Buddy List, you can easily PM him with no need to search for his handle.


There is the occasional mass group manipulation usually referred to as the "shake up". This consists of booting partially active members, some sort of message of reprimand for how little is given or how few people show up to an event, and the general population being made to feel bad about themselves like they are not doing enough.

1) Who decides which members are to be booted out

2) Who informs them they are kicked out.

3) Who delivers the messages of reprimand

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Re: Guru Swami G
Date: September 09, 2013 07:37AM

Excellent advice, Corboy, as always. Quote: "Many seekers buy into this as they are sick of syrupy world Gurus. Her basic "meditations" are really nothing new, but are effective meditations for quieting mind chatter." end quote. Meditations while staring at a picture of her creates further attachment from the student.

the question is was sharon actually asking students to meditate on her picture ?
Was there a mantra involved?

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 09, 2013 07:58AM

I enjoy high fives. But Notagain was the one was the one who posted that quote


"Many seekers buy into this as they are sick of syrupy world Gurus. Her basic "meditations" are really nothing new, but are effective meditations for quieting mind chatter." end quote. Meditations while staring at a picture of her creates further attachment from the student.

If you're encouraged or told to mediate upon the guru's picture or image, that is a big warning. With time, one becomes emotionally attached to the guru and if this continues, one can risk merging sense of self with the guru.

IF one is further encouraged to imagine an image of the guru inside of ones interior, thats yet more potent.

I do not know if this is done in G's group.

But if it is required in this or any group, watch out.

Problem is, they often wait until you;'re very emotionally invested before introducing this step. Until they are sure you're in the right place and not likely to flee or laugh your head off, guru pictures and meditations are often kept hidden as higher level practices and not revealed 'until one is ready'.

A possibly entry is to invite people to meditate on an image of the titulary diety venerated by the teacher or upon a picture of the teachers own guru.

(This is actually normative in various Hindu sects)

But to turn a living guru into one's monarch and turn oneself into the guru's slave -- that is what is fucked up.

In the old days when communication and transportation were limited, and people had to work their asses off to get crops planted and harvested to prevent famines, it was not feasible for a single guru to make disruptive demands on someones work life and income.

And in ancient India, one could not have hundreds or htousands of people ditching their families and farms to go hang out at a guru's ashram.

Tyrannical gurus who demand endless amounts of human attention, time and money are luxuries that only wealthy societies can afford.

In the old days, there would have been little tolerance for anyone who caused significant numbers of people to desert the farms and their families.

A village with too many mega greedy gurus would have been sucked dry of human and fiscal resources.

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