Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 16, 2013 02:53AM

Psyborgue - I am not going to talk to you any longer. You have consistently ignored what I am saying, and have distorted my words, and those of David Christopher.

Again, you're misquoting him and making things up and I have to ask why.

I am not doing this. You can not provide one example of my making things up, and have proved you can not read..

Nowhere did he say "i am the anti-Christ" like you claim

I never said what you claim. You can not read.

I have to ask myself why you are distorting things to make your case.

I have not distorted anything, that is what you have been doing. Anyone who can read will see that. I stand by my words. Please do not respond.

You are a mind slave to Eric Allen Bell, and there are many people like you.

All one has to do is read the "citation" after one your statements to see you are doing this.

I am not doing anything legitimate, or wrong, or misleading. You can't read. I have no interest in continuing this dialogue.

You can not read. You can not think. You are not honest.

Please don't respond unless you have something to say about Eric's "bounty".

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 16, 2013 03:21AM

Eric Allen Bell's phoniness on full display.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 16, 2013 03:27AM

"An Islamic terrorist organization has ordered my death, and a bounty has been placed on my head." - EAB

This is a lie, as in there is no truth to it.

It was on the basis of lies such as this that Eric made his appeals for money.
This is fraud.


Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 16, 2013 03:54AM

Eric Allen Bell's Macabre Bio

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: July 16, 2013 04:41AM

Please no "flame wars."

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Cult Survivor ()
Date: July 16, 2013 10:24PM

I am a former follower of Eric Allen Bell. And although I disagree with many of the assertions made here, about his personality traits, I must say that I do agree he is indeed leading a cult. I think in a few years he will be a very serious threat. Looking back, I cannot believe I ever thought of him as a prophet or someone on a higher level of consciousness.

I started following EAB in the summer of 2009 and I left in August of 2012. Mr. Bell appeared on Fox News, with some shocking and mean-spirited comments about the Muslim faith. Many of my friends contacted me and asked, “You follow this guy?” And this caused me to experience a great deal of confusion and eventually to seek professional help. I cannot believe that I allowed myself to become brainwashed by an Islamophobe.

I found a therapist who helped me to identify that I was involved in a cult, and has helped me to leave the cult and even to get some closure with Mr. Bell.

I don’t really know where to begin and I don’t want to write a long story, so I will try my best to just keep to the basics. First off, in terms of asking for money, during the entire time that I was a member of his Global One movement, I was asked for money on 3 different occasions. These were mass emails to all of his followers, spaced out by nearly a year each and were asking for support to cover the costs of the website only (www.GlobalOne.TV). I gave $100 each time, however I later learned that there were others who gave significantly more. After the last email blast, Mr. Bell posted an announcement that he would no longer be seeking donations “because the backlash exceeds the benefit” and he took down the PayPal donate button from the site. And that was the last of asking for money, at least that I know of. If there was any other solicitation of funds it had to have taken place privately, because I never saw it and he never asked me for anything personally.

Although he never claimed to be the messiah or a messiah, there were a number of us who held the perception that he was able to access a higher level of consciousness. I believe he was using hypnosis techniques to get us to believe that. My therapist agrees. He uses NLP to embed commands into people's unconscious mind - or at least that is my opinion and that of my therapist.

Many of the followers, we believed that he was put on this Earth with a mission – and that mission was to wake us up. Even some of the Islamophobes starting believing this - that Bell was on a mission from God. He says he does not believe in God but then he says that basically he is God.

Although most of those followers are still very much devout, some of us left after seeing him on Fox News. Others left after he seemed to become preoccupied with fighting Islam and later with fighting organized religion in general. We felt he had become mean-spirited. I am a child of the sixties, and like many Baby Boomers, I don’t see fighting as being very peaceful. Mr. Bell claims to be part of “ushering in a new wave of consciousness” but I don’t see how basing other people’s personal spiritual beliefs can be consistent with that. I think he did all that to draw a line in the sand and to basically say "you are either with me or against me". Some people left while even more started to follow his every word unconditionally.

Based on Mr. Bell’s writings about the awakening of consciousness, I at one time became convinced that he was “illuminated”. That all disappeared when I saw that he was willing to go on to Fox News, whom I consider to be pure evil. No enlightened master would go onto Fox News and insult Muslims.

