Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 20, 2013 06:43AM

Did you know that Eric Allen Bell has along history of anti-social behavior that includes being in a mental hospital?

It's true.

I have never been in a mental hospital.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 20, 2013 06:46AM

Eric Allen Bell's kryptonite.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 20, 2013 08:07AM

Eric Allen Bell and His Cars

Eric drove BMW's

Dec 12, 2011 - Eric no longer owns a car.

February 7,2012 - " I was driving in my car listening to a story on NPR. "

On July 4, 2012 - " I had to sell my car in order to pay my rent - and it's that money is now gone."

SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 - " I spent the night at a motel and got on to the freeway for a long drive home, after the traffic had let up."

May 2013 - People are commenting on Eric's nice car.

" No, the truth here is that Eric Allen Bell offers no reason for anyone to believe anything that comes out of his mouth (or keyboard). " - David Christopher 2010

A manipulative, and exploitative cult leader.

"I have lost most of my Liberal friends.

I have lost my reputation in Hollywood.

I have lost my livelihood.

Most of my family members no longer talk to me.

I had to sell my car in order to pay my rent - and it's that money is now gone.

I am late on every single bill." - Eric Allen Bell

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 20, 2013 10:15AM

Numerous times Eric Allen Bell has called his critics "obsessed", "insane", and "imbalanced".

This is nothing but projection on the part of Eric Allen Bell.

For example, Eric posted this comment, word for word, 5 TIMES in less than 4 minutes.

There is NO evidence that CAIR is trying to kill Eric Allen Bell.

Recognizing his frequent use of projection is key to understanding Eric Allen Bell.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 22, 2013 06:42AM

In a previous post that tried to portray me as some kind of trouble maker, the exchange between Eric Allen Bell, and myself at FrontPageMag was brought up.

This encounter with EAB is just one of the reasons why I say Eric can not defend himself from what I am saying.

Judge for yourself.

Here is the archive of our conversation at FPM.


Also, see here,




He can't defend himself, and is a pitiful excuse for a leader.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 22, 2013 07:19AM

Let us take another look at the Eric Allen Bell Facebook post that acknowledges he is a topic of conversation at Rick Ross.

Eric Allen Bell says - people are " obsessed with discrediting me, ever since I said that "god" does not have a "chosen people" and that Jesus was an arrogant prick, if he did say he was the ONLY WAY to "god"."


Please, never forget that Eric Allen Bell left the Counter Jihad Movement under his own volition, and only then did he start fulminating about Christians, and Jews. Up until then, he keep his intense dislike of Christians hidden.

Yes, this is yet another example of Eric's inability to take responsibility for his statements, and actions, his tenuous grip on reality, his hostility, and his relentless lying.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 22, 2013 02:31PM

Again, Eric Allen Bell acknowledges this thread at Rick Ross, but doesn't address any of the things being said here.

" SHARING A PIC SENT FROM AN ISLAMO-SAVAGE: So I've go Larry Estavan and the Rapture-Ready Religious Right attacking me online now as a "Cult Leader" and the Islamo-Lunatics once again targeting me, for pointing out that their pedophile prophet is, well... a pedophile. But religion is what "binds us together" (literal meaning) and we are told to respect other people's "faith" (the absence of critical thinking). What do you do when part of their "faith" is to harass everyone who does not think like them?" - EAB 7/21/12 Facebook

He then goes on about Sam Harris, Father Abraham, the "anti-christ", Religious Dependency Disorder, and guffaws after saying " seek help immediately. "

" Sam Harris is right - we should ridicule religion! We should not tolerate religion! We must end religion - or religion will end us - ALL OF US - not just those few who speak out against it. If there is an "anti-christ" he is Father Abraham. And his greatest lie was to convince the flock that he is exists in the future, when in fact he hides out in the past. And it is the sick death cults which are the Abrahamic "Faiths" that purse the realization of their fantasy - that the world ends, and everyone who does not think as they do gets punished. If you or someone who love are suffering from Religious Dependency Disorder, please seek help immediately.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" - EAB 7/21/12

Of course, I have nothing to do with these pictures he is sharing .

I don't know if " Rapture-Ready Religious Right" qualifies as a thought terminating cliche, but whether such a thing exists, or not, and whether I have anything to do with it or not, has nothing to do with the bounty.

The bounty, what about the bounty? When will he talk about the bounty?

Why does the bounty have the number one quadrillion on it?

Why did Eric say publicly discussing the validity of the bounty would be aiding the "enemy".

Where are all his cars coming from? Is he reporting this on his taxes?

Is he pretending to sell his car so you will send him money?

That would be fraud, you know?

Why does he keep telling people on Facebook that his parents abandoned him, and that he was "abused"?

