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Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: OnceWasBlind09 ()
Date: April 02, 2009 11:28PM

I am the mother of Xfan. It pains me that the main reason she was involved at the ROC was because I placed her in the youth home. I thought it was a great place. I have since found out it was a huge mistake. I read this thread daily and it does somewhat concern me that the posts are becoming rare. This is an ongoing problem and people need to vent as well as read.

There was a question once about the ROC following up with people they had saved, per se. I remember very well one night at Thursday night bible study the question was asked and Pastor G said that it was only the churches responsibility to say the prayer with the people, it was the responsible of the individual person to keep their relationship right with God. He stated as long as the prayer was said, we had done our part. He makes everything sound so convincing at first, it's only after you have time to think about it that you start to question.

One thing I wanted to say was when I placed my daughter in the House of Timothy (the youth "home"), I was approached by Pastor (and I use that term lightly) Rsen about 3 months later asking me for money. He stated that my child was increasing his bills at his house. He wanted money for the phone bill (she was never allowed to use the phone), water bill (they had a limit of a 5 minute shower) and other things. He was very nasty about me having to support her. He stated that the "house" was self supporting and took no money from the ROC. That was one thing that always bothered me and started the "bad taste" in my mouth.

I have not been to the ROC in quite some time and have not heard from anyone - imagine that!

I'd like to see more posts here.

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Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: KNOWZtheTRUTH ()
Date: April 03, 2009 08:37AM

I'm sure there are people that would LOVE to post, but are afraid of the reprecussions that are possible by exposing the truth.

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Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: iswideopen ()
Date: April 03, 2009 09:04AM

I, like so many others, was sucked into deception. My daughter was in one of the ladies homes. She was in jail when I found the ROC though a friend. I attended the ROC six months before her release. Upon my daugters release from jail, (14 months and clean) the judge sent her the ROC for 6 months. All I have to say is within 2 months she was using. I do understand that if she wants to do drugs, she is going to do them, but for the leadership/overseers of the church to help, makes me sick. Drugs are talked about everyday and their old ways.

I too helped out with money at the ladies home. At one time they had no water or heat and most of the time no food.
They were told, be glad you have a slice of bread to eat, when the leadership just came from a steak dinner.

The money is one thing, deception is another, now its peoples lives. This is just a small piece of the story.

God Bless Us All!

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Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: MattInRichmond ()
Date: April 03, 2009 01:54PM

I just have a question and was hoping somebody could enlighten me. What exactly is the deal with G's 17 year old son coming to Richmond? Has he had any relationship with his son over the years? If not, it seems like it's just a PR type of suddenly want to do the right thing just as your past is catching up to you. And why did the mother (Stacee) allow this? If anybody knows please tell.

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Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: OnceWasBlind09 ()
Date: April 03, 2009 08:03PM

iswideopen -

I share your concerns. I have alot of anger built up because of the ROC - I have not been successful in finding a church since I left there.

I remember when my daughter was in the home, there was always almost spoiled food for them to prepare. On the weekend, I used to prepare huge meals and take to church for them to take back with them. At least they got one or two good meals a week from that. There is so much brain-washing that goes on there.

I hope people will continue to post - it's theraputic.

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Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: KNOWZtheTRUTH ()
Date: April 04, 2009 02:02PM

I was on facebook yesterday (which I have heard Pastor G has given his "blessings" to facebook, just not myspace, and MANY current and past ROC members are on facebook), and seen a member of the ROC post a flyer of the upcoming annual bike fest. To my surprise, I seen another member (actually I believe to be a former member, as I havent seen her in attendance for quite a long time) comment on the flyer and how "evil" it looks. It caught my attention, so I enlarged the picture. I will say, she was right. Why would a GODLY church circulate EVIL flyers? For anyone that is still wondering about The ROC, I'd take a look at the current bike fest flyer, and simply ask yourself that question.

