Re: Rick Ross hate site
Posted by: Agur ()
Date: October 11, 2010 05:44AM

The Jesus Christians are operating one of the most hateful sites on the internet. The cult leader, David J. McKay is losing his grip on his members and it would seem, he is also losing his grip on reality. He actually is fighting with nearly everyone who visits his forum, seeing them as some type of spy. He nitpicks trying to somehow catch them out in some big lie. He slanders people and provides no proof whatever beyond his word, which anyone who knows him knows McKay's word is worthless. McKay is the most cunning liar going. He's attempting to detract attention from his failures and from the number of members leaving him at the bottom of the bin. There he flounders, scavanging the dregs for supporters and finding only an old budgie carcass who's stink is starting to cling to McKay.

What is very telling, is the refusal of his members to actually even use The McKay Hate Forum very much. Currently it's McKay and his manic groupie posting hate about the ex site and this site, making the most personal and offensive attacks in video and on the internet, both playing the victim when anyone reacts. There needs to be a straight jacket for two.


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