Brainwashing & covert hypnosis of the masses
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Date: December 19, 2008 01:27AM


For more information or to be put on the transcript e-mail list contact producer Wayne Morris at

Transcripts and tapes are available at the office of CKLN, 380 Victoria St., Jorgenson Hall, Ryerson University, Toronto, 416-595-1477.

1. The CIA and Military Mind Control Research: Building the Manchurian Candidate* - A lecture by Dr. Colin Ross [More by and about Dr. Ross in MindNet] Also see Part 2.

* i.e., Sirhan Sirhan, Tim McVeigh (had a time lapse - explained below), Lee Harvey Oswald
* also, "sleepers" i.e. - to be activated by remote trigger at a later stage to create mayhem (the Columbine kids were thought to be sleepers)

2. Producer Wayne Morris Interviews Dr. Colin Ross. Also see Part 1.

3. Mind Control Survivors' Testimony at the Human Radiation Experiments Hearings

4. Producer Wayne Morris Interviews Ronald Howard Cohen - abducted by the military

5. Interview with Valerie Wolf, Claudia Mullen and Chris deNicola Ebner

6. Lecture by Dr. Alan Scheflin - History of Mind Control

7. Claudia Mullen - Presentation to the Believe the Children Conference, Interview

8. Lecture by Authors Walter Bowart, Alan Scheflin, and Randy Noblitt

9. Lecture by Therapist Valerie Wolf, M.S.W.: Assessment and Treatment of Survivors of Sadistic Abuse

10. Talk by John Rappoport - The CIA, Mind Control, and Children

11. Interview with Valerie Wolf, M.S.W., therapist to trauma and mind control survivors

12. Presentation by Jeanette Westbrook, MSW, social worker and ritual abuse survivor - Issues Regarding Prosecuting for Adult Survivors of Ritual Abuse - followed by an interview

13. Interview with Dr. Stephen Kent, sociologist at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, on Cults and Ritual Abuse

14. "Making up for Lost Time" Conference, Thunder Bay - Peter Tooey Interview - response to allegations of Masonic ritual abuse

15. Making up for Lost Time Conference, Thunder Bay - Judy Steed Interview - reporter for The Toronto Star has covered issues of child sexual abuse and ritual abuse

16. Making up for Lost Time Conference, Thunder Bay - Lynne Moss-Sharman Interview - ACHES-MC contact, ritual abuse victim

17. An interview with removed by request, ritual abuse victim used in US covert operations

18. Blanche Chavoustie Interview - survivor of U.S. government mind control experiments, ACHES-MC contact

19. Presentation by Professor Alan Scheflin - Risk Management in Dissociative Disorder and Trauma Therapy

20. Presentation by author Walter Bowart - The Secret History of Mind Control

21. Fritz Springmeier Interview on the Illuminati and mind control slavery* (is considered a d-/misinformant in insider circles - too religiously 'coloured')

22. Interview with Cisco Wheeler, co-author of The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave

23. Interview with Brice Taylor, a former Whitehouse-level mind control victim and author of two books on her story and how to recover from programming - Remark: Sue Ford = former Brice Taylor (pseudo)

24. Interview with Gail Fisher Taylor, a psychotherapist working with survivors of trauma.

25. Interview with Dr. Connie Kristiansen, a professor of psychology specializing in recovered memory research and sexual abuse issues.

26. Ritual Abuse Panel -- Toronto psychotherapist Gail Fisher-Taylor and Caryn Stardancer, California-based advocate for survivors and publisher of "Survivorship".

27. Don Gillmor, author of "I Swear By Apollo," about Dr. Ewen Cameron*'s experiments in Montreal, discusses government and military mind control.

*Cameron was one of the first 'clinical testers' of MC & is featured in the video link in the last post of Project Monarch/MK Ultra thread

Excerpt from "Brice Taylor - Thanks for the memories" []

Neurofeedback and Other Interventions for Patients with Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, and Dissociative Disorders
by Susan Ford (formerly Brice Taylor), BA, BCIAC-EEG, Tryon, North Carolina

A Review of the History of Mind Control Technologies
History of Official Involvement in Mind Control Research in the United States
Documentation of Mind Control by Colin Ross, MD
Concise Definition of Ritual Abuse-Based Mind Control
Recognizing Mind Control in an Adult Client


Ritual Abuse and Mind Control are often misunderstood in professional circles and as a result patients diagnosed with DID caused by ritual abuse and mind control often have trouble finding proper care. This is at least partly the result of the controversy that has dogged this field. By means of legal processes the entire field of study has been called into question, and clinicians specializing in the remediation of DID have been discredited. Mental health specialists have been accused of excessive zeal in unearthing presumptive early childhood trauma, and the malleability of memory has been used to discredit such clinical reports wholesale.

