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Date: January 16, 2017 03:57PM

Allow me to shed some light on this topic as I can see there is a clear misunderstanding about the Meditation.
The meditation is not even slightly a cult.
The biggest misconception comes from closed minded suspicious people who don't understand the "dying and discarding" part.
This is not to have no memories or to become some kind of drone with no personality who worships the meditation as a scapegoat.
You are not literally dying, it is about spiritual death, killing off the ego and discarding attachments that hold us back in our mind.
Spiritual death is a highly respected practice dating back to ancient times. The shedding of the ego and illusion of separation to become one mind living for eachother appears in almost every religion and countless spiritual practices.
If you have not completed this meditation you should not even comment on here as you know nothing. No matter what you think about someone you have seen who gets mad still after completion, if you have not experienced the completion of the meditation you know nothing about it.
You can study all 7 levels over and over for ten years, yet ten minutes of the completion education would be even more valuable than those ten years.
Do not assume based on things you have read when you have never completed the meditation yourself.
The death is a simple dissolving of the ego, it's the people who practiced taking this very litterally that become possessed by their own crazy thoughts and delusions about what they think the meditation is.
Those are the ones who take discarding family attachment and things like that so litterally that even in real life they abandon their family or shut them out. This is a rare few who either don't understand the meditation or just even create an attachment to the meditation like that of a religion.
Discarding attachments is simply reflecting deep within your mind and finding the things deep within that burden you and bother your mind. The family is a big one people have a hard time understanding. You are not trying to block out your family it is simply discarding whatever false love of attachment or conditional love or even image of them in your mind that blocks you from seeing them for who they are and shedding your own judgements and discernments towards then.
Me and my family have never been closer since begginng the meditation 6 years ago. I have been able to let go of so many grudges and deep thoughts on my family and regrets that I only knew I had a little before.
I grew up in a heavily Christian family and rejected it all as I was experiencing certain suppressions from so called Christian members. Many times it was them claiming that they were the only way to eternal life and every other religion or belief system leads to eternal damnation.
Quite a claim when even the bible says no man should judge as all are wrong and none are righteous anyways.
This meditation isn't even a religion is the funny thing.
Since meditating I can easily accept all religions and what they're people set to acheive as it is all very similiar. Spiritual or life practices should not be judged or condemned as we each have our own choice of what path to take and find what makes us truely happy.
Even the bible and sutras say not to judge or accuse any other human but yourself.
The negativity is real on here and it is sickening.
As far as the maum meditation name change in America,there is legitimate reason for that.
Maum means mind in korean, not like logic like we think of in America, but it translates to mind and heart together. This meditation has been growing so much because it is amazing and has brought many people great joy, but during the years of building it's foundation in America it was mostly Korean helpers from abroad, many who had a difficult time translating to english. This helped some of the misunderstandings and some few people labeled this "maum" meditation thing as weird and suspicious. The maum was removed as instead of looking into it's meaning many in America were attached to the idea of the title and some new "strange" group that didn't fit their conceptions.
People love to judge and be negative, and believe only themselves to be right. That is why early on many misconceptions and lies were spread early on that led to some genuine, but mostly ignorant and choicefully stubborn negative people trying to bash the meditation.
The amazing thing is none of those claims matter and the growimg of the meditation around the globe each year can not be stopped and there is a reason many people truely enjoy the meditation.
It's not some scapegoat to be hooked to for the rest of your life.
The method now can be completed within 3 to 6 months at any local center, and that's it. You are done. Never have to go back if you don't want anything to do with it. If someone does join, then that is their choice, nothing is forced on them.
The other amazing thing is more and more people around the globe ar beginning to finish every year and are now able to speak in their native tongue about the meditation and shed light on the erroneous misconceptions and judgements and illusions people have created about the meditation.
