Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: Dogmother ()
Date: December 11, 2007 03:44AM

Hello! Thanks very much for your report on the Kyle show. People can debate the merrit of these types of talk-shows, but they serve a very useful purpose. There's no ambiguity about who is wrong, and Dave is already raving and ranting on his forum about the negative outcome for him. The camera doesn't lie, and now we have another piece of evidence with regard to Dave's unchristian bad temper that no amount of sweet talking by him can erase.

I wonder who of his followers saw the show this morning and what their reaction might be. Maybe we are lucky and not only prevented new recruits from joining, but also achieved that some oldtimers see the light and realize their time and efforts can be better spent away from the false apostle.

Anyone ready to leave, there are a lot of us who will welcome you with open arms and help you back to the road of following your own hopes and dreams, not just for yourselves, but also for mankind.

Dave, why don't you encourage people to go their own ways for a while and see where it will lead them? You must be exhausted exerting all that control all the time. Your young deciples are all very capable and will do a lot better without you which I know from personal experience.

Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: Blackhat ()
Date: December 11, 2007 04:47AM

Jeremy Kyle Show in UK

Can someone please find a teenager to tape the next episode and post excerpts on youtube so we in Australia can see it?

Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: Jack Oskar Larm ()
Date: December 11, 2007 05:58AM

Is it possible to 'copy' the shows onto DVD? Or, if it's a copyright issue, does anyone know where to purchase the show?

Unfortunately, I'm still on dial-up and live in rural Oz, so YouTube is not a viable option for me.

Of course, I'd pay for freight, etc.

Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: December 11, 2007 06:51AM

This development I find very pleasing.

The principals (myself, Leisel, etc.) are supposed to be mailed DVD copies so as to view the program ourselves, and when I get mine I'll try and upload the show to YouTube.

(Popping of corks, pouring of bubbly) Raise your glasses high, friends! Salut!

Hey, I love this: DM's first reactions to the show. I can hardly wait for you to see what I saw; keep in mind that tomorrow's piece will be the real coup d'etat; you'll REALLY get to see his true colors then, Franky:

Already our hit counter has started spinning wildly. THINKING people are coming to hear more about what we have to say for ourselves... not just Jeremy Kyle's distortions and snippets.

Here is the link to what we wrote in advance of the show, on our home page:


Our predictions were pretty much spot-on!


One wonders how many "Hey-you're-a-bloody-nutter" emails DM's getting right now, and is going to get.

Unfortunately, the show cannot be viewed online outside of the UK.

So again, DM states that the only people who will be able to "see the truth" (translation: swallow his crap) are thinking people, people with brains. So what is he saying, that anybody who disagrees with or stands up to David must not be wearing their thinking cap?

I don't believe, after this show- that a single person in the UK will ever be recruited again. EVER.

That makes me happy, just to read it. Salut!

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Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: hello ()
Date: December 11, 2007 07:14AM

Hi Dogmother, Blackhat and Jack!
Yes- I'll be pleased to do all that I can- though I can't guarantee that it'll be a teenager in my employ! If you want to PM me your details Jack....
In fact I just checked the JC site- the first report they've had is mine! David is not a happy bunny! However- he has assured me that I'm wrong in my original post.
David says " Thinking people are coming to hear more about what we have to say for ourselves..." Apparently their hit counter is ' spinning wildly out of control .....'
I'm all for freedom of speech- so I applaud anyone that doesn't make a judgment merely on David's appearance on the Kyle Show. Take a look at all of their teachings. My personal favourites are ' The Annointed Apostle', ' The Spirit of Eve" and ' The Jezebel Spirit'. It truly is jaw dropping stuff. You might not find all of their teachings on the website- as some of David's teachings are restricted until you're considered indoctrinated enough not to question it.
As the JC's know- I also' live by faith'- if you want to contact me and see how I live- I would be honoured to meet any of you. I don't have any articles or books to give you- but I'd be happy to go through what I believe Jesus's teachings to mean. Or- if you just want to 'hook up' and talk about whatever- there aren't any conditions attached. I heal for free- and teach it for free too.
So, David- a lot of thinking people watch the Kyle show. Good.

Do keep us posted of all your new members in the UK.

Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: hello ()
Date: December 11, 2007 07:20AM

Brian- didn't see you were on! Didn't mean to ignore you! x

Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: December 11, 2007 07:33AM


Here's one of the weirder ones that I remember. DM seems to be saying that if you are overweight, you cannot enter into The Kingdom.


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Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: December 11, 2007 07:37AM


(February, 1999)

Some single men in the community have expressed anger at "young widows", saying things like they are growing tired of being fooled by "Jezebels". They are confusing the spiritual enemy with flesh and blood disciples or potential disciples. These single women don't necessarily plan to deceive us any more than you guys plan to run off and leave the community with them.

Are we to be on guard against "young single men" too? After all, we've seen single men get married and then backslide?

Satan uses a technique that we have called the Jezebel spirit to deceive both women and men. He uses the natural appeal of an easy, comfortable, idyllic life, where we have a companion to keep us company, to steer us away from God's will. Marriage appears to offer this, and if it takes us away from all the demands of community living, then it really does make life easy for a while.

The rest of the technique works on the fact that leaders must often make unpopular decisions. So when right decisions threaten our happy little marriages, we husbands cheat on the decisions in order to keep our wives happy, and little by little we become derailed.

Can we blame the wives for having made it difficult for us to stay on the rails, or should we just blame ourselves? After all, if followers were going to applaud each decision we made, there would hardly be a need for a leader in the first place.

Rather than seeing female disciples as potential Jezebels, I think we need to see through the devil's deception and concentrate on loving and leading them instead.

