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Date: May 01, 2018 07:35AM

These postings are the product of Lawrence Estavan, who is both Moderator and Writer for Pamela Geller, attempting to destroy my credibility with my audience base.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
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Date: May 01, 2018 09:55AM

A Note to Eric Allen Bell’s Base

If you want to like Eric Allen Bell, go right ahead.
If you want to love EAB, be my guest.
If you want to give him money, that is your business.
Do not get mad at those of us who are not enamored of him.
Do not get mad at people who talk about Eric’s bigotry, or fraudulent escapades.
Do not get mad when we point out his lying.
Do not get mad when we point out his bio reads like the legend of a spy.
Do not get mad when we remark on his cult leader behavior.
Because this is all part of an honest discussion of Eric Allen Bell.

As far as my last post is concerned, I did not call EAB a Nazi. I said he was Alt-Right. Nazi thought influences the Alt-Right. But, I did not call him a Nazi.
In fact, what I said was we do not know what Eric is.
Eric did not catch on in the Alt-Right.
If he did, he might, I say might, have created a social networking site for Alt-Right followers. After all, that is what he did for members of the Counter Jihad Movement. Eric called this social networking site for the Counter Jihad – Global Infidel.

Global Infidel was hosted by Confluence Networks.

Confluence Networks came into the news during the Hillary Clinton e-mails story. It was then that we learned Confluence Networks was a company of “very, very dubious provenance and management”.

How did EAB come to learn about Confluence?
Why did he choose them to host a social networking site for members of the CJM?
Did any personal information given to Eric Allen Bell make it into the possession of Confluence Networks?

Do not expect Eric Allen Bell to answer any of these questions because he is too busy telling us he dindunuffin’.

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Date: May 03, 2018 03:19PM

Eric Allen Bell and the Gremlins

The same gremlins that have persecuted Eric Allen Bell at his Internet Movie Database page have followed him to his LinkedIn page.
LinkedIn had EAB’s "Bell Media" as the multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporation "Bell Media of Canada" until 2016. []

Although there have been improvements, the confusion with "Bell Media of Canada" still remains. []

LinkedIn statistics for Eric’s "Bell Media, Inc" say he employs 78 people. Indeed, one can click the link to “See all 79 employees” for "Bell Media, Inc." All of the names displayed, except for Eric Allen Bell, and one other person, are employees of "Bell Media of Canada".

That is 8 pages of people employed by "Bell Media of Canada" being associated with Eric’s "Bell Media".

Other companies called "Bell Media", or "Bell Productions" have no such confusion with "Bell Media of Canada", or Eric Allen Bell. The different, but similarly named "Bell Media,LLC" based in Alabama, has employees from Alabama. No one is from Canada. And, Eric Allen Bell is not on the list either.

Eric’s LinkedIn page for "Bell Media, Inc." claims to be “producers of online digital media, motion pictures, television and documentaries.” But, we know that "Bell Media" does not do that. Eric told us Bell Media is a loan out company for his ghost writing business. But, there is no mention of media advisor at the "Bell Media, Inc." LinkedIn page, either. Did he forget? It must have been the gremlins, again.

Eric Allen Bell’s only letter of recommendation comes from ACT for America who Eric is currently bad mouthing on his Facebook page. He certainly cannot blame that on the gremlins.

Eric’s sole accomplishment on LinkedIn is his “The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam”, which at this point is his highly questionable account of Eric Allen Bell’s discovery of the Counter Jihad Movement.

There is similar gremlin activity at Eric’s other two corporations.
Eric’s "Eccentric Cattle Entertainment Inc." is categorized under Cattle Companies. []

"Fate in Focus" was registered as an Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting and Fishing business. [] @ 1:42

Leaving the Counter Jihad Movement was a good career move for Eric. Before he left he was broke, blacklisted, and disowned by his family, living in a safe house with a bounty on his head. After he left the CJM, he was driving hundred thousand dollar luxury cars.

How did he turn things around? He does not want to talk about it. That would be a threat to his life.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: May 05, 2018 09:14AM

The posts above come from Larry Estavan, a representative of Pamela Geller. Here are the corrections to the lies worth mentioning:

- The Bell Media owned by Eric Allen Bell is NOT the Bell Media of Canada.

- Eric Allen Bell is very much ACTIVELY a part of the Counter Jihad Movement and never left, as evidenced by the many videos, articles, websites, news appearances, radio interviews, social media presence, etc.

- There exists NO CULT owned or ran by an Eric Allen Bell. No cult name, no cult address, no cult website, no cult followers, no cult. And yet here we are on page 23 of the Cult Education Forum where Pamela Geller and her goons are attempting to destroy the reputation and audience base of one Eric Allen Bell.

- The Hilary Clinton email scandal has absolutely NO CONNECTION to Eric Allen Bell.

