Anyone know the guru Gurpreet in Canada?
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Date: November 20, 2012 12:07AM

Is anyone familiar with a guru by the name of Gurpreet? Her guru was John de Ruiter, who I've read all the background information on, and who I find to be a con artist and sick individual. Gurpreet has built her own following and teaching over the past four years. She claims to be an enlightened master and an embodiment of "the Truth." Her website can be found here: [].

She holds retreats in Canada: Edmonton, Vernon, Brampton, and Surrey, BC. Though she is gentle and much less ego-centric than John, she teaches the same theories as John. She "connects" with her followers with direct eye contact, claiming to see into their souls psychically, and speaks in an obscure language similar to John's.

Thanks for any info you might have. I also want to put the information out there about this guru.

Re: Anyone know the guru Gurpreet in Canada?
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Date: November 20, 2012 04:29AM



Everything outside of you is in you.Serve your heart, not your mind.Being less & less in everything will take you to the BIG. Then big will not be big anymore.When smallness has heart break, there is no noise.Be in the dearness of it then it won't be separate from you.You are not only here to be in the peace, you are here to be in the reality.As knowing, you know. As awareness, you see and seeing continues and expands as much as you value it.When you speak exactly what you know, it is effective. The other big words are wonderfully shallow. If you continue give energy to the shallowness, you stay shallow instead of real.Be simple. The more simple you be, you'll be that much more clear.As soon as you participate in discomfort, you make yourself blind.

Attend a Meeting

Meeting with Gurpreet is an opportunity to see yourself in deeper clarity. It is a place of learning about openness, softness, and simplicity of heart. It is an environment of mutual respect and honesty.

Individuals have the opportunity to connect with Gurpreet, ask questions, and sink deeper in the depths of beingness. This is not a lecture or a workshop. It is simply an invitation to dive into the simplicity of the heart.

Each meeting lasts 2 - 3 hours. All sessions are audio/video recorded.

New Comers are recommended to attend an entire retreat the first time they come.
The cost to attend each retreat varies by location. Please contact us for details.

Meeting Locations

Brampton: 40 Fenton Way, Brampton, Ontario

Edmonton: 3719-65 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Surrey: Please contact us for more details.

Vernon: Holiday Inn, Vernon, BC

My Journey With Gurpreet
By Kiran Mitra
I am here to share with all of you a little bit about my walk so far and a little bit that I have come to know of Gurpreet ji. I met Gurpreet ji in August of 2007. She was very fresh from her becoming one with her TRUE SELF. So radiant was her energy, so touching was the purity of her love that it made me surrender to her at the very first meeting with her. Before meeting with her, I had met many teachers, masters and followed other older and newer spiritual philosophies and practices in my seeking of almost 20 years. But I had never felt so drawn from deep within me towards anyone. Though I was quite a headstrong personality and considered myself very intelligent, I was not able to understand this pull that was driving me towards her. It was because something within me had recognized HER, had tasted HER in some unknown way to me. So I asked Gurpreet ji if she would take me where she was, although my mind did not know at all, the where, where she was. Gurpreet ji very kindly accepted my request and I invited her to come to Toronto next month. Next month when she came to Toronto, I introduced her to many of my friends who were willing to walk the same journey. Many of them are sitting right here among you. This was the start of these meetings.

During these almost 5 years, not only I experienced my walls shattering, my hardness melting, my unreality unveiling in the light of her presence and grace of her divine love, I also witnessed emergence of a Master of rare capacity and un-matching abilities. From her pure beingness, when Gurpreetji speaks to our inner without words, without any form, it transforms us from within, by changing our inner direction towards the direction of purity and honesty. Though our head still does not understand but our heart nods yes in a big way. Along with that inner transformation, she also talks to us and directs us at surface level. Although the words are directed specifically towards the person sitting on the questioner's chair connecting with her, according to what he or she needs to work with and how, these words also enormously affect all the other people sitting in the meeting. They touch these other people and open their knots as well. Everyone sitting in these meetings, not only enormously benefits from her words, they also are soaking in the pool of her pure presence, in her aura. And, that being in her aura, continue to transform everyone sitting in her presence. I can never emphasize enough the benefits of being in her presence. From day one till now, I continue to see how this presence changes me without fail each retreat that I attend. That makes me and many others travel, does not matter where and how far the retreat is.

