Unsanitized QAnon Differs frm Social Media QAnon
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Date: September 12, 2020 09:57AM

"I am afraid that the sanitized version of Q's message that is being filtered out through other sites is tricking people that wouldn't be tricked if they saw the truth of the QAnon home boards."

From the Reddit QAnon Casualties site:



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A subject I want the media and reporters to emphasize in their reports about QAnon

For all media who are here and looking for information, here is one thing that I personally think is important about QAnon that I haven't seen reported on yet.

The pornographic content posted and the attitude displayed by the people who frequent the Q boards, all the 'patriots' and 'bakers' and 'dedicated anons'.

The data from Q or the "Q drops" are getting cleaned up and presented to people on youtube, instagram and facebook, and the horrible content of the 8kun board is getting sanitized away.

I feel like some of these mothers, grandmothers, conservative christians and the like would not be so fast to buy into all of this stuff if they were on the actual board on 8kun, and wading through all the negative stuff there.

Any journalists who haven't been to the actual 8kun boards (because it requires using a Tor anonymizer browser and going on the dark web) are doing themselves and this story a disservice. You owe it to your readers to get on the 8kun site and see the real boards. There is a reason that QAnon is from the chans and kuns. Their content would never make it through the content filters on facebook, youtube or instagram.

here are the things I have seen that drove me away and made me refuse to believe in a lot of this stuff.

Pornographic pictures of young white women, posted up as 'rewards' for the hardworking anons who are online scrolling through the boards all day and 'saving the children'. And if you ask the board if all the women in these pictures are verified to be over 18, and verified to have willingly given their nude photos to be used as 'rewards' for the bakers and patriots, the answer is no. Just try asking and you will be chased off the board with insults and nasty remarks.

Porn in general - pornographic pictures and videos are posted all day long of various sex acts and things like people having sex with animals. There is also revenge porn dedicated to 'punishing' white women who have 'bred' with other races.

constant memes and insults to just about any group other than white christian men. Jews, blacks, gays, trans, feminists, sjws, and they use really awful terms.

Mocking posts where they do things like post pictures of the wives of congresspeople, and use doctored photos to make them look as ugly and masculine as possible, with the joke being 'ha ha that dude is married to a guy!'

Spend some time on that board and see the torrent of hate, prejudice, anger, and porn that cascades all day long as these men spend 18 hours day scrolling through the site.

It seems to me if you are on a noble mission to save children from pedophiles and sex trafficking, that one of your first rules should be no porn on your rescue board!

If people could see what goes on on the real Q board, and see the inconsistencies between and how these people act, and what they claim to want to stop, this would help others see through the lies.

I am afraid that the sanitized version of Q's message that is being filtered out through other sites is tricking people that wouldn't be tricked if they saw the truth of the QAnon home boards.

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Following the post one person wrote response that is informative and adds context about online portals used during QAnon's earlier phase:


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Hi OP I have a question, what is 8kun and what are chans and kuns? My mom is super into this stuff but I haven't heard of what you've mentioned before. Could someone explain?
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Chans are image boards for japanese comics and animated videos. The original english one was 4chan.org The owner added lots of other boards over time, and the culture revolved around being anonymous. Lots of old memes and jokes came from 4chan, but there was also a lot of pedo content, sexual content, and eventually /pol came around.

It ended up being the basis for what became the racist sexist alt right.

Eventually the original owner sold 4chan. New owner wanted it to be marketable so split off some of the more fringe content. Things like the /pol that all the qanon posts came from got banned so they magically moved to something called 8chan.

8chan got taken down as (I believe) a terrorist threat. At that point it seems like it went onto the tor network under the 8kun brand. Tor is famous for things like silk road drug sales, and pedos. There's a lot of good things there too though, so don't misunderstand the whole network.

Tor is pretty easy now. You just download the Tor Browser Bundle from the website and it's plug and play. I'm sure most journalists already use similar software like otr so should be familiar with the concept.

