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The Kingdom of the Divine Will - Luisa Piccarreta
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: August 28, 2005 01:38PM

I have friends of mine who have become involved in this "fringe" spirituality - The Kingdom of the Divine Will - KDW

They claim that a "visionary" Luisa Piccarreta from Italy b1865, d1947, received visions from Jesus Christ. She wrote 36 volumes, in which contains her discourse with her alleged "Jesus" and her thoughts and spiritual exercises.

To obtain the Divine Will, one has to anilhilate ones' free will to then create divine acts through the Divine Will of God.

[b:747db2011f]My friends are presenting the classic behaviours of thought reform:[/b:747db2011f]
Personality changes,
Constantly purging themselves to obtain purity of heart,
Non acceptance of opposing views to KDW,
Elitest mentality - God has favourites, the ones chosen for the Divine Will If you don't accept this, you are not chosen - your heart is not pure etc...
The list goes on.

[b:747db2011f]has anyone else any experience with family or friends involved in this form of spirituality? I am not looking for info on it as I have much already. I just want to connect with people with the same problem. [/b:747db2011f]

Members tend to also believe in Medjugorje and Fr Gobbi's Marian Movement of Priests

Note: these 3 spiritualities are non approved by the Catholic Church despite their origins and promotions. Please keep to the addictive nature of the spirituality and its affectation on "believers" rather than using this thread as an avenue to preach - thanks.


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The Kingdom of the Divine Will - Luisa Piccarreta
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: November 19, 2006 05:57AM

A transcript of emails from one of the heads in the Divine Will Cult to a former member. I can personally vouch for the authenticity of the writings, (and no, it is not me):


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The Kingdom of the Divine Will - Luisa Piccarreta
Date: November 19, 2006 12:19PM

I was lured into practicing "Divine Will" because the promoters of this spirituality are using St. Louis De Montfort's "True Devotion To Mary" (which is an established Marian devotion approved by the Catholic Church) as a launchpoint.

A nice lady came up to me in Church one day, beaming. All smiles. She introduces herself and says to me, "Have you heard of Luisa Piccarreta?"

Now, I'd studied some Catholic Prophecy for a hobby. I'd run across the name, but had not read any of Luisa Piccarreta's mystical writings or prophecies. I said, "Yeah. I don't know much about her though."

This very nice lady (She also wore a veil, like me. We're the only two women in Church who still wear veils) says, "I'll get you a book so you can look it over." She also said, "Don't worry. This is approved by the Church. It has a Nihil Obstat." (For those not familiar with Catholicism, that means "no error." It's one step below an Imprimatur, which is always given by a Bishop. Nihil Obstat can be issued by a priest).

I read I bring you Tidings of Great Joy, a complilation of Luisa Piccarreta's writings and an introduction to a spirituality called "Divine Will." I was intrigued. I didn't understand it, but I was interested.

continued ...

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The Kingdom of the Divine Will - Luisa Piccarreta
Date: November 19, 2006 01:05PM

... continued ...

So, this lady gives me more writings by Piccarreta.

I followed the lesson plan being promoted by the John Paul II Institute of Christian Spirituality. They also sell the available English Translations of the Volumes.

It seemed like a mystical masterpiece at first. And then ... I started to come across a few odd statements, like we are not to read the writings of any other Saints besides Luisa Piccarreta. Another section presented the Book of Heaven as the "gospel of the Third Christian Millenium." At that point, I set the writings aside, deciding I didn't understand them. In fact, I set them down for an entire year, and studied the writings of other mystics, and the teachings of the Church as taught by Father John Hardon.

Anyway, I've come back to the writings a year later, and through the Grace of God, I learned this to be a heretical movement. Followers of this should read the following critiques:

Divine Will Hunting by Father Terry Staples
Kingdom of the Divine Will by Rev. William Most
Luisa Piccarreta: Kingdom of the Divine Will by Catholics United for the Faith
Kingdom of the Divine Will Luisa Piccarreta From God? Not Possible by Rick Salbato
And the very interesting "Divine Will Conversation" linked by the Original Poster.

I recently had a fight with the lady who introduced me to Divine Will, over a matter completely unrelated.

This lady is known for "correcting" people around the parish. She chases people out of the Chapel for talking in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. She lectures the altar servers for not being perfect. She yells at the lectors for accidently reading the Scripture incorrectly. She yelled at the Deacon for mispronouncing a Saint's name. She is awful! I've never in my life met anyone so arrogantly self-righteous. I've discussed her behavior with her and with our Pastor. He told me she's been the cause a lot of dissention in the parish and he's gotten TONS of complaints about her. I don't know why he hasn't done something about her. Maybe he has??