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Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: wow ()
Date: April 09, 2009 12:36AM

I have been attending the ROC, as we all know it as, for quite awhile. I am here as a observer only, so this allows me to see things in a
different perspective than most people who come here. I have seen alot of questionable activities. The most recent in the last couple of
months. I have been struggling with posting on this site or not. I have come to the conclusion that I should. All that I have seen as well
as what you all have seen WILL come to light soon.
For starters I find it almost amusing how every saturday night "G", as we know him, is ushured into the arena by the Roman Gaurds. Its
as if Ceaser entered the room. I have not been able to see the humble man of God that I should be seeing. Thats a whole different post.
The vanity with what "HE" has done, self portraits on the side of trailers...I mean...anyway, Im not going to start on that.
I just found it unusual that this "self-proclaimed" man of God that has no verifiable credentials has put together such a racket.
There are things that are said and done that make me wonder if the people sitting around me are really listening to what is being said or if
they are just there for the energy and the hipe. On Sunday, March 8th, Geronimo sent out a e-mail apologizing for things that two of his
"up & comming leaders", that he is personnally mentoring, said about a church that they visited while on a "mission trip". This happened on
Saturday, March 7th. Geronimo stated, and I quote "I am a firm believer that it is wrong to publicly criticize another Christian or another
church". This totaly goes against what seems to be said on a regular basis. Case in point, on January 31st, 2009 in Geronimo's sermon
"A More Excellent Way", he not only criticized but took a sword swinging stab at a unknown group of people that apparently have left the
ROC to serve God somewhere else in another capacity. He was publicly calling this group a "HATE" group and implying that they don't
serve the same Jesus that we do. Apparently they have different opinions on right and wrong and voiced them. Geronimo said "If you
say something against me that means you hate me". Well, thats not taught anywhere in the Bible. I mean, people, wake up. Even if this
group of people where a hate group, is it appropiate to bash them from the pulpit? In the same sermon that G is talking about living a
more excellent life. Hello, is anyone listening? As Christians, are we hearing the word as we should or is it someone twisting the playbook
of life to fit their personnal agenda?
Two weeks later in another sermon Geronimo deemed fit to attack this group on Rick Ross. He stated what a great attorney that he had and
how he was basiclly going to find out who they are, sue them and pay for the balance on the Big House. Is it just me or does it seem contrary
to God's word to talk about someone in a obvious bitter and angry way under the giese of "God's man preaching"? It is obvious that he was
trying to put out a "scare tactic" that he felt sure would get back to this group.
People need to really listen to what they are listening to. Don't let this attorney threat stop you from speaking out on what you believe. His
father tried the same thing with his attorney, John Casoria. It did'nt work for him either. These type of people are only interested in silencing
those who speak the truth and are not interested in making things right.

stay sharp

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Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: rite2no ()
Date: April 09, 2009 08:07PM

Calling all you ROCers. Call into accountability your pastor/leaders. You have a right to know, don’t you? Do you think all these postings are wrong? Don’t you want to know the truth?

1. What about your testimony? True or False
2. How about the affair with Jammie? True or False
3. What about Rsen and numerous affairs? True or False
4. Steroid use by you and others. True or False
5. Ranch. Heroin addict? Steal or stole church money for habit?
6. Financial records. Why don't you share detailed church finances?
7. Money. Are the moneys used for perks other than ministry?
8. All those vehicles. Were tithes and offerings used for those?
9. What about frequent drug use? Is it true?
10. Gossip. Do you initiate gossip? Do you call your “phone tree” to find out what everyone knows or doesn’t know and where they got their info?
11. Board of directors. Is there one? Who are they?
12. Accountability. Are you accountable to anyone?
13. Families. Yours is well taken care of. What about the people in the homes. Do you provide sufficiently for them? Do you tell guys/gals in homes not to have contact with their families?
14. Lying. Don’t you make up stuff to try and trick people to answer how you want?
15. Former members. What right do you have to advise your church not to have contact with former members or tell your church that former members don’t want any contact? What right do you have to make others’ business your business?

Good luck with your inquiry. Hope you get the answers you deserve. Otherwise, you should check out, sooner rather than later.

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Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: OnceWasBlind09 ()
Date: April 10, 2009 02:06AM

I think it is absolutely hilarious that G thinks he can do anything about any of us who post here. I welcome him. He doesn't scare me. He is full of it and so are his "pastors". Where I come from you cannot just name a pastor without going thru school - he has done this countless times. And none of them practice what they preach. It is almost laughable, except for the lives they are ruining. This site has become theraputic for me, as I have said before. I won't go back to The ROC ever, because I'd have to say something. And then I'd really be x'ed out. I am just grateful I went by my hunch and stayed away.

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Re: Richmond Outreach Center
Posted by: OnceWasBlind09 ()
Date: April 10, 2009 03:13AM


asking those questions of the ROC "leaders" would only create more frustration and lies. They would justify each question. They are a dangerous group - those of who go to the ROC currently and have in the past can accuately and truthfully answer the questions. We know the answers. There is no way we could get the "leaders" to be honest. They don't have it in them.

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