2012 Fear Driven Bullshit--lets keep this topic open!
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 01, 2011 07:42AM

Friends, we are going to witness a plethora of schemes and scamolas all dedicated to pushing the notion that 2012 is the Year to Fear.

Its a perfect set up. Next year is a US Presidential election. Right away, thats a focus for anxiety.

Many of us will claim to be 'spiritual' and to be above such mundane matters. But, subliminally, despite ignoring the significance of the election process and the news bombardment, people will be nervous anyway.

All that tension will boil around. Many people dont know how to cope with anxiety except through suppression (use of drugs) distraction (work, sports, artistic eneavor.

Those who are metaphysically minded will seize on material from the cultic milieu, such as all the prophecies about 2012 being a year of crisis.

So we can keep this catagory open and list all sorts of cultic scams and schemes centered on 2012.

Remember, we've been through this before.

During the Bubonic Plague of 1347/48, people were convinced this was the end of the world.

The year 1588 was prophesied as being a year of crisis. There is a thorough discussion of this in Garritt Mattingly's book The Armada.

That minister Camping prophesied the end of the world this year, in 2011.

It just goes on and on.

Re: 2012 Fear Driven Bullshit--lets keep this topic open!
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: November 01, 2011 08:38AM

One of my favorites (if I may use that word) are the Millerites, and specifically the story of "Crazy Amos." This one gives me a grin every time.

Now there was a man who lived near by who was generally known by the name of "Crazy Amos." He was somewhat addicted to drink and was one of those queer characters sometimes found in country districts. He was the possessor of a very large horn, and it so happened that, as he lay in his bed listening to the sound of voices that rose and fell like the waves of an incoming tide, a sudden thought flashed through his befuddled brain, and jumping out of his bed he hurriedly dressed himself, and seizing his horn he rushed out upon the village green and blew a terrific blast upon it. The poor deluded fanatics, now congregated in the Bancroft house to await the awful summons of the Holy Angel Gabriel, heard the sound and for a moment a death-like stillness came over the assembly; then, uttering a great shout of exaltation, they rushed tumultuously in a body out of the house and on to the green, hustling and jostling each other in a frantic attempt to secure an advantageous position from which they might easily be "caught up into the air."

When they gained the green, they gazed about in bewilderment, scanning the heavens, looking first at the east, then at the north and south, then at the west, and to their astonishment they could see nothing unusual in the night skies. Then of a sudden came another terrible blast from a horn - loud and clear - awaking the echoes!

With one accord a great shout went up - "HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! GLORY! GLORY!" and believing the fulfillment of the prophecy to be at hand they strained their eyes upwards, searching the heavens again, expecting any moment to see the angelic hosts appear, and they raised their arms high above their heads in an attitude of prayer and supplication. Then a regular fanfare rang out, and one of them espied their neighbor "Crazy Amos" blowing as though for dear life upon his horn.

A muffled exclamation of dismay, mixed with anger and resentment, escaped from the lips of the humiliated enthusiasts, who retreated into the house again in dire confusion, exhausted and trembling from the high pitch of ecstasy which they had reached for the space of a few supreme moments, and from the sense of shame at having been so duped, while they clasped their hands over their ears so as to deaden the sound of the gibes and taunts of "Crazy Amos," who shouted after them: "Fools! Go dig you potatoes - for the Angel Gabriel he won't go a-digging 'em for ye!"

The whole place was stirred with the occurrence. Some slapped their sides and laughed loud over the discomfiture of the deluded Millerites, while others shook their heads, and felt sorry for them, and deplored the act of "Crazy Amos."


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Re: 2012 Fear Driven Bullshit--lets keep this topic open!
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 01, 2011 10:05AM

Some bookstores have entire sections that are all 2012 books.
2012 fear-mongering is the new growth industry. They have an entire year to hype the shit out of it.

Some of these Doomsday sects are having a field-day with this. Convince followers its the End of the World, so sell your house, sell everything, give it all to the cult.
Its happening as we speak.

Then when 2012 is over, what's next?

Re: 2012 Fear Driven Bullshit--lets keep this topic open!
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: November 01, 2011 04:12PM

Here are some resources on the 2012 hoax:

2012 Hoax

Debunking the "2012 Doomsday"
Rumors of an apocalypse in 2012 are being spread by people in order to make money.

Don't be Scammed!

There are some things you need to know about the rumors of the "end of the world" or "Doomsday" in 20121.

The "2012 doomsday" is a hoax, a fraud, and an absolute con job. It is a cruel and disgusting lie being promoted by scam artists after money; First they scare people to death that something terrible is going to happen, then publish books and videos on "how to survive the apocalypse". Get the scam?! You're not going to fall for something like that… right?


2012: Six End-of-the-World Myths Debunked
Brian Handwerk
for National Geographic News
November 6, 2009

The end of the world is near—December 21, 2012, to be exact—according to theories based on a purported ancient Maya prediction and fanned by the marketing machine behind the soon-to-be-released 2012 movie.