It is therefore appropriate to review the basis for the existence of systematic, deliberate early childhood abuse, and for other mind control techniques of considerable reach. The need for secrecy with respect to such techniques by perpetrators, and the natural skepticism that nearly everyone else brings to the topic, makes it exceedingly difficult to document and prove the full scope of such troubling activities.

The significance for neurofeedback practitioners and other mental health professionals, is that they should be prepared to see cases of this kind in their offices from time to time. Neurofeedback has been successfully used to help stabilize victims of this abuse, but until their mind control programming is dismantled they are still at risk. Although clinical progress can be made with the usual methods, these people may ultimately be refractory to even the best interventions aiming at trauma recovery. Professionals treating victims need to be aware of the signs and symptoms in order to avoid further harm. Information from Mind Control. An Introduction (Oglevie 2004) will help to inform mental health professionals of the signs and symptoms of mind control in their clients. Referral to experts in trauma recovery may be appropriate in conjunction with neurofeedback.

Whole article can be read here: []


Timothy McVeigh told of a time lapse where he couldn't remember where he had been or what had happened to him during that "blank" period. Six months' prior to the Oklahoma bombing he also stated that he'd started to 'hear voices in his head' without being able to 'explain' where 'it' came from.

The time lapse & the 'remote voices' telling him to carry out a specific set of orders - as if under 'foreign control' - within the time frame given that led to the bombing is a classic example of a 'remotely triggered' mind control victim who then is blamed for the whole desaster & makes for an 'easy' scapegoat to project all negativity onto the victim without having any real chance to ever be heard. It is thought that he had a microchip injected which was activated at the 'appropriate' time.

Just as Osama bin Laden was trained by the CIA for specific 'end goals' only to then act "independently" from his former 'inductors' & turn around on his trainers. Rumsfeld was known to have visited Saddam as well as North Korea in the late 80s to sell both states the very chemical material that then led to the first as well as the 2nd Gulf wars consecutively as well as putting North Korea on the "Axis of Evil 'map'".

The CIA was behind almost every dictatorship that came about, from Argentina, to Iran (yes), as well as Poland (Solidarnosc) & the "fall" of the former Soviet Union.

The spin of "hyping the blame on the most 'obvious' scapegoat" is the mind control executed on the 'forgetful' masses, the unaware as well as those believing the 'official story line' without questioning the veracity of the "headlines" sold by the predominant controlled media outlets.

Hollywood is one the main outlets of 'influencing' the unsuspecting & has been a major tool of mind control since its early beginnings (The Wizard of Oz is one of the main movies used in Monarch mind control programming)

It goes almost without saying that the last election was a masterful major mind control exercise on the American public to 'vote for' Obama who have fallen for the whole 'hope-nosis'.

The subliminal pictures of Obama depict him at times with a halo around his head - thus the "saviour" image.

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Re: Brainwashing & covert hypnosis of the masses
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: December 19, 2008 06:37AM

I for one find it difficult to believe that people can be controlled sublimally. People are just too stupid for that. As far as Dr. Ross goes, anything he says or claims is met by me with extreme skeptism. Now I am sure he is a wonderful psychiatrist (although I don't believe in his "repressed memories" from childhood sexual trama...Look at the trama of children that survived the Nazi death repressed memories there), however his belief that he can "shoot energy rays out his eyes"???


Also from the James Randi website, here is a link to a thread on this very topic:


And here is Randi's announcement of the "Eye Ray" test.

Scroll down to "Perhaps a Doubt?" and see the picture of the magical mystical Dr. Collin Ross in his peculiar "Eye Ray" garb. Classic!

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Re: Brainwashing & covert hypnosis of the masses
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: December 19, 2008 07:36AM

And here is something more disturbing about Dr Ross...He was recently awarded a high honor by Scientology in exposing the "evils" of psychiatry.


And as far as citing Brice Taylor as an expert???


Brice Taylor appears more ready to be fitted for a straight-jacket than to be a realiable source of any information. "I was tortured by BOB HOPE"???!!!

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Re: Brainwashing & covert hypnosis of the masses
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: December 19, 2008 06:32PM

Sparky, it read excerpt, not expert....

Granted Dr. Ross might be an unreliable source... Have you read my 2nd last post re "expansions"?

