Kabbalah Bnei Baruch
Posted by: jmanuel2012 ()
Date: September 05, 2012 11:10PM

I have been connected to this group physically and mentally for about 3 years. I just called you earlier to ask for HELP!... that was all, I read on your website how you help people in situations like this. "Destructive cults, groups, movements and/or leaders "maintain intense allegiance through the arguments of their ideology, "and through social and psychological pressures and practices that, intentionally or not, amount to conditioning techniques that constrict attention, limit personal relationships, and devalue reasoning." this is what is happening to me, I see probably you got paid to as they said they will do.... but my life is not problably worth it because of this statement above. If you would really be concern you would have done something. This is a shame to your organization... People if you have problems with the above mention do not contact this person Rick, he just wont help you, and by the way you will get an advice to see a doctor. How ironic

Stay away from Bnei Baruch specially if you dont have kids or money

They should be laughing about your work

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