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KUNDALINI AWAKENING SYSTEMS / Master Chrism/ Chris Mitchell/Chrism
Posted by: SBW ()
Date: April 25, 2012 08:40AM


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Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: April 25, 2012 08:37PM

You might fine the following links helpful.

See []

These are some basic "warning signs".

Also see []

Some basic information about cults, e.g. working definitions, behavior, dynamics, etc.

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Posted by: Brushedby1 ()
Date: May 10, 2012 04:44AM

Thank you whoever posted this. I am a former student of Chrism. Not much was let out about him when posting on his Yahoo Group but when I went to one of his seminars, he slyly offered to give me Shaktipat through spanking. He said that the pain got the ego out of the way. Of course it had to be in "private and bare bottomed". I thought he was nuts and said that was definitely NOT how I wanted to meet God!
He made it seem that it was all just a very bad joke after he got my reaction. I brushed it off because I thought he was truly being socially inept but I was concerned enough to keep my radar up. He also was very fixated on demons and devils and entities which did not come across online. He is very fear motivated in person.
When I read what a couple of his young victims wrote, I knew it to be true. More and more stories of his abuses are surfacing and it appears even much of his program was plagiarized. He has since silenced all who spoke up on his Yahoo group by blocking them. Many of his closest people left also, some reporting to be silent victims of his abuse. But he continues to try and bury all this.
I believe him to be a dangerous, extremely manipulative man who has issues with power and control, especially with women. I feel he carries an adore/demean relationship with women as illustrated on his own site when writing of the hell realms he reports to have visited.
Mine is a much milder story than the others who say they were actually put through so much more in the name of surrender. He uses the surrender concept to control his students by asking for his students to place their absolute trust in him as a channel of the Divine. He asks for prayers of surrender to Chrism and daily meditation on his photo. He has a private student site where he keeps much of this away from his mainstream followers.
I believe he uses very strong mind control techniques. BE VERY CAREFUL!

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Posted by: lorina ()
Date: May 12, 2012 01:56PM

I am glad to find this thread here.

I am also an ex student of chrism, I was part of his group for about 3 years and met him in person three times as well. Not much transpired from our first two years of online interactions, other than that he seemed a bit more controlling then I was comfortable with. his writings seemed wonderful though and the group was lovely.
After meeting him the first time at the beginning of 2010 though, I was distinctly aware something was not right. there were a lot of discrepancies, he seemed not to be practicing what he teaches and on top of that I perceived a lot of sexual stuff... he constantly told sex jokes, he wanted me to sleep in his same bed, for "energy purposes", he did not show patience to people, was not in any way grounded or centered.
The thing is, you can basically justify anything at all, until you cant anymore. He is good at twisting things, when you confront him about things, and I did it many times during my first visit, he always turned things around so I got more and more confused.

I could not step away from self doubt and kept thinking maybe it was me, maybe it was me, who was I to know? he always tells you you get what you need. I knew teacher student relationships were confusing, supposed to be that way, so I could not find in me to trust my gut and say OK this is not right!!

after our last meeting in march 2012 however, it became absolutely clear. he is an extremely manipulative person, he is very good at finding your weaknesses and using them to get what he wants. and basically, if you are a woman, he wants you naked. he wants to dominate, to have power and control over you. he calls this surrender, he states that god expresses through him and that he is completely surrendered, and uses this to justify what he does.

during my second stay, things were going on that were much more sexual in nature. I did not know this other then a bit, that people had gotten naked with him, within the context of surrender and release of ego boundaries. I did feel these boundaries strongly in me, and people I trusted seemed to be able to make sense of it all. plus I was here this second time to figure it all out, that's why i went with it mostly I think. I had resisted a lot the first time, but had not been able to release. I think I felt that if I went that path again, I would never make sense of this at all. so I jumped in and tried not to second guess. I needed the actual experience. I went with it. and it was not nice. far from it. actual sex did not happen with me (although I know it has happened with others) but it was mostly because there was a limited amount of days. what did happen was very bad anyway, and not that far from it. it was annihilating, draining, hurtful. there were a lot of tears.
I was put through a week long marathon of daily 3 hour sessions of "the work" that broke me down so completely i did not know who I was anymore. I felt like a turtle completely retreated in it's shell. he could have done anything to me at one point. i was completely shut down. he said this was good :| I feel he uses mind control techniques as well, he definitely did something that looked a lot like it with me. he is good at what he does, he works you up to it gradually, it sounds so good, it makes so much sense and the deeper you go in to it, the harder it is to step back, cause to do it, you will have to deny all that you did, and it hurts. you want it to be true cause if it's is not, then it hurts. I feel I was made to violate myself. I was manipulated and weakened till i voluntarily turned against myself and violated myself. that was the worst of it, as I could not even separate from the horror that was going on. and so day after day, I was brought deeper and deeper in to it.