Loads of questions marks... Still, if you have met with people that have experienced this (& yes, I, agree with AC that this whole scenario creates a lot 'disturbed' minds... but to reprint a quote from the SkepDic link:


Their are several "sects" of PCTs. Among the more popular are the militant Christian fundamentalist branch and the UFO/alien branch. They each think the others are evil or nuts but their paranoia has the same focus: the end is near.


I am neither one or the other, 'UFOs' don't "interest me", much less 'militant Chrsitian fundamentalist'. In that respect I agree with AC, that it seems all a bit OTT...


They are responsible for every evil and every unjust act that ever occurs anywhere; the fact that absolutely no evidence of their existence can be found only serves to make them stronger and more frightening. They will probably never disappear from the paranoid fantasy world of right-wing conspiracy theorists. --New England Skeptical Society


The AntiCult
Generalisations of one aspect of society being slightly "out of order", does not exclude, generalisations of 'another "branch"'; i.e., it is akin to saying "Opus Dei" is a 'conspiracy', there's no evidence to be found anywhere. Just as 'the abuse of the clergy is a "church conspiracy".

Naturally, the more we know, the less likely we are inclined to put the 'conspiracies' we know nothing about, or, which, unconsciously, might not "fit" with our worldperception, into the "wild speculations" drawer, shove it shut & leave it there...

Just as all those who have fallen for the A-H scams, the MLM trickery, if one were to put it into a certain context, one could easily see a "red thread" through all these different pyramid schemes (Ponzi, as you might know, was the originator of that 'conscpiracy'); Madoff being the last 'shining example' of this very house of cards system bringing down the American republic financially further down on its knees... The country will not recover from these endless Ponzi schemes that have gripped the business as well as the ethical levels of the "American way of life". Who then needs 'conspiracies'?

On the side, I am neither right-wing, nor am I a "The End is nigh" propagator. If, for ex. you also were to believe that (before "there was no evidence") the earth is flat - one could easily see the all too ready dismissive opinion of those back in the 15th century where it was considered heretic to even suggest such an idea...meaning you were a very likely 'candidate' to be burnt at the stake. It might difficult for you to even consider that possibility, but there's a reason it was referred to as the "dark ages".

Within that context then, if I may be so daring to suggest such, it is akin to insisting the world is flat in respect to your comment as well as the SkepDic article...

The world is a safe place, everybody's doing the best they can & justice really is the same for everyone. We live in a troubled world all right, but it ain 't that bad, really after all... Nothing these nutters say, will change that. Al Queda is 100% real. The movies I see in the theatre are just as much, poisoned water was simply 'an accident'...and the world is flat. End of story.

The wars were not fought with dubious means. Mustard gas wasn't used in the 1st WW. Nor was DUI in the Gulf wars... The Gulf war syndrome is the product of seriously ill/mentally unstable people...not the gov'ts systematic destruction of 'destroying' tehir own people. 9/11 was not! a conspiracy. Of course not! How dare you suggest such a thing!And Santa Claus will be coming to a house near you this winter (global warming, of course!), while we are busy shoveling away so much snow we can't keep up with it...

The facts are there, but it is up to the individual to go down that path & begin to see the theatre that is taking place in every day life. Not everything is based on "right-wing conspiracies", and not everything is pure 'mentally unstable hogwash'.

How many people have you actually talked to that have returned from war? They are the forgotten of your society. "Good enough" to be dumped on the streets by system after they have done their part of "cannon fodder" for the masses to 'secure your freedoms' you take for granted without blinking twice. And they'd better not protest, expéose the hypocrasy or their anger at the US gov't for discarding them as "collateral damage" to serve the greatest nation on this planet... That! is all 'conspiracy' crap by "seriously mentally unstable people". How dare they speak out about the working of the whole machinery - conspiracy nuts...!

Mind control! Bah! Humbug!

The military industrial complex, which is a nicely functional 'trilateral' body of the military, arms defense (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Blackwater, as.f. or, in other words, big business) as well as the "White House", probably belongs into your category of "conspiracies" as well.

Don't touch!

An upright US citizen does not tolerate such ideas. That would akin to treachery. So, it is out of the question, off the table & don't ever raise that subject again! Traitor!

Yet your rights as American citizens, the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights has been continuously restricted with less & less 'rights' for "the people", restricting your cherished & hitherto taken for granted freedoms, you have had as a people up to now. Since Bush came into office, more 'changes' have been made in a shorter period of time to the Bill of Rights than any other document (that propbably falls into 'conspiracy' rubbish too, for you? I'm just asking you.), nor will that 'change' very much with your next 'barking' president (he really [io]does bark[/i] as if he were a dog) - who I doubt will be around the full 1st term.