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I agree! One way that people get knocked out of extremist groups is by being exposed to the more extreme parts of the ideology “too early”. Radicalization and indoctrination are gradual processes, so throwing a Qanon person into the deep end too soon might just shock them, and send them on a path back to the real world.

Journalists need to pull back the curtain and show people where this shit comes from. It’s not pretty, and the people deserve to know about that.

Another person noted:


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I couldn’t agree more. I’m not sure if it’s within polite boundaries, but it might be worth emailing some of the reporters who have shared their information with the community that might be receptive to this. I think it needs to get out, and more stories of “My mom and I don’t speak because we have differences of opinion” aren’t going to cut it.

This conspiracy is based on radical extremism and I doubt most of the Twitter/Facebook side of the followers have any idea where these drops are actually coming from. Even the way some of the more thorough articles depict the phenomenon can often be described as more “Hey look at this nutty conspiracy theory and the kooky people who believe it” more than “This is a white supremacist cult that is forged through posts of pornography, white supremacy, hate, and violence.”


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Yeah how does no one realise the absurdity of an anti-paedo crusade starting on an imageboard known as a hotbed for paedos (and white supremacists, and misogynists, etc)? Or just the ridiculousness of a top level military intelligence agent using a greasy anime board to communicate with the public? It's beyond obvious that this is a prank that's gotten out of hand.
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23 hours ago

I’m not totally convinced it started as a prank. I almost feel like it’s an extension of the Meme Wars.
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not to mention the fact that 8chan was fucking FULL of pedo-porn back when.
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That is disgusting. This made me sick.
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Absolutely. I don't get how these Christians who scream over sex scenes in movies dedicate their lives to a guy from the CHANS of all places. They're literally some of the most unholy places on the net.


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If I could upvote this 1000x I would!

The moment I went from thinking this was some new conspiracy theory to seeing that it was a fucked up pedo cult was when I went to the boards and saw the pornography for myself. At that time, in 2018 (I haven't been there since then), the boards were also ripe with child pornography. People would post it on the boards as "research" to try to determine if the person involved was hillary or not. It was then that I realized. This is not research. These people are sick.

I honestly believe that a bunch of the q pushers are pedophiles. Not even projecting, just actually being creeps and trolling. It's so fucking sick.

I tell people this, but its true that Most q believers haven't been to 8chan. They just watch youtube videos and think they have it all figured out. But the people who know what this is about and still push it are a special kind of fucked up human. Thanks for pointing this out. You said it very well. Much better than I can. When I talk about this stuff I'm literally so disturbed by it that I get fucking angry and probably dont communicate so well.

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QAnon Who is Profiting? Where Did QAnon Originate?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 12, 2020 10:23AM

Where 8channers Went After 8chan

The notorious troll board is back online with a new name—but its racist users didn’t just find new homes. They found new ways to gather.
By April Glaser
Nov 11, 20195:33 PM


8chan is back online, this time as 8kun
The anonymous message board was known for promoting online hate and extremism

Rachel Siegel
November 4, 2019


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Link betwn QAnon and New Apostolic Reformation?
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Date: September 13, 2020 07:47AM



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1 year ago

I should clarify "Walkaway from a coercive religious group where a lot of QAnon's base beliefs were borrowed from extensively that has since wholeheartedly embraced QAnon" (specifically the New Apostolic Reformation, a coercive movement within Pentecostal/"Charismatic" Christianity that was the origin of pretty much both "Satanic Panics").

Been out for about 20 years now, but one of the people who got their (American) start in the very church I walked away from is a major QAnon promoter in the NAR and also is close to the present US administration. :/

Sinclair Lewis, I can definitely agree is good, as is Paine and Popper's Paradise of Tolerance. Dr. Margaret Thaler Singer's writings on how coercive groups work is also good, as is Dr. Janja Lalich's work and Janet Heimlich's works on religiously motivated child abuse and neglect (as I was raised in my group, so that kind of applies in my case).