I now know for a fact that others have gone through my exact steps of the "work", some have even been made to go to more difficult levels still. "normal" practices in that ashram that I discovered later (I was there only a week, and did not share much with others, he discourages that actually) were "hoovering", which was standing over his naked body to absorb the energy. kneeling at his feet, while completely naked, and vocally surrendering everything to him. sleeping with him too. all of this was called "devotion". if you were not able to do these things, or any that he proposed you were resisting, you were not surrendered.

anyhow, I have written out my whole story of my experience with him, it is very intimate and detailed, but I feel the need to give others the option to know what is going on. he is dangerous and powerful. I was naive and got lured in, but I learned my lesson and it is a very valuable one. he will not stop or change ways of his own accord. so here is the link to my story:


if links are not allowed, I'll just post it here, it's very very long though.

below is an extract from it, describing my second visit and the actual practice. the whole writings gives you more of the context of how and why I did what i did.

I KNOW it is for something, I KNOW I was guided to go for a big reason, but I am not sure what it is yet, so i content myself with letting things play out and staying neutral.

Once home, my first talk with chrism goes well (surprisingly given out precedent talks lol!). He seems to “get” where I am at, I tell him about the ireland experience, how i felt the “jump”, the semi-conscious letting go of self and the consequent expansion in to god. I explain to him my feeling that it is not supposed to be easy, that often through the difficulty we are made to get to the next level.

He seems to be on the same page. He urges me to take advantage of my time here, to not let ego get in the way like last time, to not waste my time in ego resistances and to learn surrender. This relates to my path so I feel ok. He urges me to jump off the edge, to see that I can fly, i feel this true, I have done it before, I KNOW it to be true. So I trust.

He urges me to find the most difficult thing for me to do with him, and to then do it. I say that I have trouble recognizing divinity in him, I have trouble accepting that everything he does comes from shakti, as he says.

I am also aware of some students working with nudity, and part of my surrendering is accepting that he does that and that it is god. Directing this. Accepting that he is nasty to other people that I love and that comes from divinity. Accepting that if i dont like it, it is only because I do not understand.

So we go to his trailer in the back yard, and of my own initiative, I sit before him and just gaze in to his eyes, and look for god there. I overcome my resistance, my “ego block” against looking at him in the eyes, and “feel” the divinity in him. My energy reacts well to this. I am immediately infused. My sight opens up and I do see god. He does not fully realize what I am doing, but it is ok. I am half blissed, but also a bit scared as I know what it feels like to let go to that. I know I cannot function in that state. So I hold back a little.

When I tell him, he says we need to get you there, we need to crack the shell before you leave, and I figure he’s right. I figure it cant hurt to try.

So the second day he prompts me to vocalize my surrender to shakti, while still eye-gazing. I do so, and again, through the eye-gazing and the intention, I get strong energy infusion, I almost literally, though it sounds weird, see god in him.

It is a powerful experience, similar though milder to the one I had in ireland. Like a beginning of that.

So now I trust. I consciously categorize all misgivings and doubtful feelings to EGO and feel shakti is guiding me to do this, 100%.

That second day, towards the end, he says shakti is giving to him to do the “zone work” on me. So we do it. After a few robotic orders like the ones I described above, he has me lie on my back and says more or less:

-see yourself at the top of a staircase, looking down

-see the stairs going down down down

-go down the stairs

-you get to a landing, and you see a mirror. Look at yourself in the mirror

-now reach behind the mirror, there is a closet with hangers. Remove one article of clothing at a time, hang it on the hanger and put it in the closet. Do this until you are completely naked.

-when you are naked look at your body and surrender it all to me, one part at a time.

And from here, i remember nothing, until he is “zone working” me back in to the house, in to bed. And now he tells me to continue repeating my complete surrender to master chrism until I fall asleep.