- Eric Allen Bell supports Israel, stands with Israel, opposes Islam in all of it's forms, not just Jihad put puts AMERICA FIRST. For those who put Israel first, the word "antisemitic" is used to smear Eric Allen Bell.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: livingengine ()
Date: May 05, 2018 01:44PM

“ The Hilary Clinton email scandal has absolutely NO CONNECTION to Eric Allen Bell.”

The connection was with Confluence Networks. Confluence Networks hosted both, Hillary’s e-mails and Eric’s social networking site for the Counter Jihad Movement.

Confluence Networks temporarily hosted Hillary’s e-mails.
It was during the Hillary email story that we learned Confluence was a company of “very, very, dubious providence, and management”. Here is the Confluence website. []

Confluence Networks also hosted the social networking site Eric Allen Bell ran for the Counter Jihad Movement called, Global Infidel.

It would be nice to know how EAB learned about Confluence and why he chose them. It just seems everywhere Eric Allen Bell goes there is this “very, very, dubious providence, and management”.

Eric’s IMDb page and his LinkedIn page are two examples of this.

Blogger David Christopher wrote about “the constant asserting method” of Eric Allen Bell.

We are seeing an example of that here.

Instead of speaking to the point, EAB goes off in all directions with his baseless accusations, and declarations.

We know he is not the CEO of Bell Media of Canada. That was never the question. The question is why does his LinkedIn page keep saying he is?

LinkedIn had EAB as the CEO of Bell Media of Canada until just before the publication of Counter Jihad Magazine#4 in 2016. But, as I have shown you, confusion still remains.

Here is the link to EAB’s Bell Media on LinkedIn. []

Once you are at the Bell Media LinkedIn page, click the link to “See all 79 employees”, and you will see pages and pages and pages of Bell Media of Canada employees associated with Eric’s company.

Why won’t Eric Allen Bell talk about that? Is this another “glitch in the system?” Is this the same thing that was happening at his InterNet Movie Data Base page? Why does this keep happening to Eric Allen Bell? Why is there so much misinformation about Eric Allen Bell out there?

My point is that this does not happen to other people.

Furthermore, Eric Allen Bell is not just plain folk.
Eric Allen Bell has enough authority to get his followers to see the numeral one quadrillion as ten million. He did this while asking for money. Could you do that?

Eric Allen Bell can somehow coerce his followers into supporting his bigotry even though they would never do this on their own. Would you ever do that?

Finally, he turns his followers against the people he does not like. He is doing that right now.

Has anyone else noticed that Eric Allen Bell is attacking Pamela Geller at the same time he says he is part of the Counter Jihad Movement?

Vintage Eric Allen Bell.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: May 06, 2018 12:59PM

These baseless assertions and wild accusations, such as the ones you see on this website, have been going on now for about 5 years. There are other websites, blogs and videos, all relentlessly attempting to instill doubt into the minds of anyone who follows the writings, articles and interviews of Eric Allen Bell.

The person doing this is Lawrence Estavan, who works for Pamela Geller, the force behind all of this.

Several blogs and websites have banned Estavan because he refused to stop compulsively writing comments about Eric Allen Bell, often the same ones, over and over. Geller has found the perfect obsessive compulsive person to keep the pressure on and continue to attempt to instill doubt in the minds of anyone who has signed up to follow or Eric Allen Bell on any kind of social media.

In an attempt to destroy the audience base of Eric Allen Bell, the following accusations have been made, over an over:

- Antisemite
- Secretly very wealthy
- Able to brainwash large groups of people
- CIA Operative
- Hates Jews and Christians
- Pathological liar
- Secretly working for the Deep State
- Secretly connected to Big Oil
- Cult Leader with loyal brainwashed followers all over the world
- Double Agent

The motive is clear. The accusations are inconsistent and don't add up, making it even more obvious that character assassination is the objective.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: livingengine ()
Date: May 07, 2018 06:16AM

Eric Allen Bell and Psychological Projection

Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is habitually intolerant may constantly accuse other people of being intolerant. It incorporates blame shifting. []

Right now Eric Allen Bell is claiming on his LinkedIn page that his company employs 79 people. Every one of the “employees” listed for Eric’s Bell Media are Bell Media of CANADA employees. []

Did you do that? Did Pamela Geller do that? Did I do that, or did Eric do that?

Right now Eric’s IMDb page has him taking credit for movies he has no connection to. He also frequently takes credit for various TV shows that he has no connection to. When confronted with this, he says:
Eric Allen Bell
“I may have had nothing to do with any of those titles, or some, or all, or again none, I cannot and will not say. End of story.”

Isn’t this instilling doubt?

In 2012, Eric told everybody he had a bounty of ten million rupees on his head. This is not true. The “bounty” was a child’s creation which said it was for one quadrillion dollars, more money than there is on planet Earth. Eric has changed his story several times about whether the bounty is real or not. The bounty has gone from being real, to not real, and then back to real again, and then not real. Could this have anything to do with instilling doubt in people’s minds?

Also, in 2012, Eric told a National Radio broadcast that four Pakistani newspapers had called for his death, and that his case was working its way up to then U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder. There is no truth to any of this. Why did he say that, and mislead people?

