William E Camilleri William E Camilleri William E Camilleri
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seven cosmic worlds. Seven cosmic worlds.
Masquerading under the mask of Christianity.

This cult uses books, that the leader claims authorship of, to recruit followers.

William E. Camilleri; founder, the Inner Light Society of the Cosmic Christ. Omits to mention he is former bankrupt.

"The COSMIC CHRIST WORLD LIGHT SHIELD shows how the Christ Being, a perfect Being, lived His Truth as a human being and as a Cosmic Being. This is presented in order to assist an individual in finding Light in his or her heart. This Light is evidence of such a Being and contributes to one’s ability to envisage one’s eternal, ultimate destiny to a World of Light
This organisation operates under the cover of psychic lines, clairvoyant counselling.
People are offered spiritual tools and methods of meditation. If you are vulnerable you get taken into the organisation to work as a psychic on their phone lines.
The rationale is guiding people using the techniques that have been taught to you, allows the person working as a psychic to transform themselves and overcome their past.

You are paid around $.60 a minute, the owner William Camilleri makes a profit of around one dollar 50 cents a minute. This is on a call charging about $4.95.

Some people live at home and work on the phones part-time. Others live in cult households working in a 24-hour cycle.

What is disturbing is that William Camilleri has been found making people take mortgages out over their houses and give the money directly to him.

People are left utterly destitute.

William Camilleri is an ex-bankrupt who used to run a liquor store in Ballarat Victoria. His accountant at that time was John Seery.
William Camilleri boasted he got John Seery to hide his assets. This is consistent with him in 1996 renting a two-storey house in Glenburnie Road, Vermont.

The house was rented in the name of Justin Grant, the cult follower who believed he was William's son in a past life. At the time Elizabeth Gronberg and William Camilleri drove relatively modest second-hand cars while living in a very comfortable house.
William would create the impression, that he funded his lifestyle through his tarot card readings.

Later after the bankruptcy period ended William purchased a house also two-storey in Harrison Street Mitcham. William also began to purchase new vehicles.

After the latest fraud perpetrated William Camilleri has been spotted driving around in a BMW station wagon.
Also a Mercedes-Benz station wagon. Both these vehicles are leased by the 1 900 number service.

William Camilleri owns through his wife a Telstra service provider that runs the 1 900 number service. The service provider is known as Consulate. It is managed at least on paper by Jeff Richards of Mortgage House, the finance broker that William uses to take out fraudulent mortgages on his followers properties.

Consulate has now changed its name to Gronberg Holdings, the contact person is now Elizabeth Gronberg, Williams wife.

Apparently Jeff Richards, like John Seery has been discarded. Jeff Richards who was instrumental in committing a half $1 million fraud and sending the money to William.

David Walker the accountant from Rucker McKenzie has also been discarded. David Walker made a false statement to the bank, that allowed a fraudulent mortgage to go through.

Observing William Camilleri we see a pattern of him cleverly manipulating people for his own advantage.
In turn, they are discarded when they are of no longer any use.

William Camilleri also makes references to Rudolf Steiner and a lot of his works. He normally does this when he first meet you to give himself a sense of legitimacy.
He also claims that because his technique is superior, a number of the teachers in the Rudolf Steiner school system in Melbourne work with him.
Following the techniques of the Inner Light Society
He talks about doing studies in Switzerland at some school that followed Carl Jung's teachings.

William Camilleri by all accounts does have skills of clairvoyance. In practice he exploits this talent, to convince his followers to seek his advice on everything.
Ultimately you don't make a decision without his approval. He generally advises all his followers to reject their families.

There are accounts of former female members of the group, reporting the belief that they felt William was grooming them for sex.

all advertisements for psychic phone counselling and guidance carry the name of the service provider.
The advertisements run by the inner light Society of Australia, generally go through Consulate.
Now Gronberg Holdings.

Recruiting people through the psychic phone lines is very effective and very subtle. The callers are often very lost and feel genuinely empowered by the prayers and meditation techniques being offered. What they don't realise is that they are being drawn into a web where they become powerless.
They are convinced they can only access the spiritual powers through the Inner Light Society and William Camilleri.

the truth is these are very common spiritual techniques. What William Camilleri does is manipulate his followers into putting him first. He also creates an imaginary past life relationship between the member of the group and himself.

William claims to be a reincarnation of Gandhi, and several other historical figures including John the Baptist and Confucius.

New members to the group are slowly fed this information about past lives, like it is a very important secret available only to the chosen.

Once a person begins to believe this past life hierarchy, then they are caught up in this psychological web as defined by William Camilleri. He then is in a position to keep instructing the person to keep on compromising their own life and not questioning him.

People are mortgaging their houses to him, on the basis it was the continuation of the past life relationship.

Other members have made the observation that William Camilleri appears to have genuine spiritual powers. Coming across as utterly plausible and charismatic on occasion.

Others say that this is purely a fleeting impression, saying it is obvious he is a charlatan and a fraud.

William Camilleri also has a fearsome reputation for using black magic. Former cult members report being spiritually attacked by him, experiencing extreme suicidal feelings.

William Camilleri used also boast of his powers to astral travel, female cult members who rejected his sexual advances reported having horrifying dreams of William raping them at night.
A female psychic who came to the aid of a former cult member, reported all her female clients had the same nightmarish dream.

However as with all cults, they play upon the vulnerable and they attack people who are vulnerable.

Using the psychic line model, Inner Light Society have found a very insidious and almost invisible way to recruit the lost and powerless in society.

New Release: Inner Light Society, Melbourne, Australia. 'The Seven Cosmic Worlds'
THE SEVEN COSMIC WORLDS: The journey of mankind’s destiny to reach the Ultimate Light as shown by the Cosmological, Spiritual and Psychological Sciences of Rudolf Steiner and Carl G. Jung: A challenge to the Apocalypse of the 21st Century.

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Re: William E Camilleri William E Camilleri William E Camilleri
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Further developments

William Emmanuel CAMILLERI and Jade Broomhall
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Cult book. William Emmanuel CAMILLERI and Jade Broomhall

Seekers of the Light / William E. Camilleri and Jade S. Broomhall

Australia : Jade S. Broomhall, 2019
[Port Adelaide, S.A.]: Green Hill Publishing, manufacturer
Jade Broomhall born 1983 was Williams mistress along with Zji Shaan.
A book that was supposedly written by Jade Broomhall and William Camilleri.
Actually written by Jan Brennan who was a member of William Camilleri"s cult.
The inner light society.
Used to recruit the lost and powerless in society.

William Emmanuel CAMILLERI
Born on 21 December 1950
Passed away on 11 March 2017
Aged 66 years

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