But I must say the following. First, Mr. Bell never claimed to be a messiah or enlightened - at least not directly (see my comment about NLP). He said that everyone is enlightened, but that most people just don’t realize it yet. In retrospect, that is a fancy way of saying that he had realized he is now enlightened. People on Global One think of him as either enlightened or on his way to becoming as such. I no longer do.

Also, I have stayed in touch with a few of the followers who have left Global One (his website/organization) and I know for sure he has received a lot of money in donations and favors. However, apparently these were given to him by people who still claim to have given out of their own free will. I know of one woman in Nashville who claims to have provided Bell with a car and a house and was never asked even once for any of it. I’m not sure about her. I think she thinks all of this giving was her idea. I do know that he drives a luxury car and he lives in Beverly Hills, California. It is my understanding that all of this has been provided to him by an affluent and devoted follower. Everything is provided by rich devoted followers including a staff, even a domestic staff.

Of the followers who left after the Islam obsession, no one I have spoken to claims to have been asked for money, other than those mass emails. However, many people have told me that they sent in money often because they wanted to support his mission. I had a dream, near the end, where he appeared and told me that I was chosen to play a vital role in his mission, but seeing him with that Fox logo in the screen just took me right out of it. And I think he used conversational hypnosis to plant the dream ahead of time.

My therapist says I fell victim to “hero worship” because I was looking for a savior and had a spiritual void. We both agree that I was not exploited in any the traditional way, however in time it probably would have lead in that direction. It's hard to say. I just know that I felt like my life belonged to EAB and my purpose was to help him on his mission here.

I know for a fact that there are many members of Global One who are in frequent contact with him, and offer money and gifts in return for the spiritual advice he provides them with. Some of them have regularly scheduled sessions - daily I think. Anyone with a background in the Vedic traditions will understand how something like this sprouts up. You can't follow the Vedic tradition without a guru and he fits the mold.

After college I started following the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. When he passed away this left a void in my heart. When I read the teachings of Eric Allen Bell it felt as though I had found my guru, an illuminated master who was to take me to the next level of awakening. But I just don’t understand why he cannot turn his back on the world and focus on what he says he’s about – the elevation of consciousness. Why did he have to get with the Islamophobes and go on to Fox News? This to me is the sure sign that someone is not yet fully enlightened. A friend of mine disagrees and says that Bell is merely a "dark teacher" and that I need to still show him devotion. It's all very confusing to me.

Here is a segment from an email I received back from him, when I wrote him a letter (that I worked on with my therapist) to tell him that I was leaving his group:

Eric Allen Bell: “I never asked you to call me Bhagwan. This is something you projected onto me from deep inside of your own psyche, because of a hunger inside of your heart. Whether or not you continue your journey with me is irrelevant. But do not use this disillusionment as an excuse to throw in the towel on your own path towards waking up. Keep with the inquiry. Be skeptical. I have always told you not to follow anyone as you already have all of the answers within yourself. My feeling is that the challenge for you will be in locating that Self which I am referring to. Put my name out on the street if you must, but know that all I have ever tried to do is to take a chance on you out of love, as I have done for everyone who has come to me with a sincere heart. I am not the answer. Remember that. You are. You are the person you have been looking for. Cast me in whatever role you feel you need to, but do not abandon the courageous journey of awakening which began for you before I was even born. It is what looks out from your very eyes that you seek, not a guru or a savior.”

When I read that to my therapist she said it was filled with double speak and designed to instill self doubt. I will not be following Eric Allen Bell anymore. I hope my story can help others who still think this man is on some special mission to wake up the planet. If he were, he would not be going on to Fox News or living in Beverly Hills or letting desperate people shower him with gifts. I will keep looking until I find a teacher who has already cleansed himself of his demons.

Finally I would like to say to “Living Engine” that I have seen your posts about Mr. Bell on numerous other websites. Don’t you see what is happening here? You have become obsessed, in your own way. You have unwittingly fallen victim to the cult of Eric Allen Bell.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 17, 2013 03:11AM

This thread concerns Eric Allen Bell, not Livingengine. If you would need to contact me, especially if you have hard documentation concerning Eric Allen Bell, you can contact me [...]

[Moderator note: It is against the rules to post contact information at this message board. You can use the private messaging system]

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Date: July 17, 2013 08:22AM

Sorry about that.

