Self entitled Self Righteous heavy Shephards of Queensland
Posted by: totowashere ()
Date: October 28, 2022 10:06AM

There is a dangerous doctor in going around where some gentiles think that the doctrine that they're teaching is sound. The problem with this is gentiles are grabbing a hold of the Messianic teachings of Judaism and because they take things out of context where it says in our Bible that we are to provoke the Jews to jealousy that does not mean that we are to drive them crazy trying to make them understand who the Messiah is. When I first came to this country I learned to be a friend is to act like a friend to show patients kindness long suffering and to not push people and to thinking that because you are evangelizing to the Jews that you might be winning some kind of self-righteous crowns to throughout the feet of the Messiah our lord Jesus unfortunately there are some people that go overboard with this and they think that they continue to teach people this method and over time they have created themselves to be more like cult leaders than Brothers and sisters in Christ they hold their own rules they become extremely paranoid they can be very controlling even over food place to stay and even causing those people to work over to the point of exhaustion because they say they have a contract on those people.? Jesus said we are not under the law of Moses but under the law of Grace and those who under the law of Moses are dead to him that's why we need the grace of Jesus Christ the problem is most gentiles don't understand how we are to treat the Jewish community and then you have some leaders that insist on what they're teaching is okay they could add to the Bible they can take out of the Bible not even describes of the day took out of the Bible they had to start all over again from the beginning so why is it that gentiles are doing what they're doing simply put Pride self righteousness and greed. Recently I had to leave this situation not because I don't love them because I do love them but oil and water don't mix and how can you possibly sup with the Lord and dine with demons? When someone falls away from the truth of God's love and they become so legalistic that they want what they want doesn't matter if they hurt their best friend in the process or if they mistreat their own family to the point of belittlement . Then I consider this to be a big problem because they have the wrong doctrine as Christians we are to love one another forgive one another be kind to one another and that includes them loving their own wives as Jesus loved the church. Personally I will not be involved in anything that makes women look like they are personal slaves makes them feel that they should be separate from the men because we are not as spiritual as men that's far from the truth. This ultra Orthodox teaching that leads men to believe that women are nothing but pigs and dogs and slaves is now happening in the gentile community and unfortunately some leaders that gave narcissistic tendency with maybe OCD and maybe past history off PTSD are fanning the flames of this and as a result marriages are being split up wives are being berated verbally and mentally and physically abused, the doctrine is being twisted and money is the focus treating those beneath them as slaves to the system almost if they were slaves under a contract. Jesus said whom the son sets free is free indeed I am not from the Bond servant I'm from the free woman my husband is not your doormat and he's not your personal go to slave that you hold a contract over he is not your indentured slave just because you have chosen to take him in we are to love one another Jesus said as Jesus loves the church and gave his life for her and personally anyone that would treat my family with such disdain I cannot show respect to and I must say that I have to separate from them because they have created their own doctrine a man-made doctrine of self-righteousness greed manipulation. I highly suggest those that are under this type of control they need to regulations over and over again until they understand the truth that we are saved by grace through faith not by works lest any man should boast there's a whole lot of boasting going on with some of these leaders that hold these fancy meetings the ones that say they know how to provoke the Jews to jealousy when all truth they are pissing off the Jewish community and that's why they don't come around anymore to sit down and eat with the gentiles at this place! Women are not stupid dumb pigs women said at the feet of Jesus they followed Jesus and for anyone to separate a husband from his wife so that he could have personal favors for himself I considered to be self-righteous and he is living in sin I don't need to name names God knows who he is and he knows who he is and I will pray for his soul that's all I can do. I pray someday he opens up his blind eyes and realizes that his rebellion is destroying not only his walk with God but the relationship of other brothers and sisters that used to be friends I admonish him as a brother still but I consider him as a reprobate. Those like him that mistreat their wives stand on pulpits and bark words telling you to keep the covenant but yet they don't treat their wives with respect you need to stop throwing rocks from your glass houses and take a good look at your life and your own sins in your own backyard and stop covering it up because the more that you do the worst it's going to get. There are people that have been in my Christian circles that are still having problems with pornography anger alcoholism drug abuse depression anxiety some of them are having problems with their marriage and some of them have come out of dangerous cults such as the children of God cult and they need to recognize those that have been in such false teaching such as the New Apostolic Reformation or anything under the apostolic or Pentecostal movement should step down from their teaching and anyone that is teaching something that is mixing Judaism with mysticism numerology and ultra left leaning orthodoxy that teaches hostility towards their wives and others should be called out , those that are forming small groups such as ecclesias in their own homes and acting this way towards their wives and other people using them and abusing them need to step down as well because their pride is going to cause them to fall.

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