MSIA, University Santa Monica, New Day Herald INPUT!
Posted by: Truthtold ()
Date: April 18, 2011 01:53PM

Firstly ,
I want to personally thank the "Anticult " who has about 3000 plus posts on here. He or she has been very pivotal in bringing forward the bare facts about MSIA, USM, JON-Roger , New day, etc, as well as many other people. Thankyou! THis information has saved a life or possibly will save a life.
After being in a relation with someone who was totally involved with this program as well as their parents for many many years, It became completely clear that these people were not themselves, nor anything how they came into the world, they were manifestations of complete and total brainwashing. The hardest part about being around these folks was seeing how hard they were trying to be something they were not. Go to the MSIA website and click on the videos of JOHn-Roger. I don't think you will need more evidence than that-nuff said. I have watched these videos in horror of what can happen to a person when they are vulnerable, programmed and love bombed with acceptance...
If anyone here has been involved with MSIA, Insight seminars, USM, New Day Herald and has left the program, I would be interested in hearing from you and your experience.
I also want to Thank David Lane for having the guts and Fortitude to come forward and speak his truth in his videos and books, he too has saved and allowed people who are on the outside to understand these peculiar practices and get clarity on where these folks are at.
I would like to share my observations about "long term exposure to John -Roger" and now John Morton and the cast of characters. Feel free to share any first hand experiences and also I would like to hear from family members or friends that have close friends or family in these programs?
How can this thing maintain momentum?
Any stories or observations about the Seminars or college?

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