Ego pretending to advaita masters
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Date: February 25, 2013 09:14PM

I thought I’d seen it all in terms of ego maniacs running around claiming ‘not to be a guru’ and having ‘no teaching’ but someone showed me an exchange on the ‘Urban Guru Cafe 86’ between its founder Gilbert Schultz and a person called Jean Pierre Gomez. From what I read Jean is just trying to have say, perhaps a tad overzealous but the personal attacks and sniping by Gilbert just reveal what a big ego he has. A big, brittle ego that always has to get the final word in at all times. He even takes a cheap shot at Charlie Hayes again. The internet seems infested with these people. It starts after Jean makes a number of postings in a row- bad move on a forum where Gilbert is used to lording over and having his ego stroked. Gilbert straight away starts with a put down as if this Jean guy is a deluded drug user. He urges him to keep it simple and brief- unlike his own longwinded rants.

Jesus Jean Pierre, who popped your cork? Is that all for the moment or do you want another few pages? Give it a rest JP. “Run him over with a truck” – Jesus wept. Keep it simple and brief and drop the Bullarias. Anyone who wants more of JPG, can find him on his website – he is a flute maker, so I believe. Probably makes peace pipes too. What YOU been smokin’ JP?

After Jean makes a few more comments, Gilbert just can’t help himself and has to resort to personal insults as usual.

You are clearly showing your true colors amigo. The system sometimes takes a while to post a comment. If you are a Hot Head wanting some drama, then go elsewhere. I used the word Jesus as a means of expression. No one suggested that Jesus is alive or dead. If you insist on being a drama queen you will be removed. Keep in clean and simple. We don’t need another guru here thanks. This is a guru free Cafe. If you persist in being a dork, all your comments will be removed. So where is your clarity now? Go play your flute somewhere else, if you cannot be civil and show some respect.

Of course it is a ‘guru free’ cafe! No ‘teacher’ or ‘teaching,’ only Big ego Gilbert lording over everyone supported by his fans. It goes from bad to worse. Remember Gilbert is telling this guy to keep it simple and brief. In all of his posts JPG doesn’t personally attack anybody except for the statements some people have made. He certainly doesn’t threaten anybody.

Furthermore Jean Pierre, all this drama is your own making. Truth does not tear anything apart or down. What is true is true. What is false is false. They never meet. But obviously they are mixed up in your own mind and you see devils at play where there are none. Your idle threats are indicative of an unbalanced mind. I seem to remember a drama years ago over your antics. Looks like you are still turning on the same old piece of ground. You pretend to be beyond the ‘ego’ yet you demonstrate quite clearly that you are offended by something. Then you make threats as if you are an agent of the Truth. It is ALL in your mind my friend. I am sure many will get some entertainment from you antics. My guess is that you have been ousted from all the other non duality comment sites and now you want to have your drama on this site. Stop accusing ‘people’ of symptoms that belong to YOU.
Chill out.

You pretend to be beyond the ‘ego’ yet you demonstrate quite clearly that you are offended by something. Now who is being offended? All I saw was big ego Gilbert being upset at somebody having the nerve to come on his forum and have a say. Gilbert needs to go stand in front of a mirror and repeat this statement to himself. Now it starts to all get a bit comical. Gilbert continues his tirade, remember he is accusing the other guy of exactly what he himself is doing- and he thinks the other guy is the lost soul.

Non Duality is not something to use to sort out your personal problems.
It is not a forum for arguments. If anyone has persistent anxiety over their identity and a simple inquiry into that believed in identity does not resolve the problem, then professional help may be necessary. Pretending to be a teacher is not recommended. Mental illness is a huge problem in society. Either get to the core of the problem quickly and solve it or get the required help necessary. If you suffer from depression and are on medication, have a talk to Charlie Hayes. He has been ‘through the it all’. If you follow the advice of some deluded teacher, it will not help.

Now forgive me for being confused, but wasn’t the idea of ‘self enquiry’ to investigate whether there is any separate entity with freewill and autonomy? So it now seems he is saying if you can’t see that immediately you need a professional help. What happened to the bit about ‘already being that?’ I would agree with him that ‘mental illness is a huge problem.’ He might want to look into ‘messianic complex,’ ‘narcissistic disorder’ etc. Pretending to be a ‘non-teacher’ is also a problem it seems.