Psychic.CON is another movie Eric Allen Bell did not finish.

""Psychic.CON?" is documentary feature by filmmaker Eric Allen Bell. The movie features interviews with professional psychics, mediums, astrologers and long time clients of this multi-billion dollar industry - the industry of selling the future. Slated for production in 2009, "Psychic.CON?" will give you exclusive access and insight into the industry of putting one's fate in focus. Are all psychics are phony? Are any of them real? Is it actually possible for a person to be able to see into the future? Discover the fine art of neurolinguistic programming (NLP). See the fundamentals of a cold reading exposed. Look into the mystery surrounding the alleged gift of Clairvoyance. Are there any real psychics, or is it all just slight of hand? What about the numerous psychic claims that just cannot be explained away? In Psychic.CON? we set out to distinguish the contenders from the pretenders, using science and reason."

GlobalOneTV started in 2009, as we can see, Eric Allen Bell was already well acquainted with the milieu of psychics, mediums, astrologers, NLP practitioners, that is to say, frauds.

I sent a Facebook message to former FBI agent Joe Navarro, and asked him if Eric was using "anchoring" in his talk here.

Mr Navarro was gracious enough to write me back, and say he did not see anything like that.

I know very little about NLP, but if one watches Eric's talk, it is plain he is gesturing to the point of it becoming a distraction.

Eric's Youtube video is also interesting because of the number of views. This is because Eric is spending money, from a private donor, on advertising. He has freely admitted this.

Please take note of the fact that Eric sends his audience to videos about himself. Not a video about the evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial, or a video about the 1993 Philadelphia Meeting, or a video about the truth of Koran 5:32, or any of the other things that the Counter Jihad Movement is concerned with.

One can also find Eric boasting about his web traffic at GlobalOne, saying something like over 20 million have been to his site.

But, check this out -


If it doesn't go there, just go to:


and type in, and you will get the number of visitors to his site - about 8200 per day which is less than 3 million a year, so the 24 million, or whatever, users he claims is wildly inflated.

Wildly inflated is how I would describe Eric Allen Bell.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: psyborgue ()
Date: July 17, 2013 05:19PM

It appears EAB is well aquainted with LivingEngine. I found a thread here responding to his claims about the safe house and some other allegations (the moderator, in a post I haven't listed here as it's very long, responds to the allegation about the fatwa).

Eric Allen Bell
[[b]name redacted by psyborgue[/b]] (Livingengine):
I have never made anti-semitic comments. I simply said stated I object to the theology of Judaism and that the tribalism, in some circles, is elitist. Sue me. The vast majority of Jewish people do not engage in the tribal elitism I have described. But the concept of "God's chosen people" is the height of arrogance. Criticizing Judaism is not off limits and it is not synonymous with antisemitism. I object to Christianity. Does that mean I must therefore hate Christians? Your logic is flawed.

I have never been in an FBI safehouse. I was in something of a safehouse, and the FBI was involved, but that does not add up to "FBI Safehouse". There were death threats, but to the best of my knowledge no formal "Fatwa"' as such. The money I collected for my movie and safety was around $2,000 and fell way short of what I personally I have spent on these items. Absolutely no one has asked for a refund of their donation or accused me of fraud. Your allegations are baseless.

The fact is, you post comments on every single Counter Jihad blog out there, repeating the same obsessive compulsive drivel about me, constantly, and have done so for over a year now. Please go back on your meds.

- Eric Allen Bell

To which the moderator replied:

Gary Fouse
Mr [[b]name redacted by psyborgue[/b]],

Now that Mr Bell has put a name to your identity, I feel that your comment was a bit misleading.

My question to you now is where are you coming from? Are you supportive of the counter-jihadist movement or against it? Quoting Spencer gives one the impression you favor the counter-jihadist movement but that Bell is a detriment to it.

Just what is your position here?

As to Bell's comment, disagreeing with Judaic theology is hardly what today's anti-Semitism is all about just as religion had nothing to do with Hitler's anti-Semitism. I am no fan of the Catholic church, but that doesn't mean I have anything against Catholics. I am married to one.

I would like you to clarify just what your position is on counter-jihad itself.

That said, I don't intend to let you use this blog as a platform to wage your campaign against Mr Bell as you have done at others.

