Satanic Rock Music
Posted by: DonShwantz ()
Date: December 02, 2012 08:52AM

I love to listen to heavy metal and I will say that I have also been known to listen to both Satanic and christian rock music. I don't care what the words are singing about, I just listen to it for the music. Some people try to push their faith onto others, but thanks to Rick Ross Institute we can beware, and be aware, but be fair.

Rick Ross may or may not be an atheist and I don't judge folks on their religious beliefs. I do however think that this site is a good place to talk about such things, and with Rick Ross' help we will be triumphant.

Rick Ross is not the rapper he is another man. The rapper does not posses one tenth of the knowledge that Rick Rolled possesses.

There is a good film by Kevis Smith called Dogma. Check it out. Having faith is fine, but when it becomes radical, then it's scary. Jim Lethbridge is going down.

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