I've talked to her about her "correcting" people, TWICE. The first time was a year ago. She was going to "correct" the Pastor for saying the Liturgy of the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Word are equal components of the Mass. She took his statement completely out of context and twisted it in her mind to be something that "needed correcting." (She does this with most everything). When I asked her NOT to correct Father, and to leave him alone, she dumped me as my Confirmation Sponsor two days before my Confirmation ceremony! (She was mad! How dare I presume to tell her what do).

I got Confirmed on schedule. The Deacon volunteered to Sponsor me! Boy was Father ANGRY when he found out what she'd done!

I forgave her, but I made the mistake of letting her back into my life. I thought that if I treated her with kindness, she'd change. I was wrong.

Last week, she went too far by correcting a Protestant inquirer who was attending a "Basics of the Catholic Faith Class." These are open classes---open to any faith. In this class, people are welcome to come and ask questions about our faith without being judged. The Protestant inquirer had attended many classes. In fact, she was on the road to being Catholic, that is, until my friend started attending class last week. This Protestant lady cracked an innocent joke, and my friend attacked her visciously (verbally). I stepped in. My friend and I got in a fight IN class. Had I not stepped in, my "friend" would've run the Protestant Inquirer out the door!

Since then, my "friend" and I have had a long series of nasty emails. I've told her to stop correcting people, and that her "correcting" is actually bullying. She refuses to awknowledge that she's bullying people. She has no guilt over driving someone away from the Church (That Protestant Inquirer didn't show for class last week). She won't repent. She refuses to admit she's wrong. She refuses to take moral responsibility for her actions. In fact, she tells me I'm a "nutcase," and that she doesn't have to take orders from a "snot nose kid" like me and that I'm "crazy."

Do you want to know why she won't repent or admit she's wrong?

The "Divine Will" spirituality teaches that eventually, if we seek to annihilate our Human Will and to embrace only the Divine Will, that we will be given a NEW and GREATER SECOND spiritual gift (one that's greater than the gift of Sanctifying Grace that comes with Redemption) and that is the Gift of the Divine Will. When you receive the Gift of the Divine Will, your human will dissolves into the Divine Will in such a way that all one's actions are Divine. All ones acts are automatically Sanctified.

My friend won't repent because she believes everything she does proceeds from God's Will. She believes she only has God's Will. Repeat. She believes she no longer has a Human Will. She only has a Divine Will. That's the key issue.

I told her that her bullying is driving people away from the Church, and I asked her how could that be God's Will? She had no answer.

I also, incidently, told her that she's "The Grinch who Stole Christmas," and a hypocrit, a heretic and a schismatic and that she has no business telling anyone else how to practice Catholicism because she herself practices it incorrectly per adherence to "Divine Will." I also told her she is never again allowed in my home, and that my contact with her has been "spiritual poison." I terminated my friendship with her permanently, with no regrets.

By the way, the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur that was given to some of LP's writings only applies to the original Italian version. Also, the original Imprimatur was granted WHILE LP's writings were placed on the Catholic Index of Forbidden books. In my opinion, this makes the original Imprimatur invalid. She lied to me.

I was duped because I didn't know my faith. Plain and simple.

I was also duped because the "Divine Will" promoters are lying to people. These writings are NOT approved by the Church.

To Catholics everywhere ... this heresy is GROWING at a scary rate. If someone ever comes up to you in Church and gives you someting "novel" beware. Do research. Ask your Pastor about it. There are false Imprimaturs in many books. If a book is not printed by a trusted Catholic publisher, be suspect! Protect yourself.

God Bless!

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The Kingdom of the Divine Will - Luisa Piccarreta
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: November 20, 2006 03:45AM

This annihilation of the human will for the "Divine Will" has implications and similarities to most other cults.

In theory, if a person seeks the "Divine Will", that person is attempting to be God Like or even God. If the group has led this friend of yours to think that she possesses the Divine Will, of course she thinks she is entitled to correct everyone because she thinks all her actions are "divine".

Philisiophically, this is existentialism to the extreme, something that most cults try to emulate like Landmark Education who brianwash their graduates into thinking that they are "possibility".

Theologically, it is Gnostisism.

What I find interesting is how someone like your friend comes to this level of self brainwashing. I'd like to know the power and influence of the prayer group she belongs to.

From my earlier posting, I too have friends and acquantances involved in this cult and have noted how they have been affected s you describe.


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The Kingdom of the Divine Will - Luisa Piccarreta
Date: November 20, 2006 06:02AM

My former friend had expressed to me about a year ago her frustration at being unable to spread "Divine Will" in our Parish. (I refused to help her until I'd read all the Volumes and understood it).

Ironically, her own condescention and uncharitable example probably turned people off from anything she had to offer them spiritually. She is the reason there is no "Divine Will" prayer group!

Luckily, there isn't a "Divine Will" prayer group (yet) in our Diocese. I'm not going to allow this to happen.