Some people just feed off of negativity and hate, and love to put others down and feel important over the internet.
As far as the helpers, many of these people are extremely happy people who have shed material desires and who genuinely want to spread the happiness they have to others.
They work 14 hours a day Monday through Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday. Of couse they still have minds coming up at times as they are constantly working to help the people at the center and putting their whole effort and strength into what means the most to them. It is different though, after the completion everything is 90% better at least, but tirelessly helping people as people come throughout the day and constantly speaking, moving their bodies, or guiding the meditation all day is not easy. These are some of the most hard working people and just cause for a moment they get mad or something, it is not nearly the same of before the meditation, and they know not to hold onto that anger, unlike many people.
Someone above was so ignorant they said "they're korean so you don't know where the money goes." That says a lot about whatever stereotypes they have molded in their head while hypocritically trying to call something out.
All money goes into the maintaing of the centers, little money to the helpers, and any extra into building new centers around the world as despite the negativity on these types of forums, thee mediation is only growing more and more each year exponentially, funny.
As far as Woo Myung living a "lavish" lifestyle, what a foolish statement.
For the past 3 years he has been doing a global tour around the world holding seminars in different cities and countries almost every other day non stop because of how many people have become so interested in it.
If you have ever been with him during the tours you would see he moved his body and works harder then any of the people there even though he is the oldest most of the time and his body is growing weaker. You would also see that he keeps up with this while sleeping only about 3 hours each night.
Doesn't sound lavish to me.
Again that judgement stemmed from ignorance and misunderstanding.
If you don't like the meditation, don't do it. It is your choice at the end of the day.
It's one thing to worry about a friend or family member who misconstrues the meditation and takes a cult like approach to it, and it is another thing to profile, shame, sterotype, and spread hate and negativity about the people who meditate there and the helpers as well.
I'm sure none of you would like people doing that to you for the path you have chosen.
We should all accept each other and eachothers beliefs, values, and life goals/paths.
It is time to put a stop to the spreading of lies by people who don't understand the meditation, are purely negative just to be negative, had a friend or family member who misunderstood the meditation, or even those who say they have practiced before but never finished because they either pretended to meditate to find out some sort of secrets about the meditation or who meditated holding onto their own erroneous concepts of the meditation.
There are real people, not drones, meditating and who are so grateful and have found deep happiness whether you like it or not there, and to subject them to hate, judgements, pain and hurt for doing something they love is sickening. How ugly of a mindset that is, as if you are some so wise person who knows what is right and what is wrong.
Learn to accept the things you can not change. The meditation is there, and will only continue to grow. It has never hurt anyone, they have only hurt themselves with their own negativity and misconceptions, don't blame the meditation for causing any problems, blame yourself for being so caught up on something you don't understand and taking your anger out on others over the internet. Just don't be spreading false lies about something you are pretending to have an understanding about based on your own opinions and logic.
Those who finish the meditation don't even have to become helpers or anything like that. The helpers are the ones who choose to be helpers because it is what they love. After completing people continue pursuing the things love and 99% of the time they find themselves doing what they love to do much better, with less stress and burden, and can easily overcome difficult situations. This meditation is simply there for people who wish to pursue it, and it provides many boundless benefits, just because something doesn't fit your conceptions doesn't mean it is a cult. Ignorance is easy to do, accepting those who have different practices or ways of life then us or how we "think" life should be is truly being brave and loving and accepting towards them.
I challenge you all to stop judging others and making assumptions on things you have never finished or seen through to the end yourself, and look at your own negativity and disgusting thoughts about others or things that make other people happy. It comes of very self-righteous.
Karma is a b, we all know the saying, and the more you spread that negativity and hate and those judgements, the more those things will come back to you.

