Jewish family Manipulated by Australian cult leader ex cop
Posted by: totowashere ()
Date: October 03, 2022 09:51AM

I have heard about this in Other countries like China till recently . After me and my family joined this cult the leader who was a ex cop and used his store front as a set up to trap me and my Jewish family to their store , we came as back packers to visit Queensland, as others were coming from parts of Germany and even tel a Viv , they seemed hospitable but the leader was kinda creepy and forceful almost flirty around his wife . We stayed in a shipping container , they fed us and room and board was quite cheep . He was into kayaking and canoes , he was constantly forcing Us to read the book of Isaiah over and over agsin, saying “ let’s go over this one more time “ but it was very obsessive compulsive and we grew tired of it after while . We though they were nice so called Christians or evangelical people but the man had a arrogance and was quite verbally insulting to his wife . She was very kind , very lovely always helpful but He was forceful rude ,arrogant and constantly putting her down in front of others . It grew quite uncomfortable as he claimed he was part of the lion of the tribe of Judah ? He wanted us to stay longer we tried to avoid him in the accommodation but he was persistent we know this Jesus now or will die and go to hell and burn ? We ended up leaving and told the Jewish organization chime that we did not feel comfortable with his cohursion and mind manipulation. He was acting like a predator rather than a Christian . We left my friend went back to Germany I went back to tela Viv and end up reporting the matter that this was happening not just to us but all Jewish people

This by far was the scariest thing to witness as we considered this man to be a respectful non aggressive person that let us stay for sleeping accommodations when found out he was a very disturbed voyer

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