Rick Ross's material is good (at the time I walked away, he was one of the few outside Australia that recognised the NAR as coercive), which led to Thaler Singer. Robert J. Lifton's books on thought reform (and the process of how people do get recruited into coercive groups) is also good in that respect.

In my own case, there was almost no recognition that the movement I was raised in was coercive until about ten years ago in the US (Australia, and exit counselors in Australia, did recognise the NAR as coercive starting in the late 90s because of the activities of a specific large NAR-associated megachurch), so I pretty much was one of the first in the States to even write about the specific coercive aspects; thankfully I am far from alone now, and I'd argue there's enough in common between QAnon and the NAR that a lot of the exit counseling resources for NAR walkaways may be helpful (hence my suggestions).

The NAR has cross-recruited with QAnon (and has a history of cross-recruitment with other coercive groups and movements, like Amway IBOs) and the internal "mythos" is really, really similar so it's not all that surprising; the big difference is that QAnon has almost entirely recruited either by word-of-mouth (including by other coercive groups that have a history of cross-recruitment) or online (and is part of essentially a subset of "online cults", a relatively new phenomenon).

Assuming you identify as Christian (and I do not know if you do) Richard Enroth's "Churches that Abuse" may also be helpful.

New Apostolic Reformation - Invading Churches
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Date: September 13, 2020 07:58AM



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(specifically the New Apostolic Reformation, a coercive movement within Pentecostal/"Charismatic" Christianity that was the origin of pretty much both "Satanic Panics").

Damn, I wasn't familiar with this. Reading about it now.

As someone who was raised in the Evangelical Church, I'm surprised (and also relieved, for my and my parents' sake) that this wasn't something on their radar. Seems like the logical next step for my parents, at least 10 or so years ago. Hard to say where my dad stands now though I'm almost certain he at least voted for Trump.

But yeah, reading about this, it seems like it's the logical next step for American Evangelical Christianity as a whole. And that's scary.

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1 year ago

I'd keep it on your radar--the New Apostolic Reformation has been aggressive in targeting traditionally non-Pentecostal Evangelical groups, especially via "Charismatic" lay worship services (which turn out to be tied to an actual NARasitized neopentecostal church or a NAR-linked parachurch group).

Especially if their churches start hosting some "charismatic" groups or start promoting stuff like Alpha Course or things like C. Peter Wagner that's a danger sign.
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1 year ago

Interesting. I'll keep an ear out, though these days I honestly stay pretty far away from my family's religious views/actions/whatever. It's the only way we're able to ever get along.
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1 year ago

New Apostolic Reformation

ie the american taliban. I'd say this shit's a cult, but that would be insulting to cults.

Re: QAnon Who is Profiting? Where Did QAnon Originate?
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Date: September 14, 2020 09:46PM

Urban Dictionary definition of "Catfishing"


Top definition


The phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships (over a long period of time).

Possible motivations: revenge, loneliness, curiosity, boredom

by 2Sweet&Naive February 01, 2013

What are the true goals of QAnon?

It's the 21st century's ultimate catfish scheme
All the elements of the QAnon conspiracy theory have been carefully selected and repackaged — but by whom, and why?

Robert Guffey
September 13, 2020 4:00PM (UTC)


Re: Unsanitized QAnon Differs frm Social Media QAnon
Posted by: Charlejack ()
Date: May 10, 2021 02:50AM

I have the same question.

Re: Unsanitized QAnon Differs frm Social Media QAnon
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Date: May 14, 2021 03:16AM

Anyway, it is expected that through social networks to virus phones or computers, regardless of which you use. You are always looking for information, but not all pages are checked. You can receive any notifications and advertisements in abundance. Which doesn't seem so easy to bear. I'm not talking about comments left by advertising accounts. I fucked up and said I had to do something after all because my posts were overrun with stupid comments. I searched how to hide comments on Instagram and got help. I quickly got rid of them. So I definitely recommend it.

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