N.A.R prophets waiting to take all your money honey !
Posted by: totowashere ()
Date: October 02, 2022 07:59AM

here is the line up of the wolves of N.A.R
the list of greed grows longer
btw they thik they will replace Israel
foolish gentiles
want to hear what their itching ears tell them

“Understanding the dreams you dreams” – Ira Milligan
“The Divinity Code understanding your dreams”- Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale
“Dream Language”- James Goll
Unlocking your Dreams- Autumn Mann
Apostles and Apostolic Ministry:

Apostles Today by C. Peter Wagner
The Gift of the Apostle by David Cannistraci
Eternity’s Generals- Dr. Paula Price
50 truths concerning Apostolic Ministry- John Eckhardt
Moving in the Apostolic- John Eckhardt
Aligning with the Apostolic- Dr Bruce Cook
Apostles Prophets and the Coming Moves of God-Dr Bill Hamon
Apostles Then and Now-Mark Pfeifer
The Apostolic Ministry-Rick Joyner
The Ministry of the Apostle-Guillermo Maldonado
Prophets and the Prophetic Ministry:

The Prophets Dictionary-Dr Paula Price
The Prophet’s Handbook- Dr Paula Price
Faith Wokoma- Prophecy 101
Prophecy-God’s Communication Media
Basic Training for Prophetic Ministry-Kris Vallotton
Thus Saith the Lord? John Bevere
The Prophetic Ministry-Frank Damazio
Approaching the heart of prophecy-Graham Cooke
The ABCs of Prophecy-Elexio Baillou
The Seer-Jim Goll
God Still Speaks-John Eckhardt
Growing in the Prophetic-Mike Bickle
Prophecy and Responsibility-Graham Cooke
Prophets and Personal Prophecy-Dr. Bill Hamon
Prophets and Prophetic Pitfalls-Dr. Bill Hamon
Prophets and the Prophetic Movement-Dr. Bill Hamon
Purifying the Prophetic- R. Loren Sandford
Prophetic Ministry-Rick Joyner
School of the Prophets-Kris Vallotton
Secrets of the Prophetic- Kim Clement
Translating God-Shawn Bolz
Understanding Your Personal Prophecy-Gary Cake
The Voice of God-Cindy Jacobs
School of the Seers-Jonathan Welton
New Covenant Prophetic Ministry- Jim and Carolyn Welton
User-Friendly Prophecy-Larry Randolph
Elijah’s Revolution-Jim Goll
Fivefold Ministry:

Divine Order for Spiritual Dominance-Dr Paula Price
The Fivefold Ministry Offices- Dr Paula Price
Fivefold Ministry Made Practical-Dr Paula Price
Discover Your Spiritual Gifts-C. Peter Wagner
Understanding the Fivefold Ministry-Matthew Green .
Destiny/Supernatural living:

“When Heaven Invades Earth” – Bill Johnson“
“The Matriarchal Dimension: Positioning Spiritual Mothers and Prophetic Women fo rDestiny” – Dr. Keira Taylor-Banks
When heaven opens-Discovering the power of Devine encounters”- Graham Cooke and Lucas Sherraden
“Answering your call: A Guide for living your deepest purpose”- John P Schuster
“Celebration of Discipline”- Richard J. Foster

“Teach me how to love you”- Juanita Bynum
The Purpose and Power of Love and Marriage-Myles Munroe
“I kissed dating goodbye”- Joshua Harris
Journey to the Altar- Dr. Faith Wokoma

“ Always Enough” – Rolland and
“Heidi Baker
“Turnings” – Guys Chevre
“Like a Mighty Wind” – Mel Tari
“Peace Child” – Don Richardson
“Voice in the Night” – SurpirseSithole

“Minsters and Mental Health Manual” – Faith C.Wokoma
“Pigs in the Parlor” – Frank and Ida Mae Hammond
“Clean House Strong House” – Kim Daniels
“Deliverance from Evil Spirits”-Francis Mcnutt
“Healing”-Francis Mcnutt
Rules of Engagement Series-Cindy Trimm
Commanding your morning-Cindy Trimm
Prophetic Intercession-Barbara Wentroble
Prayers that Rout Demons-John Eckhardt
Becoming a Prayer Warrior-Elizabeth Alves
Possessing the gates of the enemy-Cindy Jacobs
Prayer Shield- C Peter Wagner

21 Laws of Leadership-John C Maxwell
The Purpose and Power of Vision-Myles Munroe
In Charge-Myles Munroe
Becoming a Leader-Myles Munroe
The Purpose and Power of Authority-Myles Munroe
The 360-degree leader- John Maxwell
Put Your Dream to the Test-John Maxwell
Teachers, I love to listen too!

Kris Vallotton,
Graham Cooke
Cindy Trimm
Heidi Baker
David Hogan
Myles Monroe
Christina Caine
Joyce Meyers
Bill Johnson
Brain Houston
Stephen Furtick

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