Avoid this psuedo-counter-cult umbrella group: EMNR
Posted by: Mark Scheiderer ()
Date: November 06, 2011 03:46AM

[www.emnr.org] is an umbrella group for dozens of orgs that deal with cults. Their credibility has been seriously effected by the inclusion of Eric Pement on it's board ( see [www.pement.org] for info on this fool and be sure to click on the link to "JPUSA".) Pement still endorses the Jesus People U.S.A. (JPUSA) cult, a cult which he left several years ago, after being enslaved in it for 25 years. ( Apparently, the cult now has him on autopilot.) Info about JPUSA can be found on this site and info from this site and others is at [www.exjpusahelp.com] .
I strongly urge any ex-cultists here to write to EMNR and voice their opinions on a counter-cult org having a cult-endorsing fool on it's board.

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