Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: findthelies ()
Date: October 09, 2012 10:46PM

EA4RAM - You found this website while looking for something as simple as a telephone number, and are still contemplating attendance? What you've read so far should be concerning at the least, especially if your children attend as well.

You aren't going to be able to gather "facts" as no one has officially come forward legally with any allegations. If so, this thread wouldn't be trafficked as much - the ROC more than likely would no longer exist (at least in current form).

An afternoon reading through here, and it would be hard for me to attend a single service and ever look at it the same again.

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: truthconfirmed ()
Date: October 16, 2012 08:55PM

Guess somebody spoke up because all the messages lately have been about judgement, minding your own buisness, going against God's team, and injustice. If you just read the Bible you can see the distorted view that the "pastor" uses. The average atendee of the roc will not see the corruption that is in that place. The ones that see the corruption are the ones that do ministry there. Unfortunately some that know about the things that take place can not leave because they would not have a job because of their records. They are then forced to look the other way and ignore issues. Anybody that is thinking about going to that "church" should think about what they have read here. I would also challenge you to ask questions to leadership regarding what you have read here. I guarantee that you will be shunned and treated like an outcast or told not to concern yourself with others peoples buisness. The issue with that is if your leadership is not doing right what makes you think the people below them will do right. Lead by example and if your example is wrong then everyone else will follow that example. A good leader will listen to your questions/concerns, accept responsibility and hold themself accountable for what has been done, and if they made a choice bibilically will be able to show you from the word of God why the choice was correct. Everyone makes mistakes but a Christian should take accountablitity for their mistakes and face consequences for those mistakes. Yes God forgives but that is not a get out of jail free card.

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: October 16, 2012 09:00PM

The overwhelmingly majority of Protestant churches have democratically elected church government. The pastor is accountable to an elected board that can fire him.

That's meaningful accountability.

The overwhelming majority of Protestant churches have annually published budgets that disclose in detail all salaries, compensation and expenses paid out from church funds, which is distributed to all contributors.

That's meaningful transparency.

If a church doesn't have these features there is no meaningful accountability or financial transparency.

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: walkingnfaith ()
Date: October 18, 2012 10:55AM

Mr Miles, I am not a fan of the roc by no means. Me and my husband attended there for about 2 years. However, saying you can't believe someone would be allowed to attend a church because they admitted they murdered someone. Are we not to love all, what sin is greater than any other. Judgment of sin is man's judgment. I believe we can none throw a stone. How is anyone to change their heart is they are shunned by the entire world.

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: Takeastand ()
Date: October 28, 2012 01:47AM

I had an affair with Pastor G that recently ended. It started when I was being counseled and the next thing I knew I was involved in an ongoing sexual relationship with my pastor. I am posting this because I need guidance on how to come forward with this information. I was told by him I was the only one but I now know I am not. I was told how he wanted my hair, how he wanted me to dress, when to meet him, I even heard about the other "sins of the congregation". When I asked what God thought about what we were doing, I was told "he would forgive us". I was in awe of him from the beginning and he knew it; I couldn't believe my pastor wanted to be with me. I now know the pattern of seduction in which he picks his next "girl". We take on a transformation when he chooses us. We start off as ourself, insecure and broken and then we transform into the "girl" he wants us to be. Dark hair, dressing in the style he likes, wearing our make up like he likes it. If you have been one of the "chosen", you are familiar with the transformation I am speaking of. I can see the next person that is under the transformation and know that she is going through the same process I went through. I want to come forward so this will stop happening to other women. I believe G uses the church so he can continue to seduce women into affairs and then we are left with the guilt and shame of the terrible choices we have made. It is ruining marriages, ruining lives and destroying women's self worth. I realize that I will be hated by many when I choose to bring this to light but I have nothing to lose, everything valuable to me has been taken. If this can be prevented from happening to others in the future, then maybe I can rebuild my life. I know one thing is true, God does forgive me. The difference between me and G is that I have repented and realize the disgust of my sin. He just continues to have his next affair.