But could humankind really meet its end in 2012—drowned in apocalyptic floods, walloped by a secret planet, seared by an angry sun, or thrown overboard by speeding continents?


Astronomy, Fallacies, & 2012 Doomsday Prediction
End of the World Hoaxes, Mayan Calendar, & Astronomical Urban Myths

Purveyors of 2012 doomsday scenarios provide scientific sounding astronomical myths to lend their end of the world predictions an aura of authenticity. It just ain't so!

Many recent books and the major Hollywood movie, 2012, purvey alleged Mayan predictions that the world will end on the 2012 winter solstice, December 21, 2012. These claims intertwine the Mayan calendar with some rather dubious astronomy.


Re: 2012 Fear Driven Bullshit--lets keep this topic open!
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: November 01, 2011 04:29PM

2012: End of the World?

Skeptics vs Believers


Re: 2012 Fear Driven Bullshit--lets keep this topic open!
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: November 01, 2011 10:56PM

Isn't it interesting that the self-help industry has been telling us all our problems are due to our fear and that fear is the next big thing?

Re: 2012 Fear Driven Bullshit--lets keep this topic open!
Date: November 01, 2011 11:50PM

And let's not forget a modern "gnostic" sect that is propagating the 2012 lie, as well. It uses materials from Samael, Rabolu and the Bible, stating that all the earthquakes in the world are a sign of the end times, like this one below.


Many modern gnostic sects state that 2012 is not the end. Some are saying 2012 is a "figurative beginning of the end" before their new doomsday date of 2043 (1999 was their old one). But of course, they state that all dates are figurative (like the link below), even though Samael clearly states that the end of the word is in 1999 (like at 5:43 in this video [www.youtube.com] ).


The gnostic sects contradict themselves so much nowadays it's ridiculous. What's going to happen to them after 2043? I think they will fade into the pages of cult history, but another sect that's just as bad will emerge.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are more gnostic sects promoting 2012. I couldn't find more than a couple of them, and those are findable with a simple YouTube search, but the first link I posted seems to be the only one and is either purely fear-driven or a desperate scheme to get cash before 2012. It could also be a "Oh, the gods/masters of karma spared us until 2043!" kind of thing, to be a lead-in. If cults are good at anything, it's giving themselves a facelift/explaining things away to those under their spell.

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Re: 2012 Fear Propaganda ERBN. Emotional Reasons To Buy Now.
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 02, 2011 12:36AM

Fear sells.
Fear makes people buy now.

In sales, they know that people need what are called Emotional Reasons To Buy Now.
And people will do more to avoid pain, than gain pleasure.
So scaring the shit out of vulnerable people that 2012 is the End, makes people BUY STUFF.

If people feel rational and calm, they don't buy much junk.
But if they are feeling scared and that the End Is Nigh, they will buy anything.
They will even sell everything they own, and give it to the sect.
Every sect is cashing in on it.

We live in an age of fear propaganda.

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Re: 2012 Fear Driven Bullshit--lets keep this topic open!
Posted by: OutofTransition ()
Date: November 02, 2011 07:09AM

I am going to make a prediction and that is once 2012 comes and goes by without anything out of the normal happening that a lot of these groups and individuals will just slowly and quietly fade away.

I remember back in the 1970's I was in a group that believed in the imminent end of the world. They had all kinds of scriptures to back it up and if you didn't take a look at the whole picture, if you only looked at what they were saying, yes, it was very logical and made a lot of sense. You just didn't see what was left out. About that time Hal Lindsey came out with his Late Great Planet Earth. Since then I have seen the rise of megachurches where attendance is counted in the tens of thousands. I really believe what was driving this phenomena was the notion of the end of the world coming around the year 2000. Same thing happened as Corboy pointed out around the year 1000, there was an upsurge of religious activity. Well, we are in the second decade of the 21st century. It takes time for these things to wind down, but there are signs that they are. There is a book called "The Fall of the Evangelical Nation" by Christine Wicker which talks about evangelical Christianity's dirty little secret: they are losing members like crazy. Yes, there are a lot of little churches springing up, but if you take a look at their membership you will find that most of their members have simply exchanged one church for another. There's not a whole lot of "new blood" coming in.

So I think that you will gradually start seeing a decline in this sort of insanity and by the time 2050 rolls around it will be mostly forgotten.

Re: 2012 Fear Driven Bullshit--lets keep this topic open!
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 30, 2011 10:48AM

(Disclaimer: Posted below is an interesting item found when Corboy went truffling around on the internet. This post does not imply that Corboy endorses this product. And it does not imply that Ross Institute endorses it, either. )

Its humor, folks. HUMOR.

You cannot ask for a better slogan--Buy Gifts That Don't Suck


At least I hope people take it as a joke. This is gonna be an interesting year, people.

But..all years are interesting.

The New Age consensus has agreed to bracket 2012 as interesting.

Remember 1987? The Grand Harmonic Convergence was supposed to happen.

Maybe it did. Perhaps thats why thong underwear became all the rage in the decade that followed.

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