So far I have been talking about my addiction of being in retreats, of being in her presence, but I don't want to forget to share the other side of the story when I wanted to run away. It Does Happen. As we open ourselves, peel our layers and face our hidden parts which have been hiding away from our awareness for how long we don't know, it really breaks our hearts and brings lot of pain, disappointments and discomfort as our person is being exposed right in front of our eyes. It is not easy time. But deep within, we still know the trueness of this walk and that makes us continue. Sometimes when it was not bearable, I always remembered Gurpreet ji's words, ''drag yourself to the meetings''. Again, it is so crucial at a time like this to stand firm in our knowing and not give in to this feeling of running away as the dearest of our beliefs get shattered not excluding our religious and spiritual beliefs. In my case, although I had found her after almost 20 years of seeking, praying and searching and I knew this is the true way from my deep deep inner, I was ready to run away several times. This happens because inner distortions have surfaced up from everywhere within because of being in her presence, and they cause disturbance. Therefore, instead of letting it join our already noisy and disturbed surface, we need to come to her presence and let them be dropped. This cleans us, makes us light and empty, hence, provides room for our inner true way to live more in us. THIS IS TRUE HEALING. This walk is in the opposite direction of our current way of walking. It does not matter, who is walking and which way. It is not in doing of any kind, not in practise of anything, it is exactly opposite to that. It is in not doing. She holds our hands and takes us there to the world of formlessness without any doing where she herself is residing in the greatest depths and widths of formlessness. We are all so lucky as we are gathered here to learn from her how to simply be in true way.

Since she has walked this path herself step by step, she knows how to show us in such a precise way so that we don't miss anything. Each one of us brings our qualities and weaknesses with us and she awakens us in them step by step with such precision, compassion and kindness. Some of us will have harder walk than others. I realized that from Gurpreet ji's own journey as it was much easier than mine has been so far. She came to this world with many many qualities which helped her in her journey. Her deep inner knowing guided her every step of the way. Love which is her deep connection with her heart and not the emotional body, made her see her weaknesses much faster. Her innocence and smallness helped her all the way making every hurdle small for her. It was so easy for her to lay her head down because of smallness, so surrender came easy. In fact, surrender is the first lesson she learnt in her journey.

The religious beliefs that I came from, this word surrender I had heard over and over again and practiced it. But only after meeting with her that I realized that I didn't even know ABC of surrender. Our religious and spiritual beliefs and practices keep us in the shallow and this is all about going within and deeper and deeper within. Nothing from outside can do anything for us. It is all about inner workings. In my life, she is the only one I have seen who has this capacity of going inside of us and help us there




When you speak exactly what you know, it is effective. The other big words are wonderfully shallow. If you continue give energy to the shallowness, you stay shallow instead of real.

outside of you is in you.Love is really okayness within towards everything. That is all.

Where there is fear, there is no relationship. Where there is no fear, there is relationship.

Being awake is big responsibility, but there is no doing in it; just for you to stay awake in it.In this, you become nobody and nobody can merge in everything so easily.Instead of trying to bring harmony inside of you, come back in you.Serve your heart, not your mind.Purity does not carry anything.As knowing, you know. As awareness, you see and seeing continues and expands as much as you value it.


