An Open Letter To Li Hongzhi
Posted by: sisi772 ()
Date: May 16, 2013 09:56AM

Mr. Li Hongzhi, Hello!
I’m Jing Zhanyi. Ten years have rolled by since the last time we met in New York. I miss you very much!
Since you are my Master, I always like to know a little bit about you. Recently I saw your photograph from the Falun Gong media. It seems that you are fatter than 10 years ago, and you look pale yellow. There are also many age spots on your face. You're only 60 years old, why look so old? I have studied Chinese medicine for many years. According to my medical knowledge, you may be suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Your blood viscosity, blood lipids, cholesterol levels may be higher than the normal level, and you may also have fatty liver. Your health is related to whether the tens of thousands of Dafa practitioners can successfully reach Consummation, to the future of Dafa, and also to whether you can overthrow the communist regime. Therefore I hope you can take a moment to have the doctor check on your health. Don’t worry. The current medical technology can cure you, If you are diagnosed by the doctor. Moreover, according to your personal huge amount of property, the cost of medical care is simply a drop in the bucket.
I constantly recall your care in those lost time. Out of gratitude, but also out of concern for the future of Dafa, I write this letter to discuss several issues with you, and give you a few suggestions. You can take the suggestions as my contribution to Dafa if they are right. I think you will not retaliate against me if my suggestions are fault, since you can hold the whole universe in your belly. You can write to me to discuss if needed. I recommend you not to abruptly publish a few words on, or on Epoch Times to answer my letter. On one hand, Dafa practitioners use the Falun Gong media to entertain themselves. My open letter is published not only for the Dafa practitioners but also for all ordinary people. If ordinary people can not see your reply, they must think what I have said are true. Then you have accepted all I have suggested. On the other hand, ordinary people may misinterpreted you and me, such as: Although Li Hongzhi has been openly challenged by Jing Zhanyi, his former favorite practitioner, since several years ago, he still kept silent. Li Hongzhi doesn’t behave like a man. So please pay attention to my questions and suggestions.
First, about my Falun Gong membership and my anti-Falun Gong study.
Years ago, I followed your will to make speech to propagate the dhamma of Falun Gong in many Institutions of higher learning and scientific research units, such as Peking University. You came to my home personally, and said to those Dafa backbone present: " Don't put Jing tired.” Because of these, none of Dafa practitioners around the world does not know I am a Falun Gong practitioner. On June 26, 1996, you wrote a letter to the terminus of Shijiazhuang. It said that Jing Zhanyi’s propagation speech had interfered other practitioners. This letter has been included among your masterpiece, Essentials for Further Advancement, which can prove my true Dafa membership. In 2003, I was arrested by Chinese police for being engaged in the illegal activities of Falun Gong. During that time, I accepted the CCTV interview and criticized the cult nature of Falun Gong in Topics in Focus. Minghui website soon published an article, said I was force to speak out against Falun Gong by the authorities. Until 2005 Minghui still published similar articles. You told Dafa practitioners around the world that all your comments, articles and activities are published on In other words, the articles on have accepted my Dafa membership. Until now, you and any Falun Gong media have never said Jing Zhanyi is not a Falun Gong practitioner.
