Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: livingengine ()
Date: September 10, 2017 06:59AM

Here is the latest example of Eric Allen Bell lying about his accomplishments. As of today’s date, Eric Allen Bell is claiming Bell Media is the production company for the TV show “Junkyard Empire”. []
Episodes of “Junkyard Empire” are available for viewing online, and it is clear that Bell Media is never mentioned in the credits. Eric Allen Bell, and Bell Media have nothing what so ever to do with “Junkyard Empire”. This is a reprise of what he claims about being paid 350,000$ for work on the film “Wonderland”. Again, there is no mention of EAB, or any of his companies in the credits of “Wonderland”.
To deny Eric Allen Bell is a liar is going past the point of intelligent discussion. There are numerous examples of his lying, and it is this kind of thing that leads people to wonder if he isn’t some kind of agent running a front operation.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Alberta ()
Date: September 26, 2017 03:16AM

I am endlessly amused by Bell's claims to have " worked with " M. Moore. Or "wrote for" M. Moore. He had a blog that Moore's website led to once. I would LOVE to hear of anything else he did. ROFLMAO. He had a blog linked. I dare someone to produce ANYTHING to show he " worked for Michael Moore" This same information has now been posted on Daily Kos under a sock puppet account there. Probably Bell himself just trying to stir up interest in his life.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: November 16, 2017 08:40AM

This is about the weirdest thing that has happened to me in my entire life. And I have had a strange life. 12 pages of posts saying I'm a cult leader. Where is the cult?

Where are the followers? Where is the cult located? Does it have a website? NO.

Absolutely not a shred of evidence provided and yet, searchable on Google for anyone to read about. So if my kids have a play date and the other parents want to Google me (perfectly reasonable) what they get is that I am secretly running a cult. Never mind that no one can find the cult, the cult followers, information about others who run the cult, the cult's religious status under the law. All a person has to do, to smear someone apparently, is to just keep saying you're a cult leader.

This entire thread was produced by someone who has been cyberstalking me since 2012, named Lawrence Estavan. Now, that is not an empty accusation, like the other assertions made here. You can find his YouTube channel, where he made up a fake magazine, with my face on the cover. He posts on numerous blogs that I am a "new age" cult leader. That is easy to find. But evidence of said cult? Nowhere to be found. Just a lot of posts with nothing to back it up.

So once again I will state this: I do not run a cult. I do not run any kind of religious organization. What more can I say? If this wasn't so damaging, it would be funny. But it's not funny. It smears my entire family.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: November 17, 2017 04:04AM

@ Alberta: I didn't work for Michael Moore and never said I did. If you watch how I was introduced on Fox and Friends, they very accurately said I wrote for not that I "worked for" him.

I didn't have a blog linked. I blogged for briefly, to expose "Islamophobia" before I had changed my opinion on the entire subject, realizing that "Islamophobia" is a made up word, designed to stop people from criticizing the brutality of Islam.

What other people have said, I am not responsible for.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: November 17, 2017 03:00PM

@ livingengine : I have made no claim to having anything whatsoever to do with "Junkyard Empire". I have no involvement with that production. I'm not even sure what "Junkyard Empire" is.

As for how much money I have or have not been paid, for ghost writing services I may or may not have rendered, I have no comment. That's why they call it ghost writing. My income is none of your business and your obsession with it is unhealthy. Maybe find a new hobby. Get a dog or something, but leave me alone.

Finally, your assertion that I am "an agent running some kind of a front operation" is delusional and very strange. I'll admit, it would be fun perhaps to be some kind of an agent, running some kind of a front operation. But my life is not nearly as exciting as you make it out to be. Sorry to disappoint you. Perhaps you might consider cyber stalking someone whom people have heard of and actually want to know about?

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: livingengine ()
Date: November 20, 2017 09:13AM

Where is the cult? Where are the followers? Where is the cult located? Does it have a website? NO.

We have gone over this a dozen times. Doesn’t Eric remember telling his followers that 1,000,000,000,000,000 was 10,000,000? Doesn’t he remember convincing people his new age website Globalone was devoted to science of consciousness?

As you can see here, Eric Allen Bell claimed that he had a bounty on his head for 10,000,000 rupees. []

However, the number on the bounty is actually 1,000,000,000,000,000. Indeed, a translation of the “bounty” says it is for one quadrillion DOLLARS, which is more money than there is on earth. When Eric was advised about the number on the bounty, he suppressed this information, saying that was “aiding the enemy”, and continued to milk the bounty in his appeals for donations. []

When his followers were confronted with the fact that the number on the bounty was not 10,000,000, they flipped out, and began to attack me online. Eric encouraged them to report me to Facebook, calling me mental unstable, a homosexual, a Muslim, a Christian, anything he could think of, and his people ate it up.

In 2013, Eric finally admitted that the number on the bounty was one quadrillion, and therefore not real. []

But, two years later he was saying the bounty is real without ever mentioning the ten million rupees part. []

In 2012, Eric Allen Bell was running an elaborate new age website called Globalone. It was here that Eric gave lavish praise to people, and things like: Gregg Braden, the Maharishi, Jaggi, and the Ramtha infomercial “What the Bleep”. When he was confronted with this he claimed Globalone was devoted to the science of consciousness. People chose to believe his lies despite being able to go to his website and see for themselves it was new age.

Eric claimed to have millions of followers on his Globalone web site. Eric’s current Facebook page has over 75,000 likes. His website claims to have 101,404 followers. How does he manage to have this effect on people? I do not know. In my experience, this is accomplished by a combination of money, sex, drugs, and lots, and lots of lying.