Born and raised in Punjab, India, Gurpreet brought her inborn simplicity and innocence to her marriage, when she moved to Canada. In the new land, she fulfilled the demanding role of a wife and mother of two sons. The sudden death of a dear cousin, shook her deeply and the search for more in life began. The very first recognition that came her way was the need to surrender, and Gurpreet immediately started following that inner guidance with her whole heart. Her longing to seek True Reality became fired up after she lost her husband, when she was only thirty six. However, Gurpreet stood steadfast and resolute to walk her inner journey and everything else in life started to lose its importance. So earnest was her longing that soon she found a master and started learning the true way of being. Step by step, she kept going deeper and deeper, diminishing within all forms and established herself in profound inner purity, knowing, selflessness and simplicity of heart. In 2007 she was blessed with such ultimate grace that she became one with Truth. This transformational experience led her to become an embodiment of Truth.

A group of seekers came to learn from her, whom she kindly accepted, and the serving and teaching of Truth began. As a true enlightened master, Gurpreet has this rare quality and ability of taking us to the depths of beingness, and showing us our deeply hidden patterns and habits, needs and wants. These are the drivers that control our lives without us knowing of their existence within us. With her loving grace and kindness, she takes us out of this ignorant life of suffering, by connecting us back to our inner awareness, and introducing us to our inner qualities.

Gurpreet’s pure and simple radiant presence brings love and light into our hearts, as we learn to walk this inner journey with her incomparable love, care, and firm support. She walks along with us every step of the way from our created self to the Deepest Inner Truth within us. Gurpreet’s dedication and commitment towards our inner growth deeply touches our hearts. Through Gurpreet, divine grace has opened a new path in accordance with the need of this era.

Re: Anyone know the guru Gurpreet in Canada?
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Date: November 20, 2012 04:37AM

Thanks for posting this information that appears on her website - good to have here for reference for others.

I am also interested to know if anyone has any insight on their personal experience with Gurpreet.

Re: Anyone know the guru Gurpreet in Canada?
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Date: July 11, 2013 12:57PM

Accidentally arrived on this forum. Decided to register and answer questions considering that I am a regular attendee of Gurpreet's retreats.
Not too sure what you would like to know, so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

What it generally boils down to for many is if a teacher, in this case Gurpreet, is truly awakened and pure enough to guide others, or if she/he is hoax.
Meeting Gurpreet has been a 180 degrees life changing experience. And I don't say this lightly but intentionally. Rather than enlisting all the shifts I have gone through, I will summarize it as follows; and this is as raw as a description of my experience can be: I went from being crazy, to being more normal; from living on the edge with much intensity, to having more rest and patience; from being susceptible to energy attacks (thanks to a prematurely opened 7th chakra and kundalini-experiences gone bad), to being, again, much more normal, sane and without such susceptibility; from a race towards awakening, to realizing that was a misunderstanding - there is truly no where to go and nothing to get but everything to lose, which, after all, where never mine in the first place but an illusion of possession.

Prior meeting Gurpreet, I had a 6 to 7 years worth of regular meditation practice, a Meditation Teacher Training certificate and second degree Usui-Reiki initiation. My spiritual path was that of the solo-nomad. I had a huge cynicism towards guru-dom/authority and, like many, used the typical 'masters and students are truly the same' statement to rationalize dislike for anything to do with guruism. Little did I know, I replaced guru-dom with solo-dom. My cynicism was, however, in a way healthy for I knew, deep within me, that Real Recognizes Real. And when I met Gurpreet, in a split of a second, I was sold, for the Real in I Recognized the Real in She.

Understand that I had met or been in contact with several instructors, teachers and about 3 to 4 awakened beings prior meeting Gurpreet. However, none were able to touch me the way she did. They were either one or a combination of the following: 1) too intellectual 2) too preachy 3) too new-agey 4) into power-games/wanting to control 5) fake or 6) good, but my heart just did not open up to them without reasonable doubt.

As a PhD researcher and candidate, I question, I observe, and lord help you if I notice something off for I will dissent and/or quickly part ways.