The third morning, I am not in such a good place as the day before, I am so so. I want to go back in to that blissful oneness, and I think if we eye-gaze again I will get there, so I ask if we will have time for another session today, so we go in the afternoon for the third time.

Today I am confused, not sure where I am. He prompts me to surrender not just with my mind but with all my bodies, including, first of all, my physical body. I resist this as I feel strongly against “faking it”…. If I do not feel devotion, how can faking devotion serve me, except by placing expectation of what “should be”? We discuss this and more, and what I recall is he says,

“do the motions until the motions do you”, “fake it till you make it”.

try, you have nothing to lose. And so I accept.

It had worked that first time I thought, so I trusted him and my shakti to know what they were doing. So he has me find the next hard area to face, and I am aware of the nudity that has been going on (although I am aware of no details, only that there has been nudity as a form of devotion and surrender). I am aware that this is something he has people do. And I do not want to do it. So I share that with him.

Of course, this is now my hardest thing. So to continue with the work, I am to overcome this obstacle. I am to undress. I cry, I am distressed, yet I believe in what we are doing, I believe it to be meaningful and I am trusting him, so i eventually do it.

All this time now, from the second day on, more and more there is continual repetition of the vocal aspect of the surrender. A sort of stream of consciousness of all and any area that comes up as to be surrendered. My life, my ego, my intentions, my body, my mind, my emotions, my thoughts, my work, my home, my expectations, what my family is to me, my love, my future, my path, my freedom, my freedom to choose my path, my freedom to choose right and wrong, I surrender the parts of my body one by one, with special accent on my uterus, I surrender my future children, my freedom to decide, my freedom to choose what to say and what to do, my morals, my intentions… and on and on and on. I cry, each single one said with deep intention, given to god. I am crying and crying.

I am the one choosing what to surrender, and I GET the surrender concept, I FEEL it in me. It is to god, and I mean it, I mean every word.

But chrism requires the wording to be

“I surrender my ____ to master chrism, or just “to chrism”.

And I struggle with that, I am surrendering to god THROUGH chrism, not to chrism human. I feel the distinction becoming blurry, I cannot blend the two in to one, the divine and the human anymore. I had been able to do that the first day. Now I find it harder and harder to FEEL god in chrism. I say chrism, but I am thinking god, and they are not one. At all.

So now to the vocal surrender, already so hard, we add the nudity. I overcome that, I undress.

I am now naked.

Now he puts me in to devotional poses, lying on the floor touching his feet. At the beginning he says to cover up with a blanket, he looks away or closes his eyes, as time goes by he stops and is now looking at me directly. Things are worked up to gradually. One big leap, as few small ones, another big one, a few more small ones. There is a logic to the sequence, although it is all blurry in my memory, especially the last days are all one long stretch.

He puts me in the trataka position, kneeling with my butt in the air, and my head at his feet, repeating constantly constantly my surrenders to him.

He has me hug him, with his chest bare and my body bare, he lying on his back. He has me breathe faster and faster like I am sexually aroused and then stop all of a sudden. I am constantly repeating my surrender, and I am exhausted sooo exhausted, crying off and on, protesting and then complying. He is patient throughout but very firm, either I do what comes up or we stop and the work is lost. And I am still believing in the work, although by this time my mind is so empty, only focused on the near present, shutting off all projections all speculations, as aspects of ego. at one time he mentions in passing, that it would be helpful if I got my second chakra going a bit, it would make it easier. I am grossed out and and vehemently, the only way I can do this is if I keep my second chakra WELL out of this!!!!!

Every morning I am waking up feeling more and more crappy, severe headaches, pain in my chest and shoulders, in my legs, a sense of fatigue i cannot shake off till the time comes again that he calls me to the trailer, where with me in a trancelike state of emptiness, we resume the work. He explains the pain and emotional anguish as the ego releasing it’s hold and that this releases toxins from the body.

From the third day onward, my “hardest thing” is to love him, I have never been able to except in the moments of oneness, in ireland and at the very beginning of the eye gazing. And now I cannot, I truly cannot, and in doing my vocalized surrender the hardest area is the love, finding love for him, feeling love. it is simply not there. I tell him all this, so now he has me go through the motions of love, so that then the emotion follow the motions. I am in such a state of emptiness I feel nothing now. he says this is good, it’s a big step.

