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Posted by: burry dalessio ()
Date: July 05, 2012 09:53PM

have any of you ever been accused of harming a child in any way? the answer is probably no that's because its one of the most serious aligations anyone could ever make againts another!! that being said regardless of the speed in witch these claims are being delt with its irrelevant my point being the people who are involved with the latest set of circumstances are not the type of people who would make something like this up. i have talked directly with the family and their is no doubt some thing happened that was very inappropriate i don't think the details are important but what is important is the healing that needs to take place and until full responsibility is taken and full disclosure to the flock happens the true healing cant begin. so in essence the humiliation continues.i cant understand why more people cant see this? with a room full of a cupla thousand people he called himself pastor Jesus. have any of you mistakenly called yourself Jesus yea me neither. the straw for me came when,as he was escorting me from the property,just after andrew delgotto threatened to shoot me if i ever went near gs house again.g told me i was judas in witch i replied "who does that make you?" about an hour later he called me and if any of you know g you know he doesn't call anybody! ever! so this little slip of the tongue must have really bothered him he called to tell me that he was sorry and that he didn't think he was Jesus and i and my family could come back to the roc. i wright this just cause i have the time and i hold the sin bin somewhat responsible not compleatly mind you for the destruction of my marriage i belive it criminal to let jason hemliger counsel couples with marital issues. he is not at all qualified in my opinion or educated enough. keep it going dont stop the derocafacation of richmond

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Posted by: hismercy ()
Date: July 06, 2012 04:27AM

It doesn't seem that this ministry encourages education at all. I've never read on here or headr anyone saying they were encouraged to pray about going to college or trade school or anything else. That, I don't get b/c we need to be self supporting. A person can actually go to school and do ministry at the same time. The Apostle Paul was a tent maker and did ministry at the same time. Of course you don't NEED a degree to be called to ministry but how many false teachers have held themselves out to that office with no training, committment or anything?

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Posted by: findthelies ()
Date: July 07, 2012 03:32AM

They won't encourage education - in fact - the majority of those with deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills are pushed to the fringes, or kicked out. They don't want people who think for themselves to be around those who can't because the leadership are the only ones allowed to plant thoughts in the heads of those at the church, not those who are smart enough to see through the fog of b.s. And I hate to make it sound like that, but the majority of the people that live/work there are not the most intelligent ones I've run into in my time on earth (I know it sounds mean, but I won't apologize - it's true).

Additionally, Andrew Delgado is the furthest from someone I'd worry about. It's funny how his persona doesn't even match his stories. Even while "preaching" he will tell about times when he and his homies were about to fight, and then they ran away. Also would never step up to box anyone when they did it at KJC. Not surprising - because if he did lose, which I'm quite certain he would - he'd never live it down - and with the rampant egomania - that just wouldn't do.

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Posted by: findthelies ()
Date: July 07, 2012 03:37AM

And yes, Jason Helmlinger should've been ousted from marriage counseling long ago. Don't know what kept that one going. Multiple and long-term affairs with women who are not your wife don't speak highly of you being qualified to hand out marital guidance (though I can only assume they'd tell me I was wrong).

Personal authority must occur before positional authority should be recognized. I don't know why those at the ROC won't (or can't) grasp that.

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Posted by: Jack Miles ()
Date: July 07, 2012 07:53AM

This is jackie again, does anyone know if Sue and Ox still attend the Roc? I couldn't believe they were part of a church or even Christians for that matter. OX, on this website openly admits to a murder?? And he's allowed to stay at the Roc? While I was going thru RSUM he was kicked out of the church several times for his sexually comments to women. He was even caught taking pictures of ladies backsides. Yet he always allowed back??

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: Jack Miles ()
Date: July 07, 2012 08:02AM

There was also a couple there at the Roc who were deacons (how they pick them, I have no clue) Named Trap and Crystal Teets. I would watch Crystal in the Roc office take the Roc Credit and being sent out to buy supplies for the Roc and she ALWAYS added a little extra for herself on the card. I would she her ask men in the homes to unload things from the Roc van to her car, That she didn't pay for. She did this many times. And she was eventually confronted and she lied about it. Yet she is a deacon at the Roc? She and her husband invited me over for dinner and when I came I was "pumped" for information about my personal life. Later I learned they told several people about what I had told them. Isnt that against church rules? Trap Also came unto me more then once. It got so bad I had to go to Geronimo about this. Then later that couple was gone. I guess it took me threatening to call the cops on him and the Roc to finnaly take action agaisnt them and now they no longer attend. But does anyone know what church they are at now? I would need to bring this to there new pastor so he knows the truth.

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: findthelies ()
Date: July 09, 2012 09:04PM

So you would need to tell their new pastor for what reason? I can't foresee a good one, unless they are on the church's payroll - and even then, it's not easy to justify.