After I was arrested, the police officers helped me thoroughly understand the the true nature of Falun Gong cult. Then I consciously helped many other Falun Gong practitioners get rid of the spiritual shackles from the cult and return to normal society. In 2012, some websites repeatedly broadcast the video programs, in which I talked what I knew about Ye Hao, Zhanger Ping and you. These programs analyzed the sleaze of Falun Gong from different perspectives. In 2010, I published a book in Hong Kong, Li Hongzhi In My Eyes, which unveiled the rarely known inside events of Falun Gong, and made the readers know a sinister, hypocrisy, fraud, greedy and mediocre Li Hongzhi. The books were quickly sold out as soon as they were issued. A number of domestic and foreign media had reproduced and serialized my book, which was warmly welcomed by readers. Many readers wrote to the publisher and myself to show their encourage. Should reader requirement, I participated in the 23rd Hong Kong Book Fair in July 2012. During that time, I attended a symposium on Li Hongzhi In My Eyes. I had a disscussion with dozens of Hong Kong scholars, readers and journalists about the the true nature of Falun Gong cult. We also focused on the crimes of Falun Gong, such as destroying humanity, injuring lives, violating human rights,and doing harm to normal society. We called on the people of Hong Kong against Falun Gong. We called on the Government of Hong Kong to ban and to restrict the illegal activities of Falun Gong in Hong Kong. Many Hong Kong newspapers and TV stations reported this news. This event had produced great influence in Hong Kong, causing the larger resonance of the Hong Kong society. This book was also published in New York, and I believe you've read it.
I have been engaged in the activeities against Falun Gong Cult and you for many years. Now my actions have received greater impact. I have the wholeheated support of my fans. Under my influence, many people spontaneously joined the team against the Falun Gong Cult. I want to tell you that every year a number of Falun Gong practitioners take the initiative to contact me, willing to discuss the Falun Gong issue with me. Fortunately most of them give up Falun Gong at last. I would like to solemnly declare: the article published on, which said I was force to make anti-Falun Gong speech by the authorities, is wrong. I was telling the truth in Topics in Focus.
Until now you have no objection to my actions against you. Why? One explanation is that you agree with my actions; The second is that you don't have the guts to argue with me; The last explanation is that my criticism still belongs to Falun Gong’s internal debate, which can not be released to the public.
Above all, hope to get your expression.
Second, let me talk about your troubles, and help you find a way out.
Because you used to be my Master, I’m concerned about your body. Give you some suggestions. First, you should strengthen physical training and eat less fat food. You have to get rid of your habit of eating barbecue taste. I suggest you not to eat meat not only in front of Dafa practitioners but also behind them. Otherwise, you will become fatter and fatter. Dafa practitioners will say you lie. In fact, all the practitioners know that you had done appendicitis operation. The scar on your stomach will not disappear forever. As long as you do as I say, your health will keep been improved. In addition, you have to pay attention to your wife, Li Rui. She has released lots of your secrets to the public.
Moreover, You need to increase the sleep time. Do not worry about when the Communist Party will collapse, because I think in my lifetime the Communist Party will not collapse, and it will become more powerful; Do not worry about the evil activities of Zhang Erping and others, since they are sill common people; Do not worry about the existence of corruption in Falun Gong; Do not worry about your seven real estates in the United States and panic, because no one will check your property in U. S.; Do not worry about the number of people, who quit the party, has exceeded the total number of the country's population, because this is just a game, and no one believe it.
Third, you should strengthen your crisis management.
At beginning, you promoted Falun Dafa under the banner of keeping fit and prolonging life. You even told practitioners that Falun Gong could treat illness instead of hospital. You also made a commitment to practitioners that they could reach Consummation after 2 years’ practice. As a senior practitioner, I would like to say that all of your promises were the means to gather practitioners and control thoughts. Let the practitioners buy your tickets, buy the book Zhuan Falun, buy practicing tapes and even donate money for you. In this way, you have achieved the purpose of gathering a large sum of money in short time. But it could not last for a long time. Let’s talk about the Consummation. You’re very clear that not to mention 2 years, even a whole-life practicing Falun Dafa will not reach Consummation. I guessed you did not expect Falun Gong could be developed to such scale.The promotional slogan you made now sounds ridiculous. I noticed that you were trying to fix the problem. In The Blessings From Dafa (May 19, 2002), you turned 2 years’ practice to reach Consummation into 10 years.In Touring North America to Teach the Fa (March,2002) ,you added another 10 years. You had to say that only the Consummation of all the practitioners could be called the real Consummation. In short, the practitioners will never reach Consummation in their life time.
