Nazis in Seattle, WA.
Posted by: Roy ()
Date: June 11, 2005 10:50PM

A new neo-Nazi group calling themselves: ‘Aryan Kommando 88’ is now active in Seattle, WA. The leader of this gang of brain-dead skinhead thugs is Jeff Krause. Other aliases: Ditch, Herr Fuehrer.

Aryan Kommando 88, have been responsible for the vicious beatings of many ethnic minority citizens in the Seattle metro area for several months now. Although the police are apparently aware of what is going on, they seem to have decided to do little or nothing to stop them.

Help us fight the Nazi scum that are fouling our city. Visit: and tell Ditch what you think of him. Please, don’t put this off for a later date. The longer we leave those racist scum to their own devices the stronger they will grow. Racism is a crime against humanity and it is up to every decent citizen to make a stand against it.

“Herr Fuehrer” needs to be taken down a peg or two. Please drop by his Website and tell him what a stupid little Nazi idiot he is.

Nazis in Seattle, WA.
Posted by: canuck ()
Date: November 05, 2005 03:20AM


Any "group" going by the name Aryan Kommando 88 is likely not a group at all, but will likely only be one skinny kid behind a monitor and a couple of internet buddies. I'd be surprised if they're responsible for "vicious beatings of many ethnic minority citizens in the Seattle metro area for several months now," since 99% of these characters are all talk and no action, especially those of the Aryan Kommando 88, aka warhammer aka aryanwarrior1488 variety.

I notice that he reviews at least one band with a non-white member and doesn't link to any hate groups. Might be an asshole, but doesn't smell like a "legitimate" hate group.

Nazis in Seattle, WA.
Posted by: SarahL ()
Date: November 07, 2005 12:23PM

I agree with canuck.

Nazis in Seattle, WA.
Posted by: AG ()
Date: November 27, 2005 11:27PM

Funny stuff:

God ol' Roy here posted the exact same thing at a couple of black websites as well. Not only that, but he also got the man's name wrong.

All this after being banned for repeated flaming.

Thanks for the space here to reply.

I think I'll look around a bit now, if you all don't mind.

This could be my kind of place.

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