Re: Take A Stand
Posted by: walkingnfaith ()
Date: October 28, 2012 09:52PM

If you are sincere about doing the right thing and exposing what he is doing, don't talk about it on here. There are those that read this site and report back to G what is posted. They are famous for sending their so called Goon's after people. If you talk about it so much you may be getting a visit. I know you lost your finance and it is devastating. The worst of all is you lost who you were. You need to do the right thing. Of course you took on a transformation. Imagine how many people idolize G that just sit out in the congregation and think he is God. He is the master mind who gets what he wants and when he doesn't you will know about it. There are many many women that have been in your situation. Some mother and daughter of the same family. How sick is that. G needs to do the right thing! He needs to quit thinking about his greedy pockets and step down. Do what is right. Quit worrying about who he has control over and who he doesn't. He needs to circumcise his heart and become a new man. Put all the old away. If you will notice he preaches about what ever is going on in his own life and what his heart desires. Any man of God who will let one of their employees go without Gas in there home because he is to stingy to help is no man of God. Come on one of your own staff that you pay nothing barely to work. You wont even give $20 to help. Speaking of paying now you are laying employee's off cause you have figured you can get the simple minded to work for free. They all prey on the simple minded. As far as Sam, there is not enough material items in the world to give my husband an okay to be with other women. NO THANK YOU

Take a Stand, please let me know if you need a friend to talk to. It isn't that making a mistake it bad, it is continueing to do it and never turning from it. . You can overcome all of this.

God Bless

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: StandStrong ()
Date: October 30, 2012 07:54AM

I think your screen name speaks for your character - TakeaStand. You must do what is right in your heart. You should never feel ashamed but hold your head up high and turn the bad into good. Isn't that why the Bible teaches us? Expose the sin and in doing so you will rescue others. Be strong.......God Bless

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: findthelies ()
Date: October 30, 2012 08:17PM

Takeastand - I am sorry for what you are going through. Be comforted in knowing that you are not the only person who is dealing with the fallout of manipulation by Geronimo.

The important thing now is that you do not talk to the people on this site, or share your information with anyone here, because it will make it back to the ROC (which I am assuming it already has since you've posted here - if not - it will no doubt be spoken of very shortly). I would recommend first gathering any documentation you have (surely there are texts, phone records, etc. which you still have - protect them! Use them to your advantage to confirm your story).

If you have friends that can confirm anything or if they know, make sure they aren't blabbing about it - that won't be good if you're looking to gain credibility with this matter.

Build a case to show your innocence as a women who sought counsel and was repeatedly taken advantage of, along with any evidence such as phone records and texts for other proof. Pictures you may have together outside of church functions or church property will also be huge, as they would directly link him to personal time with you outside of the bounds of what would be appropriate for your relationship.

Also be sure that you are going to the right people to make this information known. The ROC unfortunately has many friends who will be willfully ignorant of anything not above board as they insulate them from trouble, so keep that in mind.

I didn't send this in a private message because I know Geronimo reads this and thinks about it often. Your time is coming to an end here in Richmond, and I believe you know it. You are a terrible shell of a man who has spent his life manipulating the weak and weary for your own benefit, and your ignorance to the fact that people know who you are and have seen the truth of your character will be your downfall. I won't say I hope you suffer because I know you must be a miserable human being. I, like so many others, just wish you understood the magnitude of what you've caused and created.

Takeastand - I wish you the best in your emotional recovery, and when the time is right, your desire to bring this information to light.

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: Takeastand ()
Date: November 01, 2012 09:26AM

Thank you all for your guidance and advice. I realize that there are several options for revealing this information but wanted to do it in the best way to expose the truth to the most people possible and prevent other women from being taken advantage of at the same time. I know what I have to do. I know it will set me free and I hope in doing so, it will set other women free to come forward as well. I know I am not the only one, we can all stand together. But it starts with one....

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: deceived2long ()
Date: November 03, 2012 03:22AM

A dear friend of mine was taken advantage of by Geronimo in a similar manner. She is finding the courage to come forward too. You will not be alone. There is power in numbers. It may start with one or two coming forward but then there will be many when you find out you're not alone.

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