Let’s talk about whether Falun Gong can treat illness without taking medicine. You clearly know that people are impossible not to get sick. Even you have had a appendicitis surgery. I also noticed that you were trying to fix this problem. Years ago, you said you did not stop practitioners going to the hospital when they were sick. But you did not say practitioners could go to the hospital when they were sick. In Zhuan Falun and
Teach the Fa tour including at my home, you stressed repeatedly that the disease is karma, and the medicine could only push the black substance into the human body. Only Falun Gong could expel the black substance out of the human body, and finally cure the disease. I believe that no practitioner would like to go to the hospital after hearing what their master said. But it is too late for you to fix this problem, because Zhuan Falun and other material can clearly show what you have said. You can do nothing to change it. Besides, what is actually happening can prove that your theory of not going to hospital has took root in the heart of practitioners. For instance, most practitioners do not go to the hospital when they are sick. On one hand, they said Master Li did not stop them from going to see the doctor. On the other hand, they just never went to hospital. They read Zhuan Falun and scriptures instead of taking medical treatment. As a result, they became very ill even died. For example, Falun Dafa practitioner Tan Shujun sold her house, and donated all her property to the Falun Gong for construction of the Dragon Spring (a Falun Gong based company).She had a serious disease, and refused to see the doctor. Finally, people found her dead at the Falun Dafa conference. Feng Lili, used to be a backbone of Falun Gong, a Doctor of Medicine, refused to see the doctor and finally died of cancer. When you build the Dragon Spring, many practitioners went to construct the temple as volunteers. An engineer named Lin had serious injuries because of falling down from the roof.You didn’t sent him to the hospital, but returned him to his rent house near the construction site. The police found that he had been dead for a week. You said, Li Gongzheng practiced Falun Gong diligently, he will be able to live for a hundred years. But Li died for a heart attack at the age of 40. Li Jiguang, your sister’s husband, should have a better understanding of Falun Dafa than any other practitioners. He also got sick. He wanted go to see the doctor, but he couldn’t, because he was afraid of you. Finally he got your privilege to go to the hospital, but it was too late. The practitioners were angry about the privilege he had. Is that mean the practitioners want to go to the hospital must get your approval? I am very sad for their death. You should also show your sympathy like me. Do never block these kind of news of Falun Gong, because somehow someone will stand out to tell the world what really happens in Falun Gong. The truth will make the practitioners heart broken and even doubt Falun Dafa.
I was just want to give you some advise. You need to change the way you think. Do not always try to make a new lie to cover the old one. That will not work. I recommend that you should modify the Zhuan Falun. In the foreword of the new edition of Zhuan Falun, you should write This edition is the real Zhuan Falun. The previous edition was tampered by Ye Hao. Please ignore that edition. In early printed speech materials, including a forum in Guangzhou and other places, there are many words that disturb the Fa such as 2 years for consummation, 10 years for consummation and in 1997, Hong Kong will be rivers of blood. You had ordered to destroy and recover the copies. But seems that not all the copies were destroyed. You should order to destroy and recover the copies completely now. Someone who does not return the copy is the evil, or the Chinese Communist Party ‘s spy. You can also blame on Ye Hao for not destroying and recovering the copies completely.
Forth, the high expected Shen Yun show is worthless.
I continuously watched Shen Yun show disc for years. These discs are free for everyone, I don’t have to pay for it. Practitioners used their own money to copy the discs, stuck them on the neighbors’ door. Neighbors who saw the discs threw them into the garbage can directly. Because I’m concerning about Falun Dafa, I picked up the discs from the garbage can every year.
From an artistic point of view, your show’s performance level is really not high. You used to play the trumpet in the past, although you cannot read the staff, but you can read the numbered musical notation. You are kind of knowing the arts anyway, you satisfied with the quality of this show? Let’s take a look at the program in your show, a large number of programs filled with anti-communist and anti-government content. Falun Gong websites are blocked in the mainland China, but I found that the discs from the garbage can contained the software can help people bypassing the internet block. There are a lot of commitments of Shen Yun show on the internet. I found that the common feature of the commitments is disgusting. And all these commitments are comes from NTDTV, Epoch Times and Which means those commitments can not be trusted. On the other hand, the American media and audience who are not Falun Gong practitioners showed their true feelings about the show, full of criticism and ironic.