He has me straddle him, with him sitting cross legged and me sitting facing him, on his lap, nude, with my legs wrapped around him, I am to hug him, to rub his naked back as if I love him, to kiss his shoulder with love, to make myself feel the love, to express my love to him.

once when I was struggling, he said to me, hug me as if it would save your little sister’s life. and I did it, I hugged him and faked the love.

I am crying, filled with horror, protesting that it cant be right, it is such a violation, I feel violated. Yet I am believing in what we are doing, I am trusting the energy that allowed me to see god in him. I am trusting the goodness he professes. yet on a deeper level, one I am trying to shut off and kill, I am utterly completely repulsed by him.

all the issues are promptly explained away, it is always all ego all ego, and it is supposed to be hard. The harder the faster, he is saving me future pain, I will loose my job, my home, my reality unless I comply to this practice to the end, the fruits will come at the end, i am to prepare myself for a spinal sweep over the next few days and this work will save me from the pain, the anguish.

He has me touch myself in all parts and one by one surrender them to master chrism. he wants me to place his hands on my body and give my body to him. this I cannot do. He has me kneel, he has me stand, I am reduced to a robot. Yes, I have free will. At any time I can say enough. But the emotional strain, the exhaustion, my own trust in him, compel me not to stop, not to waste the anguish and torture I have put myself through till now.

I am reduced to an utter state of numbness, I am “in neutral” as I tell him. He touches my breasts to test this, says “do you mind this” I say no. I feel nothing. He touches my pubic area. “do you mind this?” . again no. He touches my vagina, “do you mind this” I say no.

He jokingly says shakti is telling him to do “the pinch” I ask what is it, he says “ it is when I put my thumb in your anus, my index in your vagina and then pinch and give you shaktipat”. I am so very numbed that even though horrified I think I would comply if he gives it as a must. I am empty, separated from myself. I feel as if I am a turtle and right now I am retreated in my shell. You can kick and hurt my shell, but I will not feel it, I will not think, as that hurts, I will not feel as that hurts, I will not judge as I have surrendered that again and again, all of it.

He laughingly says i am resisting shakti on that one and my relief is enormous.

At one point I recall him leaning froward and trying to kiss my mouth, like that, matter of fact… I am horrified, absolutely horrified… he says, why, just a peck, no tongue!! What’s wrong with that?? And I’m just horrified, that is all I can feel… yet now I know that the next hardest thing is to kiss him. I will have to kiss him. My mind is only filled with that, I am naked, exhausted, trapped in this “work” I voluntarily have taken on, with a man I trust to be surrendered to god, to have good intentions. If I let myself go against this, it is my ego speaking. I am “loosing the battle”. I must go through it to the end, I must complete the task, shakti made me trust for a reason.

I know I must kiss him, so I forse myself deeper in to my state of neutral and do it, against all the fibers in my body screaming NO. And so I do it, it’s done. But now he says, but we are trying to produce love, give me a long kiss. And again the struggles, again the tears, again the please no, enough, I am tired, again he tells me that it has to be or we can stop but then the work is lost. We must progress or all is waisted.

So I lean over again and kiss and hold, still struggling to stay in neutral or I will feel the hurt of the violation I myself and doing against my self.

And now that is not enough either, he asks for em to kiss, and to try to feel the love. And that I cannot do.

I keep asking him, where are the boundaries, where are the limits, my hard thing was to see god in you, then to undress, then to hug and then to kiss…. Where are you taking me? You know I will never want to have sex with you, you know that will come up, it is coming up now, are you taking me there? And he says well, I do what shakti tells me, so if she tells me I will consider, I however must protect my work here so I must pay attention before i cross that border.

He has spanked me, and has had me slap him

I ask do you do this with men too, why is it that there are so many women here why are we all women, so so many women, and he says vaguely that there are men too, gives me a couple names, that he does this with men too, that men have bigger egos so it is harder for them to surrender, that women are simply more open to surrender so there are naturally more women coming to him. I just remind of the photos of shaktipat. I feel it no accident who is invited to the ashram. all sorts of people ask to come, but he picks and chooses those who get the special invite.

At one point he has me lie on my back, he asks me to masturbate and I protest, i cry, he says to do it, and that when I come I must be noisy so that he knows and then he will touch me and shaktipat me, I am horrified, too deep in this to turn back without denying the work. Now it hurts too much to recognize the lie of this practice, as I have hurt myself, I have been turned against my core, I have denied my very core truth, I have done to myself what I would never have done. To admit it’s falseness, the falseness of the practice, would be to have to feel the pain and the hurt of having hurt myself.

