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Date: December 06, 2012 06:00AM

I was involved with Iskcon for over 20 years and it has taken a long time to break free (I was a love bug). Iskcon attracts criminals because it does not follow secular law. People disappear and suicide? …..You could be standing next to a serial child rapist in the temple but nobody will tell you. Here is one of their laws - Iskcon Law No: 12.8 ".......and however much he may be dissatisfied with the exercise of that jurisdiction, he shall refrain from invoking the supervisory power of the Civil Court, but shall seek redress of any grievance(s) through the ISKCON judicial process. Otherwise, he may be removed from office and / or his membership in ISKCON terminated. (88)." Unfortunately people are crying out for justice but there is none. They may have changed the law recently but it still operates the same way. For those that want to break free and learn the truth here are a couple of websites to help.


Here is an excerpt from SS/OC=CULT from the BIF website which is probably spot on.

Behavioral scientists in a bid to understand aggression conducted a series of experiments at Yale University. Results confirmed what was discovered earlier in that a mammalian hormone identified as Oxytocin (OC), which also acts as a neurotransmitter, creates familial empathy when released through group ritual. Dubbed the "Hormone of Love," it is found dominant in seventy percent of humans. Since religious ritual evokes this emotion, its presence is most visible in that sphere of human grouping; gluing clusters in whose behavioral genomics the hormone is prevalent. What remains then is thirty percent of the populace whose behavior is not dominated by OC. They are the aggressors. Results from the same experiment and later affirmed in conclusions reached by neurobiologists, identified the MAO-A (MO) gene (Monoamine Oxidase,) or the "warrior gene," as the protagonist in human aggression. This gene is dominant in thirty percent of our populace and confirmed as the 'neuro law' of socio/psychopathic behavioral disorders enacted from jailcells to boardrooms across the planet

Compelled genetically to psyche accordingly, and in self-assessing their lack of empathy/conscience (clinically diagnosed as triggered by TRAUMA IN CHILDHOOD) troubled MO carriers react differently to stress by building hides social camouflages and screens to mask unacceptable behaviorisms. Charisma, positivity, wit, confidence and leadership qualities neon-flash in personas dominated by active MO, all of which screen the socio/psychopath, and overshadow low achievement levels caused by cognitive behavioral impairment characterizing the gene when stressed by trauma, sickness, substance abuse, and/or sexual abuse. Even those carriers not exposed to triggers mentioned, have a predisposition which grows in fantasy, environ, suppressed memory/ trauma enforcement, and/or indoctrination. Albeit the second grouping is not psychopathic, having found other means to engage the gene, they nevertheless exhibit the same lack of empathy/conscience under clinical observation. This group comprises four percent of our populace and hides amongst its numbers those referred to as "Smiling Sociopaths" (SS).

Strangely, and totally out of context with his (yes, mostly men) lack of empathy for others, the SS suffers an addictive push to be adored, idolized, empowered and praised. When we ponder where the fountain at which the SS could drink his fill, our attention focuses on the dominated OC: humans so obsessed with love empathy and morality that conceiving of an entity without a conscience in their midst, is alien and unfathomable. Additionally, when noting that OC' group and ritualize to release the hormone, religious institutions are most likely targets for the SS. Albeit the SS has been found hiding there, and still is, he is bound by tenets canon and commandments which force him to dance and prance to remain undetected by chance. In seeking out a better environ offering all facilitators while providing cover for his perversions, distraction for his activity, and confusion as to his true persona, the SS cannot bypass what is offered by clusters of fanatical OC'. He arrives at the cult :- the realm of dominator and dominated; master and slave; deva and doormat. Here he indulges his narcissistic behavior and perversions, transceived and transmitted as transcendence by confused OC love-bugs.

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