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Posted by: Professing ()
Date: October 24, 2003 03:30AM

A nameless group usually called "truth" has an interesting way of appealing to non-members (outsiders).

Sometimes the ministers (workers) will pass out cards stating the time and location of gospel meetings in town halls.

Professing people (friends) usually invite more outsiders (anyone who doesn't profess their church) to meetings.

When you first meet "the friends" , you will be impressed by their quietness, sincerity, friendliness after meeting, and their humility. They will start to take an interest in you as long as you continue to go to their meetings. Getting to every meeting possible is VERY important to the friends and workers.

They will be as friendly to you as you choose to attend their meetings. If you stop attending their meetings, they will often withdraw their friendship with you until you decide to start getting to the meetings again.

After awhile, they will start expecting to see "changes" in your dress (especially for women), speech, friendships and other unwritten rules of the sect.

Professing people can be so warm and loving until you stop attending their meetings and then they can give you a cold shoulder. []
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Professing people expect you to ONLY attend their meetings and AVOID attending ANY OTHER religious gathering since their religion is seen as the only true church. You must limit friendships with unprofessing relatives. Immerse yourself into their gatherings and events.

Workers, Friends, Truth, Meetings in the Home, Conventions,
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Date: November 02, 2003 04:23AM

Workers often rent public buildings in order to hold "gospel meetings" aimed at recruiting outsiders to join their true church.

2 workers of the same sex will hold gospel meetings several times per week.

Suppose you have never been to their meetings and either get a card or an invite from a professing person at school or work.

Since you aren't a part of their group, they will see you as lost but they won't offend you in the beginning . Behind your back they will wonder if you will ever get the revelation of "The Truth" as the only true religion.

At first the workers preach a somewhat Christian sermon focusing on the parables of the gospel. Pretty soon they will make references to meetings in the home and ministers going w/o homes like Jesus sent the 12 and 70 in Matthew 10. They believe no other ministry can have God's favour except their own 2X2 homeless ministry.

Workers often begin to apply some pressure after an unprofessing person/outsider starts attending their meetings for several nights. Worker visits may occur. Friends will love bomb you with friendly behavior and may even invite you to a potluck or social event.

Workers want to make sure you are "ready to profess". This means you believe "The Truth" is the only true church and all other churches are of Satan.

A worker will test the meeting by giving out a hymn and asking someone to stand to their feet and "let their choice be known". The gospel hymn will be from Hymns Old and New (RL Allan and Sons 1987 edition). When the hymn is over, the worker will pray. The person can take part in meetings (speak and pray). They must be baptised in some cases in order to partake of the bread and wine.

The workers won't accept someone being saved in another church. Baptisms aren't accepted in other churches. Workers may be vague about this and even deny this when the outsider first begins attending their gospel meetings.

Workers feel they have the true way of God and other ways are of Satan. But you have to be in their fellowship for awhile before you realize this!

Children and outsiders are pressured to profess or join their fellowship which is seen as the only true church.

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Date: November 03, 2003 02:45AM

Once you stand up in a worker led gospel meeting and "make your choice" or profess, you will be under pressure to make "changes' in your life. Professing people see Jesus as their example and believe professing people must live a life approved by Jesus and His Servants or the workers/ministers.

Professing people are expected to be faithful in getting to each and every meeting in their field.

Professing people are expected to invite the workers to thier homes and some workers will invite themselves to the friend's homes without calling ahead!! Unannounced worker visits have been tools the workers have used to control the friend's private lives.

Workers often apply subtle pressure in the form of letters, worker visits, topics of gospel meeting sermons etc.. in order to get a new convert to behave like the workers want them to behave!

Professing people are expected to value the friends more than they value unprofessing friends or family. The professing people in your meeting or field becomes your new "spiritual family".

Professing women are expected to have uncut hair in a bun and wear dresses at all times.

Marriage or dating non-members is frowned upon as is marriage to divorced people. WORKERS may ask you not to speak or pray in meeting due to marriage reasons.

Professing homes are not to have televisions or vcrs. Computers are tolerated but workers complain about computers used for entertainment instead of business purposes.

Professing people are to be a true light to their community and invite non-members to their gospel meetings. Professing people are quiet and serious people who feel they alone have the only true religion.

There is pressure to make outward changes to the life as the workers dictate. Subtle pressure is applied and workers say they don't have rules but this isn't so. Group peer pressure is often mistaken as the some revelation from heaven to make needed changes in the life!

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Posted by: VTHokie ()
Date: November 03, 2003 10:02PM

This must be a west-coast thing because I never heard of these people.

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Date: November 09, 2003 05:48AM

This "Truth" sect which has no name is found in most areas of the earth except the Middle East. A few of them "profess" this fellowship yet there aren't many of them in one area.

The "friends" are often quiet and secretive about their religion to outsiders or non-members. They don't like for outsiders to know much of their beliefs. They don't talk religion (believing you should live Christianity instead of talking about it like the religious world).

Religious literature isn't printed other than a hymn book "Hymns Old and New" by R L Allan of Scotland.

The group is so low profile and hidden! You have met them but probably didn't know it. Other than women in a dress/uncut hair on their head in a bun, meeting in a home and no television in the home, this group doesn't stand out.

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Posted by: Sergei ()
Date: March 05, 2006 11:23PM

Actually, they have a quite substantial presence in the Middle East

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Posted by: jamesd ()
Date: December 13, 2006 12:16PM

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Date: December 13, 2006 08:46PM

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