An exchange continues, to which EAB responds:

Eric Allen Bell
Hi, me again -

After securing more backing for my project, I was able to run paid ads on YouTube and dramatically drive up the metrics. I don't apologize for that. Actually, I think it's an effective way of reaching people. Much of this was done immediately after the news broke that the Boston Bombers were in fact Islamists.

There are many people who are furious with me for my comments regarding Christianity - to the point of being nearly psychotic about it. They feel they are owed something for reading my blogs, following me on Facebook or sending in a donation towards the film.

I was useful, coming from the Left, as someone who saw the light when it came to Islam. But as soon as the truth became known, that I find fault with religion in general, many people felt betrayed and said I was "not to be trusted". From a logical perspective, this simply makes no sense. It's irrational.

CAIR (LoonWatch) is trying to smear me by saying I am "antisemitic" and the rapture-ready crowd, within Counter Jihad, have accepted this as fact and used it to attack me.

It's quite simple. I'm being attacked because I have criticized Christianity and Judaism. This has triggered an irrational response in some, but certainly not most, religious people within Counter Jihad.

When I said that a huge chunk of the Counter Jihad movement is comprised of people who are actually on a religious crusade, the honeymoon was over. I went from poster boy to outcast in a heartbeat.

I'm not asking for donations, selling a book, running for office, etc. I'm indifferent to how the Religious Right perceives me.

I continue to stand behind what I said however - that so long as our movement has the flavor of the rapture-ready religious right, we will never be taken seriously by the general public. We cannot blame the "Liberal Media" for this, as they allow Bill Maher and Sam Harris to speak freely, often and at length, criticizing Islam, on major news networks. If we are aligned with the likes of Pat Robertson, if Eric Stackelback cannot find a way to get the word out without that CBN logo at the bottom of the screen, we will always be seen as religious zealots, engaged in a contest of religions.

Our own lunatic fringe is what damages our credibility. And ironically, it is that same lunatic fringe which accuses me of being crazy and a liability.

Eventually the moderator hits livingengine with the banhammer:

Gary Fouse
Living engine,

I have relegated the dozen or so messages you sent today to the spam box.

Your comments are no longer welcome on this site. They will not be read or posted.

As a forum admin (on another large forum), and 6 years experience, I do have to suspect there was a lot of sock-puppetry happening in that discussion, but that's beyond the scope of the discussion here. What is relevant is that livingengine, as noted by "Cult Survivor" above has obsessively posted all over the internet in countless blogs and "counter-jihad" website about EAB. The reactions to doing so, regardless of the venue, have been overwhelmingly negative.

The motives for doing so, furthermore, seem to be religious in nature. For example, on livingengine's youtube account he likes a video entitled "The New Age and it's Relationship to the Antichrist". The video, from skimming it, outlines how new age doctrine will be used to take over the world and ultimately exterminate all Christians in a "great persecution". Classic protestant christian estachology. In light of these views, accusations such as EAB claiming to be the anti-christ (as on the previous page), or at least anti-Christian, make sense in livingengine's apparent worldview.

I would very much like to hear from what "Cult Survivor" has to say, based on his personal experience with EAB and his far more interesting allegations, however livingengine, if he's trying to convince people that EAB is running a cult, is doing more harm than good to his case by bringing in irrelevant evidence.

Cult survivor,

You say you were "brainwashed by an islamophobe". Can you elaborate on that a little bit? I'm interested in how your views changed. Was this a sudden change or a gradual one? Were you able to identify how you were influenced to believe in such things?

You say your therapist helped you identify that you were involved in a cult. Can you elaborate a bit on how he did this, and how he helped you leave the influence of EAB?

You say that EAB stopped taking donations after a while after there was a "backlash". Can you elaborate on what this backlash was? It's certainly unusual for a cult leader, if EAB is one, to cut off a source of income. This backlash must have been a significant event.

You say you were convinced, by NLP, that EAB was on a higher plane of consciousness. Did your therapist use the term NLP?

You say a woman in Nashville donated significant property to him. Did she do this as a result of his anti-Islam views, or as a follower of his religious views?

Thanks for your time

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: July 18, 2013 04:29AM

Please keep the discussion focused on the topic, which is EAB.

The subject is not the background or personal beliefs of other message board members, which is off topic and an inappropriate point of focus.

No one on this message board is allowed, according to the agreed upon rules, to personally attack another member of the message board.

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