-Coming from someone who has actually gone through the meditation, still has memories just has been able to let go of deep mental, physical, emotional and spiritual attachments through the meditation and who is still a person. Not a drone who left his family or friends or goals, but someone who truely has the back of everyone I know no matter what they pursue in life to have purpose, and they I. Think about what you say about others before you spew ignorance on the internet, or just be careless and negative and judgemental towards others all the time, I don't know, your choice I guess.

Is Maum's creator one of many Korean self made saviors?
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Date: March 23, 2017 09:40PM

Here are excerpts from an interesting article.

Is Maum's creator one of many Korean self made saviors?



South Korea’s leading cult expert is Tark Ji-il, a professor of religion at Busan Presbyterian University. When I reached out to him, he said that as a person of Korean descent, this would be a “very meaningful study” for me. It has been for him as well, though for a different, darker reason: Tark’s father, who studied Korean cults for almost 30 years, was murdered by a cult member in 1994.
According to Tark, it’s nearly impossible to determine exactly how many Korean cults exist today, but he estimates the number is likely over 100. A solid statistic is difficult to wrangle, because many cults in South Korea consider themselves Christian entities. According to the 2015 census, 27.6% of South Koreans identify as Christian and 15.5% as Buddhist, while 56.9% of the population align themselves with no religious affiliation, with unregistered groups, or with Sindo (an indigenous folk religion also known as Korean shamanism). A 2012 Pew Research Center study offers similar statistics. Where cults may fit into those numbers, if at all, is unknowable.

But their presence is palpable in South Korea; I came across so many rumors and whispers about celebrities and politicians that I began to think you could link almost anyone or anything, within six degrees of separation, to cultish activity. Even one of the country’s most devastating tragedies in decades, the sinking of the MV Sewol ferry in 2014, could be traced back to a cult. Over 300 passengers drowned, sparking (among other indictments) a nationwide manhunt for Yoo Byung-eun, the chairman of the shipping company that operated the vessel. Yoo had also founded the Evangelical Baptist Church of Korea, known alternatively as the Salvation Sect, deemed a cult by the General Assembly of Presbyterian Churches in South Korea.

I’d come across the phrase “new religious movement” — rather than “cult” — a number of times in my research, so I asked Tark for clarification. He said a variety of terms are used to describe groups that exist on the fringes of mainstream religion, whose intentions range from meditative and innocuous, like Falun Gong, to manipulative and destructive, like David Koresh’s Branch Davidians — more than 80 of whom died in an inferno during the 1993 compound siege in Waco, Texas. I’d also read that sociologists popularized the term “new religious movement” to veer away from the derogatory associations with the word “cult,” like the tactics of mind control and brainwashing.

Tark prefers using “cult” or the biblical term “heresy” when referring to any group in Korea that has diverged from mainline churches. Those groups, he told me, typically ascribe to four principles:

1. God, or the Second Coming of Christ, or the Holy Spirit, is Korean.

2. The new revelation or doctrine is written in Korean.

3. The chosen people who will be saved are mostly Korean.

4. The new kingdom will be established in Korea.

Most of these heresies originated during South Korea’s three main periods of political unrest and cultural oppression: Japanese imperialist rule (1910–1945), the Korean War (1950–1953), and postwar dictatorship during massive industrialization (1960–1986). Tark believes this is no coincidence. “Military dictatorship [in Korea] needed blind supporters because they didn’t have any democratic basis, and cults needed an umbrella under which they could hide from mainline churches or surrounding society’s criticism,” he said. New Korea-centric religions, which blend facets of Buddhism, Christianity, and shamanism, appealed to Koreans who were desperate for salvation in times of national despair.


A.S. goes one step further than Tark, positing that Korea’s sizable cult presence is a product of a century-long “spiritual inferiority crisis.” Imported faiths dominated Korean history for over 1,500 years. “We never had our own Buddha, our own Confucius,” A.S. told me. “Then somebody comes out and says, I am the savior, I am the Messiah … to have our own deity, of course people would get excited.”

The most enterprising cult leaders in Korea, though, anoint themselves as messiahs by proffering shamanlike, divine clarity. Korean shamanism, which is also known as muism, is a prehistoric belief system native to Korea. Mudangs or baksus, Korean shamans, are mystics and healers, gifted intermediaries between the spirit world and the human plane. Their traditional gut rituals are still performed today, for events like business openings or groundbreaking ceremonies, to help clients establish peace and balance with surrounding energies. In a 1997 article I’d read recounting my uncle’s exorcism case, experts claimed that shamanism “continues to strongly influence Korean thinking … a shaman, like a priest, is believed to possess special powers.”


