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Re: Ian and Pearl Rogers
Posted by: WorriedRelatives ()
Date: May 05, 2018 10:00AM

I have been watching this thread for a few years now... wondering how many other people have been impacted by this cult as I have.

Here are some truths from my experience:
• More than one member of my family has been indoctrinated into this cult
• When questioned about philosophies and methods of the cult, they have dis-connected themselves from family members and close friends … at the recommendation of the cult leaders
• Attempts early days to talk (as adults) to the cult leaders about my concerns were blocked
• Members of my family have been blamed by the cult leaders as the cause of why the members are unhappy and insecure
• The cult says they will offer the love and support to the members that they can’t receive from family i.e. they become the surrogate family
• The cult targets seem to be insecure, lonely women

Read any definition of a cult and this all fits.

That cult members now rally to try and de-bunk any claims that Sphinx Spiritual is a cult and try to cast suspicion on motives of affected family members, and this only further supports the fact it IS a cult.

Do not de-value the grieving that some people go through because they have ‘lost’ close family members. Step outside the group and look in before you judge, as I am not welcome to step in.

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Re: Ian and Pearl Rogers
Posted by: jacquiehyde020 ()
Date: May 06, 2018 03:49PM

So here’s what we know so far

- Women are manipulated over time into changing their first names.
- They are taken overseas for cult like conferences on a regular basis.
- All new members are instructed and manipulated into cutting all ties with their family members.
- Guilt, manipulation and fear run rampant within the community. Tight deadlines. 24/7 work. Limited if any compensation.
- They pin/pit members against each other with the use of points, levels, and rankings.
- The leader can not be questioned under any circumstances.
- Vague and subjective material used and designed to control.
- Fan parties are thrown for their glorious leader Ian Rogers. Direct quote (some dude who had exposure to the cult sent me this) “Ian and Pearl set our hearts in a whirl, together they conspire to inspire” - yes they are actually instructed to write poems for Ian
- Covert questionnaires exist in many forms across multiple platforms with different banner names, these are no doubt designed to collect data and assess new member vulnerability. i.e how much of a ‘sucker’ are you? Hidden under the false banner of self help, dating, empowerment.
- Ms Lynn Price is the chief financial officer of this cult as far as I know
- The leaders are currently posting on this page pretending to be members, when the IP address is from Mornington. (I asked the site admin) - these are clearly posts written by the actual cult managers trying to go into damage and image control!
- A dinner party was arranged without inviting leaders Ian and Pearl and the hosts were publicly shamed in front of everybody in the circle. They were then expelled from the group and removed from major financial agreements

The free will argument is laughable. Cults do not take away free will, they move the goal posts and shift the personal values of the individuals involved. The end result is still the same, obedient little slaves who will never be able to be shown the light again

As far as I am aware, there are several undercover members currently within the group who are ‘playing along’ while reporting information back to the outside… from what I’ve been told phones have recently been banned at all events as they’ve become even more careful with data breaches.

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Re: Ian and Pearl Rogers
Posted by: Not a cult? ()
Date: May 12, 2018 05:58PM

Hitler had a large following too

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I choose to use my free will to share my opinion. It’s sad seeing people separate themselves from their friends and family and from reality!!!

Can I ask why mediums seem to attach themselves to famous or well known dead people???? Why can they be living through a normal dead persons spirit??

The more members that Sphinx has, the more likely it will be for people to leave and tell the world what really happens.

I’ll just watch from a distance for now, but I’m watching with interest as are a few of us

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Re: Ian and Pearl Rogers
Date: May 14, 2018 05:08AM

recruitment attempts from a member


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Re: Ian and Pearl Rogers
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 14, 2018 08:57PM

"sphinx spiritual" "spiritual love match"




Spiritual LoveMatch is a part of Sphinx Spiritual - a highly ethical organisation bringing a deeper understanding of how the spiritual world works and how to apply that knowledge to living on earth. The knowledge provided by Sphinx Spiritual originates from Ancient Egypt from what is commonly known as ‘The Mystery Schools’ but was known at the time as ‘The Schools of Learning’.

