Anyone heard of called believers of Jah, (Rastafarian)
Posted by: gabrielle72 ()
Date: December 12, 2012 11:45AM

I am a divorced mother of four who is currently experiencing the nightmare of having my 20 year old son join a cult. I am appealing to you, as a kind and compassionate man to help me save my son, Jevany from this local cult which has brainwashed him and turned him into a totally different person. Although, my son is considered an adult in the eyes of the law; unfortunately, his identity has been altered by subjects of mind control. Perhaps it is best quoted by the author Steven Hassan himself who wrote the book called, “Combating Cult Mind Control”. In his book he quoted what the definition of “mind control” is which states: “Under the influence of mind control, a person’s original identity, as formed by family, education, friendships, and most importantly that person’s own free choices, becomes replaced with another identity, often one he would not have chosen for himself without tremendous social pressure”. The person my son was a year ago, is not the person I raised. His identity has completely been altered in every way that matters. The son I know would never leave his friends and family behind. What makes this situation more severe and serious is my son has two medical conditions; one is Bipolar, the second, is Crohn’s Disease. I have sought help from local and state and federal law enforcement agencies, without success. I have even gained temporary custody of my son this past November, 2011. In addition, I had also placed a temporary restraining on these two individuals while my son was in Butler hospital, to keep them away from my son. Every passing day increases my family’s distress and the extent to which Jevany gets drawn deeper into this cult. I went to great lengths, heartache, struggle, and turbulence to save my son, with no great outcomes. These two individuals I believe know exactly what they are doing and have gone through great length also to keep my son from friends and family.
How can a person take a child from his mother who loves him and tell him we are no good for him, and he is better off? How can someone live with themselves and have no heart or compassionate for what they have done to our family? How can they expect me to forget that gave birth to this child and just forget about him? My heart aches for my son, and with each passing day that goes by I worry more and more for him. I miss my son Jevany every single day, and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. His brother's and little sister miss him also, and we want him home safe and sound. Dr. Phil, you are my last resort. You are a person who has probably looked into the issue of cults before and you are therefore in a unique position to help a desperate mother like me. I love dearly my son and I am ready to face any sacrifice to save him, but I don’t know where else to turn. His father and I raised him to be responsible, and we did our best to give him a bright future with our limited resources. Jevany is a bright, personable and easy going young man who is only twenty years old. He came into contact with this local cult whose members brainwashed him to such an extent that he is estranged from me his mother, his father, his siblings and friends as well as all the members of our extended family. He ambitioned to be a doctor and, like all young men his age, loved to listening to music, dancing, and spending time with his friends. He had a job to help pay for his expenses and was to attend college this past September. All of this changed when he came into contact with this cult which seems to have cast a magic spell on him. He is currently living with them and we have not seen or talked to him for months. I am very distressed and I find it difficult to sleep or concentrate on my job and properly taking care of my other children and myself. I find myself having nightmares almost every night since my son has been gone as of July 2011, and have to pray as well as light a candle in his name just to get a good night sleep. I also have been encouraged by family and friends to have a mass in his honor with community help. There are lot prayers out there by family and friends hoping someday this nightmare will end. With everything that I have done involving the local authorities, courts, professional medical advisors, lawyers and PI, nothing has worked. Each night I think of my son and pray for him; each morning I cry for him. Please I beg of you, I don’t know who else to turn too…help me get my son back. Each day that passes, he is getting thinner, more fragile, weak, and pale in the face; in addition, to looking older than his age.
The couple who call themselves QueenMah and KingDah do not want my son Jevany to have any contact with his old life, which means no contact with friends, family, or even his own mother. Not only do they not want any contact, but they also have went as far as to hide any of their YouTube videos they made; including, five of them involving my son just this past February. I have even tried the local radio station within my community to have people go their web sites and state their own comments in order to force them to come forward, but at the time they temporarily hid their videos. If they were indeed people of honesty and peace as they say they are, why not come forward instead of hiding? Furthermore, the couple have even lied and called my son their Nephew and giving him a new name. The last time I saw my son was back in March of this year, working the grave yard shift at the local Price Rite store in Providence. I drove by their house to check on my son and decided to drive by Price Rite where KingDah works, because they were not home. As a result, the couple is now using my son Jevany to work for them like a slave, while my son looks like a homeless person dressed in clothes that look as if it came from the Salvation Army. I pray every night you will come to my aid and help me bring my son home with his family. I hope that someday you will receive my many E-mails, but until then I shall continue my prayers to God, because he is the only one I have left to help me.