Meanwhile, beyond the realm of our home in Southern California, accounts of other religious, fanatical Koreans began to emerge.

Tell-all memoirs, international investigations, and even a 60 Minutes feature exposed the inner workings of the Unification Church, a South Korean “new religion” originally founded by leader and “true father” Moon Sun Myung in 1954. Moon’s group had successfully evangelized in the US and as far abroad as Russia and Czechoslovakia, boasting a membership of up to 3 million followers worldwide. Their nickname, the “Moonies,” had become synonymous with bright-eyed and brainwashed worshippers, who agreed to arranged marriages and mass weddings, squandering their life savings, toiling 21 hours a day..


Re: Maum Meditation
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Date: May 09, 2017 11:26AM

I'm not sure why a supporter would be posting on this message board, but it doesn't look good.

My mother started doing this meditation. By the way, Maum is just a homonym in Korean for the word "heart". I'm guessing this is make it sound exotic and deep, even though it's a common word in Korean.

My mom started this meditation after visiting a center, which was not going by "Maum" but was just calling itself a local meditation center. After about a month, she was going for longer and longer, 5 hours a day, and seemed to be more and more distressed about how much progress she was or wasn't making. When I asked how you can make "progress", since to me, meditation has always been in the doing, she said that she wanted to reach the final "level", and explained that they told her of 8 levels. The completion would result in her having psychic abilities that are superhuman--she would know the future, what others are thinking, she would be happy all the time, be one with the energy of the universe--are a few of the things that I recall her telling me about.

I was subsequently surprised to find that the meditation practice is not like any meditation I've ever heard of--students are asked to visualize throwing away attachments and memories into a black hole, and can progress to a level 8, wherein they've reached completion. I can't say whether it's helped her to cope with life, but the opposite seems true. She told me that she was having trouble throwing her family into the hole, and that the helpers had told her it was because she was older and had more to discard. For the same reason, they added that the earlier she brought her children, the better.

My personal opinion is that they sized her up financially and encouraged her to make an upfront long-term commitment, and gave a reason that seemed plausible to her.

I have made a number of factual observations:

1.) She was asked immediately to pay a monthly $250 fee that supposedly goes to overhead. About a month in, she paid "sky funds" to help her dead relatives out of purgatory.
2.) She was asked to sign a waiver.
3.) She was encouraged to recruit her family members, myself included.
4.) When it was clear none of us were going to go to the center, she was told to cut off contact with us, so that she wouldn't be distracted. She left the United States for Korea indefinitely, after withdrawing half of her savings. Once there, she's paying more money for "overhead" in order to have a room and eat. My knowledge of real estate in Korea is iffy but I'm guessing they're turning a nice profit renting out a room for that much money in the middle of nowhere.
5.) Once there, she was not allowed her phone or iPad for one month. We had no contact with her.
6.) She is encouraged to believe Woo Myung is the creator of the universe, which she now believes.
7.) She texted me to say they don't get more than 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Anyone who has read up on undue influence knows that sleep deprivation is a key tactic to break down a recruit's ability to make sound decisions and to enhance suggestibility. These tactics are nothing new--they have been used by governments and factions alike to produce the same result. Yes, I realize this sounds like paranoid conspiracy theory but I wouldn't have believed it either until my mother left the country and I did some research. I'm still amazed at the level of sophistication and effort put forth by these people.

Now, I can't say whether or not the meditation has helped her. It's possible she's experienced a reduction in stress, increased happiness, enjoyment, satisfaction, etc. I'm not qualified to speak on the psychological benefits of this type of meditation.

HOWEVER, what I can say from these FACTS--not my opinion--is that
A.) She pays a lot of money, and I can imagine these numbers multiplied by the number of members. Not likely they are just "breaking even".

B.) She has withdrawn from her family and left the country. What I know about spirituality is that it is supposed to enrich your relationships and help you function BETTER in society. It should help you view others with compassion, make more sound decisions based on your values, not drive a wedge between nonbelievers and believers.