He's meat & a target for those he poses for... They call that 'collateral damage', don't they, when they shoot little kids to smeethereens, or when the clergy abuses little boys for their own sadistic pleasure & perverted sexuality. 20 years ago, that would have been considered a 'conspiracy', too.

So, we're back to flat earth. I agree that we should take things with a considerable & sometimes large helping of salt.

But as a starter for your instinctive resistance to labelling everything that's out there "pure hogwash/conspiracy", I'd suggest updating your 'insight' as to what rights you, as an independent US citizen still possess...when the changes came about & simply look where you didn't look previously. The focus makes all the difference.

Tunnel logic will further 'confirm' your inclination to dismiss the all too obvious signs. Go travel to open your mind some, if you have the chance, be willing to question your own perception & why it is, that there seems to be such a desperate need to 'cling' to outward appearances.

Sects & cults are not the same as the 'Illuminati' or the NWO. Nor are the Illuminati or the 'NWO' to blame for everything. If anything, humanity has never reached such a level of dehumanisation, brutality (dare I say it, bestiality), agenda-driven self-centredness (the reality tv shows feed on that narcisstic side).

Mixing up one &/or the other is, as if you would want to 'mix' the African Americans with those from South Africa.

They maybe black, but they do not share the same outlook or mode of expressions (as in Illuminati/sects-cults)... Distinguishing the various levels of 'the obvious' is what keeps one from saying "'s all the same!" It's as if you'd be wanting to suggest that all priests are sex abusers, which is not the case...

However, the earth is still! "flat". No room for digressions.

I have said it previously, there is no "either/or" (correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it, that is your stance on this subject).

There are levels & degrees of depravity, of the more suble levels & the more blatant ones. To want to claim 'authority speaks because I know!' of all these 'theories' being conceived of "ill/mentally unstable" minds, is as if in 1940, if you would have listened to Einstein, you'd have shaken your head in contemptive disbelief, walked away & said to yourself: "The man's crazy. And, anyway, he doesn't even have a college degree!"

In short: 'It's all nonsense & you can't take the man seriously! He's mentally ill!'

Nikola Tesla, who was the inventor of free energy, another true selfless & truly spiritual genius suffered from schizophrenia. But that wasn't the reason he was murdered, 'forgotten'... The world would not be the same without his discoveries.

But he, too, became 'colleteral damage' of those you would dub "conspiracy nutters". The problem with the US is that it suffers from continuous amnesia. As a result, the people don't know their own history (and, history, as the saying goes, is written by the victors...) & when somebody comes up with a 'view' that doesn't "fit" in with the "amnesiac" mentality/'knowledge'/'understanding', it rubs them the wrong the way because it them uncomfortable.

Confrontation with reality is a no-no... That's why cults are so alluring, are they not? It's still a "Disney Land" version of make believe.

TV is a great escape from this - it furthers the 'switching off' of true criticial thinking & it 'helps' feed the illusion that those on the other side of the fence (who seek truth rather than convenience), are nothing but mentally ill, unstable personalities that are nuisance but not to ever be taken seriously.

The victims of 9/11, the Vietnam veterans, those that have been exposed to the all powerful dominant sector of society (& political/religious or sectarian orientation), but that are 'silenced' in order to keep up the image of "There is no conspiracy! Now, will you stop that, please!" is invalidating the very same people who, in another place / shape of the things as they are, are & have to a large degree for the longest time, been dismissed, that have been abused by their own parents, the sects & cults - such as Opus Dei or the Jesuit Order - & to do away with: "Ah, they're just outgrowths of mentally unstable minds." And to 'quote' your article from SkepDic once more within that context:

--New England Skeptical Society
They (Opus Dei, the JEsuit Order, Sai Baba, A-H, a.s.o., a.s.f.) are responsible for every evil and every unjust act that ever occurs anywhere[/i][/u]; the fact that absolutely no evidence of their existence can be found only serves to make them stronger and more frightening. They will probably never disappear from the paranoid fantasy world of right-wing conspiracy theorists.

Case closed. Or is it?

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Re: Brainwashing & covert hypnosis of the masses
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: December 19, 2008 11:23PM

The Anticult

Um, on a side note, I wanted to apologise for my bad writing style - I was a bit in a hurry.

However, if you want you can try to answer my remarks in either Dutch, French, German, Spanish or Italian. English, of course, would then be "off the table"... My Spanish & Italian are a bit weak, but I'm sure I'd manage. Uh, and um, neither are my mother tongue.