I have made no claim to having anything whatsoever to do with "Junkyard Empire".”

Yes, he did. I even enclosed a screen shot on this very forum, which shows him claiming to be the production company for “Junkyard Empire”.

Why is it that EAB did not address this screen shot? Is he insinuating that I forged this? If so, it would not be the first time he has tried this.

In 2013, Eric Allen Bell announced to the world that “Jewish Supremacists” were controlling America’s money. When I began to bring this Facebook comment of his to the attention of people, EAB said I had created it. He tried to get me fired, and turned people against me on the basis of this lie. But, in the end, he finally admitted that he did indeed say it. []

He did claim to produce “Junkyard Empire” just like he is claiming now to have been paid $350, 000 for his involvement in the film “Wonderland”. Eric Allen Bell has no connection to “Wonderland”, at all. []

My income is none of your business and your obsession with it is unhealthy.”
Eric Allen Bell’s income did become our business when he came to the counter jihad movement in 2012 begging us for money. Supposedly, he was bankrupt because of his public statements about Islam. He had to sell his car to make ends meet. Eric made a big deal about this. The sale of his car got written up in USA Today. “June 13 2012, by: Bob Smietana, "Filmmaker switches sides and now opposes Tennessee mosque"”

So far, Bell's new views haven't paid off. He approached members of the anti-Islam movement about funding his movie but has found no takers. He sold his Toyota SUV to pay his bills.”


Eric used the sale of his car in his appeals for money. Later, he referenced his phony bounty when asking us for money. And, although it may be a coincidence, he stormed out of the movement, still without a car, only hours after being reported to the FBI for fraud. A few months later, Eric was driving a car again. He began to fret on Facebook about strangers asking him about his car. This turned into obsessive posts from EAB about Nihad Awad trying to kill him.

Today, we know why people were remarking on Eric’s car. It was because he was driving $100,000 automobiles. So, what changed? How did he go from being bankrupt, and blacklisted to driving luxury cars? We don’t know, he won’t tell us, and to ask about this is “unhealthy”. []

Eric Allen Bell has been caught in so many lies, for so many years it is no wonder people, other than me, are wondering if he is a CIA agent. Whether he is a CIA agent or not, he absolutely did defraud the counter jihad movement in 2012. And, to anyone else who may be thinking of defrauding the CJM, be forewarned, you will be caught out, exposed, and it will leave a mark. Just ask Eric Allen Bell.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: livingengine ()
Date: December 06, 2017 08:50AM

Although Eric Allen Bell is denying any knowledge of “Junkyard Empire” on his IMDb page, there is evidence of him having done this sort of thing before.

This video is from 2015 when EAB was claiming to be the distributor of something called “Retro30” on his IMDb. []

However, a click on “Bell Media” from the “Retro30” page shows that “Retro30” is a Bell Media of Canada production. Moreover, Eric Allen Bell had been claiming he was the CEO of Bell Media of Canada on his LinkedIn page for years.

This is just what he does; he engages in fraud, lies about this, and inspires blind loyalty from his followers.

He very much deserves to be a topic of conversation on this forum.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: December 06, 2017 10:00AM

Lawrence Estavan - you are completely insane. You are obsessed. You are delusional. Who cares about anything you're saying? No one. Not only is it not true, but it's not even interesting.

Find someone more interesting to obsess over. They estimate there are over 5,000 real actual cults, just in the United States alone. Find a real cult with a real cult leader and obsess on them. Cult leaders apparently love the attention. You will be doing that person a real service as they need to be acknowledged and you need to tune into your cruel streak and then obsess. Get it right. Do it right.

No one cares about your conspiracy theories concerning EAB.

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: livingengine ()
Date: December 07, 2017 07:59AM

Not only is it not true, but it's not even interesting.

I have shown you a screen shot, a video, and a hyperlink that reveal a pattern of Eric Allen Bell appropriating other people’s work. Instead of addressing this, or explaining it, he calls names.

When I called Half Yard Productions, the real producers of “Junkyard Empire”, they were interested in the fact that Eric Allen Bell was claiming to be the producer of their work. I am just assuming they contacted Eric about this, and he took it down shortly afterward.

Right now, he is claiming to have been paid $350,000 for work on the 2003 film “Wonderland”. I have even talked to him about this, and he acknowledged that he had nothing to do with “Wonderland”. Why does he leave it up there? []

Right now, on his LinkedIn page, Eric is claiming that Bell Media are “Producers of online digital media, motion pictures, television and documentaries.” []

Where are these “motion pictures, television and documentaries”? Why is there no mention of ghost writing? Why is the link to broken? He claims he is a media advisor, but he cannot tell you who his clients are.

Eric claims I am insane, but I have never been in a mental hospital. Look at the movie Eric made about his life. At 1:39:12 he makes a cameo appearance as a raving lunatic in a straightjacket. []

Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Eric Allen Bell ()
Date: December 07, 2017 10:37AM

I don't control what posts. They have my age wrong too. According to IMDB I'm about 6 years younger than I am. If you don't understand how IMDB works, don't blame me, or the many people's whose information is not correct on that site. You're gullible if you believe all of it.

As for me needing to talk about my clients - really, go away. My livelihood is none of your business. My income is none of your business. That is private. I'm sure if you ever figured out my home address, you would post that too.

If I took you to court, for cyber stalking, you would revel in every part of that. You'd love it, being a part of my life somehow. You are a very sick person, Larry Estavan. Get some help before you really hurt someone or someone hurts you.

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