C.) There is consistent, systematic deception on their part. She has told me that the helpers have said that when she reaches the final level as they have, they will be happy all the time, and that a hand will reach down from the heavens and pull her into heaven on earth. She was encouraged not to watch tv, listen to radio, or go on the internet because untruths about the group are being spread maliciously.

To recap, A) They take her money and isolate her. B) They are not forthcoming about what it takes to complete levels, not forthcoming about Woo Myung's true identity, outright lied about his "bestsellers" and awards received, and promise something that sounds highly dubious.

and lastly,

C.) Starting a tax-exempt religious institution and charging money for it does not sound like honest-to-goodness helping the world.

This is not a judgement or hate-spreading. I have tried to be impartial as to the meditation itself. But the consistent, systematic use of identical tactics on many members spread across the globe are indicative of a top-down method to enhance donation, eliminate dissenting opinion, and foster a closed environment that ultimately results in the dependence of the individual.

I'm very sad to lose my mother. I still send messages and e-mails in the hopes that she reads them, but have yet to hear back. I'm concerned about the long-term effects of sleep deprivation on an elderly woman with health issues. If she were truly happy, then I would be happy. But if a tree falls in a forest...

Re: Maum Meditation
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Date: November 23, 2017 12:24AM

Interesting little piece of news^

85 S. Koreans denied entry to US due to travel document complications



The first article identifies the Korea-based group as Suwanee Meditation, but a Korean-based group is hardly going to name itself after a US town. Recent Reddit post ties Suwanee Meditation to Maum:

Re: Maum Meditation
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Date: July 26, 2023 05:55AM

I need to ask excuse, I want to shed some light. After having believed Maum meditation Is bad, I tried It with the intention to destroy It from within, and basically I think I were wrong. Most information on Maum Is from people Who never practiced It, so It cannot be treated as a reliable source of information. Unluckily I'm the author of the Maum meditation's rational wiki Page. Which Is totally nonsense about Maum.

Is Maum a religion? Depends on what you think a religion Is. In strict religion meaning, It Is not a religion.

If you ask Yuval Noah Harari, then Maum Is a religion. (There's a superhuman Order, the universe, and a doctrine around It, the meditation). But then i have nothing to complain about It. Harari says a religion Is believing in a kind of Order, and then having a doctrine around It. So for Harari no deity Is necessary for something to be a religion... But on this assumption also humanism Is a religion.

There Is a philosophical assumption behind Maum. The universe exists. And humans created a curtain of Memorized images over It. If you remove the images only the universe is left. Epistemologically, if only universe is left, hence you achieved the removal of all fake images, therefore you achieved eternity of the universe. This Is not kept secret. On day One at meditation these things are taught and One Is free to leave. And there are free videos on YouTube teaching that.

The meditation Is the method to remove these fakes images. You are removing the images, not the things itself.

There are millions of meditations on this world, but basically they are based on same principles.

1) focus on physical sensation or breath
2) focus on imagery
3) focus on mantra
4) focus on spontaneous mind Activity
5) focus on moving away thoughts.
6) neurolinguistic programming
7) attitude toward the focus

In example the mindfulness, Is 4,5 with non judgment attitude. Any meditation I'm aware of (fee hundreds) Is a combination of these factors.

And 8) subtractive meditation which Is different from all above (even thought some elements of the above list May be present, the root Is basically different)

Maum which method Is subtractive meditation offers a novel Path to Explore. And I'm glad I finally tried It, even thought with bad initial attitude.^^.

Also the meditation has a novel approach, if someone says it copied Tao, then this Person does not understand Tao, nor Maum. There are some overlap points, between Maum, and some religions, and some philosophies. But there Is no Copy in that.

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Re: Maum Meditation
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Date: July 26, 2023 08:47AM

Take care to read all six pages of this discussion of Maum and its other name, subtraction meditation.

Some new discussions about it on Reddit.


"...not all meditations are connected to an organization that will demand more and more time and money as you progress. Nor do all such organizations claim to be the sole way for you to achieve the spiritual freedom you seek. But Maum does make that claim."