With Gurpreet, it was instantaneous! As soon as she walked in the room and I saw her, it was done: it was the end of my spiritual path, the end of seeking and the beginning of the end of the path; of the end of seeking. How I got to hear about her is another story. But in short, it was the typical synchronicity/coincidental/out-of-the-ordinary story many of us have heard. What was key about this, however, was how my body reacted when a person I had randomly met talked to me about her teacher; Gurpreet. My heart started to beat faster, my eyes started to water, my tummy started to feel like 'butterflies-in-my-tummy,' and my mood become soft and gentle. All this in less than 10 to 30 seconds of meeting someone who was talking to me about Gurpreet. And to top it off, I had a dream about Gurpreet two months before meeting her. The dream was so vivid I recall waking in the middle of the night looking towards my door at the spiritual presence of my then shaktipat-initiator who I thanked tremendously. Little did I know, I was thanking him for having played a huge role in me eventually meeting Gurpreet.

Anyways, you have my story.

There are some videos on the website; some are connections, others are QandA's and some are interviews. Check it out and if you have any questions, feel free to ask it here or just email the Gurpreet contact person. The website is and I will be deregistering my account from this forum very soon. Again, I only registered because I accidentally saw this forum and thought I would pitch in.

Re: Anyone know the guru Gurpreet in Canada?
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Date: March 19, 2016 01:19PM

yeah i have serious questions about the validity of this lady.....

The dynamics between gurus and their adorers
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 19, 2016 04:25PM

Sitting in a densely packed crowd during satsang or while waiting for a guru to
make an appearance is itself a boundary melting experience - it can even been intoxicating.

Gurus become delusional because they get only adoration and few if any outside influences.


Psychotherapists and psychoanalysts have learned that the subconscious emotions between different persons can overlap if those persons are attuned to each other. This isnt the same as mind reading. But in a tight crowd, where people share an excited hopeful focus on the same guru, this normal process can be tremendously heightened. Given how arid and lonely many of our lives are, this can feel amazing. It is only too easy to give all the credit to the guru who arranged the entire circus.


Visonary and auditory experiences feel very vivid. But...researcher David C Lane who himself studied with a guru, discovered that human beings give themselves such experiences -- holiness has little to do with it. His own guru said the same thing.


Re: Anyone know the guru Gurpreet in Canada?
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Date: June 19, 2018 06:34PM

If you Google terms such as conversational hypnosis or covert trance induction, you'll see what Gurpreet is up to. She's hypnotizing people without their knowledge or consent. Her techniques are the hypnotic gaze, the soft voice, sitting very still, the long silences, and the obscure or confusing language.

Gurpreet learned these techniques from John de Ruiter during 2000-2007. John de Ruiter studied the occult and hypnosis with a New Age teacher beginning around 1994. His ex-wife tells the story in a documentary "The Gospel According to John" [] beginning at 3'50".

These techniques are used by a multitude of commercial gurus
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Date: June 19, 2018 09:05PM

Trance techniques can easily be concealed within the satsang/darshan setting.



Authority centered persuasion -- very old techniques

Satsang setting has its own set of rules


Some gurus appropriated powerful trance technology used by Werner Erhard (est, Landmark) and concealed this behind Hindu trappings.


Sparkly Eyes (Look at your own eyes in a mirror. Then compare with the glowing eyes in photographs of gurus. Ever occur to us that those photos are enhanced?)


Yes Set


Embedded Metaphors


Nested Loops


Soft Voice





Eckhart Tolle does this for only one reason.
If Tolle were to have a specific Mindfulness Practice, or whatever, then people learn it, and then never come back! In his early years, he learned he had to keep the Customer coming back, to keep the money coming in.
So he learned and decided to just weave a confusing web of nonsense and contradictions to confuse people, then promise them Enlightenment if they followed ECKHART TOLLE personally. He then records hundreds of hours of CD's and DVD's and he sells thousands of dollars of his endless yacking to people.

As far as hypnosis, that is EXACTLY what Tolle is doing. As a matter of fact, Tolle Tranced-Out rambling, breathy-soft voice, sounds a lot like Warren Jeffs, the Leader of the polygamist cult now in jail. These sort of breathy, soft-spoken, passive sounding speakers can be some of the most manipulative.

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