Eric has denounced me as a “radical, end times, rapture ready Evangelical” []
Does this qualify as instilling doubt in people’s minds? I think so.

Pamela Geller has nothing to do with any of this, except insofar as Eric keeps on attacking her. I have talked to Pamela Geller about this. She told me Eric is “totally irrelevant”. You can talk to her, too. Here is her email –

Again, I have to remind Eric Allen Bell that I am not the only person talking about this.

What other people are saying about Eric Allen Bell:

Robert Spencer – “He’s nuts”
Pamela Geller – “a depraved liar”
David Christopher – “religiously bigoted”, and “delusional”
Susan Olsen – as “pompous” as “any televangelist”
Clark Banner – “I have no idea why [Eric Allen Bell] would resort to such [anti-Jewish] conspiracy theories”
Patti York – “Who is he?”
Jamie Glazov – “We have gone separate ways”
Tommy Hunt – “A phony mental case”
Mark Humphreys – “maybe just a loon”

Eric Allen Bell’s playbook is remarkably short. We have already seen him having a tantrum about how innocent and persecuted he is in 2012 with his bounty incident. When I began to point out all the problems with the "bounty", he sent his followers to berate me. That is when I started referring to him as a cult leader.

It is astonishing that he is still trying to get away with this six years later.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: May 07, 2018 07:09PM

Imagine attacking someone in the comment section of blogs, on websites, on the radio, in videos and even making up a phony magazine whose only purpose is to smear that person.

Imagine making it your mission to warn the world that this person is a cult leader who has brainwashed thousands of followers.

And imagine that this is done in an obsessive, compulsive, repetitive manner for SIX YEARS!

And if that was not crazy enough, imagine this: The smeared person is not a cult leader, does not run any religious organization, has no brainwashed followers to speak of. In fact the imaginary cult has no name, no website, no address, no stated doctrine, nothing.

Lawrence Estavan, it doesn't take a Psychiatrist to plainly see that you are mentally ill.

Why Pamela Geller keeps you in her inner circle, as Moderator, writer and spokesperson is in itself crazy, unless one considers the possibility that keeping a useful idiot around gives one plausible deniability when attacking your enemies.

Scary Larry, the evidence clearly shows you to be obsessive. There is simply no denying this.

You are chasing after an illusion.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
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Date: May 08, 2018 06:58AM

Eric Allen Bell – Cult Leader In Vivo

I am not asking the reader to “imagine” anything.

In fact, one can go to Eric Allen Bell’s Facebook and see him acting like a cult leader, right now. []

Right now, today, one can go to Eric’s Facebook and see him turning his followers against Pamela Geller. Because he does not like what I am saying here, Eric is claiming that Pamela is a vindictive person who retaliated against Eric in 2013 after he innocently remarked that Jews control Hollywood.

However, the available evidence does not support his claims.

Eric said a whole lot more in 2013 than Jews control Hollywood. In fact, the significance of the Loonwatch article that Eric posted above is that his own followers were rebelling against Eric’s anti-Jewish tirades. They could not take it anymore after weeks of Eric’s incessant bigotry, and were now fighting back. []

It was during this period that Eric proclaimed “Jewish Supremacists” were controlling the Federal Reserve. The phrase “Jewish Supremacist” is a trademark of David Duke. And, the idea of Jews controlling the Federal Reserve is straight up Eustace Mullins who was roommate with Matt Koehl, later the leader of the American Nazi Party. []

Here is yet one more person, other than myself, remarking on Eric’s use of “Nazi tropes”. []

So, is Eric Allen Bell a Nazi? As I have repeatedly said here, we do not know what Eric Allen Bell is. We do not know how committed Eric is to this point of view, or whether he will renounce it tomorrow.

However, we do know one thing. Eric found the statement of his so shameful that he had to lie about it, and deny that he said it. Eric lied about having made this statement on Facebook, claiming that I created it, or that Loonwatch had created it, or that he was not sure where it came from.
When Eric’s 2013 statement about Jewish Supremacists resurfaced in 2016, Eric wrote to Pamela Geller saying that I had created Eric’s Facebook comment “in order to create division among” Pamela, and Eric. So, the break between Pamela and Eric had not happened in 2013, as he is claiming now on his Facebook page.

2016 was also the year Eric began a campaign to get people to believe Pamela was working with the Shoebats. This blew up in his face later when Theodore Shoebat began rationalizing Pamela Geller’s murder. Eric now changed his story to he was only “warning” Pamela about the Shoebats. I made a video about this. []

The following year, 2017, Eric published his piece about Pamela Geller being a disloyal American because she is Jewish. This was probably the point at which Pamela stopped being friends with Eric Allen Bell.

So, as can be seen, Eric did a lot more than just innocently remark on Jews in Hollywood. Yet, he is right now using this lie to turn people against Pamela Geller. And, he is doing this because he does not like the truth being discussed at Cult Education Forum.

He absolutely is a cult leader. You can see him acting like one right now on his Facebook wall.


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