One person reported:



1 yr. ago

As you may have read online, one of the keys to passing level 4 is professing that the founder(s) of the meditation are 'the universe itself' and have 100% 'pure universe mind' -- as opposed to having any 'human mind' whatsoever. You can easily imagine what kind of implications this has when it comes to questioning their decisions or commands. It is often simply said among members that the founders are 'god'.

(This eventually extends to include Woo Myung's (second) wife, as well as their son. Go figure).

Another key to passing level of is professing to have "died completely" which is only supposed to be possible after a lot of the 'action meditation' -- as opposed to sitting meditation -- which begins in level 4.

Many people experience anxiety when it comes to passing the levels. I did for sure. You are supposed to be distressing, and enlightening, by discarding burdens, but a definite hierarchy emerges among the practitioners of the various levels. On top of that, there is the issue of the meditation being 'guided' but not everyone experiencing the same scheduled 'enlightenments' at the end/climax of each level. So people will ask themselves, "Did I really pass the level? Did I really enlighten?"

Also interesting: One of the primary duties of the helpers -- something they would never openly tell you about -- is known in English as "bragging." This means they are supposed to repeatedly tell the students about the wonders of being 'complete' , about how great their life is now that they are complete.

While it is true that you can experience prolonged periods of clarity that can feel like some final stage of 'enlightenment', these people's lives are by no means perfect, their minds by no means always at peace. But they are expected to constantly act as if they don't have a care in the world. So yes, you can experience altered states of mind, and even gain clarity in your life --that's possible with this practice -- but the extent to which this occurs is distorted by the bragging that all of the helpers do.


I ended up leaving purely by chance, you could say. I just found that I hadn't gone in a few weeks, and before I knew it, a few weeks turned into few months, and so on. There was no triggering moment that caused me to leave, it was just that the longer I spent away, the less I wanted to go back. It was very weird and unexpected given how devoted I had been to the organization and the teachings, and how long I had been a member.

What followed was a prolonged period of confusion that I sometimes refer to as my "thawing out." I had been deeply immersed, and the teachings had been deeply ingrained, transforming my entire understanding of myself and the world. And now, away from that organization, I felt very deeply confused about life.

All told, it took my a few years to gain some clear perspective on my experience. For those few years, I was very uncertain about what I believed, what I had experienced, and what to tell others.

It is remarkable how radically a person's entire understanding of life can be transformed.

When you go daily, or often, for years, the same messages are repeated over and over. There is even a jargon that is used there that nobody else uses. When you stay away for a while, the impression of all that starts to fade away.

I hope that helps.

Maum Meditation Reddit Discussions
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Date: July 26, 2023 08:54AM



7 yr. ago
· edited 7 yr. ago

Ok, thanks your for pointing that on reddit, actually I've been following (following = internet watching / RSS / etc) Maum Meditation for a while. What warries me is that it is really spreading to really many people and there's almost no media coverage for that (wich makes me thinking if governements are really aware of this cult, just thinking that current Intelligence agencies warries to much about tax evasion and miss important things like Maum Meditation ^ ). I think this IS DIFFERENT FROM MANY CULTS, I GUESS ACTUALLY IT IS THE MOST WORLD-WIDE SPREADED, still the only people that know about the cult are familiars/friends of people that is actually a cultist, or people that is actually inside the cult.

Says, you have statistics for people being followers of Buddishm or Muslims, but THERE IS NO STATISTIC FOR MAUM.

Most websites speaking bad of Maum are now disappeared, I was collecting links to gain information, but seems those site were lawsuited / DDOS-ed and are no longer available / articles were removed, the only chance to still get some info comes thanks to sites that are harder to put down (like reddit, in this "REALLY THANKS REDDIT COMMUNITY / DEVELOPERS"). only few sites still mentions Maum ( in example. you can even find forum posts where cultits defend Maum meditation).