Hopefully that will then continue a sensible debate, even if some readers might not be able to follow the discourse & join in debunking me as a 'nutter'.

There is one line that the incomparable Jack Nicholson delivered with his customary unbelievable panache in "A few good men" (which depicts a true life account of abuse within the military - uh - sorry I forgot - you would probably have been at court & tried to tell the jury that he's crazy & mentally unstable & therefore not to be believed! Things have to have their 'order' after all, yes? Too many crazies out there...)

I really consider it one of the greatest lines ever delivered by an outstanding American actor I have had the great privilege to bear witness to & which fits like a glove to the whole 'ideology' that anything you haven't had "significant proof of" over a number of years & which also is a major give-away for cult-followers (& in this particular regard; that America has cultivated & 'lulled' its own populace via the means of mass mind control by the media, movies, videos, etc. to the degree that they longer realise this):

"You can't handle the truth."


It would blast your safe world to smithereens, just as the children in Iraq have been so for the last 8-10 years (incl. the 1st Iraq war) all "in the name of democracy!" Bomb them into their new 'democratsy'.

His "You can't handle the truth!" is the most authentically real line that could & ought to be applied when it comes to each & everybody's perception - but even more so those that would dismiss a different reality to what they have been conditioned to all their life, as "crazy, deranged & mentally unstable, a lunatic p.o.v.".

Ah...there's nothing like the best democracy money can buy - vote for Obama, hate Palin/McCain - ah, thank God, Hillary Clinton's is back on board! Great! Let's save the great Republic that has 'survied' on the greatest Ponzi scheme of all: the Federal Reserve - a privately owned institution!

Bah! Conspiracy nutter!

Question: Do you know who gave you the Statue of Liberty?

No, it wasn't 'built' by American Settlers.

Thank God for google. (The AntiCult....: "And that Einstein - boy, if I'd have met him I'd have labelled him crazy, too! 'Relativity theory & atomic energy'!! Give me a break! Free energy? Huh! Hopw's thatsupposed to work?!? Too good to be true. I'm sure the man isn't right in his head! Too many lunatics running wild & free!")

It is easier to 'forget' that the police state is in full working order "giving up my personal rights as a US citizen - sacrificing them willingly for the greater good" - to 'protect & serve my country'." Duh.

Sounds very much like a cult-apologist that decries the opposite of something that masks itself in perfect disguise right in your face - but hey! - there is no evidence!

Pls refer to SkepDic & Sagan's Debunk Kit.

Am I hating America?

No. I feel sorry for it. I really do. What has happened to a once great nation is enough to break anybody's heart. Who then needs conspiracies when the crime happens in broad light right in front of your face but you immediately _ Here, here, use Sagan's Debunk Kit! I'm sure theres's nothing to it!

Then desperate clinging to a remnant of something that appears as 'truth' but has all the markings of betrayal stamped over it.

Better not believe it, lest I'd have to wake & grow up. Did somebody say "Disneyland"?

It takes guts to stomach the truth. Trying to 'debunk' so-called "nutters" & conspiracists (or whatever they're called) is the denial that keeps you stuck & locked up in the lie - just like you might have been a cult-follower previous to you referring to yourself as "AntiCult" - rather than coming to your senses of what is happening to your beloved country.

Just because you have left 'a cult' doesn't mean you have changed the cult mentality sufficiently for you to have grown 'immune' or to snap out of "Cult thinking methodology" & jumping from the fire into the frying pan. I certainly do not really see that.

The refusal to look at something is intrinsically tied to the very fear of seeing the 'truth' rather than a "prepared version" of it.

The mind control of the masses is a very real phenomenon. Just because a few individuals continue to believe in the myth (who is the conspirator, now?), doesn't mean the rest of the world sees it for what it is.

The only ones most likely to still believe their own myth (just like Gurus do), are the people too close to see the forest for the trees.

So, nothing really has changed then...replacing one myth/cult for another....

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Re: Brainwashing & covert hypnosis of the masses
Posted by: Pilot ()
Date: March 20, 2009 11:31AM

Anyone watching tv is being mind controlled. And it's so easy to forget while it's happening it gets in your head and react emotionally to something completely artificial. Ballgames count too, lots of commercials, very slick ones. Planting in the rich soil of our minds: I want one of those!, need one of those, etc.

All you have to do is scratch the surface and the ugliness and deception from the govt. is right there, under our noses. It's always a shock to find out just how inhuman those people are. It's always worse than you previously thought, a deep rabbit hole. I think of them as gangsters.

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