who is the owner of this luxurious villa?
Posted by: littlefisherman ()
Date: September 24, 2009 09:36PM

The other day when I surf on internet, a piece of news attracted me, it was as follows:
A row of villas stand inside No. 18 Yard, East Shuangqiao Rd., Chaoyang District of Beijing. These magnificent houses were built in 1995 and today they are still regarded by local residents as "luxurious mansions". Among these houses, No. 1138 Villa stands head and shoulder above others: huge floor space, costly decoration, occupied by a single family, its present price exceeds RMB 5,000,000 and the name of its owner remains a secret for years.
But who on earth is the owner of this luxurious villa?
The House Property Contract reads clearly: On June 1997, a woman named Lu Shuzhen from No. 103 Jiefang Avenue, Changchun bought this mansion which covers an area of 220 square meters, plus a garden of 240 square meters, with RMB 400,000. Taking into consideration of various handling charges, the total number was over RMB 400,000. And the money was paid off in one lump sum. But it was said that Li Hongzhi was the real buyer and mastermind of the deal.
It must be very cozy living in such a good house.

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