The two individuals who lead the cult, are a wife and husband team who call themselves QueenMah and KingDah, They have their own website called ps4lol, preaching about their” religion”. Most recently, they have started back again with their YouTube page, as of 2/17/2012 with four additional videos. I would very much appreciate if you would look into these videos, to see what I am talking about. The videos are called, “We Are One: PowWow”. In addition, the wife has published a book called (PeaceSign for LetterofLove), naming the author as QueenMah, which isn’t even her real name. The last place of living was in Lexington, Kentucky, among many other states. The couples have blocked me from their YouTube page to keep me from writing comments about them. I have made many attempts to get help and resources from the local media with failed outcome. The couples also have several web sites on Facebook, under different names. I was told that they came to Providence, RI, with the sole purpose of promoting her book. They have these bizarre beliefs that they are vessels, and speak through the word of God. Their real names are Ervin and Shiketa Battle, date of birth: 11/21/1975 for Shiketa, and 04/04/1968 for Ervin, but go by the name KingDah and QueenMah Love. They seek young adults who are impressionable, and quickly isolate them from family and friends, in order to gain control of them. Consequently, the couples have chosen my son to call as their own child; and they have given him a spiritual African name called HahRahMo TsooNahm, and use him to recruit others. Most importantly, they have also altered his appearance and demeanor, by making him act and think differently than his usual self, (Jevany acts like them, dresses like them, and thinks like them). Also, they have even changed his diet, by telling him that the foods that we eat are not good or pure; as a result, he has to eat food that will cleanse his body and soul. I also believe there is some sexual and perversion going on between them and my son. My Nephew stated that he saw KingDah kiss my son on the mouth, and there are supposedly man and wife. What upset me more than anything is that these two individuals have told my son Jevany Soto that in order to not lose his soul…he needs to isolate himself from his own family and friends…because others don’t think the way they do. According to them, the rest of us are all “demons who will never see the face of God”. And what is frightening and dangerous, KingDah and QueenMah have told my son Jevany, they have cured him of his Crohn’s disease and that he no longer has it. I have even hired a detective and paid a lot of attorney fees, with no success. The only thing they did was rob a single mother who has limited resources to financial means or knowledgably recourse about the system. Now as a parent, I am concerned about his health, safety, and wellbeing. If I thought for one moment that their intentions were good, I would not interfere with my son’s life. After all he is an adult now and as such he has the right to make his own decisions in life. So even if I disagree with his decisions, I have no right to interfere. But, if those decisions are going to jeopardize his life…there is no way as a parent I can sit by and let it happen. I will give my last breath for the sake of my own children’s life, before I let that happen.
Most recently, I have placed my son missing as of Wednesday, June 6, 2012, ID# 12-2868-of. As of right now I have no idea where my son is or if he is even alive or dead. The couple we were told, were evicted from their apartment at 211 Carelton Courts Apartment, apt. 404, Providence, RI, 02908. We were told two different stories; one from the manager Gerry who stated that they left three months ago, and another from a tenant who said they left about a month ago. I have to say there has to be a coincident with the timing, and know that they are trying to prevent his family from knowing Jevany’s whereabouts. For all I know, my son could be out of state now, because the couple moves around a lot. My biggest fear was for Ervin and Shiketa Battle, a.k.a., (KingDah and QueenMah Love) to move with my son, and it has now come to this. I am in constant fear and stress not knowing what is going with my son?
As result, I have taken a leave of absence from work as of this month of June 7, 2012, because I cannot concentrate not knowing if my son is safe. I cannot go to work knowing my son is out there, and I might not ever see him again. I am now devoting my full-time looking for answer, help, and resources to bring my son home safe. Between work and taking care of my two youngest children, I haven’t had the time to focus on finding my son Jevany. As parent, I would not be doing my job if I just forgot about son and go on with my life. He is still my son, adult or not and under the circumstances, his health is at risk. Consequently, the last time he was under my care was back in November of 2011. During that time, I was told by the doctors that my son iron level was extremely low, and he has bleeding in his intestine. If I don’t do something quick to get my son back, I might lose him for good.
I am documentation available to you that can aid in bringing my son home safe. If and when my son does come home, he is going to need a lot of help getting back to who he was. They have used substance as a control method to keep my son. I am begging for your help to save my son.
It is now 6/21/12, and I just received a phone call from Police Station in Pasadena California, on my way to a prayer meeting for my son Jevany Soto. I ask the Lord to send me sign where my son is and if he is ok, and when I left there, I got the phone call. The police said my son was living in the streets as a homeless person. He was on the street with another young man, sleeping in the streets. When I ask the police officer to put him on the phone so I could hear his voice, he refused. Please I begged of you to help me save my son. If something is not done, he will be in jail or dead. How can someone who has family that love him and miss him so much, be homeless in the streets…something isn’t right? Since my son has been under the influence of these two individuals, he has shown radical personality change and drastic interruption of his life course.