What you don't know about them is that they left jobs that paid well to become involved with the ministry, and received less than half the pay which other members of the staff made who were single with no children. I'm not saying that if they stole it was right, but I think the situation should be considered. As far as the coming onto you part, again, I don't really see where it would benefit you or their new church for you to go and let them know what happened.

Also, if you want to be mad at those at the ROC for taking someone's personal life/stories of and broadcast them to everyone, then go ahead and indict probably 3/4 of their congregation. That entire place is a cesspool of gossip. Yes, I'm sure it didn't feel good to find out that what you shared with someone in confidence was shared with others, but get in line. You are one of many. Not to belittle how you feel, but you are far from being the only one.

I don't agree with what you say they did, but again, I don't see any benefit for you running off to tell their new pastor. That sounds a bit like a personal vendetta.

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Posted by: UndercoverANGEL ()
Date: July 10, 2012 12:32PM

As I began to write this blog I prayed and was going to share my experience about my journey and adventure to The ROC Church, Richmond Outreach Center, with Pastor Geronimo Aguilar, but after serious thinking and prayer I have come to the decision to share the truth to what I witnessed first hand it is just my opinion but it is the truth. My first day was good met some great guys at the School where i was staying. The first person I met was Wes, he was the caretaker of the school and security he had such a friendly heart and was such a servant always smiling and working. Other people I met were two brothers that rap Joshua and Marcus good music God put it on my heart to buy them a charger for their ipods because they broke there's while I was there I hope it works out for them? Then there was Glen a Sax player i was privileged to hear him play at a open mic night, wow what a gift. There was Kurt the cook a quiet man never said much I would say good morning or hello and he would just mumble :-) I also met Walter a good man who has a his own internet radio show his voice sounded like Barry White. There were so many I met Melissa secretary in the school office, Frank and his family, Eddie a youthful enthusiastic guy with the heart of Christ and love for Him, over at the Thrift store I met Henry, Amber, and many others to many to list.

But my most memorable was David a 21 year old man who loves Jesus with all his heart and soul, who use to Rap for Jesus at a young age and now in his later years ended up at the school where he stays and works day and night 6 days a week with no pay, but works so he may lay his head at the end of the day and if he makes it on time gets breakfast and later in the evening dinner which is not much. I believe that it was because of this young man David that I was to be in Richmond to help, financially help a little I was given a CD to listen to of his music and it is incredible, I will be praying for the Lord to continue to anoint this young man in the future.

Another person who blessed me was Pastor Fernando, God showed me a man that loved the Lord and it showed, God knew I needed to see for myself this man of God that inspired me and gave me hope in a dark world. there were good men and women in this church but pastor fernando was the real deal. The Lord has put it on my heart to help him with his website and create a video and commercial for his Life coaching business.

The names I am about to mention are the people who made my stay a nightmare Crystal, who i met my first day on the Job in the office, that they swear they never offered me, was the Pastor's secretary who definitely wanted to flex her authority and let me know she was the pastors eyes and ears and nothing goes to him accept through her. When it came to me doing my job as a Media specialist she didn't like the fact that she was clueless and didn't know what I was talking about. I assured her this is why I was hired to do the work I do, because it is what I do best and she didn't like it, she got upset with me. But I do thank her for revealing a website that she actually showed me to look at online about the truth about The ROC Church at this link [] that links to Rick Ross sight. The reason she said she showed me this sight was because she thought this is why i was hired to make this sight go away, make it disappear were her exact words. When I made a comment on the sight and said it looks like some of these people have something to say, she got mad. Later she came to my desk and pulled me into a room and was angry and said to ignore the fact that she showed me the sight and then said to stop looking at it and to just do the job I was hired to do.

You see the Job she is talking about is what the so called dean of the ROC school Zach the one person who said I was offered a job by pastor G. and said pastor wanted to offer me a place to stay at the school until school started, then later flat out lied in front of others that he never had that conversation with me or offered me to stay at the school. I mentioned then why did he move me into a room at the school? and why did he tell me on tuesday of the first week I had a couple of days to unpack and I will be working at the office at the church with crystal and amber and they wanted me to help with their website and also design a new website for them for the ROC School that I would be working in the office helping them fix their internet mess. Lies Lies Lies and we know what the bible says about liars God can't stand them.

Third is Jason an ex cop who goes around pretending he is a christian when he admitted himself the only reason he became a christian is because his wife said she will only marry a christian man and he said to himself wow sure I will go to church and become a christian if I get to marry a hot beautiful woman. I guess once a cop always a cop, I say this because he also lied to me and said I had a job he brought me a employment application to fill out he even mentioned that we normally don't do it this way but they needed me to fill in the application if I was going to be working in the office. But later also in front of others said I never filled out any paper work and didn't have any references from me. Lies, Lies, Lies, Why is it that even when ex cops come to Christ they still can't change they are still always prideful, arrogant, selfish people that feel they still need to push people around.