I try to self-stimulate, but cannot, so after long struggle he says ok I can give you something different, harder but different. But you cannot know what it is till you commit to it, either you self-stimulate, or you do this other thing without knowing what it is till you commit. I am scared, I am terrified he will undress and make me touch him (he has his pants on right now) but eventually i choose the unknown evil over the known one. It turns out it is more of a physical exhaustion practice, he makes me run on the spot, he makes me do push ups and sit ups, and this is welcome, tiredness is welcome as it helps me delete myself, I feel the pain less when I am tired. So I am relieved, almost grateful. And I comply. And now he has me straddle him again and it is horrible, each new thing is like a punch in the gut and each time I must take a deep breath and jump in. I straddle him and I am naked, and he holds my wrists and I go up and down, doing sit-ups from this position. He gives me enough help so that i tire slowly we can do it for a long time. I keep my mind black, if I look at myself the humiliation is too deep, the horror washes over so I push the mind away.

The last day is FINALLY here, I am sooooo exhausted all I want to do is sleep, lie around, I have no energy at all, I feel empty like I have never been in my life, all the beautiful oneness of the first day, the love, the understanding is long gone. All I am trying to do is not feel. I cannot allow myself to feel or I will admit the horror, and I dont want it to be a horror, I want it to be true or it will all have been in vane.

I feel dirty so I shut my mind off.

This last day he has me undress yet again, he says we never backtrack, we always start where we left off so after I undressed the first time, every day I am to undress. And now he asks me what does you shakti tell you to do, and my shakti has always said the same thing, see god in him. See god in all. and so I tell him and he has me lie on top of him, and tell him he is god, that there is no separation from him and god. And I do it and do it, i am so exhausted. I am naked, on top of him. He want me to feel the power now, to be the feminine, the shakti. he asks me to say thanks, to thank him.

I am so tired. It is the last day. He asks me what I want to do, it is in my hands now. I ask if I can dress, so I dress, I go back to the beginning I try to look in to his eyes and see god.

And I do.

And I start seeing god, I start to find Him. And then chrism leans over and kisses me. On the mouth. And it is as if he sucks me out, he pulls me out, he jerks me back and the horror of that this time is too horrible to push away. I try I try to go back to the eye gazing, to fall in to the divine again, and again he leans over and kisses me and now I push him away, I am sobbing and sobbing, horrified. I feel as if he sucked something out from inside me with the kiss. Like the dementor kiss of Harry Potter.

When i calm down we discuss it, I say how horrible it feels to me, so wrong. he says it was an energetic sealing so the work would not be lost.

The next day we are to leave for the seminar in Arizona and we will not be able to do “the work”. So he tells me that once in a while he will look at me and when he does I will have to drop anything I am doing or saying and go in to the surrender mantra, in my head.

He says he will not share our practice with anyone, to preserve it’s sacredness, to keep it pure. He tells me what has been done with me is pretty much unique to me, many people have no issued undressing, so there is no point going there. He has me think what he has done to me he has done to no one else.

I am deeply upset, deeply exhausted. I struggle to not think. I accept the task of the surrender and we go home, I go to bed.

The next morning we leave for arizona, we are three women and chrism. one of the women is the same from my first visit, the one which I had perceived as being bullied by chrism.

I wake up again in this state of physical and emotional pain. In the mornings it is always harder to stay out of “ego”. I am in a very bad place. I feel separate, in pain. We leave early in the morning, and I sleep sleep sleep in the car.

During the trip one of us is severely injured, the woman I knew from my first trip to CA, who was already back then being, to my perception, bullied in the name of teaching. Something snaps in me and the third woman with us because of this injury and how chrism deals with it.