I heard from the overseas practitioner, the Falun Dafa official said the Shen Yun show is very popular, but the fact is that the box office is a big problem. Practitioners spend their own money to buy the tickets to give their friends or neighbors. If there’s no one want to watch the show, practitioners will take their family to watch the same show for several times. This kind of behavior is an open secret to the practitioners,but none of them admit it. Because admit it is disturbing the Fa.
You really should stop this costly, unpopular show. Think about it, lots of practitioners living in a impoverished life abroad, but you, rob their money into your pocket. Year after year, how many practitioners can afford this. Have you ever think of this before? You should remember, tough policies are much more terrible than the beast. If you insist on your thought, something big will happen sooner or later.
Since we haven’t seen each other for 10 years, I just want to open my heart to you. People around you like Ye Hao and others who can only flatter you in front of you. You have no idea of what they have done behind you. If there’s something terrible happened, they must be the first one to take your rights away, to occupy your property and even to bully your wife and kids. At that time, you will find out that I am your real friend. I am the only one who can give you some real advise. Trust me, the only purpose to write this letter is caring about you. No other purpose, no one direct me to do that. I never conducted by the Communist Party, Not before, not now, not in the future. As I decided to educate and transform Falun Gong practitioners, no one ask me to. I have never educate Falun Gong practitioners in the government-run legal study program. All the practitioners ask me to help them get rid of Falun Gong control. I am an old intellectual, and I am much more older than you, I never lie to the junior generation.
Years ago, you gave me a very difficult task. You said, “Fa-rectification, I only say to you, means if the Fa were propagated into a wrong direction, you can rectify it.” Now, I’m rectifying the Fa according to your will.
Today is May 13. I would like to wish you a happy birthday, but your Chinese citizen ID card clearly shows that July 7 is your birthday. Can you tell me the truth? Which day is your birthday? Maybe you can help me to figure it out.

Jing Zhanyi

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Re: An Open Letter To Li Hongzhi
Posted by: Mariam ()
Date: October 23, 2018 09:31PM

Mr. Li Hongzhi, Hello! At first sorry for my bad English. I'm one of the seekers of the God. I deeply believe that Orthodoxy is the only true religion. I am sorry about you, because you are a child of love for God, and you could not find his way during your whole life and you are doing the same to millions of people. Despite this, I do not want to be biased and not objectively evaluate this writing. Therefore, I will try to restrict the writing only with facts.
I want to tell you the story of a very close friend of mine who was kidnapped by Falun Dafa. He learned about Falun Dafa in 1998, and you can read his detailed history on your site. [].
You probably know what person he was, the one of the faithful student of you. Still I want to remind you about Zurab, he is very educated person. He is also a talented musician. He was a successful student in the school and in the university and in the offices where he worked so far till the spiritual enlightenment. He went to America to study and learn the Falun Dafa, walked to your lectures, was a successful student. He was following all of your instructions and started spreading this practice even in his own country. He held meetings, broadcasting on the radio and preaching about the Falun Dafa.
As a result of 10 year regular exercise and meditation in 2011, he was at the stage where he thought it was the highest hierarchy and thought he was spiritually enlightened. At that time his mental problems started, I refrain from naming concrete facts.
I have to tell the fact that is very big problem till now. It is years he has been living in fear, he thinks he is constantly persecuting a group of people, he thinks they tell bad history about him everywhere. So and many such unbearable, obsessive thoughts are stuck in his head and worries his up to date. Mental illness is followed by physical. Regular meditation and exercises cause chest pain, from which he has been suffering for years and are suffering from time to time till now. As it turned out, these pains come from the spine that breaks down from exercise. He also has one surgery on his back on 2016. He also lost his family, his wife left him. He suffered about that also.
