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Rich Dad Seminars $45K scam: CBC Marketplace - Robert Kiyosaki
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 30, 2010 07:49PM

There is a new link [] being passed around about a TV show that is online to watch, that sent a hidden camera into a Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad scaminar.
They even get people to try to raise their credit card limits on coffee breaks to $100,000, and then push them to buy seminars costing $45,000.

Robert Kiyosaki gets caught red-handed and his response is very enlightening, he is a very savvy fast-talker and persuader. He starts by first getting defensive, then changes tactics and pretends he didn't know what was going on. They he goes into a "whispering act" and tries to blame his former partner and a licensing deal, which is all bullshit.
Robert Kiyosaki is a flagrant con-artist of the highest order, running a very complex scam.

The hidden camera video is worth watching to see how these seminars upsell and exploit people.
Post the link around so more people can see it.

QUOTE: "On day 1, they actually had the nerve to get everyone in the room to call their bank and credit card companies to increase their balance, and negotiate a better rate (during the coffee break) – They were making room on your credit card for you to be able to buy their services!

Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling finance author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, has spun-off his book into a self-help empire of TV shows, board games and investment seminars. But rumblings are being heard from the hundreds of hotel ballrooms across North America where Kiyoaski's Rich Dad seminars are staged. The complaints? That initial Rich Dad sessions focus less on education and more on marketing and upselling further sessions that cost up to $45,000.

Marketplace investigates these concerns using hidden camera and reveals the aggressive sales tactics used, where participants are urged to increase their credit card limits after being pressured to spend tens of thousands of dollars on advanced courses.

They were even given scripts instructing them on how to ask for limits of $100,000.
Others at the Kitchener session said they were bullied into keeping silent if they had doubts. Those who persevered in their questioning would be ejected from the seminar.

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