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Posted by: KSS ()
Date: May 13, 2012 02:41AM

What you say could not describe any clearer the manipulation and delusion he is! I am an ex-KAS-1er also. On the internet group he is wise, compassionate, intuitive almost. He writes very deep and wordy nonsense at times. He did help me when I felt deep into confusion about what was happening to me. But I met him in person, befriended him even, went to CA for a while. In person, he is so dfferent than the persona on the group. He has a juvenile sense of humor (think sex, potty jokes, vulgarity) He spent hours and hours Skyping and phoning with students all over the world, selfless service yes? He doesn't ask for pay, right? But what I heard him doing was something called Zone Work, making people do commands as he wished. He asked a female student to undress and masterbate while he watched her on Skype (I was within earshot so heard this firsthand). He tells people they will do whatever he says if he says to do it. He says it's the Shakti telling him to say and do things. Like put his "Seed"in your mouth or vagina to give you a kundalini transfer! He has done this. And it's never "him", it's not about the "sex", it's because his Kundalini tells him to, that it is for the good of the student (who is invariably female, young and quite attractive). I'm sure he does NOT do this with men. He has what he calls "wives", several he said. I know of at least 2 occasions where he had several women in the bed with him at once to "Shaktipat" them. I was one. If a female refuses sex, then they are destroying their work so far and can reverse or harm what they have achieved. Can you say manipulation? This is when I stopped being a student but I became a lurker. I couldn't say anything as I am in a relationship and knew many of the people on the group, considered them friends, we know each other and families some of us. See how it is kept quiet? We were never to tell, other people didn't know what we were doing and "they wouldn't understand and it could cause problems".

Following this another bout happened recently and it caused a huge uproar on the group causing many longtime members to leave. He showed no remorse, no change in his way of dealing with people other than to lie low for a bit. He acted as if nothing happened. He built up his following and guess what? It happened again! As I can see by lorina's post above, only she got out mildly compared to some. Thank you for telling your story! That took real guts!

He is alternately kind and angry. He comforts then can turn right around and punish. He doesn't walk his talk, he is a walking contradiction to his preaching. My advise to anyone looking to join this group would be to steer well clear of it. If he can be stopped, that would be best.

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Posted by: DivinityKnows ()
Date: May 16, 2012 06:43PM

I was also a member of Chris Mitchell’s KAS yahoo groups for more than 3 years. There were many good and loving people there. More than 300 members have since left because of the revelations about his demeaning and predatory sexual behaviour towards women students. I was also a private student of Chris as was my daughter.

My daughter and I had many student sessions with Chris via skype (some combined sessions but mostly individually) but never met him face to face. My daughter was 17 years old when she started as a student with Chris and Chris had said to me that because she was so young that he would keep me informed of what they did in any private skype sessions. This has since been shown to be a lie. Chris likes his female students to undress as a form of surrender and he says it lessens the influence of their ego. The lack of clothes was meant to remove any feeling of personal status. Thankfully skype gave my daughter a measure of protection as sessions with him in person went way beyond undressing. I, as a male student was never asked to do this and I do not know of any other male students who were. I guess males do not have an ego according to Chris!

Chris was very keen to have us visit the ashram as he called it (the place where he lives in California) but wanted us to visit separately. This didn’t make any sense to us at the time but it certainly does now. He tried many different forms of inducements and promises to attract my daughter to visit him. There was no way I was going to allow my daughter to visit with Chris by herself and so the visit never happened. When talking to my daughter about visiting him Chris offered her the chance to gain Kundalini energy from taking his semen into her mouth! He also said she could partake in sexual intercourse to again gain Kundalini energy. She declined as she was naturally not comfortable with either of these suggestions. Chris told her not to tell either myself or her mother as we would not understand. My daughter agreed to this under pressure. She thought it was some sort of weird Kundalini thing (remember she was young and new to Kundalini) and did not mention this to me. With my greater understanding of Kundalini I could have told her that there is no need for any sort of sexual contact between teacher and student for the purpose of shaktipat (energy transfer). Chris preyed on her innocence and trusting nature and abused his position as teacher. Having since found out the experiences of other female students who visited Chris I am relieved that she never visited him.

Revelations about his past have shown that this predatory sexual behaviour is nothing new and that it is a pattern that has been going on for some time and continues currently as he takes no responsibility for his actions and has no remorse. He does not practice what he preaches and comes from a fear based instead of a love based approach. His online persona is a front for the darker personality that is the real Chris Mitchell and he is very different in person as the experiences of those at the ashram have shown. He is unstable emotionally and definitely should not be giving shaktipat. You need to be emotionally balanced and come from a place of peace, love and stillness to provide shaktipat to others. He also does not have the personal integrity to be a teacher. He is very clever and manipulates people and groups and is very believable when he explains “his side of things”. He aids his cause by keeping the truth buried as much as possible and when he thinks that he might be exposed he bans members from the groups so that they cannot tell the truth of his behaviour towards them. He tried this approach again recently but this time the truth got out and Chris lost control of the situation. These posts have been created to try to get the truth out onto the internet so that he is not allowed to get new members and start this process all over again. This has happened before but this time it must stop here!