The bottom line is that God showed me the truth in these three people who are in leadership who obviously control and make most of the decisions for Pastor Geronimo Aguilar from The ROC church, Richmond Outreach Center. If leadership is able to flat out lie then what does that tell you about what is being taught at the pulpit and the school? The sad thing is that Zach is the dean of the school for the ROC school at 3000 Chamberlayne Ave. Richmond VA, 23227, what an example of leadership. Maybe the Pastor geronimo aguilar doesn't know what happened to me or maybe he was the one who had me thrown out on the streets like Zach and Jason said that it was Pastor Geromemo aguilar who wanted me kicked out, Jason's and Zach's words were "We can't let you stay here any longer and they didn't think I should attend their school in fact they said we don't want you to." but for a church who says they are there to reach out and help people they were no help to me, for a church that states on there website that they have over 170 ministries and at the pulpit announces every time that they are involved in only 150 ministries so which is the truth 170 ministries or 150? When I asked about certain ministries I was told they had to discontinue them to help in their children's ministries on Saturdays something tells me the reason they are concentrating on the children's ministry is to get their child care business going since they are being funded and getting money from the government for each child. How is it that a church that is proud to say they feed hundreds of families and homeless every week and month but they can't even feed the people that they have in their homes or who are working for them a decent meal who labor 6 days a week, sometimes 7 days, sometimes 12 hour days and sometimes never get a day off to me that is not helping someone that is slavery and against labor laws, did i forget to mention they work for no pay and the church justifies their actions by saying we provide them a place to stay and feed them, but what they don't tell you is that those rooms have roaches at some places and especially the room I lived in. I also noticed a lot of people hungry with in the walls of the church during church hanging around the cafe I found myself feeding many of them. I am so grateful for all the good people I did meet at that The ROC church especially David, Jean, Troy, Mike, Lori, Ambi, Mark from Media, and so many more good people. God bless them all and I hope God shows them the truth especially the people being mislead.

I wrote this so people will see the truth and hopefully they will stop buying all the new toys the pastor and his wife own, like the million dollar sound system in the church for his wife to perform live before a crowd since she passed up a singing career so her husband build her a stage and a sound system and added a professional recording studio for her to record her own music. Also her $126,000 fully loaded Land Rover and the dance studio, take a look at where your money also goes to the pastor's toys just one I like to mention one of his motorcycles. His custom built Indian probably worth around $100,000.00.

I will be posting more about my experience at the ROC and be mentioning more people I found the truth about and things I learned and saw with my own eyes.

I am now homeless because of these people throwing me out on the streets and not giving me the job they told me I had and that I worked at for a day and designed a new website for the ROC School and the conversion report they wanted me to put together, I am out over 3 thousand dollars and no place and no job. I have spoke to lawyers and they are advising what are my next steps to take. this has only begun. What i find Ironic is that the website that crystal asked me to make go away is now the sight that is going to liberate others.

God bless everyone and may the Lord open your eyes to the wolves in sheep clothing The ROC Church, Richmond Outreach Center, Pastor Aguilar and his soldiers for Christ? I think Not. Jesus is God's Army.

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: UndercoverANGEL ()
Date: July 10, 2012 07:26PM

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."
Matthew 7:15

Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: ?'sROC ()
Date: July 18, 2012 12:29AM

Jack Miles, It really saddens me that you feel the need to throw innocent people under the bus. I have known the couple that you are accusing for a very long time, before they were at the ROC, during and after. To accuse someone of stealing or using church money without any proper claim, is really nothing but slander. I quite frequently will take one trip to purchase things for my home and my business and do so in TWO SEPARATE transactions, but it obviously goes all into my vehicle, I then take the business items to my business and my home items to my home. This isn't a foreign concept. Second, her husband was a deacon not her. Third, you are an adult are you not?? Can you control what you say to other people? Were you forced in any way to tell them or anyone else anything?? And if you mean ROC rules, yes talking bad about anyone involved with the ROC is against their rules....a real church that stands on God's Word doesn't have rules like that, they have morals, they have people that know right from wrong. Lastly, anyone that goes back to read your previous posts would notice a pattern of quite a few men coming on to you....which really makes one think that it is all in your head. Sometimes people are just being nice, I am sorry if you don't encounter that enough to know the difference.
I would advise you to keep you personal vendetta to yourself, posting things like that don't seem to hold any real revelance to this forum, after all it is supposed to be about the ROC.
FYI The couple has moved on by their own free will, and have been gone for over 2 years, and you should too.

Undercover angel, please specify who you are speaking about with your secretary comment... You aren't speaking of the same Crystal mentioned above are you?

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