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Re: Ian and Pearl Rogers
Posted by: jacquiehyde020 ()
Date: May 15, 2018 04:51PM

thankyoumymistress Wrote:
> recruitment attempts from a member
> []

Oh wow. Who is that... is she associated with Ian and Pearl Rogers

I suppose you can't really say she's recruiting although it looks to me like it! This is ALL just speculation until a member flees the 'community' and blows the whistle, or a video / leak is exposed online.

Until then, they are 'highly ethical' with 'great values'

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Re: Ian and Pearl Rogers
Posted by: BlackHawk ()
Date: November 30, 2020 07:04PM

If anyone sees this (that is not 'obviously' a member of Sphinx Spiritual)

A good friend of mine is completely absorbed by this cult - it started just as you said, with slowly alienating from her friends and family and convincing her that she is better than everyone else, the alterior motives of the 'great leaders' are so obvious to any bystander. I have researched at length, their 'sugar pill' and brainwashing quackery and their mind manipulation techniques are TEXTBOOK and old school - totally archaic, but very effective to vulnerable people - especially women.

What I have read so far from this crowd is an inculcation of basic mind control techniques - alienation and isolation. "Us and THEM'. In psychology circles, what's happening inside this cult and its followers is called empire building.

Does anyone know anyone who has managed to shine the light on this shocking, fraudulent behaviour to someone who is totally brainwashed? And got them out of it?

The last message was 2018, I'd really appreciate any information you can give me. There doesn't seem to be any legal intervention yet, which I find baffling.

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Re: Ian and Pearl Rogers
Posted by: lovey dovey ()
Date: May 13, 2021 10:58PM

hi there,
yes i have recently become aware of Morningtons " Sphinx Spiritual " people. I guess my story was accidently stumbled upon which still leaves me with a disturbing chill. I dont know anything really about cults and the like but i can defiantly tell you that they seem to have a meddling influence and control over there members decisions and personal lives to the extent that is very damaging and cruel to people that are outside their " Circle "

I fell deeply in love with a beautiful woman during the 2020 lockdowns and our escalating love grew and grew to become and very rare and special connection.As soon as the new year started her involvement was back to there intensive week long " conferences " and fully booked calendar of gatherings until a point came about a month ago that she was told at one of these meetings that her relationship was getting in the way to her fulfilling her purpose and effectively i was dumped overnight.


Whatever was done to her thinking was really strange because straight away i was being questioned like never before and insinuations about my character and alot of made up accusations started coming my what a coincidence the change the way she was told to cut me down and cut me out:(

I must say that i had the privilege to know and love the real woman that was free and allowed to blossom before she was taken from me and now follows there every command , its really scary when i think how sad she is lost to them and told to say and think and be because i experienced the real amazing person she is but i dont even know her at all now this version:(:(

ii could say alot more about what i know but im crushed and my heart thrown in the gutter,,,,

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Re: Ian and Pearl Rogers
Posted by: Honesty ()
Date: February 04, 2022 08:13PM

My name is Astrid Minzenmay & I was recently made aware of this post from ‘Lovey Dovey’ that was written by my ex boyfriend William Holt.
The woman he refers to is me.

Surely I have the right to decide who I will be in a relationship with.
However this is not only questioned, but he also questions my mental capacity to make that choice.
That should make it clear as to why I broke up with him.

Sphinx Spiritual is in no way a cult.
This is an argument seized upon by people who cannot see who they are, and want to blame someone instead.
What Will wrote was false & he deliberately contorted what was said so as to put himself in the best light & myself in the worst light.
It is because of the dishonesty of what he has said that compelled me to answer and identity myself & him.
He was extremely angry when I ended the relationship.

I was so devastated that within a few days of my ending the relationship, my long term & adored cat Leo disappeared and has never been found….giving me the pain of the loss of a relationship and a dearly loved animal.

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Re: Ian and Pearl Rogers
Posted by: jacquiehyde020 ()
Date: March 08, 2022 01:06PM

I have no doubt at all that this is a cult. Exhibit A above, a member who believes they are in control when they have been reprogrammed. They get reprogrammed quite quickly and cut all ties with non members. A lot of them are rich vulnerable women, not sure whether wealth is a prerequisite or whether they stumble into the cult after going and seeking out greater meaning

There is also discussion on Reddit


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