Thousands of 1st & 2nd Generation Moonies Leave
Posted by: Mooniesmess ()
Date: December 27, 2012 05:51AM

Rev Moon died on sep 2012.
In Heartbreak and Rage: Ten Years Under Sun Myung Moon, a Cult Survivor's Memoir, K. Gordon Neufeld

Moonies,ex-moonies are on google group, alt.religion.unification
Thousands of 1st & 2nd Generation Moonies Leave,this is proof the moonies are not building heaven otherwise people would be joining insted of leaving.
True Mother: Early Unification Church: Alive with Spirit and Truth
(Sept. 30, 2012)
[] profiles/blogs/true-mother- early-unification-church- alive-with-spirit-and-truth-? xg_source=msg_mes_network
5 paragraphs up from bottom,True Mother says,"Twenty thousand second generation have all been washed away into the secular world",ony 100 remain
Peter Brown Proposes a New Approach to Governance for the Unification Church
[] profiles/blogs/peter-brown- proposes-a-new-approach-to- governance-for-the-unifica?xg_ source=msg_mes_network&xg_ppc= s1
I believe that tens of thousands of members have left our church
because of a severe conflict between our theology and its cultural
traditions and church governance.
----------------- Part 2 -------------------
Real Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Real Unification church...
[]? v=Ecx7yR4NFBY&feature=related
Nansook Hong says Rev Moons family is living a lie and Hyo Jin Nim
used cocaine and was frequently drunk,watched porn movies,he beat
Nansook when she was pregnant
Nan Sook Hong Interview
[]? v=6Ia4Fq6cd0k
At 2:48mins and 3:16mins True Mother would hand Hyo Jin Nim bundles of
thousands of dollars knowing he was going to buy cocaine with it,this
is the behaviour of a FALSE MOTHER not a TRUE MOTHER.
At 4:40mins Nansook says Rev Moon teaches adultery as the worst crime
but Hyo Jin Nim comitted adultery many times and Rev and Mrs Moon were
aware of it and did northing to condemn it.
At 6:10mins Rev Moons daughter Un Jin Moon is supporting Nansook Hong
and does not believe her father Rev Moon is the messiah

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