Leaving Sahaja Yoga
Posted by: TENT ()
Date: November 17, 2011 06:26PM

I would like to tell you about an interesting experience. I had been a devotee in the movement "Sahaja yoga" for several years. In the terms later years, I traveled to be part of the emerging music school administrated by Nirmala's family brother we called 'Babamama'. Babamama and I did become friends of sorts, as I was also commencing Sanskrit qualifications in my native Australia. In a moment of conversation he became uncharacteristically intent and said plainly and clearly "The mind can only raise questions and draw conclusions." Which he repeated.
It was soon after I left with this insight and a nagging wonder about the allowance of these movements to operate.
I am sure you are aware of the psychological principle behind his comment as I have come across it since. Something of learning that has been around for some time I fear. However it's effect was not lost on me because I heard it from babamama when he emotionally indicated to me he had some regard. It was important to come from one my peers were viewing as somewhat holy.

Since I am quite at peace with the place of cults in society. We know they are deceptive but like the addicts misadventure, to give resources to the challenge may be to take from elsewhere in society.

As for myself my contentment is intensified with a little of the breath even and pulse even and a lovely mainstream world around me full of natural processes with quite inherent charm.

Thanks for listening and use the above quote responsibly.

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Re: Leaving Sahaja Yoga
Posted by: Trueperson ()
Date: September 26, 2019 11:14AM

Hi Tent,

That statement seems to be used as gas lighting. Its a very black and white statement which is a huge red flag. Any intelligent analysis of what the mind can do shows that this is only one thing the mind can do. Its a dismissive & crazy making statement so its gas-lighting used to make people to doubt themselves and control them.

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