Yes Jean Pierre, you have learned all the right things to say but you fly off the handle and accuse ‘people’ of things that are fictional. Admit it, you are a hot head. The last thing we need here is some hot headed ‘teacher’ going bananas and posting endless comments. I told you keep it brief and drop the abuse and the assumptions about folks you know nothing of. Go do your good works and be quiet. Save all the seekers – but maybe you can do it somewhere else – thanks.

On the one hand in many posts Gilbert acts as if he doesn’t know this Jean guy but in other posts he talks as if he does know him and attempts to paint him as a nut or drug addict.

Ralph, I don’t think so. Jean Pierre has always been a mixed bag. I am pretty sure it is he. Years ago Jean Pierre went into a tirade over someone ‘stealing’ his words and posting them on a website as their own. The funny thing was that almost all the words were word for word what he had heard when he visited Bob Adamson. It does not matter. The message can be spoken by a parrot and if it is really heard, it can bring what is necessary. Bob has been holding meetings for over 30 years and the message has been the same, more or less. It is amazing how his ‘pointings’ have found their way into the ‘teachings’ of so many contemporary teachers today. When there is true understanding, the same words may be expressed sometimes, only because they are accurate. The core of it all is the same. Much of what Jean Pierre says is correct. It is the accusations of being censored and the nonsense about him being an agent of truth that rings the alarm bells. Who cares? If JP thinks he can badge in here and throw his weight around like some new found savior, he will get trashed pretty quickly. Have a look at his website and see if he acknowledges his visit to Bob Adamson. I don’t think he does. Before he saw Bob he was a desperate seeker. Respect seems to be missing somehow. Who cares?

Once again he accuses others of the exact thing he is guilty of. How shameless is this guy? His own writings and books are full of things heard from the mouth of Ramesh Balsekar and Bob Adamson. Even after slandering this poor Jean guy, he then admits much of what he was saying is correct!! Gilbert also has an annoying habit of ending his rants with ‘who cares?’ Pretty obviously his big ego cares and feels threatened; his own words expose him as a brittle egoist. Just when I was asking myself ‘Am I the only one who sees this Gilbert guy for what he is?’ My confidence in mankind was slightly restored by the following poster who obviously knew about Gilbert and his games.

Gil says to Gomez” You pretend to be beyond the ‘ego’ yet you demonstrate quite clearly that you are offended by something.” Now there’s the pot calling the kettle black.
You get offended all the time, from day one of this website. That’s why you censor the shit out of the comments. That’s why so many people just leave and all you’re left with is ass kissers and parrots instead of open discussion. You got so offended by Scott Kiloby you kicked him and his podcast off this site. Who got offended? Ego of course. Looks like Gomez is just another half-way-there case with an axe to grind. So much for resting in pure awareness. Anyone can spout the advaita line. BEING it is something else, and rare. “If you suffer from depression and are on medication, have a talk to Charlie Hayes. ”Really? You’re going to send him to this self aggrandizer who you won’t even interview and had a big falling out with? And a guy who is charging for “consultations”. What clowns you all are. Great entertainment!! Keep it up!

Gilbert of course has to always get the last word in. As usual he uses non-too-subtle references to drug use as if Jean is a recovering drug addict. I thought there was no ‘me’ Gilbert!!

I could say a lot of stuff about this Gomez but frankly, it is so boring and it is the same old hashed up nonsense splattered with twists and turns, things that sounds almost right but you know it isn’t quite right. This is why we are fairly selective of who we interview. Non duality, from the point of view of the mind is the ultimate mind game and there appears to be many who have flipped and many others who get high on the chemical releases that mental stimulation brings. Ex-substance abuse types often get angry and argue endlessly, getting high in the rush, which is just a convenient replacement for the ‘old drug’. I have seen enough of this and can spot it a mile off. There is absolutely no point in pretending to know. Pretenders stand out like Dog’s Nuts. They protest loudly, insisting that they are genuine and true. Me thinks they protest a bit too much. These ‘teachers’ who shout that they are telling the truth are just sideshow entertainment. Who cares?

I saved the best for last and it is another quote Gilbert should repeat standing in front of the mirror using his own name instead of JPG.

JPG is a noisy protester and is desperate to be recognized as a ‘wise one’. To be sure he can express some things very clearly but the crunch is there is still a strong belief in being ‘someone’ quite obviously there and no matter how much he protests that there is not a belief in an entity, it seeps out as soon as some buttons are pushed.

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