We can question a woman's reason for wanting to join us. Some have openly expressed interest in getting a husband and not in serving Christ. But most of the women coming to us have indicated that they are not husband hunting. We men are the ones who usually bring up the subject. So whose interests really need to be questioned? The Jezebel Spirit may be working through the men more than it is working through the women.

Hopefully all that will change now, as we become more committed to the vision of the Virgin Army. If so, then it will help to keep the women from being derailed by us men.


The Spirit of Eve

One parent is usually the disciplinarian, and the other the 'comforter'. Most comforters do subtle things to communicate to children that the disciplinarian is evil. When they do this, they undermine the authority of the disciplinarian. Many, if not most, children grow up with a monster image of the family disciplinarian. Most of the 'monsters' are neither sadistic nor deliberately unfair. But the mere fact that they mete out punishment and make demands is usually enough to label them monsters. The more the disciplinarian (Dad?) is seen as a monster, the more the comforter (Mum?) is seen as a saviour. It's tempting for comforters to encourage this misconception, making themselves angels in the process.

The Bible may be referring to this principle in Genesis when it talks of Eve beguiling Adam. 'Eve' symbolises a feminine spirit that is present in all of us to a certain degree. It is a spirit which rebels against discipline (whether we are receiving it or whether we are being asked to mete it out). And it is a spirit which tells us that we are more loving than God, who is unfair in his demands. I Cor. 6:9 says that no effeminate person will enter the kingdom of God. In other words, no person who rebels against God's discipline will inherit His kingdom.

When Adam should have been leading Eve he followed her, and that was Adam's sin. Every true leader must be willing to confront the monster accusations that will come if he/she tries to discipline his/her followers.

This same leadership concept may be referred to in The Revelation (14:4 & 7:3-4) when it mentions an army of 144,000 servants of God who 'were not defiled with women'. The Bible says marriage is holy and that it is heresy to forbid marriage (I Tim. 4:3), so the defilement referred to here must come from something other than physical marriage. It may come from a feminine spirit within each of us that tries to pull us away from God's discipline, thus stopping us from being God's servants.

Neither women nor marriage are evil; but there is a feminine spirit trying to seduce us into rejecting God's discipline, and that is evil.

The homosexual epidemic which is sweeping the Western world today is closely linked with rebellion against men in general and against God's discipline in particular. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. People everywhere speak of fathers, religious leaders, employers, etc. as though they were all sadistic beasts, and often just because they expect children, adherents, or employees to measure up to some kind of standards. Our society has been beguiled by Eve.

Consider the Catholic myth that we can get our way by praying to Mary, because she's softer than God the Father. The spirit of Eve has been renamed Mary. And consider the self-indulgence of the charismatic movement and its wholesale justification for all forms of disobedience to God. The spirit of Eve has been renamed the Holy Spirit.

If we would submit to God's discipline, even when tempted to think of it as painful and cruel, we would see fewer monsters in the world. We would gain greater respect for the disciplinarians of our childhood. And hopefully we would learn to be firm but loving disciplinarians ourselves.


Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: December 11, 2007 07:39AM


Click on "Top Forty" on the home page. It'll take you to a page
which has an underlined P.O. Box number in the paragraph at the top
of the page. Click on the P.O box number and it will take you to all
of the restricted articles. Happy reading.

Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: December 11, 2007 08:43AM

Is is true that you set a weight limit in the community in the past, as well as a physical-fitness standard, so that anybody that couln't lose the weight (no wonder they're all so thin!) or keep up in a run, could be pressured to comform to the physical standards you set under threat of expulsion and disfellowshipping? Do that to somebody in a foreign country (threaten to kick them out to fend for themsleves), away from family and friends, and you may as well have them in jail. Is it true that you used to make your kids and recruits play games together, as well as various sports, and in order to breed conforminty and a competitive drive you'd make the loser miss a meal? I have been told that one of your methods to maintain an iron-clad, solid control over your slaves and ensure their obedience and conformity is to withhold food, withhold sleep, subject them to emotional harassment, threaten the very notion of their salvation, and generally emotionally bully your family and recruits into doing whatever you tell them to because you've duped them into believing that service to the Jesus Christians is synonymous with service to God? Whose Kingdom are your people building, the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Dave?

Is it true that you once dressed as a beggar and went to your parent's house, and that when you showed up at their door they didn't recognise you? Did you do this to show them up, Dave? Is it true that you believe in time travel, i.e. John from revelation coming forward in time to sit in a movie theatre to watch the movie "Revelation". I heard that you wanted to make a movie called Revelation so John could come forward in time to watch it. I heard that you wrote to Warner Brothers with a movie script which was rejected.


Read "Fatties" carefully. No wonder they are all so thin.

From said article:

You can see from my reference to eternal punishment for overeating that I have returned to a theology very much like that which I had in my youth, when I assumed that there would be no fat people in heaven. I do not see it as the watershed between eternal salvation and eternal damnation; but I think that there are many things that we do in this life for which we will be eternally rewarded, and many things for which we will be eternally punished. (For example, imagine being forced to stay fat for eternity, while others inherit beautiful, slim bodies). I don't know exactly how God is going to work it all out, but I want to learn as many lessons as I can in this life, so that I will not be forced to spend eternity learning them.

Check this irony out:

What has worked for me is a positive "conviction" that God wants me to wage spiritual warfare against the "temptations of the flesh". These temptations of the flesh would seek to destroy my Christian witness if they could.

In our self-indulgent world, self-denial has come to be a dirty word. I agree that just whipping ourselves as an end in itself does seem pointless. And I confess that I cannot understand anorexics who literally starve themselves to death through an obsession with eating (or more correctly, with not eating). But there are times when self-discipline is sorely needed; and controlling what we eat seems to be one of the most conspicuous areas where discipline is needed in today's Western world.


Whipping ourselves, indeed. What's next?"

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