Chris has shown total disrespect for women as well as a predatory sexual behaviour if given the chance. Quite frankly he is a sleaze and a pig. He is a manipulator and a control freak and the fact that he has lost most of his current members speaks volumes for their personal integrity once the truth was known. He has caused a great deal of harm to many people, in particular to those at the ashram that had personal dealings with him. To those who have never had any dealings with Chris – keep it that way! If you feel the need to find a Kundalini teacher do so with great care and due diligence. If possible, meet them in person. Unfortunately a personal meeting is not always possible to gauge their integrity. Above all, regardless of who you find as a teacher never give up your personal power to another and if something doesn’t feel right, go with your feelings. Let your inner voice guide you and do not be swayed otherwise. This is what happened to us with Chris and we have ended up regretting it. Learn from our mistake so that you do not repeat it.

I have included links to his website and yahoo groups so that you know which ones to avoid.

[] Main group
[] Tantra group
[] Healing group

A final point. Do not be swayed by his youtube videos. He comes over as being caring and loving etc which is why he managed to fool so many people, myself included. This is not the real Chris Mitchell. The internet allows him to create a buffer that hides his darker personality from members and potential students. Both his reputation and energy is tainted and sadly he shows no sign of changing. He posts his youtube videos using the username of chrism0kundalini.

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Posted by: DivinityKnows ()
Date: May 17, 2012 02:22PM

As further proof of Chris Mitchell’s controlling and defensive behaviour he is now moderating all comments posted against his YouTube videos. He has also disabled the like/dislike option. If he were coming from a reference point of integrity, honesty and high moral values then he would not need to hide from his detractors.

In fact, if he was indeed the sort of person that he likes to portray himself as then he would be able to counter any comments or opinions with honest explanations about his behaviour. I guess this is part of the problem when your “Master” title is self appointed – it doesn’t really count for much!

If Chris is so loving and caring, why is he hiding and building more defensive walls around himself. Chris, by his actions, is merely reinforcing our argument that he comes from a fear based approach which is contrary to his so called “teachings”. A glimpse of the real Chris Mitchell I would suggest.

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Posted by: WithinGodis ()
Date: May 19, 2012 02:14AM

I met the teacher known as Chrism at one of his KAS1 seminars. We had been comunicating on line via email for a few months. He said it would benifit me to be in his radiance/energy. I had reached out to him because i was going through lots of phenomeon and was in fear for my sanity. When i met Chrism at the seminar he said i need to be his shadow and stay in his radiance. Later in the evening he had me do devotion and told me to surrender everything that i am to the kundalini within him. He said by doing that i would be surrendering to the kundalini within me. I did two hours of devotion, pouring out my emotions until not much was left energetic wise. He then said we needed to bond otherwise i would get lost in another universe. (as an aside, i must say, i was leaving my body not at will and had no one to guide me or help me and thought this way my only way) he had me get on my knees in front of others,kiss his feet. He had me strip my clothes and go in his trailor to have my kriyas. He said i was going to have a spinal sweep and needed to be near him for guidance, that no one would understand the states of bliss i will go in and that i would end up in a mental institution if i did not live with him. He told me after i went through the kryias phase i would go into the entity phase. That i needed to keep surrendering to him and do a surrender mantra 24/7.
I went to Chrism for gudiance and help my conclusion is that his methods are fear based and one of ego control. I have seen him physical abuse people's belongings, he has emotional abused students, he talk about all his students process and bad mouths each and everyone of them. When it came to us picking up his mail to check for donations he was upset because a student only sent him $100. He is a very good fraud and a master manipulator.
I had spent much time with him and am mortified that i gave into fear and clung to the feet of a master of disguise.
If anyone wants to contact me, please feel free.

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Posted by: mustanghearts ()
Date: May 19, 2012 12:07PM

I hope victims have reported him to law enforcement for what sounds to be lewd conduct, fraud, and other offenses based on what information has been shared here. He can likely also be reported to Yahoo, and anyone who has his IP address may be able to contact his ISP to report him as well.

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Posted by: KSS ()
Date: May 20, 2012 09:02AM

Wanted to add that Chris Mitchell aka chrism kundalini also goes by just Master Chrism and his Yahoo group is also called KAS-1.

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