AH1N1 flu is spreading.
Posted by: littlefisherman ()
Date: October 31, 2009 09:23PM

I have learned some words from Mr. Li and I know what he said to the people following him, here are some word from him:
"Since we're guiding you down the true path, during Triple-World-Law cultivation we're always purifying, purifying, and purifying your body for you, all the way until it's completely transformed into high-energy matter. But you're still bringing all that black stuff onto your body – how are you going to cultivate? That's karma! You won't be able to cultivate one bit."
There's no way you'd succeed at true cultivation without my Law Bodies' protection – the moment you stepped outside, maybe your life would be at risk."
"My Law bodies are aware of everything. Whatever you think about, they're aware of it, and they can do anything." "While I just sit here I can see things in Beijing, things in the United States, or things on the other side of the world."
What will Mr. Li do to handle the problems of the spreading of AH1N1flu? If he is really benevolent to the whole mankind as he said, why doesn’t he try to stop the spread of the flu?

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Re: AH1N1 flu is spreading.
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: October 31, 2009 09:48PM

Actually the opposite is true. Swine Flu is fading fast. It is already over in New Zealand with only one confirmed causalty. It's over in Australia, too. It turned out to be weaker and less dangerous than the normal seasonal flu.

On a side note: what has this to do with hate groups?

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Re: AH1N1 flu is spreading.
Posted by: Alex45 ()
Date: December 26, 2017 10:38PM

I don't understand how this subject came into this forum. Is AH1N1 now a cult?
ON a side note: even if this is truly dying or spreading, another one will pop up deadlier and more virulent... such is life in this world of degraded environment and people. A punishment for our sins.

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