Why does he keep asking people to send him money? Doesn't he have a job?

Why does Eric Allen Bell support Gregg Braden?


Gregg Braden tells his "cult " that they can wish their cancer away.

Why in the world would anyone want to participate in fraud like this?

Eric has 22,626 "likes", and millions of hits on his website, and no discussion of the number one quadrillion that is on Eric's "bounty".

Quite a spectacle.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 26, 2013 02:16AM

A response from Eric Allen Bell:

My name is Eric Allen Bell and the authenticity of this posting can be verified by contacting me at my gmail account or on

I generally do not comment on negative articles posted about me, but given how out of hand this particular page has become, I feel it is best that I personally respond to some of the allegations being made here.

In September of 2012 a few foreign newspapers had reported that I was the filmmaker, or one of the filmmakers, behind “The Innocence of Muslims”. Additionally this rumor was spread on Facebook, originating on the fan page of a radical Islamic group (as far as I can tell). Day after day, the false story was kept alive, on social media, blogs and newspapers. It is my opinion that someone wanted this false impression to stick and I believe (but cannot prove) that this was some sort of retaliation for articles I had written which were critical of various Islamic organizations.

This was not a misprint. Someone had the intention to use the crisis of the rioting and demands that the filmmaker be killed, to insert my name in as the filmmaker. Someone kept fanning the flames to keep this story alive.

Needless to say, I was in no way connected to the production of “The Innocence of Muslims” the YouTube video which was said to provoke rioting and killings in several Muslim countries, and demonstrations in some non-Muslim countries.

Pictures surfaced with the word “Lanat” ("shame" in Arabic) over my forehead, or a Star of David, or a ridiculous sum of money in the form of a bounty (as reported in the Pakistani Tribune and other publications). A Pakistani politician offered a bounty for "the filmmaker" and other high profile Muslim leaders followed suit. Naturally, I was concerned for my safety.

My Facebook inbox was literally flooded with explicit death threats from Muslims around the world, including the United States. I had initially contacted Robert Spencer and asked him what I should do. I told him that two of the doormen, in the building I was living in, were Pakistani. I also mentioned that I was probably too shaken up to determine for myself, how seriously I should take all of this. This sort of thing was new to me, but not to Robert Spencer (author of several books, including "The Truth about Muhammad" and "The Infidels Guide to the Koran"). Spencer recommended that I contact the FBI and local law enforcement and leave my residence, for a more secure location. And I took his advice.

For the next few weeks I was taken in by various people within the Counter Jihad community and was moved around from one safe house to the next. The FBI Counter Terrorism department initiated an investigation, however no protection was provided by the government, including local law enforcement. In the first county I fled to, the police department actually lost the police report, which included screenshots of several explicit death threats from Muslims (some in the USA) and "forgot" to give the report to the FBI. Eventually the Feds did get involved and were able to track down that report. Law enforcement moved at a slow pace, while the threats seemed to just keep getting worse.

The FBI recommended I take steps to protect myself, but did not outline what those steps were - only that they could not provide anything in the way of protection. It was advised that I remain in a safe and secure location. The FBI and police also recommended that I hire my own private security.

This went on for a while until finally the threats let up. The US government put the filmmaker of “The Innocence of Muslims” behind bars, in my opinion to appease the rioting masses in Islamic countries. Obama publicly declared, at a UN speech, that he would not tolerate anyone criticizing Muhammad, the "prophet" of Islam. During this time I was unable to work as I determined it was unwise to go outdoors.

A website was created and donations were solicited to cover my living expenses and security expenses. In retrospect this was something of a PR disaster. Most of the money that came in, approximately $2,000 was from Evangelical Christians. Once the dust settled, and I was able to go back to work and go back outside, I had posted something on Facebook which was critical of religion in general. This caused a backlash from religious zealots who told me I was going to hell. Instead of getting death threats from Muslims, I was now opening my inbox to receive a lot of messages quoting the Bible with promises of heaven and threats of hell and a whole bunch of nonsense about Jesus. I then posted that hell was a lie and that Christianity was a scam. I said that Christianity had dumbed down the civilized world for long enough and that Judaism was elitist, unfair to women and that their "god" was an angry jerk. What followed was a lot of criticism, accusations of being "antisemitic" and allegations that I had swindled money by faking a “fatwa” when really I just wanted attention and was too lazy to work. Some Evangelicals even went so far as to say I was getting rich off of this.

It was during this time that many Evangelicals wrote to tell me that they felt taken advantage of. I got the impression that there was an expectation that I not criticize Christianity, since it was mostly Christians who took me in during my time of need. Many Christians said they felt betrayed.

