Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: August 09, 2022 01:26AM

Vice investigation in to UM now at nearly 2 million views! And no great surprise with an opening line like: ‘I orgasm like a woman every time I orgasm!’ Serge Benhayon.


Vice has a new series out with an episode dedicated to the socially harmful cult too. Expect further revelations and laughable quotes.

Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: August 03, 2023 01:53PM

UM in the news. Again: "Clinic associated with cult that teaches that people with disability are experiencing 'karma' receives thousands in NDIS funds"

The cult are spouting the same old disgusting rubbish about disabilities being the result of actions in former lives. That they can be so cruel to children already suffering with the challenges of their disabilities tells you all you need to know about this 'loving' cult.

"I was told by Tanya Curtis that if my daughter didn't attend, it was because she was learning judgement, and if she learned judgement, she would have a baby with Down syndrome because that's her karma for judging others." Michele Stoelhorst, Fabic business manager.

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