I wrote this to the Dr. Phil Show hoping to get help. Sadly, they were interested in doing a show, but refuse to without hearing the other side of the story, which obviously the cult refuse to expose themselves.
Thank you in advance,
Nathalie Soto

Re: Anyone heard of called believers of Jah, (Rastafarian)
Posted by: Jevanyeu ()
Date: March 06, 2019 04:14PM

This has been years later and I am finally replying (2019) to this post. The woman, who posted this statement about "PS4LOL", is my biological mother, and this report is false. I am the son of this post who “gabrielle72" is referring to as "son who has joined a cult"; again all of this is false, a hoax, over-dramatic, a lie, and illusive.

Now; let me explain before I get into details. Also, to even have to go to the extent to create a username on this cult education website, and leave a "reply" to this post is embarrassing.

The "cult" that my biological mother is referring to is a lie. The author of Ps4lol (QueenMah) is a very kind, care-hearted, spiritual influenced, and respectful woman. Her (ex-husband) who is referred at the time as King-Dah in this post ( name has changed over the years, and name is the not the same anymore); and QueenMah Love allowed to sleep over their home one night because I asked.

I was previously homeless in summer of 2011 in July. The reason why I was homeless was because; I got “kicked out” of my biological mothers home on my birthday. My biological mother and I got into an disagreement/argument, and it resulted in me getting "kicked-out” of her house. I was off on my own just barely being 19. Regardless of who was right or wrong in the situation of me getting kicked-out; as a son I did not have experience being homeless. Therefore I had no place to go, and I was off on my own just barely being 19. I contacted my younger cousin who was 18 at the time, and I slept over my cousins apartment in Providence, RI(the same day I got kick-out).

A few days later I met the Ex-husband and QueenMah through a former friend. When I met them, I admired Queen-Mahs character, how lighthearted she was, her kindness, friendly demeanor, and I respected how much of a good listener she was.

I felt appreciative to meet such a kind person, because I was going through a lot during a time of hardship. It was evening time when I met them both; so later during night fall, when it was time to say good-byes I immediately insisted and asked the Ex-husband and QueenMah if I could sleep over there home. The Ex-husband said it was OK, and I came over that night.

These people were so kind that, they allowed me to shower, they fed me dinner, offered me some cloths to wear the night, and their home was peaceful. I was so appreciative, and I was treated with hospitality from strangers. I really needed a peace of mind, because it was stressful between my biological mother and I.

Weeks later I kept coming back and forth over to their home to spend time with my " new friends". One day I called my parents, tried to introduce my new friends, and my parent’s response was not what I expected. From that time, it has been drama, and harassment from my parents towards my new friends.

Things got so out of hand, that my mother called the police and brought tension towards my friends living situation. Making it an embarrassing scene for everyone, while bringing drama to my friend’s apartment. This cause-affected the neighbors to question my new friend’s lifestyle.

My biological mother has poor rational and logical discernment. Her poor judgement and ignorant behavior brought drama/chaos to the apartment complex with no logical proof. She (for example) brought a baby picture around my friends tenant/neighbors; going door to door (remember I was a 19 years old adult!?), and started asking the neighbors “seen my son”. She was telling the neighbors that my friends kidnapped me; and referred to them as "the cult".

Again this was a dramatic, and chaotic situation that not to mention my biological mother illegal found her way to bring this situation to the criminal justice system. My mother went as far to try to get custody over me as 19 years old?! She was lieing to the judge and telling the judge I have mental condition (not true). She set me up, and ended up bringing a lawyer (knowing I wouldn't have money at time for a lawyer for my own). She got temporary guardianship, and I reacted by voluntarily admitting myself to a mental hospital to get evaluated, just to prove to the judge I was not bi-polar. For about two weeks I was admitted, released, and the hospital did not see symptoms of Bi-polar behavior.

I returned to court, where my biological mother was trying to put a restraining order against QueenMah and her Ex-husband. I eventually ended up testifying on the stand, whereas I was questioned from the prosecutor. I told my statement, I referred QueenMah and the ex-husband as good people and my friends. Therefore debunking the whole cult accusations.

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