And things escalated from there. The more people told me I was going to hell, the more I posted criticisms of Christianity on my Facebook page. Eventually the word was out, within certain factions of the Counter Jihad movement, that I had turned my back on everyone, or had turned out to be a fraud, or mentally unstable.

Given that an enormous percentage of people who make up the Counter Jihad movement are involved in a religious crusade, a contest of religions, many of them wrongly thought that since I had discovered how evil Islam was, I must therefore have turned my life over to Christ. As illogical as this sounds, that was the situation.

I said a few things about Counter Jihad being hijacked by religious fanatics, and that so long as this movement had the flavor of the Rapture-Ready religious right, we would never be taken seriously. I added that the so-called "Liberal Media" could not be blamed for this, since Sam Harris and Bill Maher were able to speak at length, without being cut off, regarding their criticisms of Islamic brutality.

Contrary to what was in the rumor mill, I was not “kicked out” of the movement. My publishers never turned down articles from me. I simply stopped writing articles for a time and placed my focus on other projects.

I think this should clear up the bulk of Larry Estavan’s (Living Engine) allegations concerning me as a person who has committed fraud. He has stated that he contacted the FBI with this accusation. This is of course baseless and arguably it is libel. There are countless blogs in which this individual has obsessively attacked by character and made claims that I am committing fraud. Should this continue, I may pursue legal action.

Lastly I would like to address the allegations that I am running a cult or am some kind of a cult leader. After all, that's what this site is about. Inf act, I have used this site as a reference in the past, for my own research on Scientology and other scams.

I have a spiritual website called Global One TV. That site does not fit the generally acceptable definitions of a cult. There is no infallible leader. I am a flawed human being who sometimes makes mistakes or changes my mind. There is no doctrine. We are not a religion. There is no initiation, no dues, no doctrine.

The site is something of an experiment – a social network featuring blogs, videos, discussion groups, pictures, chat rooms, etc. which feature content geared most around mysticism, primarily from a Vedic perspective. This perspective is often times referred to as "Non-Dualism" or "Advaita Vedanta". It is not Eric Allen Bell ism.

Specifically Global One is devoted to inquiry – literally questioning everything and discovering for oneself what is the conditioned mind and what is the real Self. I personally feel that I am not just my thoughts and that everything is connected to everything else. This is what is meant by the OM symbol, something which is seen all over the site.

This idea of Non-Dualism is not something which I invented and dates back perhaps thousands of years. That said, I have written some articles on the subject and do receive a lot of emails from people seeking further illumination on the matter. I do not claim to be a spiritual master or that my consciousness is so elevated as to make me special. Some of these people have in fact donated money to keep the website going. Others have donated for no specific purpose in general. So I have received money as the result of my spiritual teachings. I report all income to the IRS as required by law.

Lastly I would just add that my primary source of income does not come from Global One or the Counter Jihad movement. None of my websites presently host any kind of “donate” button, but they might in the future and have in the past. I derive my livelihood primarily from various media projects which I am involved in. In the future, that could change. If I feel called to devote more of my focus on the inquiry, I will.

Anyone can do a basic Google search and find out what constitutes a cult or a cult leader. I simply do not fit the criteria at this time and don't anticipate that I will in the future. I am not a cult leader.

There is a lot of material, primarily YouTube videos, out there which warns Evangelicals that the "New Age" people are coming to destroy Christianity and that this is a sign of the end times. Is it any wonder, given the story I have recounted above, that I would get lumped in to this?

- Eric Allen Bell

Re: Eric Allen Bell
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Date: July 26, 2013 03:30AM


I've already argued much of what you've just recounted. I remember reading about you being linked as the filmmaker by the Pakistani paper when the whole Muhammad video debacle went down. I don't doubt it was carried by other papers in Pakistan as well. It was mentioned on Robert Spencer's site as well as that of David Horowitz. I, personally, don't doubt your story at all, but I get where you're coming from and for what it's worth, I believe from what I've seen and what I can tell, you do not fit the definition of a cult leader and are not operating a cult (I, of course, reserve the right to change my mind, however). That's the only thing that should matter on this forum, but hell. I don't make the rules and I realize there are probably legal implications if the moderator starts implicitly listing cults by removing those that don't belong.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: psyborgue ()
Date: July 26, 2013 03:40AM

Also. I would recommend against a lawsuit, as you're a public figure defamation law works a bit differently in the US. You would not only have to prove that LivingEngine lied about you, but also that he did so with "reckless disregard" for the truth, which in English means that you would have to prove that he doubted the truth of what he said. Because proving somebody's mindset is next to impossible, it's a losing proposition. In addition, you would have to prove harm which is not nearly as easy as you might think. Save your cash. Lawsuits can be very, very, expensive and you won't find somebody willing to take a losing case like this pro-bono or on a contingent fee basis.

You can read more about the law here:

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