I want you to focus on the fact that Zurab was your excellent pupil and carefully was following all of your instructions, now with the spine pain he can’t manage regular exercises but he still lives according to Falun Dafa book. He is still vegetarian. For a long period of time, only fruits were his Food.
He had a good purpose, thinking that he would create his own paradise and save people's souls and take their souls into his paradise.
As a result, the young, healthy educated, gifted and the greatest prospective guy, went to the USA country, country with a lot of opportunities , has ruined whole life, split family, almost for years till now he is suffering psychically and physically, and all his prospective was destroyed.
He does not recognize his illness he thinks he is a victim of harassment.
He is suffering with endless fears, he thinks that some people walk around him and follow him everywhere, telling about him bad things. It's hard for him to work, it's hard to plan the future. He thinks he live right, he think he is god, and is the best guy in the world, as he live according to your book but he do not really do anything. It's very hard for him to find reality. His head is constantly full of thinking about bad people, he think bad people are spoiling his soul, his life. he thinks he is the best and the fact that someone can look at him with bad face is enough for him to think that that is the guy , they follow me, and then he tells it to other people, that if something is wrong with his life it’s not his fault, the bad guys are the reason, that something gets wrong with his life, than that person will think that he is mad and tells someone else and that someone also looks at him with suspect and the same thought is at his mind again, this is the bad guy and again and it is the endless chain. It never ends.
His head is full of such things and can’t live normal life. That all things happened and is happening in his life because of you, because of your Falun Dafa. This is the result of your teaching.
Mr. Li Hongzhi, I'm sure Zurab is not the only person with such endless problems in your millions of students. Do not close your eyes on such facts. Recognize reality, In fact, the result of your teachings is destroyed life of your talented students. You assure your students that you will help them in everything. You claim that your teachings are perfect for the soul and body. Could you think about this person why one of the most talented, loyal and noble student of you destroyed the soul and the body instead of perfection?!
-Maybe you can pick up and recognize that your course is not perfect.
The most important thing in your study is the dismiss of love feeling that is the God Himself. You create people with no feelings, with no feeling of the most valuable feeling in the world. You create zombies. People which destroy their lives and the lives of their family members. You create slaves, people which despite of the terrible consequences of your teaching, can’t Analysis their lives and still you are god to them.
You are doing a very dangerous job Mr. Li . You take their souls in Astral, where the fallen spirits are the dominants. Place, which is full of demons and illusions. The fact is that your promises that you will protect them from fallen souls does not work.
Stop destroy people's life, stop the brainwashing. Recognize the errors of your movement. Your study destroy people spiritually and physically and their families are suffering behind them.
I do not know what you say to your pupils, what's going to be after stopping your practice, when a person stop leaving according your book. Zurab is scared. You have no right to enslave people and to scare them. Who gave you this rights? Is it your peace of preaching?
It is a fact that he can not get rid of your teachings.
He has serious mental problems. You are the only authority for him. You are the only person whose word is a law to him. Only person in which he believes in. Now Mr. Li you can really do a good thing to him. Speak to him, tell that he needs the help, help of doctors. Speak to him and explain that all the ideas that are stacked in his head in not normal, tell him that he is ill of that ideas about his followers, stuck thoughts about your laws, that every single envious person can destroy his life and so on, advise him to treat and leave normal life and help him to get ride off the fears of leaving your teaching. Tell him that in the case if he will leave your study nothing bad will happen. He often make a call to your office, all time with the same history of some kind of criminals, If you are not intentionally evil, do something to help this guy to get out of your claws. You owe him 15 years of his life, destroy family and lost opportunities in life, for alternative expenses. Now it’s your turn ho help him. Correct your mistake and do not let him to destroy remaining life, in which he can live normally without you, without your study.

Hope you really want to do good things and hope you will help

Thanks in advance

Mariam Imnaishvili

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