I'm going to present our Bishop with all the available "Divine Will" critiques, the "Divine Will" conversation, and possibly the transcript from the Holy Spirit Center in Ohio that's available on Unity Publishing. I'm going to petition our Bishop to BAN all Divine Will prayer groups, the dispersal of any of Luisa Piccarreta's writings and possibly, if it's under his ecclesiastical power, the ban of practicing this spirituality on Church property.

Our Bishop's done this sort of thing before.

My former friend (yes, the same loon who practices "Divine Will") was instrumental in forming a Medjugorje Upper Room Prayer Group. This group of pious women met every other Sunday on Church property to pray the Rosary and discuss apparitions and the latest "messages." I refused to participate because I don't believe the "messages" of Medjugorje are from God.

Our Bishop found out about it. He BANNED any mention or promotion of Medjugorje on Church property. The Upper Room Prayer group has to drop the discussion of "messages." The leader of the prayer group promised the Pastor these decrees would be obeyed.

Upon hearing this great news, I procured the Medugorje prayer book that was in the Adoration chapel and have disposed of it.

Our Bishop also discovered people were dispersing the writings of "Anne, the Lay Apostle." The Imprimatur in these Volumes is false. Our Bishop BANNED the dispersal of and mention of the writings or its Author on Church property.

I see no reason why our Bishop wouldn't do the same with "Divine Will," a spirituality that is, in my opinion, even more damaging than the Medjugorje schism. Our Bishop really is a great Bishop!

Those who've been damaged by cults CAN fight back --- all though legitmate channels!

God Bless!

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Re: The Kingdom of the Divine Will - Luisa Piccarreta
Posted by: Darneap24 ()
Date: November 14, 2017 08:37PM

I have run into the same things about "Divine Will", I have people tell me that I am missing out and they get upset because I am uncomfortable with the way this is being taught. I personally know one person who does not go to church unless he can find a retired priest to give the Latin mass. He believes living in the "The Divine Will " makes it unnecessary for him to attend mass! This is a man who taught Theology in Ireland. I say by their fruits you shall know them! God bless you .

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Re: The Kingdom of the Divine Will - Luisa Piccarreta
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 14, 2017 11:21PM

One question to ask is who is in charge of this movement and if any money is involved.

One recurring problem in community pastoral care is any missionary project
that disrupts a community by implying that ordinary church life is somehow
inferior to contemplative prayer.

If someone is so disruptive to a parish and a pastor seems unable to be of help, perhaps contact the chancellor of the diocese. If you can find others
willing to co sign your letter, that would be great.

Your pastor may have little experience in conflict resolution and be paralyzed. He may need assistance from the diocese on this. I have known a couple of pastors who were unable to to stand up to bullies. Both pastors grew up in
abusive families and literally froze in the presence of angry bossy people.

Your pastor may need to have some allies and witnesses before he is in a position to deal with this Divine Will parishioner.

Before you write to the chancellor, you and some other parishioners should
consider having a meeting with the pastor and tell him you are planning
to contact the diocese so that he can be part of this process, not discover
you've gone over his head.

Make sure you are part of a group of parishioners. If you do this by yourself, you will risk being the one who is marginalized and labelled a trouble maker.

Years ago, someone gave me some great advice on how to draft a letter to
the chancellor of a diocese:

Keep it at one page.

Clear margins.

Supply documents and website addresses for the person or group you are asking

Ask if this approach is compatible with the magisterium because you
are worried that it could bring discord to a parish.

Final note: ask if this Divine Will could be similar to an approach
termed "Quietism".


Encyclopedia Britannica


New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia


Google search for Quietism Catholicism


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Re: The Kingdom of the Divine Will - Luisa Piccarreta
Posted by: LumenBorealis ()
Date: March 08, 2021 03:32AM

I'm having the same problem with my friends. They insisted so much I ended up gong to some of the meetings, but I was reading Fr Caussade's Abandonment to the Divine Providence and I realized something was off. Went check and boom... I try to warn them, but it doesn't matter what I say, they obstinate in these strange "teachings"! So sad!

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Re: The Kingdom of the Divine Will - Luisa Piccarreta
Posted by: Rachel000 ()
Date: July 23, 2022 04:20PM

Hi there,

I’m new to this forum and I came across it when looking up ways to help my mother who has been severely brainwashed by divine will.

My family and I are unfortunately at the point of great concern for her. She has removed herself from the family and did so by saying incredibly hurtful things to my siblings even refusing to go to my brothers wedding.

She is considering leave the family altogether based off speaking to members and ‘leaders’ of divine will. She has become incredibly secretive and withdrawn and her day revolves around reading the scriptures of divine will.

Does anyone have any advice on how we as a family can help our mother. We are desperate so anything will help.

Thank you

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