My situation is almost comical, in the sense I've been trying to get Media gain some focus on this "mediation club", the result was NONE. I've been trying to contact anonymous priests associations and warn about this cult, I've been trying to write to editorials staff, being completely ignored or suggested to go to mindhealth institute :/ (well, probably I can't do much to change the situation)


Maum meditation is changing name, there are almost over 30 websites that still mentions Woo Myung and shows the same 7 levels on home page. Now you will find "MeditationUSA" "MeditationLife" etc.

There are wikipedia pages for Maum (not in english)

There are groups on Meetup, there are literally HUNDREDS of Meetup groups, I've been watching some of them from a fake account, the basically send daily invitations to "come and meditate", subscribers to those groups are dozen of thousands.

IT IS TOLD Woo Myung WON "Mahatma Gandhi peace price" from united nations ONG, however, seems internet have No information on that price (apart the sites that are obviously related to meditation) there are online sources claiming that is a fake claim.

Woo Muyng is called "World peace ambassador".

There are hidden fees for sure (I know someone who sold all its consoles/videogames to afford a travel to Argentina)

They have a Self Balancing Food, still I don't know what it exactly contains (they claim dried vegetables), there's no institute that actually performed analysis on that food to say if it is safe or contains stuff like drugs etc, It smells like boillon cube and taste similiar if dissolved in water (I've tasted it indeed, so regardless of what it contains, it has nothing poisonous, or I won't be here to write XD)

Meditation is becoming cheaper (in Europe it is under 100 euros/month).

Meditation pracitse has to be secret, we indeed know something (like you have to figuring yourself leaking into a blackhole as meditation practise), but we don't know all excercises up to level 7, so we at least know that people went after level 1 or 2 no longer comes back.

The teacher(ehmm er... the "helper") became Angry when I asked him if "someone ever came back after entering level 7?", he almost lose its control but tried to immediatly become as quiet as possible (still guessin what that means)

There have been attemps to create Q&A sites against Cults with no success, apart some solitaire blog, the reddit posts, and sites like culteducation there are no successfull attemps to really put down maum meditation.

I'm looking for REAL INFO form people that has been inside the cult, I just stopped practicing after 5 days because I felt something was really wrong (even before started doing my internet searches).

Re: Maum Meditation
Posted by: Arius ()
Date: July 26, 2023 02:09PM

I've been through through all levels, I can confirm that Is not correct (thought May e the method has changed?). Also Is funny you post BellatrixLeRegular as quote. Infact that was my account. As you see I changed my mind^^.. but its ok. i see its of no use insisting here.

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Re: Maum Meditation
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Date: July 27, 2023 12:28AM



Profile photo for Austin C
Austin C
How do you start Maum meditation?

I was brainwashed by maum meditation (woo myung cult). I felt sorry that I left my family & true friends to follow woo myung cult for years. I was very selfish because I only want to save myself using maum meditation. My family was suffering but I didn’t care because I meditated everyday. I lost my job and my saving.

After last level of maum meditation, the senior members started to ask me to work full time for the meditation center.

The worst part was the helper s tried to ‘control’ my live… including how I use my OWN money.

Maum cult has a special team to chase people who speak up about maum cult. Instead of doing self reflection, this group was searching who tell about abusive practices in maum cults.

It also started changing its name to local meditation centers such as: Austin Meditation, Flushing Meditation, Broward Meditation, etc. to deceive innocent people.

I met the maum meditation founder, woo myung personally. I felt sorry that he had too much anger, stress, depression and always upset to senior helpers. Woo myung should abandon and discard maum meditation so that he can get rid of his stress and anger.

Maum Meditation pretend to be local meditation groups
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 27, 2023 12:39AM

Author alleges Maum Meditation groups refer to themselves as local meditation centers.


Lesson is ALWAYS demand to know who actually leads/organizes any meditation project or center. Where does the money come from to do publicity and organize the Zoom rooms and times?

In the US spiritual and meditation projects are tax deductible. That means YOU, the tax payer, indirectly subsidize them. You have entitled to get polite respectful answers to your questions about a meditation group's leadership and finances.

If anyone laughs at you or tries to make you feel stupid or uncomfortable, they are unworthy of your time, your attention, unworthy of your trust.

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