Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: livingengine ()
Date: April 19, 2019 06:30AM

So, Jews are persecuting Eric Allen Bell for being a brave truth teller who is not for sale.

Well, I don’t believe it. After all, I have seen him do this repeatedly in the past, and it is all baloney.

Remember it was Muslims who were attacking Eric Allen Bell in 2012. And, while it is true he received maybe more than a hundred death threats from Muslims on Facebook, this was only after he threatened them for weeks. Eric Allen Bell was going to destroy them, nuke them, shoot them, denounce them as Nazis, and make a movie like this. When the Muslims pushed back (as we know they will) Eric changed his tune, became a victim, and ran away to safe house. We were all aghast.

It was during this time that Eric Allen Bell defrauded the Counter Jihad Movement with his phony bounty that was supposed to be for ten million rupees. In reality, the bounty was for one quadrillion dollars; more money than there is on earth.

When Eric came out of his self-imposed exile, his message was that Christians were holding back the CJM. This turned into a full scale rupture between EAB and the CJM. He flounced out of the movement denouncing everything in sight; Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Jesus, the CJM, and god.

For weeks, Eric was denounce the Counter Jihad Movement as a front to advance Christianity. Eric saw hateful Christians everywhere. He was sure I was not only a Christian, but an insane, homosexual, Evangelical, and he convinced several people that was true.

For weeks, and weeks, and weeks, Eric went on, and on about how much he disdained Christians and Jesus. It just went on, and on like this, from December to March. It was all he talked about. And, it he didn’t stop until the arrival of Passover. Now, it was the Jews turn. It was at this point that Eric said that “Jewish Supremacists” control America.

At least, I think he said it. He has changed his story about this “Jewish Supremacists” statement several times. He went from claiming I did it, to Loonwatch did it, to not being sure, etc.

In the interest of clarity, could Eric Allen Bell make a definitive statement about the “Jewish Supremacists” controversy?

Did Eric Allen Bell say that “Jewish Supremacists” control America? He can answer this any way he wants, but one caveat; all lies will be caught-out, and exposed.

So, how about it, Mr. Bell?

Did you say “Jewish Supremacists” control America, or not?

The floor is yours.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: April 19, 2019 07:06AM

That is very clever of you, Larry Estavan. But I did not say and I am NOT saying that Jews are persecuting me.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: April 19, 2019 07:10AM

Yes, I did receive about a hundred death threats from devout Muslims, on my Facebook page, for everyone to see.

No, I did not threaten anyone. I did not threaten Muslims. I criticized Islam.

I have also criticized Christianity.

I have criticized Native American superstition and victim mentality.

And yes, I have criticized the idea of "God's chosen people" much in the same way that I have criticized Jesus saying he is the "ONLY WAY" to God.

Does this make me a bigot. Some would say all of that is okay except for being critical of Jewish theology. That apparently makes someone "antisemitic".

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: April 19, 2019 07:13AM

I made a video, which YouTube has taken down, but you can find it among my Facebook videos. It was in defense of Jews and it is called, "Islam is Nazism with a God". And I do not apologize for it.

You say, "We were all aghast". Who is this "we" that you speak of? And if everyone is so "aghast" then explain the many likes and downloads this video has received.

I will never apologize for telling the truth.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: April 19, 2019 07:21AM

There was no "rupture" between myself and the entire Counter Jihad Movement. There was a parting of ways between myself and your boss, Pamela Geller.

Geller contacted the owners of other Counter Jihad websites and demanded that they remove all of my content and no longer publish any of my articles. To date only Robert Spencer has obeyed her commands.

Since that time I have remained a very vocal and active part of the Counter Jihad Movement. None of my articles were taken down by David Horowitz and they still remain on Front Page Magazine.

I continue to write articles for Faith Freedom which Ali Sina publishes despite the fact that Pamela Geller ordered him not to. In fact, Sina contacted Geller and told her (I know that you read the email) that you were insane and, as a board member of Geller's SIOA he felt you should no longer be running their website and that your behavior reflected negatively on Geller, and on the SIOA organization as well as the movement as a whole.

Pamela Geller chose to keep you on and continues to have you routinely attempt to destroy my reputation, which to date has failed. I have over 70,000 Facebook followers who are still very interested in what I publish on the topic of Counter Jihad. Nearly all of them are aware that Pamela Geller has called me a "depraved liar" but they follow me nonetheless.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: April 19, 2019 07:24AM

Are there some people who use the Counter Jihad movement as a front simply to advance Christianity? Yes, there are.

Are there some people who use Counter Jihad as a means to get people to advance the cause of Israel, yes there are. And no one does that more vocally than your boss, Pamela Geller.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: April 19, 2019 07:30AM

Have I ever expressed hatred for Jews, Christians or Muslims? I would answer that with a resounding "NO".

Have I expressed disdain for every one of those theologies? Yes, I have. I ridicule them. I criticize them.

I have a problem with Christianity telling little children that if they do not submit to Jesus, they will be cast into a lake of hell fire, for all eternity.

I have a problem with the Old Testament saying that the Gentiles are more or less inferior to "God's chosen people" and exist for the benefit of his people, to serve them. And I have a problem with the very small percentage of those born into Judaism who actually believe that stuff and try to advance these ideas. One can accurately describe these very few people as Jewish Supremacists.

Do I hate Muslims? No, but I do have contempt for the ideology called Islam. It is the worst violator of human rights in the world today. Islam is the enemy of women, of homosexuals, of Infidels, of human rights, of freedom of speech, of liberty and it is the enemy of critical thinking. The founder of Islam was the inventor of Islamic Terrorism. He commanded his followers to "Cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers". And in so many parts of the world, the Islam of 622 AD is the Islam of today.

Read my article called, "Why I do not hate Muslims". I spoke about it on Fox and Friends which you can find on YouTube. And I did that after Pamela Geller, your boss, tried unsuccessfully to banish me from the Counter Jihad Movement.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: April 19, 2019 07:37AM

Do Jewish Supremacists control the world or control America? No. They don't even control Israel.

Does any one group control the world or control America? Nope. But many of them try.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: April 19, 2019 07:42AM

Finally, with regard to this idea that I am advancing the narrative that "Jewish Supremacists control America". I wrote an article that was an open letter to David Duke. I called him out publicly for aligning with America's enemies, such as Hamas and Hezbollah (also the enemies of Israel, by the way).

Soon thereafter I received a message from his secretary saying that, "Doctor Duke would like to speak with you". We had a long and lively conversation. I spoke to him a few more times after that, to get clarity on some aspects of his world view. Then I published a follow-up article called, "David Duke Hates You, America".

Now go on say what you keep trying to say, that I am somehow aligned with David Duke. I know you can't help yourself, as these postings of yours are done compulsively. Repeat all the same drivel you have been saying about me, over and over again now, for 6 full years.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: livingengine ()
Date: April 19, 2019 07:49AM

Eric Allen Bell is still avoiding the question.

Did Eric Allen Bell say "Jewish Supremacists" control America?

Did he say this or not?

It is a simple question.

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